Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
    The Ferrari Portofino is the latest Ferrari -- and it's amazing. Today I'm reviewing the Ferrari Portofino and I'm showing you all the great features -- and I'm also showing you why the Portofino is one of my favorite Ferrari models.
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  • Colin Clement
    Colin Clement 5 minutes ago

    They should make a hardtop coupe version of would look gorgeous!

  • The Chungus Army
    The Chungus Army 2 hours ago

    19:00 is that the new fisker karma?

  • Kenny Wright
    Kenny Wright Day ago

    Doug is the type of guy that drops a glob of toothpaste in the sink then scoop it up with the toothbrush, as to not waste tooth paste

  • Dennis Bergendorff
    Dennis Bergendorff 2 days ago

    Sounds like a car I could have me

  • Paul Watson
    Paul Watson 3 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to comment on a girls Angles

  • Brandon Berry
    Brandon Berry 3 days ago

    The idle shutdown is pretty common in semi trucks to save fuel and lower maintenance cost

  • Henhen Hendra
    Henhen Hendra 3 days ago


  • insane931
    insane931 5 days ago

    Couldn’t stand this guy. Honestly I couldn’t stand him. However he gives us dam good car reviews. And reviews dam good cars. And today..... I’m going to officially subscribe to his channel. I mean every car I want to know more about, there’s he is. So he deserves it!

  • syed juber
    syed juber 8 days ago

    ferrari portofino i love it
    #syedzuber10 have a look at this

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 9 days ago +1

    Newport Beach is a scenic background.

  • Adam Blanchard
    Adam Blanchard 10 days ago

    Today I Learned my VW Golf has the same strange dead key column starter as a Ferrari Protofino, and now I know exactly how to use it.

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 12 days ago

    You do know Ferrari use the BMW Z4 E89 method of opening the hard top roof, its not new.

  • Code blue S55.0
    Code blue S55.0 13 days ago

    My 2015 mustang had the auto shutoff as well

  • Marc
    Marc 15 days ago +1

    8:52 looks like theres an employee in the ferrari hq named roman

  • S Wizzard
    S Wizzard 15 days ago

    Doug likes it and it's not even an SUV.

  • Robert Fobian
    Robert Fobian 16 days ago

    Regarding the auto-shut off for the engine...That's not just a fuel saving measure. It's also potentially a LIFE saving measure.
    There have been several incidents in the last few years of people pulling into their garages with their keyless ignition vehicles, forgetting to shut them off and then eventually they are overcome and killed by the exhaust fumes which were drawn inside their home from their still running vehicles in the garage.
    20 years from now, auto-shut off engines will be a safety standard. Assuming we are still allowed to own and drive vehicles running on liquified dinosaur remains...

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 19 days ago +1

    I like Ferrari’s as much as the next person but Doug never mentions the build quality (especially on the interior and in particular the dials and dented console) as they are not that good a quality and Ferrari need to do something about this.
    A Porsche or Audi exotic and many other cars in this price range and class have better quality interiors.

  • Pasha H
    Pasha H 20 days ago

    Has anyone realised Doug's logo is, in fact, a Ferrari Portofino - or looks like it.

  • Maple Leafs
    Maple Leafs 21 day ago

    Going 320 kms per hr in the US could get you shot or 10 yrs in prison. Producing a car for the road that can go 199 miles per hr pr 320 kms per hr is gimmicky. Doug you forgot to test out the car at 320 kms per hr its one of the bigger selling points. Your buying a name and a car thats unsure ifs its a sports car or race car?

  • Alexjkz
    Alexjkz 23 days ago

    Doug I love your channel

  • ssvua
    ssvua 24 days ago +1

    So we're just gonna be grown ups and ignore the fact that it score 69? Not even gonna try to discus whether he held back some of the cool/style points to make it 69?

  • Midas Grey
    Midas Grey 24 days ago +1

    Ferrari made it, it's a real Ferrari.

    RED BSTRD 26 days ago

    I would love to see a trunk open down....🙄 roof open and close very fast...

  • Abdullah Jatt
    Abdullah Jatt 26 days ago +1

    19:00 is that a white fisker karma on the trailer?

  • Bangkok Dangerous
    Bangkok Dangerous 27 days ago

    lol giving a review in the back bay

  • crazy indie hacks
    crazy indie hacks 29 days ago +3

    You should change your channel name from Doug demuro to "Doug is a type of guy"

  • Anthony Briseno
    Anthony Briseno 29 days ago

    I've been there

  • Brandon Jacks
    Brandon Jacks Month ago

    Better than the Vantage??? Never. This Ferrari is Fugly

  • Roemu TT
    Roemu TT Month ago

    Isn't it front mid-engined?

  • Evil Morty
    Evil Morty Month ago +6

    dough the type of guy to go fishing in a pool

  • J Shizzle
    J Shizzle Month ago +1

    Here for the “Doug the type of guy” comments

  • theFMU channel
    theFMU channel Month ago

    Pls review the bmw z3

  • PeteW.
    PeteW. Month ago +4

    Am I the only person that wants to see the roll bar deploy?

  • Awais Azam
    Awais Azam Month ago

    'THIS is a'.... So fucking annoying😵

  • pega blanusa
    pega blanusa Month ago

    Review Ferrari N Largo

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright Month ago

    this is an awesome car. recently drove one. fantastic. massively under rated.

  • Homie DoMore
    Homie DoMore Month ago +1

    My favorite Ferrari.

  • WaVesOfKatrina
    WaVesOfKatrina Month ago

    Doug please review the Rnault Trezor car

  • Rigelstar Centauri
    Rigelstar Centauri Month ago

    Every video starts with this word: "THIS"

  • Subiektywny
    Subiektywny Month ago

    Fisker Karma!

  • Luke Cho
    Luke Cho Month ago

    portofino? that sounds like iwc watch lol

  • Alabaster Soliloquy

    You should start a TV show and go all over the entire world reviewing peoples cars.

  • alvaro maureira
    alvaro maureira Month ago

    actually, there is a Ferrari Museum in Maranello and a Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, so that make sense

  • Shumus Ali Raja
    Shumus Ali Raja Month ago

    To make sure you don't die from car rolling explodes your face... Nice

  • Shumus Ali Raja
    Shumus Ali Raja Month ago +1

    The previous gen BMW M5 was quicker and had more power..

  • David Wilder
    David Wilder Month ago +1

    What a beauty. Love this car.

  • _ VesBraun
    _ VesBraun Month ago

    3.9L v8 making 590?! Take that ford! You dont need a 5L v8 to make over 300hp.

  • Andrea Downing
    Andrea Downing Month ago

    What a BEAUTY

    • David Wilder
      David Wilder Month ago

      Yes you are. The cars not bad either 😁😎


    With the top down. That is one of the most beautiful convertibles ever.

  • mm 2018
    mm 2018 Month ago

    U..nderwater sand

  • wall1
    wall1 Month ago

    Thing is ugly as fuck

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    If you are on the Ferrari league don’t buy the entry level one.

  • Jose Luiz
    Jose Luiz Month ago

    Car Dream

  • BandwagonCelticsFan

    Doug is the type of guy to show me expensive cars... and somehow make me think that I can afford them and I will buy them in the future.

  • K. B.
    K. B. Month ago

    Everything is amazing except that leather brown interior and bright red exterior make me uncomfortable. Those two colors don’t match, ever.

  • Gregory Timmons
    Gregory Timmons Month ago

    He didn't punch it and make funny faces in awe of the acceleration. That's just not normal. How do you know how to rate it?

  • Vince Gray
    Vince Gray Month ago

    What a beautiful car.
    I guess Doug’s never seen or tested a BMW hard top convertible before, mine opens and closes just like the Ferrari, it’s awesome. All hard tops prolly open like that.

  • mrpmj00
    mrpmj00 Month ago

    How can the Corvette ZR1's handling score be a 8 when it does 1.23G which is the record? Corvette ZR1's handling should be a 10.

  • dave yuen
    dave yuen Month ago

    I guess you like that better than a Nissan.

  • Infinity man
    Infinity man Month ago +24

    "Entry level Ferarri." People are talking like they are buying then, LMAO I can't even afford to dream about it.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein Month ago

    Doug the type of guy to wear have his wife wear two t shirts when having sex because it is not necessary to be nude

  • it's very nice it's very nice

    Very nice

  • Heejun Suh
    Heejun Suh Month ago +5

    I think this car looks so amazing that it deserves a 10/10 for styling.

    • Heejun Suh
      Heejun Suh Month ago

      @Mad Lad my favorite car... wish i saw one

    • Mad Lad
      Mad Lad Month ago +2

      Dude I was stunned by it. I just saw it. Never knew it existed.

  • Heejun Suh
    Heejun Suh Month ago

    i love this car so much i watched this video more than 7 times

  • Nhlanhla Gumede
    Nhlanhla Gumede Month ago

    Doug is the type of guy to be picked on by people on his RU-clip videos because people actually like him. Haha this guy is the man. Keep up the good work Doug!!!

  • Sanjid Rahman
    Sanjid Rahman Month ago

    What is the car that goes by next to him at 19:01?

  • TheRealSamPreece
    TheRealSamPreece Month ago


  • Classic WWE 2k Matches


  • that awkward loner
    that awkward loner Month ago +3

    Doug is like a cat.
    A cat likes to fit into a box.
    Doug likes to fit into the rear seats.

  • Travel Lover
    Travel Lover 2 months ago

    Ugly trash no idea what you are talkimg about yank what do u know of European cars you live with your mom

  • 6B8RX
    6B8RX 2 months ago

    But the color is off! From the video, it looks a bit washed out; sort of milky and orange, which is also my criticism for the matte paint on Ferrari's F1 current cars. Hopefully that's just something that the camera did and not a change in the mixing formula for Rosso Corsa.

  • Hyundai Kia dealership
    Hyundai Kia dealership 2 months ago

    My person thoughts about the best looking Ferrari's are 458, Cali for V8, F12 and LaFerrari with a V12 NA engine. Period.

  • michu6b
    michu6b 2 months ago

    Renault megane II cc have the same method to open a trunk and roof

  • The real Sharps
    The real Sharps 2 months ago

    The battery tender connection as you call it is the shittest idea ever as you can’t put the car cover on without knocking it off. They are terrible.

  • onlyagainst. - GTA Cinematics

    Why does the second button say Start/Stop Engine if it can‘t start the car?

  • clouded
    clouded 2 months ago


  • Boris Chang
    Boris Chang 2 months ago

    Might just as well demo the space shuttle for all he odds I have of owning one.

  • The ABC Jug Band
    The ABC Jug Band 2 months ago

    That roof is poetry in motion.

  • mm 2018
    mm 2018 2 months ago


  • DA\/ID 0MAN
    DA\/ID 0MAN 2 months ago +11

    Here's why the 2020 Prius GTS is worth $250,000

    • Comedy Kings
      Comedy Kings Month ago +2

      With a 0-60 in a magnificent 13.8 seconds.
      No leather any where to be seen
      Uses a toyota engine.

  • Mohammad Anwarul Islam
    Mohammad Anwarul Islam 2 months ago

    hey doug bro, why don't you review la ferrari.?

  • Devynator
    Devynator 2 months ago

    the Doug Score is.... 69!!!!!! :O :O :O :O (im such a dum bitch)

  • Devynator
    Devynator 2 months ago

    I have a neighbor that has a Ferrari 458

  • Ong Bak
    Ong Bak 2 months ago +63

    Doug is the type of guy who goes swimming in a T-shirt

  • Hamza Drazanin
    Hamza Drazanin 2 months ago +1

    4:25 2 windows one switch ;)
    What does that remind you of?

  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 2 months ago

    doug is the type of guy to take his ferarri portafino to a bowling center

  • caja 88
    caja 88 2 months ago +8

    Most gorgeous Ferrari ever built in my opinion. The roof retract alone is mesmerizing.

  • K Chris
    K Chris 2 months ago

    California t looks better

  • Viggo lofgren
    Viggo lofgren 2 months ago +1


  • Prranjal Shrivaastav
    Prranjal Shrivaastav 2 months ago

    Those tiny seats at the back aren't passenger seats imo but more like an artistically crafted carry space for shopping bags, golf kit, briefcase, prams and of course small kids enjoying their Nintendo Switch.

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta 2 months ago

    this car stars from 520K here in India :)

  • Matthew May
    Matthew May 2 months ago +33

    Doug the type of guy to step out of the shower to piss.

    • 690000 Subs With Video’s
      690000 Subs With Video’s 16 days ago +2

      Matthew May i actually do that lol
      I dont wanna stand in Piss

    • Devynator
      Devynator 2 months ago +1

      disgusting but true. i shouldn't be talking because i piss in the shower

  • Resin works
    Resin works 2 months ago +3

    This is a 2049 Doug Virgino. Naturally I will tell you about all my quirks and features that explain why I still touch myself with Highlights Magazines while my wife knocks on the bathroom door.

  • Eli Suryana
    Eli Suryana 2 months ago

    "if your key battery dies, take the key and place it in a perfectly vertical position near the OTHER start stop button then use the RED start stop button to start the car, but the OTHER start stop button can't be used to start the engine but it can be used to turn the car off in an emergency" wait i don't quite understand it...

    FITZGERALD LATOUCHE 2 months ago


  • SGT Austin
    SGT Austin 2 months ago

    19:01 it’s a fisker karma!

  • Charlotte Fan
    Charlotte Fan 2 months ago

    Doug the type of guy to review a Ferrari next to a lake on a bad day

  • Darko Kostevski
    Darko Kostevski 2 months ago

    Too much info about buttons and shit, let us see the car driving i don't want to see your face thru the entire presentation.

  • Kerron Manwaring
    Kerron Manwaring 2 months ago