Here's Why My Fast & Furious Lamborghini WON'T START (FIXED!) & Found MORE HIDDEN SECRETS!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    Today I actually figure out why my cheap Lamborghini Murcielago can't start with the key and fix it, as well as find some more hidden secrets, and showing you the new exhaust! I can't wait!
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Comments • 2 536

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson 3 days ago

    Do the 640 exhaust

  • Bob P
    Bob P 4 days ago

    You should leave all those crappy panels and paint work just as they are. I bet it will be worth more money having been in a popular movie than if you try to bring it back to stock or near stock.

  • Mario Legend
    Mario Legend 5 days ago

    Tavaris check out the lockpickinglawyer for all you lock issues

  • Mario Legend
    Mario Legend 5 days ago

    Tavarish you the man!

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 6 days ago

    i like the old exhaust

  • messmeister92
    messmeister92 6 days ago

    If that was the “best of the best” of that car grouping, I hate to think what the others look like...

  • First name Last name

    Willing to pay for that *iceland dirt*

  • josuke higashikata
    josuke higashikata 10 days ago

    Dual tips yeet 1 iconic tip hell yeah

  • taz275
    taz275 11 days ago

    Slightly bigger slash cut tios would reqlly look nice while not meandering too far from the cars history

  • etienne motz
    etienne motz 11 days ago

    this sounds like a chainsaw 😂

  • 50gunner
    50gunner 12 days ago +1


  • dart5722010
    dart5722010 13 days ago

    Self sheering bolts? You mean every damn bolt and screw I seem to take out of anything ever?

  • Juan Pablo Velásquez
    Juan Pablo Velásquez 13 days ago

    When you realize that car movie makers don't really love cars.

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly 14 days ago

    Get replica carbon fibre bumpers

  • Shadow_biship
    Shadow_biship 16 days ago

    Keep the tips

  • Ciisco Dejesus
    Ciisco Dejesus 16 days ago

    Why did you take off the straight pipes

  • AJ1877
    AJ1877 21 day ago

    New subscriber introduced to you by B is for build loving your stuff dude

  • Deerbra
    Deerbra 21 day ago

    Leave the tips.

  • Constan19
    Constan19 22 days ago

    Please put the lp style single exhaust tip on, it looks so much better

  • catfisher420
    catfisher420 22 days ago

    I would love to see you make your own carbon fiber parts.

  • GenBloodLust
    GenBloodLust 22 days ago

    just run it with no body panels mad max style

  • Albin Jansson
    Albin Jansson 22 days ago

    Buy a new bumper

  • Martin Ramirez
    Martin Ramirez 23 days ago +1

    You should just go Liberty Walk body kit.

  • BR G
    BR G 23 days ago

    Yeah that bumper is uggggggly

  • Supersnake 93
    Supersnake 93 23 days ago

    How did you start the car without your foot on the clutch? lol

  • 54inches
    54inches 23 days ago

    Get a new bumper.

  • Danny Shaw
    Danny Shaw 23 days ago

    I actually loved the sound lol

  • midwest sneakerhead
    midwest sneakerhead 24 days ago

    I’m glad you figured out the ignition and the key!! I can’t wait to hear the new exhaust once it’s on and just keep the exhaust tips that are on the car for now!! I’m really enjoying this build!!

  • SupraMane69
    SupraMane69 24 days ago

    Pay for no ads....they make the youtubers to act out ads in my favorite videos... just literally fuck me RU-clip....literally do it!

  • DressUpYourPet2
    DressUpYourPet2 25 days ago

    i think i'd use gobs of anti sieze goop on every single fastener - since i'd assume it's coming out again sooner or later

    JWIVCCX 25 days ago +1

    Should have done a video with lock picking lawyer!

  • randall jr Benoit
    randall jr Benoit 25 days ago

    Easy outs i used 1 took 5 minutes ro realize it only needs to go in reverse it took 30seconds to drill tap+REVERSE drive a deck screw out of a 2x4" at a severe angle!
    I was a non believer at first but it takes less time to use it & get it out than opening a can of tuna!

  • mustafa atatuzun
    mustafa atatuzun 25 days ago

    Change the muffler :)

  • Dani artu
    Dani artu 25 days ago

    Put the LP exhaust

  • shokk mp
    shokk mp 25 days ago

    Bro do an LP640 style, f*ck the movie status xD

  • Sam Sonn
    Sam Sonn 26 days ago

    How are phillips #2 not standard

  • Andy Middlebrook
    Andy Middlebrook 26 days ago

    Couldn't quite see as your finger was in the way, but it looks like it's running test pipes instead of Cats, Murci's don't sound like that with straight pipes and cats, even with a x-pipe in there it will still sound choppy with no cats.

  • ilir miftari
    ilir miftari 26 days ago

    Change the exhaust tips

  • Joe Minock
    Joe Minock 26 days ago

    Introducing Tavarish’s Uber expensive ignition rebuilding service... when everybody runs for the hills, we say hell yeah!

  • B K
    B K 26 days ago

    Pls change bumpers oem. Get rid off ugly wing, forget movie car theme!!!!!?

  • dominik7 47
    dominik7 47 26 days ago

    Keep the tips

  • Matt Lennox
    Matt Lennox 26 days ago

    subscribed! love the content!

  • Lai Yuin Hong
    Lai Yuin Hong 26 days ago

    lp640 style exhaust tip is much better go for it tavarish

  • nicholascremato
    nicholascremato 26 days ago

    All of these cars sound terrible.

  • TubeWeeklyCrunch
    TubeWeeklyCrunch 26 days ago +4

    "That... That was almost to easy.... Is the car on fire?" 😂🤣

  • Francis Voie
    Francis Voie 26 days ago

    Locksmith Bill would be proud..

  • Julian 7160
    Julian 7160 26 days ago

    Do the single exit exhaust it looks WAY better it's a movie car the exhaust tips won't make a difference lol

  • Dang O'l
    Dang O'l 27 days ago

    Why does Hollywood fuck up any and all things good?

  • conmanxtreme
    conmanxtreme 27 days ago

    What?!?! No baller pipe??

  • George Diaz
    George Diaz 27 days ago

    Use me as a, “yes keep the exhaust” button.

  • BAtadCrazy
    BAtadCrazy 27 days ago

    Single exhaust. Yeah. That's the ticket.

  • Bryan West
    Bryan West 27 days ago

    Stay with the Movie spec dual tips. Can't wait to hear the new exhaust!

  • Sachin Verma
    Sachin Verma 27 days ago

    Leave the REAR exposed!!!!

  • Rui Kitos
    Rui Kitos 27 days ago

    I think you should keep the dual pipe, but with diferent headers, more hexagonal headers ;) Gun metal or polished metal :)

  • jimmy aber
    jimmy aber 27 days ago

    I bet my Craftsman riding lawn mower key will start it now.

  • awoodworker
    awoodworker 27 days ago

    If it shows on screen , keep it on the car. There is probably fan of the F&F movie franchise who would love to win the old pipes from a true film car if you had a contest. Its a shame to put that mess of a rear bumper back on it now that you've seen how bad the hidden edges look, but it was in the movie. At least it looks good when installed. The dual tips age the car but again, they were in the movie. Just make safety improvements, remove the overspray and have fun with it.

  • Abigail Pruijmboom
    Abigail Pruijmboom 27 days ago

    It literally sounds like 2 straight pipes na 2jz’s strapped together😂😂😂

  • Mad Joe Mak
    Mad Joe Mak 27 days ago

    Leave the exhaust tips how they are!

  • Nick
    Nick 27 days ago

    just get rid of that bumper, its hideous

  • flavin flavey
    flavin flavey 27 days ago

    Uoool 🤔

  • johnycreamcorn
    johnycreamcorn 27 days ago

    single exhaust tip

  • D Adam
    D Adam 27 days ago

    The stock exhaust sounds like someone shoved a saxophone mouthpiece in the pipe of a 1987 F150.

  • kevin
    kevin 27 days ago

    1:25 only reAL car enthusiasts own a phone like this lol

  • Tom A
    Tom A 27 days ago

    Key master! Make a shirt with a bull as the background, a joke on many levels!

  • SyynRimOG
    SyynRimOG 27 days ago

    Hey I'm new here I subscribed like a day a go or something I just wanted to say that your videos are interesting to watch keep up the amazing work man!

  • Super Yacht Captain
    Super Yacht Captain 27 days ago

    definitely keep the movie exhaust tips

  • Stricker Gamer
    Stricker Gamer 27 days ago

    This channel is starting to become a lambo channel.... I LOVE IT!

  • Randy Le
    Randy Le 27 days ago

    I hope the fate of the furious will visit your shop . Do a supra like the orange one or golden one

  • Scott R.
    Scott R. 27 days ago

    Congrats on the key- start!

  • Vitor Monteiro
    Vitor Monteiro 27 days ago

    I like those tips

  • Hey Look It's That Guy.
    Hey Look It's That Guy. 27 days ago +1

    Sounds like a civic

  • Incredible Pakistan
    Incredible Pakistan 27 days ago

    you live in florida ??

    BEING ME 27 days ago

    hazzz izz goinn guzz

  • willmtaylor
    willmtaylor 27 days ago

    Congrats!!! I liked the video as soon as the car fired up!

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 27 days ago

    Wow, you really like that 80’s theme music

  • Edward Hayenga
    Edward Hayenga 27 days ago

    I would suggest that you wait til you have the car running and driving to hear the exhaust on it. Under a load sounds different that just free revving it.

  • daniela muñoz
    daniela muñoz 27 days ago

    Lp 640

  • 803GEORGE803
    803GEORGE803 27 days ago

    It takes forever for you're videos

  • MrMegacone
    MrMegacone 28 days ago

  • trinitrotoulen
    trinitrotoulen 28 days ago

    Thease exhaust tips looks pretty good.

  • Bucks RC World
    Bucks RC World 28 days ago

    keep the movie tips, but cant wait to hear what it sounds like not being 2-6 bangers lol.

  • fathamster14
    fathamster14 28 days ago

    I need your help bro really bad for some reason my Nissan Altima 2014 wont pass 5 mph and it’s not the transmission and we changed the app sensor idk what the problem is please help I also stay in Florida but I’m from Miami ...

  • Omniscient Eye
    Omniscient Eye 28 days ago


  • STaR_WaLKeR
    STaR_WaLKeR 28 days ago

    Single exist exhaust hands down!!!LP640 style

  • Rui Kazane
    Rui Kazane 28 days ago

    Sounds like a rice Civic or something. GO get that changed immediately!

  • Irvine860
    Irvine860 28 days ago

    Dead channel.

  • TimeIsMoney
    TimeIsMoney 28 days ago

    Too many unfinished projects on the go.

  • Dirtyd23
    Dirtyd23 28 days ago

    Come on Tavarish stop saying bonnet. You’re not from England and it sounds weird as hell when a American says it lol

  • George Luis
    George Luis 28 days ago

    Hey Tavarish, your Lambo is a Hot Wheels. I saw the toy for Fast and Furious at Oriellys.

  • Lucas Vander Schelde
    Lucas Vander Schelde 28 days ago +1

    Come up to canada, we'll show you rusty exhaust fasteners.

  • Nicholas Wingate
    Nicholas Wingate 28 days ago

    Hahaha too easy

  • Jordan Payne
    Jordan Payne 28 days ago

    Lp640 exhaust

  • B Lo The Influence Muzik

    Keep it the movie way. Just functional and cleaner. And also, ill take that exhaust off your hands ;)

  • Luke Hogan
    Luke Hogan 28 days ago

    Man, seeing what was done to this car makes me cringe... It's like someone took a beautiful woman and replaced everything nice with cheap stuff :/

  • Erick Torres
    Erick Torres 28 days ago

    Pussy ass nigga leave the straight pipe exaust

  • Deep Sandhu
    Deep Sandhu 28 days ago

    I would say LP style exhaust tip this one already on it looks ugly tbh

  • Twiggy Piggy675
    Twiggy Piggy675 28 days ago

    That exhaust sounds like when you crush a bottle and put it on top of your tire on your bike.

  • 10k subs with one vid Medina

    Your lucky man

  • Big Jon
    Big Jon 28 days ago

    Dump those tips, go to the single tip

  • Russell Bishop
    Russell Bishop 28 days ago