Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Trick shots all day everyday!
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Comments • 42 597

  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  9 months ago +10979

    🔥COMMENT which shot took the longest 😂
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    TREVOR DUNN Hour ago


  • Damaris Mills
    Damaris Mills 7 hours ago

    The panda

  • Kevin Spideysenses
    Kevin Spideysenses 8 hours ago

    I only came here to look at the fails at the end

  • Sauvie Island Ninjas
    Sauvie Island Ninjas 9 hours ago

    More bloopers

  • Andy C
    Andy C 9 hours ago

    The outtakes must be huge, but the fact you actually pulled those shots off in the end is off the planet.

  • melindsay11
    melindsay11 10 hours ago


  • _GTHPHNTRE topingonc_
    _GTHPHNTRE topingonc_ 12 hours ago

    *50 И БОЛЬШЕ*

  • 宇田大晟
    宇田大晟 14 hours ago


  • Myke Harry Tan
    Myke Harry Tan 16 hours ago

    We try a trick Shota in our home it is very joy!

  • Vishal jr.
    Vishal jr. 17 hours ago

    Only if life was this easy

  • Ninga chips303
    Ninga chips303 18 hours ago

    How have they not said yeet yet😱😱

  • Adrian Urbán
    Adrian Urbán 18 hours ago


  • Dario Rag
    Dario Rag 19 hours ago

    I don’t know why but i have the feeling they broke so much staff to make this video! 🤣

    • Dario Rag
      Dario Rag 19 hours ago

      Infact... i just finished to watch the last 30 sec of the video!

  • 조선의10선비
    조선의10선비 19 hours ago

    어...어찌했누.. .?

  • Joanne Cuts
    Joanne Cuts 21 hour ago

    Do real life trick shots 4

  • William Winter
    William Winter 22 hours ago

    DO A 4TH ONE PLZZZZZZ!!!!!!👏👏👏

  • spill da secrets -w-
    spill da secrets -w- 22 hours ago

    The real question is...


  • Dax Farrell
    Dax Farrell Day ago +1

    You guys r not normal

  • Michael Jo
    Michael Jo Day ago

    Perfect is getting it on the first try, we all know all these trick shots took you hundred of tries to get it right.

  • MateGC06
    MateGC06 Day ago

    *W H O O O*

  • Pops In The 608
    Pops In The 608 Day ago

    Most of these are edited u can clearly see it

  • Tommy dog 73
    Tommy dog 73 Day ago

    Football and golf ball


    How many attempts they did😱

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook Day ago

    Do you have nerf wars

  • Israel Hartmann
    Israel Hartmann Day ago +1

    Quem é do brasil da like

  • Mr. Soccer
    Mr. Soccer Day ago

    Can I get some subs I have none on this channel that I use

  • Samuel Júnior
    Samuel Júnior Day ago

    Thais chanel

  • Midgie Murphy
    Midgie Murphy Day ago

    Please more bloopers

  • duker75
    duker75 Day ago


  • Family Gmail
    Family Gmail Day ago

    tgere was a lot of mess obuve all tgose trick sgots

  • winsomehax
    winsomehax Day ago

    00:50 gets me. It's just great.

  • Technical Parth
    Technical Parth Day ago +4

    The most hard part of this video is to act normal


    2:30 that scene adds cherry to the cake

  • Toan Sam
    Toan Sam Day ago +1

    0:23 fake one
    3:00 real one

  • Kenzo Mendoza
    Kenzo Mendoza Day ago


  • DEN L
    DEN L Day ago

    Так и знал что не с первого

  • Pei Shen
    Pei Shen 2 days ago

    Fake life trick shots 1

  • chester SU
    chester SU 2 days ago

    Oh my😺

  • Johnna Lines
    Johnna Lines 2 days ago +16

    Who wants a real life trick shots 4?😀

  • Electric Pasta
    Electric Pasta 2 days ago

    2:22 OOOOOOOOOHH!!!!

  • Ariana Martinez
    Ariana Martinez 2 days ago +1

    Did you see the book hit his head

  • Ashton R
    Ashton R 2 days ago

    Enough key tosses, more clean ups with Cody!

  • Diego Andrés Fernández Badilla

    ¿Como puede haber gente que no le gusta esta clase de videos?

  • jazmin san
    jazmin san 2 days ago

    Jajaja the bloppers

  • H1ghsky1
    H1ghsky1 2 days ago

    Wait wait wait,the panda was going to eat trix?that is a league I will call the police on ya

  • Elias Samuelsson
    Elias Samuelsson 2 days ago +1


  • The legobuilders
    The legobuilders 2 days ago

    Why dont you say NAILED IT

  • Franco Simon
    Franco Simon 2 days ago


  • rintubably bably
    rintubably bably 2 days ago

    Real life trick shots are my favourite

  • Inroni Rony
    Inroni Rony 2 days ago

    Sy ngk bangga melihatny. Rasullullaah ngk ada ngajarin cara2 ngk sopam macam ini.

    • Fahryan Rakha
      Fahryan Rakha Day ago +1

      Inroni Rony
      Les berfikir dulu lu bego, mereka juga gak bakalan ngeliat tulisan lu

    • auh yea
      auh yea Day ago +1

      @Fahryan Rakha yak betul sekali

    • Fahryan Rakha
      Fahryan Rakha Day ago +2

      saya juga nggak bangga melihat anda komentar karena anda tidak berfikir sebelum berbicara. memang agama mereka apa? kan tidak semua muslim, dan cara ini bukan cara yang tidak sopan, melainkan cara untuk membantu kehidupan sehari hari. ini adalah hak mereka. bodoh.

  • Chase Ward
    Chase Ward 3 days ago


  • desmond Luta
    desmond Luta 3 days ago

    Do hot wheels trick shots

  • Timothy Torres
    Timothy Torres 3 days ago

    My favorites start at these points: 1:51, 1:55, 2:00, 2:11, 2:24, 2:29, and 2:44.

  • Hamdan Akhtar
    Hamdan Akhtar 3 days ago

    100% fake this cannot be all there videos are fake camera triks learn from the movie magic. Bring them to any show and let them show there talent if they have any ?100 % fake but children like it hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • CheeseCake 05
    CheeseCake 05 3 days ago

    me dolio el 0:44 xddd

  • Twat Clapper
    Twat Clapper 3 days ago

    That ice cream one was just the cherry on top

  • mr gamer
    mr gamer 3 days ago

    3:00 i am DED (of laughing)

  • Zain comsc
    Zain comsc 3 days ago

    This is the definition of enjoying time