Barrie - Happy To Be here [Full Album]

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
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    Barrie's debut album 'Happy To Be Here' is out via Winspear:
    Tour Dates:
    1. Darjeeling 00:00
    2. Dark Tropical 03:18
    3. Clovers 06:04
    4. Habits 10:18
    5. Saturated 13:55
    6. Chinatown 16:42
    7. Teenager 19:54
    8. Geology 22:39
    9. Casino Run 27:04
    10. Hutch 31:03
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Comments • 24

  • clara de huevo
    clara de huevo 21 day ago

    a new favourite

  • Qu33n0fPenTacLe5
    Qu33n0fPenTacLe5 22 days ago

    this is like if Toto and Beach House had sex

  • Edyta Kot
    Edyta Kot 24 days ago

    Sooo Beach House !

  • Chexa
    Chexa Month ago

    I love this album!

  • Ginger Snaps
    Ginger Snaps Month ago +1

    Why did I think this was Clairo for a phat second

    DREAM BUNNY Month ago +3

    loving this! the title says "there" not "here" tho

  • quicksilver517 x
    quicksilver517 x Month ago

    i loved it thank you for sharing💖

  • Jesus AGPA
    Jesus AGPA Month ago +8

    🤖 There are cyborgs with good taste 👻😘

  • Kevlar Shanahan
    Kevlar Shanahan Month ago +1

    Clovers... Ahhhhhhh la la la, fantastic!

  • Mustafa Sakib
    Mustafa Sakib Month ago

    starts off like teenage wasteland

  • Leonardo Ortiz
    Leonardo Ortiz Month ago +2

    They had me at hello

  • Yoly Lin
    Yoly Lin Month ago +1

    Thank you!!! Love this album♥♥♥♥♥

  • Christopher Spoelstra


  • Lennart Jwz
    Lennart Jwz Month ago +7

    Thank you for finding and uploading all this music I love it keep doing it greetings from my backyard Blazing in the netherlands

  • W4LT3R
    W4LT3R Month ago +2

    lovely stuff

  • Spirit Bird
    Spirit Bird Month ago +1

    I love yooou!

  • DADAMON 99
    DADAMON 99 Month ago


  • Raffy Rillo
    Raffy Rillo Month ago +2

    Love this album. 💕

  • Kimberly Solano
    Kimberly Solano Month ago


  • Gelle Galilei
    Gelle Galilei Month ago


  • Devan Byers
    Devan Byers Month ago

    I fucking love the music you guys out me on too. Like much love and keep it up

  • Rølez Music
    Rølez Music Month ago

    Follow me plis look my channel ♥🎶

  • JT Grannell
    JT Grannell Month ago +3

    Nostalgic vibe is all i can hear with this song

  • mr. crowley
    mr. crowley Month ago +22

    This type of music puts me in another world