U.F.Oh Yeah (Sci-fi short film)

  • Published on Apr 2, 2015
  • Get the poster and On-Set Experience: bit.ly/ufohyeah
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    Special thanks to:
    Seth Worley, Andrew Kramer, Dan Trachtenberg, Jordy Wax, Todd Bruno

    Written, directed and edited by: Ryan Connolly ryan_connolly
    Cinematography by: Ryan Booth ryanbooth
    VFX Supervisor/VFX Artist: Michael Stark mstarktv
    Produced by: Tim Connolly tim_connolly
    Josh Connolly - josh_connolly
    Music Composer: Daniel James H2Daniel
    Post Production Sound & Sound Design: Rob Krekel - robkrekel
    Makeup by: Heather Henry
    CG Supervisor/Lighter: Kevin George
    Modeler: Jeff Hardouin
    Paint/Cleanup: Mary Poplin
    1st AD/Set Dresser: Ashley Connolly
    Colorist: Ryan Schroeder ryan_schroeder
    Wardrobe/Set Dresser: Amber Quinones
    Set Dresser/Production Assistant: Amanda Connolly
    Production Assistant: Ondrea Connolly
    Grip/Boom op/battle axe holder: Wayne Phillips - alwaysrecord
    BTS/Camop: Ryan Polly ryan_polly
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Comments • 3 124

  • Yvonne Bales
    Yvonne Bales 5 hours ago

    now that is different...i haven,t see that before keep it up fuzz ball

  • ANNAKKi Hz
    ANNAKKi Hz Day ago

    Should be sponsored by Mcdonalds.

  • Vin diesel
    Vin diesel Day ago

    Lol lol loli

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 3 days ago

    Great! Congratulations all who worked on this little film. Liked the music, too. A little like Chariots of Fire. Just right triumphant note of satire. Loser wins all.

  • Ray Grange
    Ray Grange 5 days ago

    Very good.

  • David Leithe
    David Leithe 12 days ago


  • mr rebel
    mr rebel 12 days ago

    and the lesson is..?? all together class..

  • Sue Maleski
    Sue Maleski 12 days ago

    Thats heavy af

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 14 days ago

    Very well done in a 5 - 6 minute production. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  • Thomas Fleig
    Thomas Fleig 15 days ago

    Isn't this what SJW's call fat shaming?.... Lol. I was half expecting the beam to suck the fat out of him, and he'd end up being skinny at the end. Since it was obvious he was wearing a fat suit.

  • periawan awan Official

    hahahahah ini sangat lucu sekali,,,,

  • Bob Huff
    Bob Huff 16 days ago

    Ha, the fat suit is funny stuff !!

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex 16 days ago +2

    You could tell that was "fat" makeup / suit ...I knew he was going to be too heavy to pick up

    • RobMacKendrick
      RobMacKendrick 9 days ago

      Ironically, if he really had been obese, they'd've had no trouble. It's that all that makeup is heavy.

  • Capt Tom
    Capt Tom 16 days ago


  • EagerOne !
    EagerOne ! 16 days ago +1

    LOL ...I could just hear the engineer telling the captain “... that’s all I can give it captain. I can’t give you anymore or else...”. Whoops!!

  • D Loui
    D Loui 17 days ago +1

    apparrently the guy's sins was enormous that even a ufo could not beam him up

  • Rebel Yell
    Rebel Yell 18 days ago

    The anti fat shamers are gonna have a field day.

  • John Bush
    John Bush 18 days ago +1

    He broke the spaceship.sue him.Good little short film.

  • Scott Braun
    Scott Braun 18 days ago +2

    OK. That was cool funny. -But really, they're too often known for lifting more than what a common fat guy would weigh. -STILL FUNNY THOUGH. -What did the little guys use for batteries? -Tripple-A packs?! LOL

  • Abhik Sengupta
    Abhik Sengupta 19 days ago

    That man is fat

  • Massimo Squecco
    Massimo Squecco 20 days ago

    615 fatties!

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C 20 days ago

    Simpsons 2.0

  • razony
    razony 20 days ago

    The Tic-Tacs came back for this? Their going to be pissed!

  • william straughan
    william straughan 21 day ago

    millions of kids just like this in front of the computer fat as hell

    DOUGLAS WAGGONER 21 day ago +1

    So, be over weight to avoid abduction!😉😉😃🤣🤪

  • MT Whatley
    MT Whatley 21 day ago

    Simpson’s did it

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez 22 days ago

    He’s too fat. LoL

  • Matthew Caughey
    Matthew Caughey 22 days ago

    Fat people are just harder to kidnap

  • twobitbandit gotcha
    twobitbandit gotcha 23 days ago +5

    I'm still laughing, that is a RIOT! Good job.

  • 3rd Battalion 11th Marines

    What the hell is that large jiggly mound above his belt ???? It’s already been done on the Simpson’s; a UFO tried to abduct Homer but it couldn’t lift him. LOLOLOLOL

  • Productions by Kevin B.

    Curious, what was the budget to make this over 4 years ago?

  • Bernard Black
    Bernard Black 27 days ago

    Direct rip-off from the simpsons

  • Nae Moody
    Nae Moody 28 days ago


  • Hemi Power
    Hemi Power 29 days ago

    The first thing I thought about was he was getting microwaved for there next meal 😂

  • TheSeeker2070
    TheSeeker2070 29 days ago

    Well, there we have it, the ultimate truth.
    Sugar kills Aliens, ... (and us too, but a lot slower).

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard Month ago

    ROFL they cant lift his fat ass.

  • Matthew Kershaw
    Matthew Kershaw Month ago +1

    All that time and effort, just to make fun of obese people? What a waste.

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Man to heavy for lift off.

  • Gnarly Nerd Gaming
    Gnarly Nerd Gaming Month ago +1

    Fat shaming is not cool bro.

  • Robin Jacobs
    Robin Jacobs Month ago

    Wierd AND useless!

  • Franco Palumbo
    Franco Palumbo Month ago

    Great Vid! - But Hire a New Make Up Artist!

  • Barry Dence
    Barry Dence Month ago

    Aliens also had problems lifting Homer Simpson.

  • Kronos camron
    Kronos camron Month ago


  • F Scott
    F Scott Month ago

    too funny

  • Chaz titan
    Chaz titan Month ago

    travels trillions of miles at speeds faster than light. can't kidnap a 349lb human....... fat joke for sure.
    if they did their research they wold have prepped for the average american at 312.... wtf

  • dave conyard
    dave conyard Month ago

    KFC Any one ?

  • gerald
    gerald Month ago

    Imagine if they 'd picked Mr Creosote.

  • Kawasaki Zx10R Ryder

    That's fucked up....lol. I'm gonna have to give it a thumbs down. All that for a fat joke? C'mon man

  • Melanie Saucier
    Melanie Saucier Month ago

    The space ship was awesome! Very good film!

  • Gary DeMumbrum
    Gary DeMumbrum Month ago

    5 minute fat shaming. Nice.

  • Vistaworx
    Vistaworx Month ago

    Nice one.

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    so it was good that he was so fat the ufo couldn't pick him up? nice makeup tho

  • Al B
    Al B 2 months ago

    Ok.. Now i understand all the cattle mutilation in this country.. They were trying to minimize weight.. Cause with a large number of us being overweight.. The toll on the ufo would be to costly to repair..😂😂😂😂🍻🍻

  • Tom Cook
    Tom Cook 2 months ago

    Damn, fatboy; gestating twins?

  • Data Glasses
    Data Glasses 2 months ago

    Fatso killed the aliens!

  • Brian Duclos
    Brian Duclos 2 months ago

    Haha ,great flick ,tux

  • Adam Sives
    Adam Sives 2 months ago


  • Royal Mason
    Royal Mason 2 months ago

    Well done, bravo! And well acted too I might add.

  • Charles Mangum
    Charles Mangum 2 months ago


  • James Scott
    James Scott 2 months ago

    It's unrealistic. So the ship has the power to hurl itself across interstellar space but it can't lift one fat guy? I think not......