Cholo Hitting On College Girls Extras

  • Published on Sep 16, 2015
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Comments • 252

  • xq39
    xq39 6 days ago +1

    Girls seem to be scared of assertive men or men that seem powerful.

  • loveforeignaccents
    loveforeignaccents 3 months ago

    C'mon, I need another Scrappy the Cholo video already - I'm jonesing (and secretly in love with him too).

  • proof685 iese
    proof685 iese 4 months ago

    "oh girl ya like my uncle'" hahahahah

  • Lurker Here
    Lurker Here 6 months ago


  • علي المنصوري

    The frightened girl forgot her phone on the table 😦

    • X X
      X X 5 months ago

      shes got her on her hand, dumb ass

  • Marshall M&M
    Marshall M&M 7 months ago +1

    3:11 EMINEM XD

  • yo!! yo!!
    yo!! yo!! 8 months ago

    Lesson to learn:
    Even if you are fucking handsome

    Don't act or dress as cholo

    U will get reject

  • MisterFuturtastic
    MisterFuturtastic 9 months ago

    The girl at 5:25 is BEYOND epic! Dream girl!

  • Sanchorizo Quiroz
    Sanchorizo Quiroz 10 months ago

    Let me tell him.wassup hahaherr

  • Thiago Will
    Thiago Will 11 months ago

    This cabron tienes huge culhones

  • Jass amarjhal
    Jass amarjhal Year ago

    U know what
    I love you dude😀😀

  • Pablo Hernandez
    Pablo Hernandez Year ago

    He doesn't pronounce right "jañas" which means girlfriend haha

  • Knarf Feob
    Knarf Feob Year ago


  • hello
    hello Year ago

    bro please do more cholo videos

  • A. Royden D'souza

    That girl was suffocating😂

  • Year ago

    Oh i love this thug character man, especially when you mix up those words which they partially understand and get confused. To be honest, its been a week since I discovered your channel and I had watched all of your vids. Love the content. Please do more vids with this scrappy character and keep up the good work.

  • sunny bajwa
    sunny bajwa Year ago

    cholo is more confident than the reall juan

  • Antounz
    Antounz Year ago

    eminem yeyyyy 🤘🤘

  • Prajyot save
    Prajyot save Year ago

    what is the height of juan?

  • soldier2009
    soldier2009 Year ago

    2:30 damn nigga mind your own business!

  • Tiffany Skinner
    Tiffany Skinner Year ago

    That guy at 2:40 lol

  • tooNit2BET
    tooNit2BET Year ago

    0:22 she is hot :P

  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker Year ago

    He looks like that white rapper from Malibu most wanted

  • Yiannik
    Yiannik Year ago

    Best 👍💯

  • MyNuckFuggets
    MyNuckFuggets Year ago

    It pisses me off when they get so scared and shit. They rude as hell to scrappy and try to be all nice and shit when they hear is american accent at the end. I can honestly say i didn't grow up around much stereotyping or racism so id say this is very shocking for me to see. I hate to realize this at my age but shit it sucks to see bitches just diss you off like that because of the way you're dressed and the way you talk.

  • Miki Miki
    Miki Miki Year ago

    The firstgirl she look like beautiful habesha 🇪🇷🇪🇹

  • MrParkerman6
    MrParkerman6 Year ago

    Some how, revealing your recording on camera makes it less creepy to girls.

  • Jerry The swordsman

    He felt bad about making that guy look like a wimp in front of his girlf riend

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah 2 years ago

    That guy at the table is a punk

  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 2 years ago

    First girl hot

  • Mari Karthi
    Mari Karthi 2 years ago

    1st girl nice

  • Soul D
    Soul D 2 years ago

    That first girl was crazy beautiful, you needed to ask her out for real.

  • KingJohnny 94
    KingJohnny 94 2 years ago

    The black girl was fine.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 years ago +3

    Wait a minute... if it’s going up next week, how are we seeing it now?

  • Ernesto M
    Ernesto M 2 years ago

    can I have a sip of that

  • Yohannes Tegen
    Yohannes Tegen 2 years ago

    Ethiopian girls proud now...she pretty😍😍

  • Rares Ionut
    Rares Ionut 2 years ago

    That first girl is so damn beautiful!

  • Hadelin-De-Castelardent Le Cathare apyre

    you deserve to be more famous

  • Blue Snow
    Blue Snow 2 years ago

    Someone should explain me why americans have always a glass of something , drinking something

  • Akorede Mike
    Akorede Mike 2 years ago

    Go upto a couple and tell the girl thats d 5th girl you're seeing her bf with in a week

  • danger D'souza
    danger D'souza 2 years ago

    Do more of scrappy videos, bruv

  • Amit Yadav
    Amit Yadav 2 years ago

    dont reveal you're making video

  • codecaine
    codecaine 2 years ago

    03:41 guy was like thank god I thought i was about to get my ass beat lol

  • raymond reyes
    raymond reyes 2 years ago +1

    Eminem production holy shit hahahahaha

    KINGJAVI 2K 2 years ago

    juan we used to go to middle schoo together remember?

  • TheAlgerian
    TheAlgerian 2 years ago

    if you are readingthis tell us where are u from ?? i'm from algeria

  • حسين الموسوي

    u should make some beard it will look awesome with you man

  • Abdullah Alshafie
    Abdullah Alshafie 2 years ago +1

    2:25 When you realize how mindless you've been. 😂

  • antbanks415
    antbanks415 2 years ago

    I WANNA see this fool make this video when he's 40

  • skunkhunt 42
    skunkhunt 42 2 years ago

    this guy is hallerios he gives no fucks

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold 2 years ago

    that black is hawt and beautiful

  • DrE38
    DrE38 2 years ago +4

    5:42 that girl got the booty!

    • Brain Stormer
      Brain Stormer 2 months ago

      And she knows it hence that tight pencil skirt she be wearing

  • Witch Broom
    Witch Broom 2 years ago

    can I have a sip of that lmao

  • MrMetalsi
    MrMetalsi 2 years ago

    I swear you look and act like Miklo from Blood in Blood out

  • Raul Soulja Of CHRIST
    Raul Soulja Of CHRIST 2 years ago +1

    the last girl is to much woman for that guy she deserves someone like me

  • Loko
    Loko 2 years ago

    u r a hidden talent bro i hope u get popular........

  • Penny Hardaway
    Penny Hardaway 2 years ago

    never stop doing Scrappy! ill pay you whatever!

  • Bro harry
    Bro harry 2 years ago

    the best youtuber and funny guy

  • adel adell
    adel adell 2 years ago

    I'm out !

  • aluapzurc2
    aluapzurc2 2 years ago +4

    Why was that last dude trying so hard to run away from that babe?