• Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Official Audio by XXXTENTACION - HEARTEATER (Audio) © 2019 Bad Vibes Forever / BVF

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  • Kriptic_Angry Apples
    Kriptic_Angry Apples 2 hours ago +1

    Um is this a old song or unreleased or new I’m sure he died sadly and the can’t be someone else this sounds like x

  • D A M N B R O
    D A M N B R O 6 hours ago +2

    Who just listened to this
    Song and had a deep

  • Батя Х
    Батя Х 7 hours ago


  • el noob
    el noob 8 hours ago

    We miss you xxxtentation

  • Kevin Zepeda
    Kevin Zepeda 10 hours ago join go.

  • king jay
    king jay 11 hours ago

    the best in history facts period

  • Ruben Arias
    Ruben Arias 11 hours ago +1

    Fake fans: I like this new unreleased song

  • ReZy Blu
    ReZy Blu 11 hours ago

    Sad face 😢

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez 12 hours ago

    Funny how people are still saying "fake Fans" like seriously how immature are you

  • The style O.g
    The style O.g 13 hours ago

    Y’all niggas stupid he ain’t even dead

  • 2K UND3R X
    2K UND3R X 14 hours ago +1


  • Vernae Smith
    Vernae Smith 14 hours ago

    2018 was the worst years throughout my whole life first my nephew then x the people i love the most are now out the world but always in my heart
    rip. baby ayden and xxxtentacion.

  • Kaan Öz
    Kaan Öz 15 hours ago

    LLJ 🌹🖤
    Germany 🇩🇪/ Bodensee

  • Michu Holmes xd
    Michu Holmes xd 16 hours ago


  • Flower bear
    Flower bear 17 hours ago

    i love it and R.I.P to u xxx u made the best songs ever dude it really is sad

  • Tahana Moyo
    Tahana Moyo 17 hours ago

    0:20 🥶🥶

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz 18 hours ago

    Nigga is dead leave him alone his music is trash and so is he

    PLAYER BR 18 hours ago +1

    te amamos xxx

    SAD - MELİH 19 hours ago


  • Saidl benali
    Saidl benali 19 hours ago +1


  • Danny Wortham
    Danny Wortham 20 hours ago +1

    We miss u x😔😔🥺

  • Jo'Kovie Williams
    Jo'Kovie Williams 20 hours ago

    If you think about it x was the tupac of this generation both legends must be chilling rn

  • NeFelix
    NeFelix 21 hour ago

    Fuck that shit

  • yahawa's warrior
    yahawa's warrior 21 hour ago

    Add me on psn if u trynna play gta5/dbx2 its @beancorn123

  • Stefano Krul
    Stefano Krul Day ago +1

    I need more songs with this vibe

  • liquido boracho
    liquido boracho Day ago


  • Батя Х
    Батя Х Day ago

    Русские гдееееее?

  • Killzone32
    Killzone32 Day ago

    Hearteater, why'd you eat my heart alive?
    Still breathing, why you looking so surprised?
    Hearteater, try but you will not suffice
    Hearteater, why'd you eat my heart alive?
    Still breathing, why you looking so surprised?
    Hearteater, try but you will not suffice
    Ooh, you're poison
    Poison, filled with poison
    Fill my veins with poison
    Poison, filled with poison
    Hearteater, why'd you eat my heart alive?
    Still breathing, why you looking so surprised?
    Hearteater, try but you will not suffice
    Hearteater, why'd you eat my heart alive?
    Still breathing, why you looking so surprised?
    Hearteater, try but you will not suffice

  • Savage_con08_YT
    Savage_con08_YT Day ago

    Dude I miss X

    He was a good man and he just had to get shot by those men in a car 😭 it’s sad to see him go but at least he has his friends and his family and his subscribers by his side no matter what and it’s good to hear your voice X we all miss you

  • Ag Channel
    Ag Channel Day ago

    I wish he was alive

  • Sarita Sapkota
    Sarita Sapkota Day ago +1

    Your neck is not a hanger so don't hang it. Your skin is not a paper so don't cut it.

    TRACEY MABRY Day ago

    His voice make me think we're would he be if no one killed him 😔😔

  • Supreme Mist YT
    Supreme Mist YT Day ago

    He probably did this before he passed on

  • Marlon balgone
    Marlon balgone Day ago +1

    I fucking cried my eyes out when I herd what had happened to X.

  • jacob gonzales
    jacob gonzales Day ago

    I like X's music, but this is trash, sorry, js

  • 艾略特ツ
    艾略特ツ Day ago

    🇵🇪PERÚ MRD

  • Elijah Gashi
    Elijah Gashi Day ago +1


  • Ruiz Martin
    Ruiz Martin Day ago

    My frend sed you are gay

  • But Hole
    But Hole Day ago

    This song has 5.5m views it does no have 904 views

  • matt
    matt Day ago

    Can't wait for his new album to drop after the documentary movie drops Long Live X

  • imastrangeronyoutube areyoureallygonnafightme?

    Shut the fuck up with your stupid "ReAl FAnS knOw" who cares? Just enjoy his fucking music, holy shit I swear y'all "real" fans be looking for anything to start shit.

  • RyanYT08
    RyanYT08 Day ago +1

    For all those you tubers saying x is alive he’s not but his spirit lives on ❤️x RIP Jaseh Onfroy

  • Vegan Water
    Vegan Water Day ago

    "You may have eaten my heart but my soul still burns on."

  • Andi1337K K
    Andi1337K K Day ago +1


  • lord_ Iura
    lord_ Iura Day ago +1


  • Nikoloz Botchoridze

    how you can listen to the song without cryng😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    R. I. P xxxtentacion legend

  • ahmed kordeh
    ahmed kordeh Day ago


    EFE KARTAL KOÇ Day ago +1

    Öff xxtenacion is dead

  • Ebrar Arslan
    Ebrar Arslan Day ago

    rest in peace x

  • lil melon
    lil melon Day ago +1

    It's good

  • Nicolas Cherry
    Nicolas Cherry Day ago +1

    Rip mac miller lil peep and xxxtentacion

  • Mobie Liên Quân
    Mobie Liên Quân Day ago +1

    I from Việt Nam
    Do you know???

  • Jonas Coquia
    Jonas Coquia Day ago

    r,i,p to xxxtentacion

  • ina 55
    ina 55 Day ago

    хто тут руский

  • Ashley Carvill
    Ashley Carvill 2 days ago +1



    Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Kabom 42
    Kabom 42 2 days ago


  • Sullie Loredo
    Sullie Loredo 2 days ago +1

    I hate her sooo MUCH SHE dumb lol

  • SkinnyPepe33
    SkinnyPepe33 2 days ago +1

    Lmao i thought he said a girls name
    "Wadia why did you eat my heart alive"

  • Dzrk
    Dzrk 2 days ago +1

    “I’ve dug two graves for us my dear💔”