Broken vape cartridge fixed! 510 thread kingpen HACK. (Clogged, error, liquid transfer). THC. 2018

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
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    I discuss all the potential issues, problems and fixes for a 510 thread kingpen Vape cartridge. We very thoroughly look at the anatomy of the cartridge and more. See how to fix: a clogged cartridge, a blink code error (ooze 640 pen battery), no draw, no hit, weak hit, and how to transfer from 1 non working cartridge to another empty yet working cartridge.
    -------------TIMESTAMP MARKERS---------
    An explaination of everything in the presentation at 28:09
    - This is where the wicks are placed at 03:14
    - The top unscrews to expose rubber washers at 03:35
    ------QUESTION 1. Is the Airflow Disrupted? Check all 4 areas:
    Area 1 The mouthpiece at 04:02
    Area 2 The Bottom at 04:07
    Area 3 The Thead area air holes at 04:12
    Area 4 The connection point of the cartridge to the pen, 4 air slots which lead air from outside and into your cartridge airholes and up into the center at 04:29
    Do not lose the rubber cap at 06:23
    Do not carry them loosely in your pocket at 06:40
    Clean the mouthpiece at 07:02
    The cartridge bottom connection pin connectivity basic fix at 08:00
    The blinking error code at 09:04
    ------QUESTION 2: Is the center wick coil displaced? at 09:43
    Breakdown of the anatomy at 11:03
    The cartridge wick at 11:13
    What happens if I take the cartridges contact pin out of the bottom? at 11:45
    The rubber gasket housing for the contact pin at 11:55
    Inside the rubber gasket are the 2 coil wires (or should be) at 12:12
    Get your needle eye threader from your sewing kit at 13:18
    If the wires are flush and making contact with the center pin, then we have fixed issue #2 at 15:13
    ------QUESTION 3: Are your wicks out of place? transfer the liquid at 16:50
    The wick explained more at 17:20
    I had to break the glass off because.... at 18:30
    Looking down the middle to see if it's clogged at 19:27
    If it had fluid down the middle..... at 19:50
    Was it our fault that one of the wicks are out of place? at 20:17
    What are the holes for inside the glass? at 20:54
    How does it all work?? at 21:00
    If any of the wires are out of place, we will get a blinking code at 21:44
    Where can the oil leak from? at 22:22
    How to transfer your oil from one cartridge to another at 22:58
    balancing one on top of another for oil transfer at 25:45
    recap everything in the presentation at 28:09
    May also work for the following brands:
    heavy hitters
    brass knuckles
    amber industries
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  • Megan Coyle
    Megan Coyle Month ago +10

    The video we’ve ACTUALLY been waiting for. Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  Month ago

      Feel free to like, share, and subscribe so I can get paid eventually :):):)

  • forgetitjay
    forgetitjay 3 hours ago

    Eh, not worth all the time. This shit doesnt work.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 5 days ago +1

    For step 2: Some of the "off brand" cartridges have only one wick coil (one cable). If so, just center that cable and it should still work.
    If it still doesn't work, try getting a tweezer and pulling A VERY SMALL amount of the cable so it can reach the tip.

  • Sloth
    Sloth 6 days ago

    The only actually informative video I’ve found my dr.zodiak cart broke which is a completely different body and you showed me how to reconnect the wires thank youuu

  • Juan Castaneda
    Juan Castaneda 7 days ago

    I was wondering because the wired in step two i only have one sticking out and i can't find the other one can you help me my cart wont work

  • GodFace
    GodFace 10 days ago

    great video! What is it......? THE GLASS

  • Christian Monick
    Christian Monick 12 days ago


  • Maddy Betteridge
    Maddy Betteridge 13 days ago

    If the center chamber is clogged how do you fix it? You said to make sure they aren’t clogged then moved on

  • Tj Andrews
    Tj Andrews 14 days ago

    This guy is the GOAT. HIRE THIS MAN

  • hannah dreher
    hannah dreher 15 days ago

    Thank you!! You saved the day! Genius man! You should be running a vape company.

  • Nasty Dino
    Nasty Dino 18 days ago +2

    Somone using common sense to show how somthing really works perfecttttt

  • Nasty Dino
    Nasty Dino 18 days ago

    Perfecto 👌🏽

  • Peyonic.
    Peyonic. 18 days ago

    for some reason when i try to take the tip off of my vape the whole middle chamber comes with it, does anyone know how to fix it?

  • Jason Rios
    Jason Rios 20 days ago +1

    Very, very informative vid, brother. Just became a sub. I just got a heavy-hitter cart which I'm pretty sure was a fake, cuz that thing just would not hit it all. Ended up having to transfer the liquid into another cartridge. Luckily, also the top of the heavy-hitter mouthpiece screwed right off, to me seem like a red flag. Keep up the great work and keep on token.

    • Jason Rios
      Jason Rios 20 days ago

      @Jae Andres the wax is good cuz I'm fried right now.🤣🤣 just the cartridge they used was crap

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  20 days ago +1

      I just read an article that the market was flooded with all kinds of fake carts. These may have been them

  • Jayy’s World
    Jayy’s World 20 days ago

    About time I found this and it worked 👍🏽👏🧞‍♂️

  • Rob Robert
    Rob Robert 23 days ago

    King pens are pesticides

  • jesus castro
    jesus castro 24 days ago +1

    Thank you!!!

    WHITEDIRT 25 days ago

    none of these videos help

  • 3D Won
    3D Won 27 days ago

    The last part help out alot thanks for the video

  • Dom Montoya
    Dom Montoya 28 days ago

    This saved me at least $80 bucks thank you! I’m a nub and was able to fix my kart!!!! I don’t know why my comment sounds like a fake ad so I apologize. I’m just happy I have two karts up and working.
    I’m completely new to this whole thing. Learned how I can take away the pain in my back by using this tool. So seeing how I have never messed with these... and able to fix my karts so I didn’t waist my money. Very helpful and easy to do yourself. Took me 35 minutes including the video to fix them!

  • Average J
    Average J 28 days ago +1

    "Thank you" isn't enough but it's all I have to offer.

  • Sean Cazarez
    Sean Cazarez 28 days ago

    Hey bro I have a question I’m not sure which one is the problem for my two cartridges, for both of them I have oil in them but for some reason they stay on the opposite side and don’t go to the other side. If you can possibly help me solve this problem I’d appreciate it

  • Lucy colangelo
    Lucy colangelo 29 days ago +5

    this just saved me $40 and I'm a broke college student so thank you sm

  • Kitty G
    Kitty G Month ago

    Goofy fella.

  • Fran Munschauer
    Fran Munschauer Month ago

    Please reply if you have a solution??? I loved the CUE VAPE SYSTEM..It helped me quit smoking. All was great when purchase 4/2019 but now, when vaping , my tongue is saturated with the juice taste even though the device is vaping. There is no "spurting of juice" but droplets line the mouthpiece. The co. sends me free refills claiming defective refills. They are very nice but can't keep doing this. My tongue tastes awful and have to brush my teeth and tongue to get rid of taste. All of these refills can't be defective..Can it be the 2 devices not converting juice into vape properly?

  • Indya Key
    Indya Key Month ago

    Thank you ! Helps tremendously!

  • Jimmy Tomb
    Jimmy Tomb Month ago +1

    hey man, when I shine a light into my cartridge it’s completely hollow and I can’t see any wicks. do you think this is because my wicks are misplaced?

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  Month ago your oil leaking out of the bottom?? Do you hear a gurgling sound? Is it hard or impossible to hit?

  • Brycen Harmon
    Brycen Harmon Month ago

    Seriously Crazy annoying. I dont need explained to me what the best type of material is for when you need to set something down and how it was the mail, but nor your mail or "was" mail... I mean get to the point man.

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  Month ago

      Seriously Crazy annoying that people comment on free videos like they are owed something. I made this favor to help people, which, if you read the hundreds of non shitty comments.....I have. So with all due respect ✌

  • please thank you
    please thank you Month ago

    I pulled apart the metal stick by accident, but only one came out

  • Skyler
    Skyler Month ago

    holy fuck i did it
    im a fucking genius, i love you bro.

  • Skyler
    Skyler Month ago

    I only see one wire when i look through the gasket, what should I do?

  • Abraham Salazar
    Abraham Salazar Month ago

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    TheKnudie Month ago

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  • Casey Hammock'Boulding

    You helped me fix mine 😎😎 I appreciate it bruh!!

  • 3090cael
    3090cael Month ago

    You my friend are a life saver. Thanks much

  • dback139
    dback139 Month ago +1

    Video is perfect. Love people who realize that over-explaining helps people like me who obsess over every detail. Saved my day off from being a boring one.

  • Rey Corral
    Rey Corral Month ago +1

    Needed to know which wire went where the wick. Thanks glad I looked up videos and found this 1👍

    HELLFIRE UNIT 07 Month ago +2

    Still the #1 video

  • FB Sellout
    FB Sellout Month ago +1

    Thing is when I did what u told me to do i only have one wire

    • Dakota Branscum
      Dakota Branscum Month ago

      Mines like half gone and stopped working and it only has 1 wire. Checked my other ones they all just have 1

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  Month ago

      Yeah. Probably manufacturer defect

  • Nutshell2K
    Nutshell2K Month ago +1

    I ended up just unscrewing the mouthpiece/long tube thing and just moving the liquid carefully to another cart

    • Nutshell2K
      Nutshell2K Month ago

      MysticWarlord yes, perfectly! It was a bit tricky having to carefully pour the oil into the other cart but the whole process was pretty painless

    • MysticWarlord
      MysticWarlord Month ago

      Does it work now ?

  • Nicole Gelinas
    Nicole Gelinas 2 months ago +2

    A million thank yous coming your way! I could not for the life of me figure out why my stuff stopped working. Everything before this video told me to pull the thing up on my battery/cartridge. I ended up doing what they said and ruined the battery thing for good 😩 so I bought a new one, got it home all excited to relax, went to go hit it and still nothing. The new battery was fully charged, everything was put together. Step two is what really helped me. I pulled the thing off the bottom of the cartridge(this is a disposable cartridge/ccell Jupiter) and it only had one wire which at first threw me off. But I kinda put two and two together. The metal piece that I had to take out of the bottom of the cartridge had holes in it as well and I put the wire into it so that way I won’t accidentally put it in or to the side.

    • Skyler
      Skyler Month ago

      holy fuck bro you just saved me i love you

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  Month ago

      A million dollar I HOPE. lol. Seriously tho, consider donating to my cash app or venmo

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  Month ago

      Awesomeeeeeee :)

  • Paula Stokes
    Paula Stokes 2 months ago

    Step3 works!!

  • Brian  Johnson
    Brian Johnson 2 months ago

    Saved me!

  • Blood Queen
    Blood Queen 2 months ago

    Naww Bruh My Ooze Pen Wont Turn On At All. If I Connect It To The Charger The Light Still Dont Come On , But The Charger piece Lighter Comes On But Not The Pen. I Tried Clicking It Multiple Times Still Dont Work. At This Point I Think It’s A Good Idea To Throw It Away 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Blood Queen
      Blood Queen 2 months ago

      This Didn’t Really Have Nothinn To Do With The Video I Just Feel Like You Might Know A Thing Or Two About It

  • Holly Mason
    Holly Mason 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for this! I had to resort to #3 but at least I was able to see why my cartridge wasn't working (#2) & I even had the sewing tool although I was only able to find one wire; but transferring of the liquid was easy :)

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 2 months ago +1

    Just totally saved me here man. Thanks for this

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  2 months ago

      Yeah no problem. Its the people who tell me im stupid, and i talk bad, and my words are too many, and that I should capitalize more of my "i" letters.....that i cant handle. You're my audience. I'm happy we found eachother. Whats your sign? Do you use proper punctuation!,

  • VanderPool J
    VanderPool J 2 months ago

    My complete wire came out bro wtw do I do

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  2 months ago

      The wire is supposed to be attached to a wick. If the wick came out need to salvage the oil thats about to ooze out. Otherwise, you have no wire so it cant heat and your oil is trapped, so you need to now get it out and put it into another cartridge.

  • AmyLynnFerry8
    AmyLynnFerry8 2 months ago +1

    I just watched the whole video but I don’t think any of the steps are the cause of my pen. My pen won’t screw in my pen all the way. UFO extracts. It screws in but doesn’t screw all the way in. I tried multiple pens idk what to do

    • Jae Andres
      Jae Andres  2 months ago

      Get the oil out and put it into a different cartridge?..

  • Jeremy Usher
    Jeremy Usher 2 months ago

    Does this apply to Danks?

  • Mac
    Mac 2 months ago

    I don't get it I have a rove cart and it has one wire on the inside connected to this whitish hard plastic looking part on the inside. I try having it inside the white rubber part and between the metal pin piece and it doesnt work. I also tried having it pushed inside and just putting the rubber part and pin back in and it doesnt work. Idk wtf is up

  • wompasdub
    wompasdub 2 months ago +1

    Definitely the most comprehensive video, the impression was spot on.

  • Danitra McPhadden
    Danitra McPhadden 2 months ago +1

    I skipped this video on Monday because it was “too long” and I assumed that the pen I’d been using was the problem because it’s old. I went and purchased a new pen. Still didn’t work. Came back today and watched this video very appreciatively. The entire thing. Transfer of oil between two cartridges did the trick. You’re absolutely awesome and this video was absolutely necessary. 🗣THANK YOU! 💛👑

  • BowRow's Vids
    BowRow's Vids 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much, I was fucking around with my tank for over an hour, then I watched this video and I got it fixed in a couple seconds. The thread part on the bottom fell off.

  • Ray V
    Ray V 2 months ago +1

    new at this thanks for the help

  • Vanessa Olguin
    Vanessa Olguin 2 months ago

    what if i took the white plastic off, how do i put it back together

  • funkymonkey Lee
    funkymonkey Lee 2 months ago +2


  • xDHippy
    xDHippy 2 months ago +1

    Some carts have a twist tip that open/closes the airflow..
    Like triple crown

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    Steve Jobs 2 months ago +2

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    Matt Fig 2 months ago +1

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