Voice Coach Reacts To The Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love - Ken Tamplin

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Voice Coach Reacts To The Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love - Ken Tamplin
    England has produced an incredible amount of musical talent through the years and the Bee Gees were no exception.
    The Bee Gees were comprised of brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. They were born in England but their family moved to Australia where they actually began their music career.
    The band went on to become the most successful Austrailan act but ended up returning to England.
    They were known for their disco music in the mid-to-late 1970s and they sang very distinct three-part tight harmonies. The band were also incredible songwriters. They wrote all of their own hits, as well as writing and producing several major hits for other artists.
    The Bee Gees have sold more than 220 million records worldwide, making them one of the world's best-selling artists of all time
    In 1978 they released eight songs that reached number one and they accounted for 2% of the ENTIRE record industry.
    I'm reacting to "How Deep Is Your Love" one of their many hit singles which was also featured on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
    I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you thought!
    Also here are links to a couple of Bee Gee songs I did. Let me know how I did.
    ru-clip.com/video/fei4lNkXBG0/video.html You Should Be Dancing
    ru-clip.com/video/iCcPQd-1t8M/video.html Lonely Days Lonely Nights
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Comments • 493

  • Hazze Wazeen
    Hazze Wazeen 14 hours ago +1

    To sing in falsetto should rightfully be called to BeeGeesalize something! Untouchable and stylish.

  • Batallador1957
    Batallador1957 6 days ago

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para ti también

  • Vladislav Badov
    Vladislav Badov 10 days ago +1

    Lyrics matched by the intricate chord progression, Gibb brothers vocal delivery = Perfection. Timeless song! Absolutely bloody timeless.

  • Coreycj2000 PLOTAGON
    Coreycj2000 PLOTAGON 10 days ago +1

    Birdie told me about this video

    If you didn’t know I got that from the song birdie told me

  • Coreycj2000 PLOTAGON
    Coreycj2000 PLOTAGON 10 days ago +1

    I’m 13 year old I didn’t know bee gees till I was 10 now they NUMBER ONE FOR ME IF YOU DONT THINK THEY NUMBER 1 PLS GO LISTEN TO BEE GEES FOR 1 HOUR A DAY LIKE I DO sorry caps

  • Jennifer Last
    Jennifer Last 17 days ago +1

    John Travolta riding the subway in Saturday Night Fever.

  • atomic ace
    atomic ace 22 days ago

    Bee Gees had testosterone somewhere besides their voice.

  • Nguyen Long
    Nguyen Long 23 days ago +1

    agree! so many talents from Britain

  • Metro Renovations & More!

    Excellent!! I just left you a comment on on Elvis Vid. I have introduced my daughter to Zeppelin, Rush, Triumph etc... As well as Brightman, Demash, Bocelli etc... Now comes BEE GEES, Abba etc... I LOVE how you appreciate TALENT and not just screaming R&R!!! Thanks man!

  • tim wirasnik
    tim wirasnik Month ago +1

    I am a METALHEAD!, But, the Bee Gees are one of my All Time Favorite Bands, you got to give Credit where it is due

  • Monterey Harris
    Monterey Harris Month ago +1

    Darn they are so good!! I love their harmonies and the vocals blend perfectly.

  • RedCrabSC
    RedCrabSC Month ago +1

    Hi Ken!
    Thanks for reacting to/giving props to the Bee Gees! I love harmony, and these guys can't be topped. Also, so many people think they are "disco", when the reality is they were making great music long before the Saturday Night Fever era. BTW, they were originally from Australia (I know far too much music trivia). There's a clip here on You Tube of them singing "Blowing In the Wind" when they were just little kids; their harmonies then were incredible!
    Many thanks for another fantastic submission...
    P.S. Would you react to Shawn Phillips some time? I'd suggest "Woman" from Second Contribution. BTW, you look a bit like Shawn, especially when you're rocking the ponytail (that's a compliment, believe me)!

  • john eldridge
    john eldridge Month ago +1

    Hey Ken, I really love your reactions. The Bee Gees are incredible. I'd love to see you do a reaction to any song sung by Mickey Thomas. He's insane.

  • gin40
    gin40 Month ago

    Thanks for teaching your younger audience about The Bee Gees. This is feel good music. Their vocals and song writing is pure perfection.

  • Patricia Fisher
    Patricia Fisher Month ago +1

    These guys have a little flavor of George Michael, or should I say the other way around.....what do u think?

  • Patricia Fisher
    Patricia Fisher Month ago +1

    Neil Diamond also...sorry!👏🏼👏🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼I feel like he has sooo much talent in one body it’s insane! The songwriting he has done, the playing of instruments and of course the singing..

  • celinhabr1
    celinhabr1 Month ago +1

    Yes, Bee Gees! Loving too see this reaction.

  • E VH
    E VH Month ago +1

    I am a rock / metal fan but these guys were something else entirely

  • Gee Me
    Gee Me Month ago +1

    Always great harmonies and YES song writing!!!! ❤️🎶

  • Robert Tuner
    Robert Tuner Month ago +1

    Love your comments..! Right on..! Barry Gibb can never be complimented and praised enough. A uniquely talented writer and singer. A great, caring, good man.

  • Darth nataS
    Darth nataS Month ago +1

    They are so smooth on the records, you think that sound is all in the production. Nope. Hard to believe they are that good live too.

  • Stéphane Boivin
    Stéphane Boivin Month ago +1

    Love your comments Ken! You're one of a kind.

  • bsburchwood
    bsburchwood Month ago +1

    That's funny your comment about English singers. I was thinking the same thing. Especially the rock singers and how after all these years, so many of them are still singing great . While they are in their 70s. And there are so few American singers that sound good after all these years. I recently watched a Beatles doc. And it mentioned that after WWll. In the late 50s, England started focusing on teaching liberal arts in the school systems. So I suspect that many of these great singers were classically trained in grade school and learned the proper way to sing. Also many artists, painters and designers came out of England in the 60s.

    • bsburchwood
      bsburchwood Month ago +1

      I just agree with you it's amazing how many great singers there are from such a small place

    • bsburchwood
      bsburchwood Month ago +1

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy right but they were raised in the late fifties and were teens in the early sixties

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy  Month ago

      bsburchwood Most of the musicians I am thinking of were born prior to the 50s. Whatever the reason, I'm glad they do what they do.

  • Tijuana Real
    Tijuana Real Month ago +1

    I watched this video because I like the group but never understand their tone when signing , but this video really help me to appreciate more their singing talent .. hope this makes sense. Jajajjaja my comment

  • Freedom Theorist
    Freedom Theorist Month ago +1

    Do a live Elvis reaction

  • Mark Andrews
    Mark Andrews Month ago +2

    Ken, love the channel. When you get the time you should do a reaction to a Eddie Money song, I'm curious to hear your input. Thanks

  • deasttn
    deasttn Month ago +1

    Barry was singing live, but I've heard that Robin and Maurice liked to use sound tracks.

  • Shana Lewis
    Shana Lewis Month ago +1

    I literally had to pause the video to collect myself. I don't think I've seen anyone react to the Gibb Brothers before. I'm 27 so their heydey was before my time but I still appreciate them for the masters of songwriting they are. In fact they are one of my favorite groups. When I was younger I got for Christmas a VHS tape set of their One For All concert in Australia, during the One Tour in 1989. As one other person said please do more Bee Gees reactions at some point.

  • Ann Perrin
    Ann Perrin Month ago

    Thanks for this cool video!☀️

  • Bishojit Potshangbam
    Bishojit Potshangbam Month ago +1


  • Bill Wren
    Bill Wren Month ago +1

    I am gonna try and not get winded but the Bee Gees were one of the greatest if not the greatest vocal groups ever. Their voices were one when it came to the blending of voices in the chorus and leads. No other group in history did it better than these guys. They all sang lead also. they all had very unique voices especially Robin. He sang a lot of there early stuff from the 60's it was crazy good just get there greatest hits vol1 and sit back and be amazed. also, this band did a crazy shift in the '70s and changed there style where Barry did most of the Lead vocals. A huge part of the 70's disco era. These guys were unstoppable in the 60's and 70's. I could go on forever. There writing and singing was unmatched and they simply were killing it. Ken another Great reaction brother you nailed this one big time out of the park bro.

  • d oliver
    d oliver Month ago +1

    I love "Heartbreaker" written by them but Recorded by the iconic legendary Dionne Warwick!!! Check it out!! Btw, I love the Bee Gees😊

  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans Month ago

    You should be dancing is my jam!!! And I still ended up a metal girl! Great choice Ken!!!

  • neo stiv
    neo stiv Month ago

    Ken. This is an emergency I found this gentleman is extremely in need of your advisory or he will kill his voice soon. ru-clip.com/video/cOFixxzLy9Y/video.html He is Qpark and he does have a great show but as a vocalist, that's debatable, or if you can give us your reaction to that, it will be fantastic.

  • Mark Colyar
    Mark Colyar Month ago +1

    Im 52 and yup The Bee Gees are one of my go to bands when I want to reminisce about my childhood and perhaps shed a tear or two. My heart breaks for Barry! We don't get music like this anymore. Thanks for sharing!!

  • For the Love of Vintage

    I love The Bee Gees. Barry is awesome but I especially love some of their early songs that Robin sang the lead on. Robin’s voice is beautiful. Great reaction!!!

    THE ANTAGONIST Month ago

    One of my favorite childhood bands, (dispite being younger) memories. Thanks Ken, expecting a cover lol

  • Brad zybola
    Brad zybola Month ago

    Hey Ken. Way back in the late 80s I sang bass in the barbershopper style and I think I'm the only barbershopper that aspired to have that smooth and soft but still powerful sound just like the Bee Gees.

  • EricsonTheZapper
    EricsonTheZapper Month ago +1

    Can u make a vocal reax to Manny Pac's version of this song? Hehe jk

  • Kasia Zawartko
    Kasia Zawartko Month ago +1

    Dear Ken, your comment about the love song is spot on! These days, whenever we listen to the radio in the car my husband is like 'cant they just dont sing about touching and sex in such an obvious way?! if I hear one more touch me here or there I will go mental' :))) And we are in our 30s and find it annyoing too!

  • Kasia Zawartko
    Kasia Zawartko Month ago +4

    Really sad that Maurice and Robin passed away. ... Such a great band and their music is fantastic :)

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira Month ago +1

    I don't know much about them, but this song is absolutely stunning. I didn't live these times, but this song gives me a great feeling of a more innocent, honest and loving time that I feel like much of it is lost today.

  • Movie Makes
    Movie Makes Month ago +1

    Cover this one please!!

  • Sebásthian Cortés
    Sebásthian Cortés Month ago +1

    Teach Ken! Es un gusto verte y aprender como siempre bastante de ti, sería una bendición poder ver estos videos en español y aprender aun mucho más. Gracias Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴.

  • southerngal 16
    southerngal 16 Month ago +1

    Such good music.. can't look back on my childhood without thinking about some of the great music the Bee Gees had made.

  • Nelle' La La Music
    Nelle' La La Music Month ago +1

    You know they're good when they sound better than radio..

  • Tbird Man
    Tbird Man Month ago

    Ken, love your channel. Please do a review of Simply Red ru-clip.com/video/l7GnVHmTiI8/video.html. I would enjoy you doing a cover too. I just turned 60 and love this version. The attached video has 6.2 million views. Blessings, " Peace out" TBirdman

  • Richard Schulman
    Richard Schulman Month ago

    good stuff as usual. younger brothers were fraternal twins, and though born in England spent most of there growing up life in Australia.

  • Dennis Roland Lopez

    Songwriting is such an underrated thing these days, I feel...

  • Adriano Vieira
    Adriano Vieira Month ago

    Great coments!!!!!

  • Centaurus Bigfoot Adventures

    Yes the UK had ELO, Queen and The Sweet...all close harmony type bands.

  • John Nada
    John Nada Month ago

    Love the Bee Gees!!! Great video as usual Ken... Could you do a video on Kenny Loggins anytime soon, i mean he's a killer vocalist and so extremely multi-faceted. I mean the guy did can literally sing any kind of style and kill it...

  • Tom Mccarron
    Tom Mccarron Month ago +1

    I've been into the Bee Gees since 1968. Some of the most incredible harmonies you'll ever hear

  • Sho Razorblade
    Sho Razorblade Month ago +1

    What a breath of fresh air. It's great hearing a real vocalists' reaction instead of the usual pretender, crappy wannabees out there these days who can't even talk properly let alone sing. If they tried to hit a Tamplin note their pathetic weak, lazy Sunday morning sissy throats would snap lol. But I have a request... Whitesnake 'one of these days' ... the acoustic version... 😍... Just you and a guitar Ken!

  • Barry Lab
    Barry Lab Month ago +1

    Im 39yrs old and i used to love metal when i was in high school....and THIS was my favorite song...i used to get laughed on by my bandmates, then one day at a wedding we were doing a set and I saw some older people in the crowd, i convinced my band to do this song next, and we rocked the house! They never ever doubted my musical selection after that....btw dude you rock for reacting to this song!

  • vitaliy marchenko
    vitaliy marchenko Month ago +1

    Bee Gees - это музыка моего детства. Первый раз услышал в фильме "Saturday Night Fever"

  • Bill Hein
    Bill Hein Month ago +1

    Barry’s falsetto is insane!

  • D Yot65
    D Yot65 Month ago +1

    One of the best. Unbelievable how many songs these guys wrote. Not just for their own use, but many others.

  • Jamie Walters
    Jamie Walters Month ago +1

    Can you please do Bright Lights by matchbox twenty or Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas?

  • vitaliy marchenko
    vitaliy marchenko Month ago +1

    Согласен. Лучшие актеры и музыканты из Великобритании

  • Tony philis
    Tony philis Month ago +1

    Class Act must be Australian !!

  • Dwayne Nunez
    Dwayne Nunez Month ago +1

    That was great! The Bee Gees are one of my all time favorites. I love Barry Gibb's soft/breathy and vulnerable vocals, they go with his style of songwriting so well. And then how on those long notes he hits the notes first then slowly brings in that smooth vibrato. 👌👌👌

  • Thedarkestant
    Thedarkestant Month ago +1

    Can you do a vocal coach thing on harmonies? There are a lot of techniques, like "please please me" my the Beatles where it's Paul essentially doing on note, but with the melody; sounds cool. A cool video of a good example of a power harmony is "when the war is over" by an Aussie band "cold chisel." You have a diverse range, so you can replicate different things that other vocal coaches couldn't do. I think there is an art to harmony, and you could help me :)

  • Muttley Von Erich
    Muttley Von Erich Month ago +1

    I was just thinking yesterday that I would love to see you do react to the Bee Gees. Little did I know you had pe-empted my thoughts. I've had no proper internet since the 3rd after moving into my new home and only just managed to tether my phone as a hotspot. Thats one of the best shirts yet.
    Love and sausages

  • ibkennedy
    ibkennedy Month ago +1

    Bro, the bee gees were from Australia 😳

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy  Month ago

      ibkennedy, They were actually born on the Isle of Man to English parents and then lived in Manchester before the family moved to Australia.

  • Ginette Hippen
    Ginette Hippen Month ago +1

    So amazing, I was young when they were in all their glory but talent and wonderfull music,and songs has not age gap! They were and will forever be Amazing!! Thanks Ken!👍🏻👍🏻

  • ladymay30
    ladymay30 Month ago +1

    The Bee Gees were insane, there was so much talent in this family. Their younger brother was also a talented singer but died to early. Can you react to Elvis Presley too? I would to know what you think about him. I think that would be interesting to know.

  • jian zhou
    jian zhou Month ago +1

    I'm one of your Chinese fans and the content of the program is wonderful。Will you increase your comments on Chinese singers in the future?

    • jian zhou
      jian zhou Month ago

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy ru-clip.com/video/H2mvc0miJ-w/video.html

    • jian zhou
      jian zhou Month ago

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Tengri -Heaven.There are a lot of reaction about this song on youtube right now.

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy  Month ago

      Nice to hear from you, jian! Who are some of the Chinese singers and what performances would you recommend?

  • Rocco Reid
    Rocco Reid Month ago +1

    The Bee Gees are musical magicians.

  • Hester Lolt
    Hester Lolt Month ago +1

    Victoria Principal broke the young ones heart

  • QuabmasM
    QuabmasM Month ago +1

    The Gibb brothers made some amazing music. Many people to this day dont understand Bee Gees music especially the falsetto vocals theyre more known for. I love their music from the 80s upwards...Barry is an amazing producer & vocalist. Most every song Barry composed & wrote for other artists sounds better with him singing it in the demo.

  • K
    K Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for appreciating the Bee Gees even though you usually comment on rock!❤️

  • charles rzeppa
    charles rzeppa Month ago +1

    If you check out their pre Saturday Night Fever stuff, completely different sound, not unlike Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks.

  • sidle
    sidle Month ago

    I've loved the Bee Gees since I was a little girl, everything from New York Mining disaster onwards. Writing for Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, Barbra Striesand, Diana Ross. So talented. Best harmonies I've ever heard. No one can beat them.

  • Benji Martin
    Benji Martin Month ago

    What can I say except that the Bee Gees were in a class by themselves with their songwriting, stellar musicianship, and legendary harmonies? There will never be another group like them.