Why The iPhone XS Is Better Than The iPhone 11

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    The iPhone 11 is the newest base model iPhone, but here’s a few ways why the older iPhone XS might be a better deal!
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Comments • 157

  • Jefferson Domingo

    In canada, iphone 11 is more expensive than the Xs or the max so im going for the xs regular the xs max is too big. But maybe i'll go for that

  • Your Peen small
    Your Peen small 8 hours ago

    Where can you buy a XS unlocked?

  • Boomkikker
    Boomkikker Day ago

    the iphone 11 is a downgrade in terms of premium look and feel.

  • Kiam Dahlstrand
    Kiam Dahlstrand 3 days ago

    I like that you have a Rubik's cube on youe table I am watching a lot of videos how to solve Rubik's cube

  • Dilibabu Naidu
    Dilibabu Naidu 3 days ago

    But, still iPhone 11 Battery is damn good than iPhone xs

  • Monsieur Pe Pe
    Monsieur Pe Pe 13 days ago


  • N De
    N De 14 days ago

    U loser

  • ML7_x x
    ML7_x x 15 days ago +3

    i have iphone xs and i love it

  • FaZe_Xperty
    FaZe_Xperty 15 days ago +11

    Who watched this video because there phone is iPhone XS

    • Sterben
      Sterben 2 days ago

      Here because I bough an XS 256Gb on Amazon with 300€ of discount. Some say 11 is better, some say XS is better, so at the end doesn’t metter, I went for XS just because of the screen and 3D Touch.

  • GoneDeathMode
    GoneDeathMode 18 days ago +4

    did he just say "gai-gah-bayts"?

  • b u b
    b u b 20 days ago +1


  • Labique Abro
    Labique Abro 26 days ago +7

    I got a brand new sealed Xs 256gb cheaper than a brand new 64gb iPhone 11.

  • Diane F
    Diane F Month ago +4

    I just upgraded my phone to the 11 best choose I ever made. I love it!

  • vegangsta
    vegangsta Month ago +1

    There is no way that anyone should buy this over the 11.

    • carter.n
      carter.n Month ago +1

      @vegangsta I'm just saying from, a techie stand point, then I'd get the XS. Also, Huawei's OLED screens are terrible, which is why they have such major burn in. Newer panels are much, much better. I've had my note 9 for a year and still no burn in.

    • vegangsta
      vegangsta Month ago +1

      @carter.n Better display on Oled is great but it has burn in issues. I have a Huawei and the screen is pink and shows the keyboard in background on any app that has light colour. The fact the 11 has camera's that are same as Pro gives it kudos over this phone which is almost two years old. Battery life much better. The two things most people (and I'm not talking about tech heads) want on a smartphone now is camera quality and battery life. Most People that watch tech channels tend to be techies and they fall for things that are said like 90 refresh rate and bionic chip. Rest of the world don't know what those things mean. No such thing as a bionic chip and most people don't care for refresh rate. If you look at the sales of iPhones the ones that sell the most are the 11 and last years equivalent. Why would anyone buy the phone he is talking about when it's roughly same price as brand new iPhone 11.

    • carter.n
      carter.n Month ago +1

      There are some
      1. The XS is easier to jailbreak
      2. The XS has 3D Touch
      3. The XS has a much, MUUUCH better display than the 11.

  • FLOJOtube
    FLOJOtube Month ago


  • Jesmond Borg
    Jesmond Borg Month ago

    So when it was all models in aluminum every body sad wow good premium quality now they are cheap cmon man

  • p j
    p j Month ago

    At the same price no doubt, the xs is better

  • Khubab Nizamani
    Khubab Nizamani Month ago +1

    Charging speed nd camera check please😂

  • Ziad Ayman
    Ziad Ayman Month ago

    If i update the xs 3d touch will disappear

  • E-double Da GI bandit
    E-double Da GI bandit Month ago +2

    I have a xs max . The iphone 11 isn't worth the upgrade imo. I'm staying put and only upgrading to a pro max. iPhone 11 is for iphone 8 and less upgrades .

  • JtQFp
    JtQFp Month ago +2

    The way he pronounces gigabyte triggers me. DISLIKED

  • Paris in Indonesia
    Paris in Indonesia Month ago

    Xs compare with 11 pro it will be good!
    Because both of the phone have same size 5.8"... we can say it's the successor of the phone! Maybe you don't want to compare with 11 pro because you already know which one will be the winner

  • chujackam
    chujackam Month ago

    I would like to ask someone who uses a phone with OLED display for at least 2 years or more (doesn't have to be iPhone X/XS). Did you get any screen burn-ins ? As I have heard those are very common for OLED displays. That puts me off from buying the XS or any other phone with OLED display.

    • AlTeRnaTivEe452
      AlTeRnaTivEe452 6 hours ago

      You dont notice any difference between the cameras. As i said night mode is missing in the XS, but still the quality is the same. Not gonna lie, battery life is not that good but one charge at night is enough for the day.

    • Naboi -
      Naboi - Day ago

      @AlTeRnaTivEe452 how different is the camera quality and is the battery life of xs really that bad?

    • AlTeRnaTivEe452
      AlTeRnaTivEe452 10 days ago

      chujackam So what did u get? I was in the exact same situation, buf my final choice was the xs. My friend got an 11 at the same time, we swapped phones for a few days, and even he admitted that the xs is a better user experience at all. I was worried about that night mode too since we take pictures at night mostly, but the display is just worth it more than the night mode at all imo

    • chujackam
      chujackam Month ago

      Erik Bravo I wouldn't be disappointed by neither. The camera and especially Night Mode from 11 is also a strong point for me, because most of the photos I make is from going out with the boisss.

    • Erik Bravo
      Erik Bravo Month ago

      @chujackam I'm getting yjr XS today, not the max too big for me, get it trust me you will not be disappointed

    MIHAI VLAD Month ago

    I love my XS Max but I really want Night Node on it because it not impossible.... Google did Night Sight on older phones with a worse chip than the iPhone 7 so it is not impossible.

      MIHAI VLAD Month ago +1

      sascha spallone i didnt know about that thanks =))))

    • The Saint‘s Corner
      The Saint‘s Corner Month ago

      MIHAI VLAD just get neuralcam in the appstore:)..it’s great..

  • SGTDonut 2
    SGTDonut 2 Month ago

    The only thing I would say that looks better on the x is the display but even though the 11 still looks good the battery is a monster and the camera

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Month ago +2

    Try to keep it breif and not blabber on

  • O N G YT
    O N G YT Month ago +1

    If you dont take pictures or dont really care how your pictures look get the xs if you want to take great pictures go with the 11 pro ~saved u sometime

  • Satayue Chakraborty

    Fake compare iPhone 11 best

    • Wolfie
      Wolfie Month ago

      iPhone 11 use the same display as iPhone XR

  • Keaedo
    Keaedo Month ago +2

    interesting perspective... but gotta disagree w this video... the iPhone 11 is a better buck compared to the iPhone XS... sure, the screen and build is a little downgraded, but that doesn’t rly matter... the screen is still very good and the build still feels very nice... the new A13 chip isn’t noticeably faster, ill say that, but it’s nice to know that u have a more updated chip (also means longer support)... the chip packs perks for the camera tho: better HDR for outdoors, deep fusion for indoor photos, and night mode for dark lighting... the switch from a telephoto to a ultra wide camera is also a good choice imo bc it’s “fun” for me to use... the selfie camera has also been upgraded to 12 MP that is capable of slomo and 4K 60 capturing (dunno who would use 4K 60 tho...)... the cameras r just more enjoyable to use... also, the battery... the battery is better... idk by how much tbh, but it adds a couple more hours compared to the XS... idk if this is a thing, but the audio sounds “cooler” (not ‘better’) bc of the weird surround sound thingy they said... but anyway... these extra perks, I believe, make this phone a better value than the XS, mostly thanks to the cameras, the battery, and the A13 chip

  • D. L.
    D. L. Month ago +8

    Iphone 11 is better. Trust me. You don't need to take your charger everywhere, u have better camera

  • Mark Lucero
    Mark Lucero Month ago


  • Abullrahman A
    Abullrahman A Month ago

    I’m using xs bat vre bad battery

  • Abhishek sharma
    Abhishek sharma Month ago

    This topic is lame! 11 is much better then XS.. except in display.. that's it!!

    • Wolfie
      Wolfie 15 days ago

      @scouse nofeyzulla it's not just the pixel but the oled technology on the xs is better

    • scouse nofeyzulla
      scouse nofeyzulla 15 days ago

      @Wolfie if pixels more important to you why are u even considering. Uying iPhone buy Samsung or one plus

    • Wolfie
      Wolfie 15 days ago +1

      scouse nofeyzulla We stare at the screen the most, and to me it’s important. Not saying 11 has a bad display but XS Max is much better

    • scouse nofeyzulla
      scouse nofeyzulla 16 days ago

      @Wolfie it's not like u can't see through the screen..

    • Wolfie
      Wolfie Month ago +6

      Display is very important since that's the feature we use the most

  • luxcid _
    luxcid _ Month ago +8

    Iphone 11 pro Has Better camera quilty 😎

    ZGAMER Month ago +31


  • Amr Tomoq
    Amr Tomoq Month ago +1

    Do a p10+ and mate 10 pro

  • Antoine george
    Antoine george Month ago +2

    I just read that Intel is going to make a14 Bionic chip that’s going to be build on 5 mm is going to be a powerful chip ever made is going to be better the the snapdragon 865 next year is going to be a good year for Apple

  • Local boy
    Local boy Month ago

    Iphone xs has only one biggest problem which is very poor battery performance

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power Month ago

      Local boy my Xs max has amazing battery life after 1 yr. and still at 100% battery health

  • iphone tech
    iphone tech Month ago +13

    Still iphone 11 is better,😁👍

  • RAVI D Kumar
    RAVI D Kumar Month ago

    Xs battery week

  • Maxine Wav
    Maxine Wav Month ago +5

    For sure, the XS really is better than the 11. But I don’t agree that the X is better though.

    • D. L.
      D. L. Month ago +1

      Same here. X has a very bad camera. Bad battery life

  • Junaid Saleem
    Junaid Saleem Month ago

    Bro please gift me any iPhone

  • HunterX
    HunterX Month ago

    Where can I buy it ??

  • iam guatato
    iam guatato Month ago

    Next video idea : should you trust tech youtubers hopefully you do as well just want to know if tech youtubers being honest in every video they do and share to people!

  • Moonshine
    Moonshine Month ago

    Can you watch 1440p or 2160p on the iPhone xs

  • MC
    MC Month ago +111

    I may sound outdated but the XS looks more premium and superior compared to 11.

    • Demy K
      Demy K Month ago

      EDM that’s literally what I stated😂 this dude rephrasing my sentence.

    • EDM
      EDM Month ago +6

      XS looks way better and feels premium compared the 11. Put them side by side and the XS outshines the 11 by far

    • Demy K
      Demy K Month ago +8

      Not at all. It’s true. The build quality of the model has better quality when comparing aluminum to stainless steel.

    • Harsh Kaushik
      Harsh Kaushik Month ago +2


  • KevinTranHo
    KevinTranHo Month ago

    yes yes yes, iPhone XS is better

  • Kristijan Jurisic
    Kristijan Jurisic Month ago +2

    How are you able to get so many phones

  • Kristijan Jurisic
    Kristijan Jurisic Month ago +1

    They are the same phone

  • Greytonic X
    Greytonic X Month ago +24

    Look, ignore what this Mf says in this video. The iPhone 11 is better in almost every way over the iPhone X's. The only thing that's better on the iPhone Xs is the display, and not by a lot. The iPhone 11 has a far better battery, camera is greatly improved and u get new features with that camera, new 13 chip, WiFi 6 for better connectivity, improved front camera, night mode which is one of the features with the iPhone 11's camera, cheaper in price but newer than the iPhone X's which is why u should get the iPhone 11. U get a newer and better phone for cheaper or the same price as the 1 year old iPhone X's.

    • EDM
      EDM Month ago +3

      The 11 screen looks like shit compared to the Xs lol

    • Jatinder Singh
      Jatinder Singh Month ago

      chujackam my mom is using OLED screen phone from last 3yr

    • chujackam
      chujackam Month ago +1

      You also forgot to mention that iPhone X/XS uses an OLED display, which means you will get guaranteed display burn-in over time. This is actually a huge thing for me, as I expect to use a phone for more than 1 year. iPhone XS is worthy of the premium price as it has much prettier design and look, while the 11 looks like a cheap toy... remind me of iPhone 5C... I still have nightmares over that garbage.

    • Cam Reddish
      Cam Reddish Month ago

      ye u right bro iPhone11 way better for me i dont even need sat oled display its not a big deal

    • Darius 76
      Darius 76 Month ago


  • DOS Flash
    DOS Flash Month ago +3

    Bought a xs max 256gb with a smart battery case and unlocked for 620

    • DOS Flash
      DOS Flash Month ago +3

      William King 97

    • DJ Khaled
      DJ Khaled Month ago +5

      used or not, that is a pretty great deal, especially if the battery health is still above 90%. there's really no need spending $1000+ on the 11 pro when the xs max can easily last the next 4-5 years.

    • Will K.
      Will K. Month ago

      DOS Flash what was the battery health %

    • Greytonic X
      Greytonic X Month ago

      DOS Flash 😬 I'm guessing used

    KEUNG KA CHUN Month ago

    iPhone X > iPhone XR
    iPhone XS > iPhone 11

    • scouse nofeyzulla
      scouse nofeyzulla 16 days ago

      11 is more powerful and has better camera

    • voided
      voided Month ago

      Rather than a higher quality display, the xr and 11 are a better choice

  • AlexM87
    AlexM87 Month ago +1

    Apple's OLED screen is not just worse than its LCD screen. It's worse than Android OLED screens. That weird scrolling ghost is exclusive on Apple's OLED now, buy one and you'll never want to buy another .

    • AlexM87
      AlexM87 Month ago

      Edward Stanley There IS. If you go into settings and slowly scroll up and down, the characters always flow back little by little. LCD screens don't have this issue. Android solved it with the 9.0 update. I guess it's either Android has the solution patented or Apple is really arrogant and don't give a crap.

    • Edward Stanley
      Edward Stanley Month ago +1

      AlexM87 No way iPhone OLED screen is better than most android phones except OnePlus
      And there’s no ghost touch on my iPhone Xs

  • shehryar mateen
    shehryar mateen Month ago

    Loved it you are absolutely right

  • PupperChino
    PupperChino Month ago +1

    Why do you post so many videos of the same crap? We’ve seen this “comparison” about the iPhone 11 100 times from you now.

    • matt nass
      matt nass Month ago

      Shit up bitch loser

    • Greytonic X
      Greytonic X Month ago

      PupperChino he isn't a good tech reviewer, he's inexperienced when it comes to making content that isn't the same thing Everytime

  • Eww Oppp
    Eww Oppp Month ago

    Well no shit. It was $300 more

  • Mr. HelpMax
    Mr. HelpMax Month ago +3

    I hated the iPhone 11

  • Mzwandile Harmans
    Mzwandile Harmans Month ago +44

    🤷‍♂️ I was expecting something like the xs has better display, stainless steel frame, premium feel, ends there. other than the rest which was irrelevant

    • Jake Amiare
      Jake Amiare Month ago +1

      The helpful comment I was looking for. Thanks!

  • E. Tamplin
    E. Tamplin Month ago +1

    You need to preview your videos before u post them..

  • E. Tamplin
    E. Tamplin Month ago +2

    I've got a new XS & it's still under warranty....Not an old phone! i'll take it over an 11 pro any day..