PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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    Can Dennis keep up with an experienced PC builder in a game focused around PC building?
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Comments • 8 671

  • Eli West
    Eli West 10 hours ago

    Dennis is my favorite person at lmg!

  • Lick Lick
    Lick Lick Day ago

    NaM ❗️

  • Zilch71
    Zilch71 Day ago

    Lowkey a way for Linus to see if his employees are getting fired

  • Jason Bowers
    Jason Bowers Day ago

    Actually for the best computer performance you should cover your entire motherboard in thermal paste

  • tim213455
    tim213455 Day ago

    It's a challenge to watch a video with Dennis in it. He acts like a 4 year old

  • rizdizla
    rizdizla Day ago

    and then we never say dennis again......

  • Eric Hartman
    Eric Hartman Day ago

    "Don't drop it" was all Dennis needed to win

  • dragonxd09
    dragonxd09 2 days ago

    I love this game

    BOSS TRAIN 2 days ago +1

    fuk that stupid asian

  • AJ Astrowolf
    AJ Astrowolf 2 days ago

    I want to learn how to make my first pc, lemme spend 20 bucks on a pc game to learn how to build one...

  • Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    dennis gives me the biggest headache EVER
    he is SO fucking annoying...

  • Andi H
    Andi H 4 days ago

    Linus should have played with Jake or Anthony - that would be a challange.

  • NO U
    NO U 5 days ago

    Idk why but this is pissing me off

  • Supur Gogetuh
    Supur Gogetuh 5 days ago +1

    Linus hired Dennis for comedic purposes.

  • Exploit Entertainment

    2:29 that's how an asian orgasm sounds like

  • cristán cremaschi
    cristán cremaschi 6 days ago

    At least get a dude that has iq 2

  • devansh anil
    devansh anil 6 days ago

    i wonder how on earth denis got the job with theses tech savy people

  • Yamid Hossain
    Yamid Hossain 7 days ago

    Isn't dennis fired yet

  • rst Richard
    rst Richard 8 days ago

    do it again with new hardware and watercooling pls

  • Cometryzz
    Cometryzz 11 days ago

    Dennis is really thinking like an idiot

  • pc tellez
    pc tellez 11 days ago +2

    Come on Jian-Yang you can do it, I mean, Dennis

  • Surapathi Kiran
    Surapathi Kiran 11 days ago

    If I was Linus, I would roast dennis so bad, he'll submit his resignation letter crying out loud and making himself miserable.

  • Blissterd1
    Blissterd1 11 days ago

    Linus, King of Smug! Notice how he picked the only guy there who wasn't PC literate. Why, if he wanted to compete, would he do this! Sad!

  • Budzy Booster
    Budzy Booster 11 days ago +6

    Dennis is probably 3 times older than me, and works for LTT, and I still can build a better PC than him

  • Debarun Parasar
    Debarun Parasar 11 days ago

    I mean seriously, Linus even does not realize Dennis is Dumb technically!

  • Debarun Parasar
    Debarun Parasar 11 days ago

    No offense but how can a person work with no common sense and a BRAIN! So dumb!

  • Mahmood Khan
    Mahmood Khan 12 days ago

    The asian guy says the paste looks like rice


  • Elder Crivelari
    Elder Crivelari 12 days ago

    10:25 "dont drop it" that just killed me HAHAHAHA

  • hamad1027
    hamad1027 12 days ago +3

    the 3d mark in the game is only 15 FPS

  • Chelsea Martinez
    Chelsea Martinez 12 days ago +2

    He actually took a dead board and slathered it with thermal paste in a video with Anthony doing a build guide lol. Dennis Tech Tips!!

  • Ninenor 324
    Ninenor 324 13 days ago

    I have seen a game where you needed to update windows and it you actually have to wait and cant fast forward the update

  • Branker Roberts
    Branker Roberts 13 days ago

    Its nice to see Linus playing games, I wish he'd play more with the crew lol

  • Neon Shadow
    Neon Shadow 14 days ago

    I feel so bad for Dennis

  • Mommotexx
    Mommotexx 14 days ago

    9:42. Best part. Then I found this 😂

  • YaBoiApe
    YaBoiApe 14 days ago

    why did you chose the stupidest asian to do this with

  • ILikeKage
    ILikeKage 14 days ago

    I have allways though that i was the most stupid person to computers but when i saw him i was like damn im a genius XD realy cool vid 😂😂👍👍

  • TrueFilmz2
    TrueFilmz2 15 days ago

    No you can't

  • MrGumbasta
    MrGumbasta 16 days ago +1

    THIS VIDEO HAD ME laughing so hard

  • CC YYO
    CC YYO 17 days ago

    Linus: how you think it will go
    Denis: how it goes

  • kevin ham
    kevin ham 17 days ago

    so wtf i can i get a job? i cant fuck up more than dennis

  • jipieyaayee
    jipieyaayee 18 days ago +5


    edit: Dennis, you need to go learn how to build a pc

  • FreddyFish
    FreddyFish 19 days ago

    I am a player like Dennis. But we are the perfect candidate for testing.

  • Chase Peppers
    Chase Peppers 20 days ago

    Ive never seen an asian that couldnt do math

  • Uff Uff
    Uff Uff 20 days ago

    pls... kill this fucking Asian / chinese guy... his IQ is legit under 50

  • Dan Braithwaite
    Dan Braithwaite 21 day ago

    Dennis is my spirit animal.

  • Jermaine Sabajo
    Jermaine Sabajo 21 day ago

    Dennis is stupid man !!

  • Hawk0n
    Hawk0n 21 day ago


  • sick
    sick 22 days ago

    Weren't Asians supposed to be numba wan at everything?

  • Lewis Wills
    Lewis Wills 22 days ago

    Why is Dennis so stupid lol

  • WrongNumberZ
    WrongNumberZ 23 days ago

    Dennis got a B in math

  • Máté Ferenczi
    Máté Ferenczi 23 days ago +2

    "Ooo, oo, hyper beast!"
    "No, I don't want that"
    "I hate you =("

  • Maskaraid Gaming
    Maskaraid Gaming 24 days ago

    10:27 *Draw My Life Linus*

  • BIOPRO 101
    BIOPRO 101 24 days ago

    Linus is like my typical my local pc repairman

  • blackjackcountry
    blackjackcountry 24 days ago

    sorry linus bud i think its 1-0 for dennis with thad clever remmark of dropping things

  • jin kristian ______________

    I feel like dannis was about to cray

  • jin kristian ______________

    a five year old can plug a usb

  • Josh San
    Josh San 25 days ago

    ... What does Dennis do?

  • Nino Neki
    Nino Neki 25 days ago

    Watching this after i watch dennis on live stream for gaming night ahahaha

  • YourNewTV
    YourNewTV 26 days ago

    I wouldn’t trust Dennis in my building after this. Like how do you work there for that long and don’t at least learn that gb isn’t pronounced g b

  • TheRubiksPilot
    TheRubiksPilot 27 days ago


  • Jorge Matias Yardin
    Jorge Matias Yardin 27 days ago

    How the hell dennys got his job ? I think thats the q all are asking now

  • Chris Kohl
    Chris Kohl 28 days ago

    Try it now Linus! Still not fully realistic, but worth it!

  • theonefrancis
    theonefrancis 28 days ago


  • noobiii
    noobiii 29 days ago

    next video: dennis got fired... why?

  • go compare
    go compare 29 days ago

    what mouse is linus using i know dennis is using the finalmouse scream one

  • Steve V
    Steve V 29 days ago

    S**t. Removing virusus is easy. Just cd\.. c: then rem *.* /q /y. Or some such thing like that. Easy peasy.

  • Mike Florea
    Mike Florea Month ago

    Why is Dennis employed there, honestly?

  • Doot/Ari
    Doot/Ari Month ago

    Please tell me Dennis was acting for this....

  • Adam Korman
    Adam Korman Month ago

    Out of curiosity, what does Dennis actually do at LMG? Maybe he's trolling or something but the guy does seem completely clueless when it comes to this stuff.

  • Rocker Ryan
    Rocker Ryan Month ago

    Please let dennis do a real pc build XD he'll beat the verge!

  • the Law
    the Law Month ago

    dennis bru im 14 XD and i did it in 120 s XD

    • the Law
      the Law Month ago

      offt my head stop working

    • the Law
      the Law Month ago

      and before that i got hit by foot bool in the head xd

  • Derek Thompson
    Derek Thompson Month ago +2

    Dennis is my favorite person ever! I was laughing so hard!

  • Rj the reptile Keeper
    Rj the reptile Keeper Month ago +1

    It’s not a scam right 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Buck Hopper
    Buck Hopper Month ago

    I want to see Dennis actually build a real computer. Now that would be entertainment.

  • Tobius Lunar
    Tobius Lunar Month ago

    This is painful to watch. However it is amusing seeing Linus get more & more irate with Dennis & Dennis getting more irate with the game as they both navigate their way around the game.

  • aidan bae
    aidan bae Month ago +1

    Hopefully Dennis never builds a real PC

  • Helder Lopes
    Helder Lopes Month ago +1

    The Asian guy named Dennis had me rolling, lol. He's one funny guy

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick Month ago


  • Even TL
    Even TL Month ago

    Gets virus


  • Mr. BIG N
    Mr. BIG N Month ago

    As a 14yr old sitting here cringing the paste tho

  • ManojKumar Badiger
    ManojKumar Badiger Month ago

    Y y

  • Nuno
    Nuno Month ago

    Linus might be a pro... But Dennis owned him with 3 words at 10:26

  • SysGhost
    SysGhost Month ago

    He was losing the whole time til the moment when he told Linus "Don't drop it". From that moment and on he's the king. Still losing though.

  • The Game Stampede
    The Game Stampede Month ago

    I cannot even open the tower box, quit.

  • landenthe70s
    landenthe70s Month ago

    Can you guys do a series! Would love to see a staff member play through the game!!!

    HERP DERP DURR Month ago

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but none of these simulator games are anything like real life. I can't fuck sheep in Farm Sim 17 or go off-roading in Euro Truck Sim 2

  • adfinem _rising
    adfinem _rising Month ago

    to be honest, i installed this game before i built my own pc. and it did not really help as exactly as i wanted to.. but it certainly gave me the "feels" on how things GENERALLY go together when actually building. I wish they made it more exact like teaching or showing you how to connect front panel connectors and stuff. if they became more detailed than what they did, im pretty sure this game can teach anyone how to build.

  • SevenBidoofs
    SevenBidoofs Month ago +1

    Nigga click and hold

  • Fuego Verdadero
    Fuego Verdadero Month ago

    5:14 Me too Dennis, Me too

  • OldZorax
    OldZorax Month ago +1

    That guy Dennis is stupid af

  • Scott Wert
    Scott Wert Month ago +1

    i'm about 40 IQ points less now that i watched this. thanks linus. thanks asshole. get rid of dennis. jesus christ. kid has zero skills.

  • Tomas Prevendar
    Tomas Prevendar Month ago +1

    Am HURT , like WHY someody like this can work in an awesome place like LTT and know nothing, be like 20yo-grampa with Alzheimers lvl 9000

  • Travis Beard
    Travis Beard Month ago

    I'll have all the parts for my first build next week. I've watched a lot of you, other RU-clip channels and a step by step guide by MSI. Like you said I think playing this game can definitely help you feel more comfortable with the idea of building your own rig but at the same time I know that its a game and there will be discrepancies.

  • Live Del Solar
    Live Del Solar Month ago

    wow, no offense, but is he in any way retarded?

  • Robbie
    Robbie Month ago

    i thought Asians were supposed to be smart

  • DelPlays
    DelPlays Month ago

    I'm very disappointed by the lack of benchmarking and overclocking in this video.. It's like just stacking bunch of very expensive legos without actually making anything out of them..

  • Thisistrueart
    Thisistrueart Month ago

    He's never played a Simulator game yet he has flight simulator grade equipment

  • Cassius Harris
    Cassius Harris Month ago +1

    Omg! this was funny as hell... Dennis is the best.

  • Joel Rosso
    Joel Rosso Month ago

    Your control group needs to be a person who knows what a computer is.

  • Widgo
    Widgo Month ago

    I feel that too