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Kellyanne Conway reacts to heated '60 Minutes' interview

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • On 'Fox & Friends,' Kellyanne Conway praises President Trump's 'excellent' interview with Lesley Stahl and his leadership on the world stage.

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  • hoorpi
    hoorpi Month ago

    Biggest liar on this planet🤮

  • Jeff Bryan
    Jeff Bryan 4 months ago

    President Trump WILL get a NOBEL. They should recall Obama's prize and buff the dings out and us it for a spittoon at one of Trumps hotels.

  • judi mozisek
    judi mozisek 6 months ago

    He likes being in company with dictators and murderers

  • Steven Horton
    Steven Horton 6 months ago

    F A K E P R E S I D E N T

  • Iron mann
    Iron mann 7 months ago

    Yeah it was only one reporter that got slain and he wasn't even from America you get them Kelly

  • Arthur Choi
    Arthur Choi 8 months ago

    wow i wouldve waited to go on air until after the botox settled kc
    #3643 he is the greatest leader in maybe forever probably since history thats what many people very good people say from everywhwere look heres what you need to know i service the president and thats whats important to the american people and remember i dont know that and neither do you but look i service this president and he'll continue to have his hands on me under oath and theres no collusion and what i do know is that I'm a victim of sexual embarrassment and so should you

  • Mike Higgins
    Mike Higgins 8 months ago

    Isn't it funny the left wants communism THEY WANT TO control us THEY want to take every thing that means anything to us stand firm AMERICAN'S stand firm.....

  • none
    none 8 months ago

    When someone is rude to Trump= boowhooo fire them and boycott them

    When Trump is rude to someone= oh he didn't mean it that way or he is still a "Christian" so he is ok with me.
    Talk about being hypocritical conservatives. You guys are no different than the liberals you whine about.

  • none
    none 8 months ago

    Conway the Tuna Twat woman

  • Vicki Hunt
    Vicki Hunt 8 months ago

    She is not worth my time

  • American Ballroom Dance Center

    Perhaps Leslie Stahl should read "The Art of the Deal"

  • Dana Moeskau
    Dana Moeskau 8 months ago

    What does God do to liars?

  • Angel Eyes33
    Angel Eyes33 8 months ago

    “Most transparent, honest president ever” So what about the number breaking lies that has been documented and where are your tax returns. Ok you like the guy but many of your claims to support your support are just ridiculous.

  • Angel Eyes33
    Angel Eyes33 8 months ago

    Look...look...I like the guy. What can I say??

  • Angel Eyes33
    Angel Eyes33 8 months ago

    Look...look...I like the guy. What can I say??

  • GotTo
    GotTo 8 months ago

    What is happening to Republicans? Republicans used to have a set of values and pursue dignity.

  • GotTo
    GotTo 8 months ago

    Republicans are pathetic. Fox Propaganda is also pathetic.

  • Rick W
    Rick W 8 months ago

    Leslie Stahl was so out of line and absolutely would not question a career politician in the office of the President. Politicians and the press are part of the same team and Trump is not one of them

  • ciaohoney54
    ciaohoney54 8 months ago


  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 8 months ago

    Jesus, they have Kellyanne all spackled up this morning, don't they?

  • kk kat piter
    kk kat piter 8 months ago

    I really want to watch this interview...all I can find are short clips by leftists crying!!

  • Bill Frank
    Bill Frank 8 months ago

    Fox and Friends are a bunch of sycophantic pussies. Always asking the tough questions 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Edgeworld Pictures
    Edgeworld Pictures 8 months ago

    Grandstanding nonsense having the Pastor provide counsel and prayers to the cameras. You do that in private - right.

  • Tony Scull
    Tony Scull 8 months ago

    Lol Saudi Arabia has been doing this for a long time yet suddenly the act like it’s a shocker that this is going on over there ?? Notice that Leslie didn’t mention it’s a Muslim country ? That’s the main reason it’s the way it is. I mean what ? Does she wasn’t war with them ? With noko? With Russia ? The world ? Lol then they’d cry war monger ! Liberals are idiots and cry about everything.

  • Todd Mehserle
    Todd Mehserle 8 months ago

    The media have ZERO class. They conduct it like an interrogation. F the Dimms. TRUMP walks all over them

  • milas1212
    milas1212 8 months ago

    I remember when the same media was attacking him regarding North Korea and saying that he will bring us to war with him.
    Now they are saying he is too friendly. lol
    Bottom line is that he made Kim Jun Ill bow down to him. End of story.

  • scrumsey
    scrumsey 8 months ago

    60 Minutes is not journalism. It is political advocacy and it was an ARGUMENT, not an interview.

  • Razak 44
    Razak 44 8 months ago

    Leslie Stahl totally missed the point about dealing with Kim Jong Un and coming to a agreement. Its about keeping people from getting nuked! Everyone knows Kim Jong Un is an asshole. Stahl doesnt care about avoiding a nuclear war. She just wants to make Trump look bad any way she can. Trump did a good thing in the way he handled North Korea. Fact! But Stahl doesnt want anybody thinking that. Deceivers are everywhere.

  • Marcos C.
    Marcos C. 8 months ago

    Horse face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tj
    Tj 8 months ago


  • Randy Gourdine
    Randy Gourdine 8 months ago

    Trump loves dictators

  • Louis Acevedo
    Louis Acevedo 8 months ago

    Media left and right are all in kahoots! So is Congress. So lets jump on the god train along with trump and lets make life gr8! again! God bless us and save us all.😊

    • ALL711 TRIBES
      ALL711 TRIBES 8 months ago

      Louis A.
      Are you stuck on stupid?.
      The good trump train hell no.
      More like the derailed trump train.

  • Harry Canary
    Harry Canary 8 months ago

    I just love Kellyane ! She was a huge help in Trump's win. I have never once seen her lose her cool.

  • No Name
    No Name 8 months ago

    How do we know that Leslie isn't lying about North Korea.

  • No Name
    No Name 8 months ago

    I like how President Trump don't let the media run over him.

  • White Feather
    White Feather 8 months ago

    America is tired of media platforms telling us there design narrative is and expecting us to swallow it , its mostly false phony fake .

  • Lawrence of America
    Lawrence of America 8 months ago

    Poor Lesley...she suffers from the Anti-Trump Female Derangement Syndrome....Go Trump!!!

    • Lawrence of America
      Lawrence of America 8 months ago

      Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism...Family Rosary
      The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!
      The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time.

    • ALL711 TRIBES
      ALL711 TRIBES 8 months ago

      Laurence of America.
      ? Your brain!

  • Austin Carlson
    Austin Carlson 8 months ago


  • Austin Carlson
    Austin Carlson 8 months ago

    News = verbal diareah

  • Hayley Proietti
    Hayley Proietti 8 months ago

    This woman is as sick as Trump.....anyone who agrees with her or him is sick in the head!!!!!!

  • Geo Mondiale
    Geo Mondiale 8 months ago

    God bless our President he goes toe-to-toe with anyone and won't back down. 60 Minutes was looking to bait him into an argument and he turned the tables. He's the new Teflon Don!!!!

  • GreensOplenty
    GreensOplenty 8 months ago

    i jsut realized who uses trump strategy to call everything best and greatest eva.... this is the home shopping channel president. oh look at this cubic zerconia tax cut looks good but only works for rich people... greatest eva gotta have it.

  • GreensOplenty
    GreensOplenty 8 months ago

    lol trump doesnt like the media becuase hes a lying con man and cant "answer a question without perjuring himself" according to his lawyers and future didnt really do anything for me guys...

  • cattycorner
    cattycorner 8 months ago

    Kellyanne's had a makeover. Lookin good KA!

  • Happy dad
    Happy dad 8 months ago

    How does Trump deal with all this abuse and negativity...God bless him.

  • Mimi Brown
    Mimi Brown 8 months ago


    • Mimi Brown
      Mimi Brown 8 months ago


  • Larry Tischler
    Larry Tischler 8 months ago

    Kellyanne, "He does not fear the media, he uses the media." And he plays them like no one ever before. His genius at letting them make him look good is just colossal. Thank You God for giving him to us.

  • A rtie
    A rtie 8 months ago

    KC shut up, you're dumb.

  • Kanibar 87
    Kanibar 87 8 months ago

    most corruption in the swamp of Washington in history...lead by the biggest fat phony liar.... the Donald trump thing

  • Karen M.
    Karen M. 8 months ago

    I see Kelly Ann is finally getting her botox done by a professional. And was her sweater on backwards?

  • Kanibar 87
    Kanibar 87 8 months ago

    were in love...what a orange fruit cake

  • PressedEarth
    PressedEarth 8 months ago

    When the Righteous rule the people rejoice!

  • Laura J
    Laura J 8 months ago

    She’s a hoot and a holler... the what’s her name interviewer. If Trump didn’t like the guy then the interviewer would say... Why do you hate him. Seriously the media praised Obama’s Iran deal which was a steal from Americans. The more media talks Trump trash the better Trump does. The more Media drooled over Obama the more racist they appeared because they could not see past his skin color long enough to question his pre judgement of law enforcement because he couldn’t look beyond their skin color. Obama’s presidency was unfortunately one of the most racist presidencies in the history of the USA but the press never asked Obama why he loved Iran so much that he’d steal from America to line their oil rich pockets. Thank God for a more loving less racist President.

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 8 months ago

    The ONLY benefit to trump's existence is . . . that everyone in the World gets NOT to be him!

  • Ed Dalal
    Ed Dalal 8 months ago

    A poster child for “just say no”.

  • Mach 1
    Mach 1 8 months ago

    9% thumbs down, didn't like Trump of the 60 Minutes interview?

  • channelnoise
    channelnoise 8 months ago

    Did Kelly say Ivanka Trump when see meant Melania?

  • Martin Feroli
    Martin Feroli 8 months ago

    If I were locked up in a foreign country I would want Mike Pompeo and President Trump on my side.

  • ashrpblond
    ashrpblond 8 months ago

    if they want to be taken as credible they need to stop going on fox news these are barely watchable before you want to pick something up and throw at them...nothing is going to be done about saudi arabia they are in trump and jareds back pocket ask whats taking so long..they are working together to come up with an explanation that both countries will buy into..trump said in campaign he likes them they pay him millions for his apartments and he already said he will not cancel the deal the us has with them because its too much money...and of course kelly ann is going to say what a great interview it was she kisses his ass and trump respectful i don't know about that he is respectful if you agree with everything he says and never question him

  • MsNairobi
    MsNairobi 8 months ago

    Where can we watch this interview and mwlanias is not online...

  • Stratster68
    Stratster68 8 months ago

    And trump supporters believe the lies. The economy has been going up steadily since 2010 and so have jobs. Slowest growth year was, ready 2017. Try facts trumpettes

    DANI SMITH 8 months ago

    Kellyanne, whore for Trump, why doesn't your smart husband leave your worn out ugly horse's ass? Good Grief he could do sooooo much better.

  • Randy Rhoads
    Randy Rhoads 8 months ago


  • Kerry DuWaldt
    Kerry DuWaldt 8 months ago

    CBS & Leslie Stahl are FAKE NEWS. CBS = "Clinton Broadcasting Service" Everybody knows this. Not sure why President Trump went on this trashy network. Haven't watched CBS since before 2015. Stahl apparently doesn't like facts and didn't show President Trump any respect. CBS = TRASH.

  • British Bob
    British Bob 8 months ago

    Why does he waste his time with these twats

  • Andy Bevill
    Andy Bevill 8 months ago

    I was briefly married to a woman exactly like Kelly Ann Conway. She had a personality disorder - Abandonment issues and I was perfect for her because when she acted psycho I would leave her. I finally got the point that it wasn't going work out long term. Kelly Ann Conway is not of sound mind and body and that seems to be our government as well.

  • Believe in Yourself
    Believe in Yourself 8 months ago

    So biased and unfair

  • Carl Millholland
    Carl Millholland 8 months ago

    Love how journalists asking leaders real questions and follow up questions is seen as "heated." The only thing "heated" was Trump's annoyance at being "questioned."

  • Peter J. Donnelly
    Peter J. Donnelly 8 months ago

    this clown in the WH has no deal with these fascist run countries they are playing him for the fool ! trump you do nothing for the middle class ! your administration is corrupt !

  • Tavon Hawkins
    Tavon Hawkins 8 months ago

    Trump is an actual tool... I can't believe how dumb republicans are... literal text book idiots... what about releasing all those Mexican children??

  • Edward Kwasi
    Edward Kwasi 8 months ago

    I watch Fox news first then I go on other networks to watch the fact checks. Who knew that your own lies are in plain videos

  • A Caf
    A Caf 8 months ago

    If Trump came up with the cure for cancer the media would say he was hiding it for years and call him a murderer!!

  • menace 2 society
    menace 2 society 8 months ago

    Kelly Ann looking like a sea hag on a Popeye cartoon 😂

  • Douglas Tunnell
    Douglas Tunnell 8 months ago +1

    Leslie Stahl is a member of the war Mongering deep state. Republicans want peace through strength. Liberals want to keep division among every nation and persons. Just like they do NOT want peace with Russia.

  • Rick Villarreal
    Rick Villarreal 8 months ago

    I saw this interview, the interviewer was annoying. She had this ora of self righteousness. The President didn't allow her to punk him, by reminding her that he was President and she wasn't. I've been tired of wussy speaking President's, it is long over due for a masculinent acting President. I hope our elected leaders with constitutional convictions follow suit.

  • Spit JoOx
    Spit JoOx 8 months ago

    Kellyanne Conway has been gradually looking shittier since Trump took office. Poor girl.

  • Starship Trooper
    Starship Trooper 8 months ago

    Kellyanne is a puppet. Trump will make her pay Elizabeth Warren that million if she wants to keep her job. What a ship of fools!!

  • Joey Scott
    Joey Scott 8 months ago +1

    Kelly Conway is not allowed to talk against her president, so she goes on fox and talk about what she claims are positive things Trump is doing.
    Well Kelly, you wanna know what your President have been doing
    He's been mocking and bullying people on Twitter, he's dividing this country more and more, he continues to steer up racism, Involved in collusion with the Russian
    and shaking hands with dictators, friends of his pleaded guilty of wrong doing and now in jail,
    There are charges continue to be against him, He committed perjury, Trump have a big ego and had the nerve to put immigrants in cages as young as babies separating them from their parents, he's for the white supremacist and alot more..
    Hey Kelly, Trumps behavior does not make America Great.
    I'm pretty sure you would agree with me.

    • Joey Scott
      Joey Scott 8 months ago +1

      @Madclocker So you're saying mocking a woman on twitter calling her a horse face is not a fact. You know he continue to bully women on twitter and having his wife support, or she's afraid to say something to him.
      Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or Independent, I don't think no one should condone this bad behavior by this president.
      To bad he's not for All People that's another fact.
      He's all talk and no show.
      Trump is afraid to show his taxes.
      The fact is, you don't want to believe it's true.

    • Madclocker
      Madclocker 8 months ago

      You sound like a George Soros bot.. same ole talking points, but no facts.. just dribble. .. but please babble on

  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 8 months ago

    This interview ..Is one of the many reasons why you have to join The Red Revolution #

  • Lamarr Harrison
    Lamarr Harrison 8 months ago

    STFU Kellyanne

  • Nicholas Flamel
    Nicholas Flamel 8 months ago

    Fixed your title: "Kelly Ann lies about lies that a lying liar lied about."

  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan 8 months ago

    It was a ridiculous interview. The interviewer threw the sink at Donald Trump and he managed to come out unscathed. This interview was 1% good journalism and 99% ridiculous questions meant to discredit Trump.

  • James Wood
    James Wood 8 months ago

    Let the interviewers get more questions in!!

  • kurt vlan
    kurt vlan 8 months ago


  • kurt vlan
    kurt vlan 8 months ago


  • Real Stonekicker
    Real Stonekicker 8 months ago

    In a couple of years, Trump will have the Fake News eating out of his hand. They are failing fast and furious.

  • TheHolyGhost
    TheHolyGhost 8 months ago

    She looks "good" one day and rough the next.

  • RogerUSA
    RogerUSA 8 months ago

    President Trump handled a very rude, overbearing, overtalking and disrespectful Leslie Stahl very well. Is it any wonder American's don't like the mainstream media. She represents the globalist left who believe they can manipulate and rightfully control Trump's foreign policy while Hillary is currently in exile. They're offended that he is improving relationships with leaders of any country they don't like.

  • Cypress Butane
    Cypress Butane 8 months ago

    The President is cracking up. I'm in the pool with the guys at work. I've got him crying on National Television. I'm playing it safe. Other guys have him offing himself.

  • Kasey LouLou
    Kasey LouLou 8 months ago

    Best President in history!

  • chacoleena love
    chacoleena love 8 months ago

    alcohol and botox..speaks again..

  • Sbreezy
    Sbreezy 8 months ago

    Trump looked like the fool he is. He is an embarrassment to our country. WTF is wrong with these people?

  • Linc Merc
    Linc Merc 8 months ago

    Oops! Wrong room! I was looking for Ethics And Civics 101. Not, False Pride And Prejudice.

  • Edward Ames Castellano
    Edward Ames Castellano 8 months ago

    She takes vacillating to a whole new level. Kelly Ann Conway " The Vacillator "

  • bigg cincy
    bigg cincy 8 months ago

    That 60 minutes interview was super hostile

  • Cory Coder
    Cory Coder 8 months ago

    So many dumbasses you know why you hate Kim !! because he's a homicidal maniac who kills for fun enslaves generations of families you republicans are the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen if any president you didn't vote for did this your heads would explode. If you found out Obama cheated on his taxes not just cheated he's a criminal and you horrible religious nut jobs if Obama got pissed on and banged prostitutes sexually assaulted 19 woman you would have lynched him you redneck inbred pricks.

  • lindegirl 333
    lindegirl 333 8 months ago

    Looks like Kelly Ann had a little face work wrinkles on her forehead..

    MARIA RUBIN 8 months ago

    The stupid woman of 60 minutes, wants Trump to get in a nuclear war with North Korea, of course old hag, that is the right way to go. So low IQ old lady, retire.

  • Norval Henderson
    Norval Henderson 8 months ago

    Kim Jong Un controls a Nation, Leslie Stahl has no control on where to place, or how to turn the chair she sits in. Should 'respect' be defined to her?

  • theonedom Gaming
    theonedom Gaming 8 months ago

    I live in uk, now that the cat is out the bag I’m saying
    I love PresidentTrump so much that I’m tearful in most occasions listening to him or others talking about him. I knew that Mr Trump was good from long b4 2016 nominations for presidency.
    And he as super delivered, I don’t think because is super clever either but because the others at list in the recent past were pretty poor on helping the country, same as most countries. But Mr Trump is changing the stamp of gud and bad
    Superlatives to describe this president haven’t been invented yet so I’m going back to an old saying “simply the best”