My Hero Academia Opening 4 - Odd Future 【English Dub Cover】Song by NateWantsToBattle

  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
  • An English music song dub cover of Odd Future, the Opening for (Boku no) My Hero Academia by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
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  • Leon-Rödiger
    Leon-Rödiger Day ago

    i keep my ideals with me
    when destiny
    it calls my name
    whats going through


  • Steamy Stylish
    Steamy Stylish 3 days ago

    This is awful

  • Night Hunter
    Night Hunter 5 days ago

    Everything - Sacrificed

  • Nathaniel Bull
    Nathaniel Bull 6 days ago

    i play this playlist like about 10 times a day

  • Philip James Gaming
    Philip James Gaming 6 days ago

    No one:
    Subtitles: I keep my girls with man

  • Cranky Jay
    Cranky Jay 9 days ago

    all of these theme songs sound like they're from different perspectives
    here i'm getting some serious hero killer stain vibes

  • Charles Concepcion
    Charles Concepcion 10 days ago

    This is nothing compared to studio yuraki's cover

  • Ash Lynx
    Ash Lynx 12 days ago

    I keep my ideals with me
    When destiny
    It calls my name

  • Lemillion Power
    Lemillion Power 12 days ago

    This is good too! 😁

  • TheNightKat 56
    TheNightKat 56 12 days ago

    Nate should dub the English anime opening songs

  • Retro Hawk Productions

    Humbly request that you do "Make My Story"

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 14 days ago


  • Shadow's Broadway Productions

    13 year old girls : 0:36

  • Soggy Potatoes
    Soggy Potatoes 17 days ago

    uh sorry to bother you but I think you got the lyrics wrong

  • Ray zynic
    Ray zynic 19 days ago


  • Ryan Enigmus
    Ryan Enigmus 19 days ago

    about to be 7 for 7

  • Eva Mcginnis
    Eva Mcginnis 19 days ago

    Do Steven universe come live with us

  • Alberto Cadima
    Alberto Cadima 19 days ago


  • Isaiah Alejandro
    Isaiah Alejandro 25 days ago

    Hi man

  • ThatYoutubeGirl
    ThatYoutubeGirl 27 days ago

    Never thought a shonen anime would have an OP like this...and I love it!

  • Mr. Canis Maleficus
    Mr. Canis Maleficus 27 days ago

    Those rhythms made my day.

  • DA Productions
    DA Productions Month ago


  • Pengu Kiaba
    Pengu Kiaba Month ago

    This is amazing

  • xX kim Rina Xx
    xX kim Rina Xx Month ago

    This the best cover i heard❤

  • Steph03 Tyna
    Steph03 Tyna Month ago


  • Hey_ Stob*it
    Hey_ Stob*it Month ago

    This is great and amazing but I prefer the original one I like it tho 😅👌

  • KhaoticKeizer
    KhaoticKeizer Month ago +2

    *Insert epic All Might rage here*

  • Fanf_fanfic 190
    Fanf_fanfic 190 Month ago

    I was trying to sing to this song but Japanese because I almost practice it out at school

  • Cheese
    Cheese Month ago +1

    people are here singing while im here choking on a popcorn

  • AJ Galzote
    AJ Galzote Month ago

    Still love this so much! Happy it’s almost at 2 million views you deserve it ;D

  • Mark Kent
    Mark Kent Month ago

    Anyone else listen to this amazing intro when they’re at the gym?😅

  • Phoenix J
    Phoenix J Month ago

    so you are the one who sang the "infamous english dub " of ultimate battle song in english dub.Its a horse shit.

  • Manga Reader
    Manga Reader Month ago

    Nice 👌

  • Travis Ray
    Travis Ray Month ago

    Can we get a full version?

  • Curry Jin
    Curry Jin Month ago +1

    lyrics: I keep my ideals with me
    Translation: I keep my girls with man

  • jo0ojo0o95
    jo0ojo0o95 Month ago


  • Kirito101
    Kirito101 Month ago +1

    Nate wants : 0:01 I keep my ideals with me
    Also RU-clip : I keep my girls with man

  • The metallic Hedgehog
    The metallic Hedgehog Month ago +3


    *You already know*

  • Caira Senpai
    Caira Senpai Month ago


  • Black Veil Brides fan

    This is beautiful 😍

  • DARK Gamer
    DARK Gamer Month ago

    Guys visit dima Lancaster he is an awesome singer tooo like nate

  • kamil rayyan 88
    kamil rayyan 88 Month ago


  • Night Water
    Night Water Month ago

    Did y’all know this is the guy that sings the miraculous ladybug theme song?

  • Sukaina Tashfeen
    Sukaina Tashfeen 2 months ago


  • Assaf Tzadok
    Assaf Tzadok 2 months ago

    Captions in the start saying i keep my girl with a men

  • Modzee 87
    Modzee 87 2 months ago +1

    This version: todoroki’s left side combined with dabi’ quirk

  • chees.e
    chees.e 2 months ago

    The 1 thing I hate about Nate is that he doesn’t do full versions

  • Mehdi Mehdi
    Mehdi Mehdi 2 months ago

    0:04 the caption says "I keep my girls with man "lol

  • TheChargedFoxie 456yt
    TheChargedFoxie 456yt 2 months ago +1

    I think season 1 and 2 openings are the best

  • Davidmaxplayz YT
    Davidmaxplayz YT 2 months ago +1

    My hero academia forever

  • Davidmaxplayz YT
    Davidmaxplayz YT 2 months ago

    I love it

  • Hayet Rayeni
    Hayet Rayeni 2 months ago +1

    You really kept your ideals nate ;)
    *slow clap*

    BoiJK !!!!FAST CLAP!!!!

  • Mayumi //Natalie
    Mayumi //Natalie 2 months ago

    i dont know if you are open to songrequests but can you do openings and/or endings from the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn? :)) i love your covers

  • Shrek
    Shrek 2 months ago

    When destinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy calls me and his number is 911

  • PRO hungary
    PRO hungary 2 months ago

    sorry, but I can't stop laughing. In Japanese, you're either a Ü and you say U. I know it's hard for you to pass it off, but it's still funny.

  • Jennifer Josupeit
    Jennifer Josupeit 2 months ago

    Please cover the new My Hero Academia season 4 intro!! I need to listen this song on repeat for a couple weeks!! You do amazing work!! Keep it up ♥

  • Jericho V-T.
    Jericho V-T. 2 months ago

    Who's here waiting for Polaris-?

  • Nicky Min
    Nicky Min 2 months ago

    BNHA op 6 Polaris has official