U.F.Oh Yeah (Sci-fi short film)

  • Published on Apr 2, 2015
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    Lens Pro To Go: www.lensprotogo.com
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    Special thanks to:
    Seth Worley, Andrew Kramer, Dan Trachtenberg, Jordy Wax, Todd Bruno

    Written, directed and edited by: Ryan Connolly twitter.com/ryan_connolly
    Cinematography by: Ryan Booth twitter.com/ryanbooth
    VFX Supervisor/VFX Artist: Michael Stark twitter.com/mstarktv
    Produced by: Tim Connolly twitter.com/tim_connolly
    Josh Connolly - twitter.com/josh_connolly
    Music Composer: Daniel James twitter.com/H2Daniel
    Post Production Sound & Sound Design: Rob Krekel - twitter.com/robkrekel
    Makeup by: Heather Henry
    CG Supervisor/Lighter: Kevin George
    Modeler: Jeff Hardouin
    Paint/Cleanup: Mary Poplin
    1st AD/Set Dresser: Ashley Connolly
    Colorist: Ryan Schroeder twitter.com/ryan_schroeder
    Wardrobe/Set Dresser: Amber Quinones
    Set Dresser/Production Assistant: Amanda Connolly
    Production Assistant: Ondrea Connolly
    Grip/Boom op/battle axe holder: Wayne Phillips - twitter.com/alwaysrecord
    BTS/Camop: Ryan Polly twitter.com/ryan_polly
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Comments • 2 898

  • Nater Tater
    Nater Tater Day ago +1

    Way to turn a negative into a positive. I enjoyed the film

  • Floppy Bunny
    Floppy Bunny 2 days ago

    How dare those aliens fat shame this poor man.

  • Radiólogo Millonario

    LOL I was afraid the ship would fall on the guy!

  • Norman Gomez
    Norman Gomez 3 days ago

    I don't see any fat people laughing. I would've never thought this would actually air.

  • M Bedaard
    M Bedaard 5 days ago

    Fat chance, he was prepared!

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G 5 days ago

    A few less chocolate bars and sodas and he might be undergoing a rectal exam as we speak. A very well done gem of a short. Now where did I put that candy bar?

  • Shannon Prince
    Shannon Prince 7 days ago


  • MrNumber112
    MrNumber112 8 days ago

    He's a RU-clipr !

  • Robert scuba
    Robert scuba 8 days ago

    Makes me proud to be an American.

  • Murmurations
    Murmurations 10 days ago

    Ah ... hahahahaha!

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 11 days ago +1

    Delightful and heartbreaking . Thanks for sharing.

  • home tech
    home tech 11 days ago

    Mass less of UFO , dare to suck heavy organic material.😆

  • DigikidForever
    DigikidForever 11 days ago

    You don’t need any more sugar. You need a gym.

  • jerry riner
    jerry riner 12 days ago

    Everytime I watch this a smile creeps across my face. And of course, I have never seen better work by a production assistant - ever! Thanks again guys for the entertainment!

  • GeneralBacon 74
    GeneralBacon 74 14 days ago +1

    They can pick up cows but not this guy

  • Kyle Merrien
    Kyle Merrien 15 days ago

    came across one of your camera tip videos where you referenced this short.
    wow, amazing work, earned yourself a sub 👍🏼

  • Tracy Keyes
    Tracy Keyes 18 days ago

    Even alien technology doesn’t like fat people!!! Hilarious!!!!

  • jo x
    jo x 18 days ago

    very funny :)

  • PJ's & PillowTalk
    PJ's & PillowTalk 18 days ago

    Love, Love Loved the quirky, the production, and overall unification of the complete short!!1 ^5!!!

  • Jose’s Gaming Channel

    I was kind of hoping that the aliens would have come out and say sorry dude but you are too heavy for the tracker beam so we are going to select someone else.

  • ImStayGold42
    ImStayGold42 20 days ago

    Maybe if you got rid of the fat suit...

  • Coffeeluke1
    Coffeeluke1 20 days ago

    Simpson's used the tractor beam fat joke years ago.

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God 25 days ago

    That explains the fake fat suit

  • cy2087
    cy2087 26 days ago

    I thought you were spoofing Tyler at SecureTeam for a minute. Sorry for underestimating your creativity. This was hysterical. And the Aliens need a more powerful tractor beam if they want to start abducting true American nerds! PLEASE do more like this one.

  • Forever Pink F.
    Forever Pink F. 27 days ago

    From that time on they sent bigger ships over the USA.

  • Dadite 316
    Dadite 316 27 days ago +1

    Brilliant!!! I was trying to get motivated for a workout this morning....Karma.is that you??

  • Marcel Bruinsma
    Marcel Bruinsma 27 days ago

    ROFLOL! Good one!

  • Jan Verbanck
    Jan Verbanck 28 days ago

    Probably the UFO was battery powered...Thought to find a supercharger there but nope...nothing in that shithole. The rest is history

  • Adrian Gould
    Adrian Gould 28 days ago

    Rubbish what a nerd

  • Tsunade Spreading
    Tsunade Spreading Month ago

    kinda reminds me of: Batteries Not Included
    They couldnt lift him up to heavy 🤣

  • moreno franco
    moreno franco Month ago

    WTF? LOL.

  • CanndyDrive Gaming
    CanndyDrive Gaming Month ago


  • Danijel Šimić
    Danijel Šimić Month ago

    😆 good one 😂😂

  • Rory McKay
    Rory McKay Month ago

    Just one long-winded fat joke, and not a good one either. Try a little harder next time

  • Charles Hamilton
    Charles Hamilton Month ago

    From the surprisingly large subset of UFO believers and members of Weight Watchers.

  • Nickolas Bahadur
    Nickolas Bahadur Month ago +1


  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine Month ago

    Now we know what to do when a UFO appears

  • MusicLFiles
    MusicLFiles Month ago

    hahah it's hilarious! great short! :D

  • Mark Bigeloe
    Mark Bigeloe Month ago


  • Grh Haddybow
    Grh Haddybow Month ago

    So they can spend that much Money on a fake UFO but not to hire a fat actor or at least makeup that isnt face & neck buried in chin/nose putty and body wrapped in a yoga mat? fuk me

  • Joe Skill
    Joe Skill Month ago

    He brought the UFO 🛸 down with his weight alone...😹 just eat, just eat it...🍔🌭🍕

  • manamedia
    manamedia Month ago


  • mike stradling
    mike stradling Month ago

    so your saying all fat slobs are safe from getting abducted an anal probed? HA HA HA HA

  • Many
    Many Month ago

    You broke it, you buy it

  • Nimblebee
    Nimblebee Month ago

    That was pretty funny! :-) The reason why we don't have any UFOs to study? People in the know report powers-that-be have recovery teams, and if you found it, they've got it. By the time teams are through, witnesses are silenced and there's nothing left to show that anything ever happened. If someone investigates, it's swamp gas, lighthouses, meteors, birds and balloons! :-)

  • Tony C
    Tony C Month ago

    Revolting Fat Joke masquerading as Science Fiction. Shame on you, asshats. I hope you get hives.

  • Brigantus Cambaricus

    Fool really said "brethrens". Got me messed up. English teacher problems.

  • Alex Dark
    Alex Dark Month ago

    Start abducting fatass.......,Needs second tractor beam to abuct him!

  • Brent Sander
    Brent Sander Month ago

    Fat jokes, really?

  • Merky Pondwater
    Merky Pondwater Month ago

    That just wrong. I love it

  • stanley kowalski
    stanley kowalski Month ago

    i thought he is too fat for ufo to lift him up, and aliens will instruct him to lose weight if he wants to go to space ( hence he has makeup to make him fat, otherwise whats the point)

  • Many
    Many Month ago


  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn Month ago

    The ol' switcheroo!

  • seacruse
    seacruse Month ago

    Dang....I laughed until I stopped. That's a great short film.

  • Dan C
    Dan C Month ago

    Well done guys, but didn't the Simpsons already do that joke?

  • antionette wardell
    antionette wardell Month ago

    I thought it was offensive to people who struggle with their weight. I don't take it as a joke, but an insult. I think you can do better next time with a better story line.

  • jwboll
    jwboll Month ago

    How long does it take to put on fat before filming?

  • Ben.G Vortex
    Ben.G Vortex Month ago

    ...dang!..that was funny...good work...

  • Jordan Pisa
    Jordan Pisa Month ago

    I enjoyed this so much

  • Nathan Stephenson
    Nathan Stephenson Month ago

    Oh, boy! A fat joke.

  • ian watts
    ian watts Month ago

    10/10 for creativity, But don't tell Paul or Uncle Martin:::))) Cheer's👍👍✨✨✨😎👌

  • Joe Altmaier
    Joe Altmaier Month ago

    Elaborate shaggy dog story - all that build-up for a dumb joke!

  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys Month ago

    So why not just hire a fat actor? Why go through the expense of fat make up and a fat suit?

  • morlockmeat
    morlockmeat Month ago

    LOLOLOLThat was great! 😂😂😂

  • Gamalier Rosa
    Gamalier Rosa Month ago

    the ufo could nothandle to much weight

  • Magnus SaucerMan
    Magnus SaucerMan Month ago

    Amazing stuff..well done all around..DOP did such a nice job..and grips and sparks .
    Amazing crew you have..

    RAYMOND STEELE Month ago


  • Lance Eriksen
    Lance Eriksen Month ago

    Its time to put Trump back in his ship and send him back to that shithole planet he and his family came from!

  • ijams sum
    ijams sum Month ago +3

    Anti-gravity has limits I see !
    Hilarious lol !

  • Dale Robertson
    Dale Robertson Month ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha, funny... LMAO Thanks.

  • Stannex
    Stannex Month ago

    Really? All that for a fat joke? What a stupendous waste of good filmmaking and special effects.

  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule Month ago

    Let that be a worning to you aliens dont mess with America!!

  • matt k.
    matt k. Month ago

    "The Simpsons" did this same joke decades ago and didn't waste nearly as much time getting to the punchline.

  • Kobayashi Maru
    Kobayashi Maru Month ago

    Brilliant, loved it! Thank you
    for uploading.

  • Realalien
    Realalien Month ago

    Why the fat makeup?

  • Jerrold Horgan
    Jerrold Horgan Month ago

    Purdy funnnnnny

  • Richard Royster
    Richard Royster Month ago

    LMAOOOO. It's a SciFi fat joke.

  • Matt Clayton
    Matt Clayton Month ago

    I love this! Very nicely done guys!
    Wow! The things you can do in five minutes!!

  • Prem Shankar
    Prem Shankar Month ago


  • Roi Czechvala
    Roi Czechvala Month ago


  • snake in the grass
    snake in the grass Month ago

    They couldn't suck him up, he was to fat.

  • michael wertzy
    michael wertzy Month ago +1

    My favorite laugh is the padding of his gut and thighs whoa boy! Fun stuff!

    • michael wertzy
      michael wertzy Month ago

      Jiminy Glick is a fair comparison to him, but it's not Martin Short! Still laughing, it can't be helped! 10-Q F.R!

  • Nelson Rauch
    Nelson Rauch Month ago

    Not sure this satire might be going, but I think it might have an interesting story line if completed. It could lead to something shin to one of the more successful sci-fi movies in the past. I won’t give away the title, I’ll leave it up to you and your followers. I really think it has merit.

  • Mr.OvenBox
    Mr.OvenBox Month ago

    "MaN AbDuCtS UfO!"

  • Mr.OvenBox
    Mr.OvenBox Month ago

    Is... That... A Fat Suit???

  • Baribrotzer
    Baribrotzer Month ago

    If they can pick up a cow, they can certainly pick up him.

  • Laser3303
    Laser3303 Month ago

    Pudge fat-kills alien ship..........

  • Victoria Sjoquist
    Victoria Sjoquist 2 months ago


  • Classical Liberal Warrior

    Very funny!

  • Rodney Crouse
    Rodney Crouse 2 months ago

    Ok so why the blaetenly obvious fat suit?

  • Carlos Idelone
    Carlos Idelone 2 months ago

    Very funny ! Nice to have a little humour around this subject. Bravo !

  • Maxid1
    Maxid1 2 months ago

    2/22/19: 404 fat people did not think this was funny.

  • studinthemaking
    studinthemaking 2 months ago

    Great ending.

  • winch harry
    winch harry 2 months ago

    Simply to heavy... ;-)

  • scott carr
    scott carr 2 months ago

    I think he weighed a "tad" more than they thought he would. When they were pretty close, he should have jumped in, but I guess it still would have crashed.

  • Hamlet Fortinbras
    Hamlet Fortinbras 2 months ago

    Thank you

  • Tabrez
    Tabrez 2 months ago

    this is awesome.

  • jozsefkacsa
    jozsefkacsa 2 months ago

    UFO`s are made up by Russian Bots and Slovenian Hackers! Hey if you don`t believe me just ask Rosie `the Filthy Animal`O`donnell, She uncovered the `Trump/Putin connection and in one of her frequent insane hallucination sessions, it (It=Filthy Animal rosie) clearly saw President Trump personally paying off every single one of the 12 500 persons whom showed up to his Rally in South Carolina, plus the other 10 000+ whom are had to be turned away because of the lock of seat in the Arena! or just ask Maxine "low IQ" Waters the Anti-American, Flag burning, Terrorist Supporting, Anti-Semite Congresscunt who discovered that the sentence "Crooked Hillary"was given by President Putin to President Trump so he'll use it to call Clinton Crooked Hillary!!! Another Insane, Lunatic elected to Congress for the 8.th fucking time by California Mentally Ill Lunatics whom for some strange reason allowed to vote right inside the South Central Insane Asylum!!

  • graham cameron
    graham cameron 2 months ago


  • Mike Bixler
    Mike Bixler 2 months ago

    HAR !