World Worst Drivers in Cars 2018 Episode 1

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
  • This video show you World Worst Drivers in Cars 2018.
    In these type of videos Im trying to show situations on the roads which are for educational purposes, so the drivers can learn from other mistakes, not their own.
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Comments • 889

  • Igor
    Igor Day ago

    9:32 swastika on the wall? Is this Nazi Germany?

  • abrampl
    abrampl Day ago

    cyka blat!

  • TriplePlay
    TriplePlay Day ago +1

    Worst - Russia, China, India. No concept of speed, space or common sense.

  • Arjun Gupta
    Arjun Gupta 2 days ago

    Drivers in Russia have a horrible horrible reaction time on the road.

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎ 4 days ago +1

    already knew the thumbnail was a clickbait

  • icicicles
    icicicles 4 days ago

    click bait!

  • Michael Wirth
    Michael Wirth 4 days ago

    My theory is: if you are a total looser and haven't achieved anything, you still could try to beat anyone else on the road.

  • Michael Wirth
    Michael Wirth 4 days ago

    Especially in Russia no one seem to have any mirrors, and break pedals, ... and a strong will to avoid collisions. "Now I want to do a u turn, lets do it." "Hmm, the traffic stands still ... no that doesn't involve me" "Should I look in the mirrors before I turn? Hell no"

  • Michel
    Michel 4 days ago

    un pays de fous !!!

  • big brother
    big brother 4 days ago

    why accident plz stop

  • Michael Wirth
    Michael Wirth 4 days ago

    Mankind is fascinating in its diversity. We have people like Messi, John Lennon, Einstein ... and then we have those in this video.

  • Peter Furlong
    Peter Furlong 4 days ago

    Hit and run fail. Whacks first car tries to drive off and hits another one.

  • rogueKlyntar
    rogueKlyntar 5 days ago

    Not all of these are bad drivers. Tires come off of trucks all the time.

  • Rondo Hunter
    Rondo Hunter 5 days ago

    Do they require lug nuts on their vehicles? I mean real USA steel lug nuts you use an air driver to put on? NO? They use hand tightened wings nuts, made in Russia from Chinese metal. Every other car or truck just going along when a tire or two come off. I don't get it.

  • Baby_money Ealey
    Baby_money Ealey 5 days ago


  • Kursten Is cool
    Kursten Is cool 6 days ago +1

    1:20 it's that mother ducking cars fault

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 6 days ago

    I can now say "what a dumb ass" in Russian

  • Silvermoondriver
    Silvermoondriver 7 days ago +1

    Russia don't Drive without a Licence

  • Charles Murimba
    Charles Murimba 8 days ago +1

    9:09 to 9:15 "Yee hah! Boom!!!!" That was to be expected.

  • Mustafa Sherif
    Mustafa Sherif 9 days ago

    9:07 HAHAHAHA LMAO!!!

  • Andre
    Andre 9 days ago

    Unless you know you can make that move dont bother

  • Andre
    Andre 9 days ago

    Europeans are very aggressive people

  • Andre
    Andre 9 days ago

    A good car can be worthless is 1 second

  • Bugz Murphy
    Bugz Murphy 9 days ago

    Yep. most of these were shot in Roooshia. Where the Rooskies live. And die on the road.

  • HSVGM Wil
    HSVGM Wil 10 days ago +1

    Most of these could have been avoided if you just.. Wait..
    Most are Russian I stand corrected.

  • Kevin Freel
    Kevin Freel 10 days ago

    Crazy ass Ruskies!!

  • Griffin Howard
    Griffin Howard 11 days ago

    That is dang crazy!

    • Azoz asiri
      Azoz asiri 7 days ago

      Griffin Howard مستنيتبنبندتتلتبتبتبتبتبتب

  • Stephan Grové
    Stephan Grové 12 days ago

    Some of these people could have dodged these accidents if they were good drivers

  • Tassy Devil
    Tassy Devil 13 days ago +1

    What a dork. Nothing but no good ruskies and a title that says worst drivers in cars and a thumbnail with a truck in it. Grow a brain. RU-clip is not for u

  • hell to breakfast
    hell to breakfast 13 days ago

    Are the Russians bad drivers or do they have more dash cams

  • Joey Jamison
    Joey Jamison 13 days ago +1

    Russia, an entire country filled with defective people.

  • Follow the Sun
    Follow the Sun 13 days ago +4

    Blyat! Should be called Russia's and maybe 1 or 2 other country's worst drivers! #yourbunnywrote

  • MONACO _laurent
    MONACO _laurent 14 days ago +1

    Peace from MONACO 🇲🇨

  • Кедовское Королевство

    Владельцев жигулей надо запретить отпевать

  • wilma nakazato
    wilma nakazato 14 days ago

    Really nice commercial, so cool cars.

  • Mandhir Kaur
    Mandhir Kaur 14 days ago

    0:5. Car dancing 🤔🤔

  • Blue Side -
    Blue Side - 15 days ago


  • ivø
    ivø 15 days ago

    9:07 I hate those assholes! He got what he deserves!
    Sad for the Mazda driver tho... Hope he's not injured.

    HALCA STUDIO 15 days ago


  • Sappah Daddy
    Sappah Daddy 16 days ago

    this is not "worlds worst drivers" its "Russia's worst drivers"

    • 7ignitor 7
      7ignitor 7 16 days ago

      You mean Russias normal drivers

  • Алексей Толстой

    А слово,блядь как эмоционально произносится а?

  • Arnez Willis
    Arnez Willis 16 days ago

    If I ever move to Russia, I'm buying a pre-wrecked car. Save myself a bit of time and money....

  • ボルシチ
    ボルシチ 16 days ago

    9:37 ~ まじかぁwww

  • Dranzer Knight
    Dranzer Knight 17 days ago

    Worst drives in the in world sahi hai bhai

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 17 days ago +4

    in USA shirtless guy says "here, hold my beer", in Russia he says "here, hold my vodka".

  • أبو أسامة ناصر


  • Sebastian Weaver- Class of 2023

    Honestly for the first clip it was the road designers fault. Like seriously, Why would the road have THAT MUCH sudden hills that could easily make a car going fast fly off the road. Just like what happened in the clip.

  • arya mon
    arya mon 18 days ago +1

    Dumb Russian drivers

  • mavissa Aristide
    mavissa Aristide 18 days ago

    The first car was twerking 😂😂😂imao😂😂😂😂😂

  • Platforma Prawnik 2.0 - Partner oferownik

    To tylko Rosja

  • Snazzy Dogs1
    Snazzy Dogs1 20 days ago

    * buys 1 gallon of beer * person1:Dude wheres my beer? * friend drives off with beer* person 1: JOKES ON U U DRUNK IDIOT!

  • J.T. Films
    J.T. Films 21 day ago

    0:14 making a new road through the forest

  • the dead headphones
    the dead headphones 21 day ago

    2:44 that got a little rhythm there

  • Josephine F. Agudera
    Josephine F. Agudera 22 days ago

    oohh oohhh

  • zxcvbnm zxcvbnm
    zxcvbnm zxcvbnm 22 days ago +4

    Russians are now confirmed the worst drivers in all of humanity

  • Konrad Konrad
    Konrad Konrad 22 days ago

    Russians go worse than children

  • Google User
    Google User 23 days ago +1

    9:08 Fucking asshole >:(

  • Andy Boo
    Andy Boo 23 days ago

    that s russian idiots.

  • AnimatorBlox Gaming
    AnimatorBlox Gaming 23 days ago

    2:00 JUST FOR A FEW INCHES your saved,

  • Bugz Murphy
    Bugz Murphy 25 days ago

    Must be Russia. They drive like Rooskies. Rooskies can't drive.

    • Bugz Murphy
      Bugz Murphy 25 days ago

      What do you expect, they get their drivers licenses on bottles of borscht.

    • Bugz Murphy
      Bugz Murphy 25 days ago

      Yep. It's Rooskies. Worst drivers in the world.

  • maddog 27/7
    maddog 27/7 25 days ago

    It's stupid how people drive these days they can kill somebody and I'm like oh my God it's happening to me and my mom and and my sisters and my step daddy I like yeah

  • Galja Galkina
    Galja Galkina 25 days ago

    выскакивают как черти ни откуда

  • Professor Chaos
    Professor Chaos 26 days ago +1

    This was entertaining and scary in equal measure. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the last two because of all the other stuff on screen. I'm not a youtuber, so I don't know how much control creators have over what pops up at the end, but it's hard to see anything through all the video links. So if you can't remove them, maybe have a little outro at the end?

    • lekroc
      lekroc 23 days ago +1

      Professor Chaos Content creators choose what to put at the end but not for how long which is why I never put anything at the end of my videos

  • Omega40k
    Omega40k 26 days ago

    What is is with these drivers and driving like they're on a race track?

  • Nicole Chapman
    Nicole Chapman 26 days ago

    what the heck compels these people to try and make left turn from the farthest right lane or a right turn from the farthest left turn

  • Lil Parker the Great
    Lil Parker the Great 26 days ago

    Just dropped my new song called "call" . Go check it out . Same name on SoundCloud also .

  • Lisa Marie84
    Lisa Marie84 26 days ago +1

    They think their in bumper cars lol

    • مرحبا بكم
      مرحبا بكم 18 days ago

      Lisa Marie84 جنة الحب سميتك..وروحي وقلبي أهديتك..وعلى راسي حطيتك..وبأحلى مسا مسيتك في

  • Stephen Roberts
    Stephen Roberts 29 days ago

    This is why the Russian army managed to stop the Wehrmacht. Totally vodka inspired craziness. But great for a laugh.

    • Seema Sharma
      Seema Sharma 28 days ago

      Jo accident photo pe hai woh toh bataya nahi

  • Gio Bia
    Gio Bia 29 days ago

    3:52 ?????? O.O

  • B815SX
    B815SX Month ago +1

    Could these idiots possibly drive any damned faster?! WTF?!

  • B815SX
    B815SX Month ago +4

    PSA: No Vodka was spilled in the making of this film...
    How could it? They drank it all before they got behind the wheel!

  • B815SX
    B815SX Month ago +2

    Something tells me this is just a normal day on the road in these Eastern European and third-world crap-holes.
    Yes, before someone points it out, there was an American clip or two in there, but let's face it, mainly Russian and Indian.

    • B815SX
      B815SX 29 days ago

      abdulrahaman s.ayyub, never said it was, professor.

    • abdulrahaman s.ayyub
      abdulrahaman s.ayyub 29 days ago

      Lol Russia is not third world.

  • 陸の鉄道好き
    陸の鉄道好き Month ago


  • Soraya
    Soraya Month ago

    First car was twerking down the highway lol

  • Soraya
    Soraya Month ago

    Lmfao @ the first one
    I hope they are ok tho.

  • DanTheMan - Vlogs
    DanTheMan - Vlogs Month ago +1

    9:32 LOL swawstika

    • DanTheMan - Vlogs
      DanTheMan - Vlogs Month ago

      +Soraya 12 Mil Jews becuase of Nazis and their symbol is the swastika

    • DanTheMan - Vlogs
      DanTheMan - Vlogs Month ago

      +Soraya to some people it means horror

    • Soraya
      Soraya Month ago

      DanTheMan - Vlogs nothing wrong with it. It's an ancient symbol.

  • Tom Alexander
    Tom Alexander Month ago

    Omg i'm going to have a crash with another car, i'll just have it and do nothing to try and avoid it, i see Russians also listen to the same mediocre crap music as people here do, one big World of a mediocre crap race of people

  • robert Bourduge
    robert Bourduge Month ago

    J'adore les Russes, toujours de joyeux fêtards et ils aiment leurs prochains, ils les invitent même à des sorties de routes

  • Marc Jourdain
    Marc Jourdain Month ago

    suka blyat!

  • ItsXband -
    ItsXband - Month ago +1

    0:03 CAN I GET SOME BOOTY!!!

  • Yes Sure
    Yes Sure Month ago

    Russia = no driving schools - no test to get a license !!

  • JackTheAss YT
    JackTheAss YT Month ago

    It so good to kill them.

    • Aura Estrada
      Aura Estrada Month ago



  • 677y Issa
    677y Issa Month ago

    Vodka driving

  • gloria olivo
    gloria olivo Month ago


  • Lizette Pecina
    Lizette Pecina Month ago


  • Kevin Sharma
    Kevin Sharma Month ago

    Well done...

  • Mahesh Verma
    Mahesh Verma Month ago

    Various of them are mother fucker making videos when driving......

  • TheCrazyGracie
    TheCrazyGracie Month ago

    I shouldn’t be watching this if I’m about to get my permit.....right...

  • C_R_O_M__________
    C_R_O_M__________ Month ago

    This is what is expected in a country where you basically bribe the officials to get your driver's licence (hence everybody uses a dash camera).

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy Month ago

    Where the fuck do Russians get their license? Cracker Jack boxes? Some of the super stupid shit they do boggles the mind.

  • Miloue G.
    Miloue G. Month ago

    They smoke.They drink.Crazy people.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago

    What a beautiful truck! Amazing the dedication that goes into restoring something like that.

  • Christopher Dibble
    Christopher Dibble Month ago

    and these people put the first satellite in orbit? you got to be shittin me.

  • Ненад Илић

    Russian dash cams are a form of entertainment.

  • Dean Schultz
    Dean Schultz Month ago

    foreign drivers...

  • James Bilof
    James Bilof Month ago

    Spooner Dale

  • Lendan Kaulitz
    Lendan Kaulitz Month ago

    5:43 estuvo genial

  • Orioles Fan
    Orioles Fan Month ago

    I get tired of watching stupid Russians. They drive like USA drivers.