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New Spell Towers and Monolith Explained (Clash of Clans)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022
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  • Judo Sloth Gaming
    Judo Sloth Gaming  Month ago +1137

    Thank you for 2 Million Subscribers! The side by side comparison gameplay towards the end of the video really highlights how cool the Spell Towers are. Be sure to share your thoughts on how you intend to use them. More sneak peeks to come!
    Town Hall 15 Revealed: ru-clip.com/video/C7Zpl7RtPjc/video.html

    • Cj Elswick
      Cj Elswick Month ago

      Does poison spell stack/ stack with th poison as well?

    • Gamzing
      Gamzing Month ago

      Congratulations for 2million subscribers

    • Dragon Scale II
      Dragon Scale II Month ago

      @Old Clash of Clan Player I remember when the was a dragon scale 1

    • soso profesional
      soso profesional Month ago

      Haha so much new defensive buildings supercell wants defence stronger

    • Gaming with Axomor Nibaxi
      Gaming with Axomor Nibaxi Month ago

      It seems feels quite good but it will make bore than anything else cause you will not be able to take 3 star .

  • Sasuke uchiha
    Sasuke uchiha Month ago +3597

    I’m beyond impressed at how well designed they are

  • Jeffrey Hillbom
    Jeffrey Hillbom Month ago +87

    I can’t believe I never knew the rage spell only made hero’s 50% stronger

    • FuRy Angles
      FuRy Angles 20 days ago

      I am max town hall 14 and I only found that out now😭

    • redman harfire
      redman harfire Month ago +4

      And they r strong asf

  • Eric Paris
    Eric Paris Month ago +173

    I'm only TH 13 pushing 14 but it pumps me up to see these updates! So well designed. Also, Judo's editing is getting better and funnier these days! 😂

    • Zak1999
      Zak1999 25 days ago


    • Eric Paris
      Eric Paris Month ago

      @Hexiee haha I know the grind, man! But I still feel behind!!

    • Hexiee
      Hexiee Month ago

      "only TH 13"

    • Oseng Caradse
      Oseng Caradse Month ago +3

      @OBAD 76 no, war league matchmaking is based on what league level your clan is. Only in regular clan war uses th level as basis of matchmaking

      ICEY COLD Month ago +1

      Th 9🙃

  • Dre' Dre'
    Dre' Dre' Month ago +29

    I'd put the spell towers beside the TH set on poison. Obviously, the poison spells combined with the relentless attack from the TH will be OP. especially the explosions/poison when the Hall gets destroyed. Makes for a pretty good defense if you ask me. Not to mention the skeleton traps to have the attacking troops linger and die, alongside the good old Tornado Trap to put the icing on the cake. All that will make it extremely hard to get the 2 stars and players will really have to wear their thinking caps and get creative. Love it!

    • OG triplextriple
      OG triplextriple Month ago

      It’s a goated anti 3 star attack

    • Mark Rendy
      Mark Rendy Month ago

      @Gravity warden ability is useless inside poison radius

    • Gravity
      Gravity Month ago

      warden ability

    • Dre' Dre'
      Dre' Dre' Month ago

      @Mark Rendy 🤣 I hope not

    • Mark Rendy
      Mark Rendy Month ago +1

      supercell trying to turn main village into builder base 2

  • D-rex but alt
    D-rex but alt Month ago +7

    Man TH15 sounds very difficult to 3 star, and that’s definitely a good thing

  • Pankaj
    Pankaj Month ago +1005

    I think he explained this Sneak peak like an professor explaining a hard topic to his students.Well done Judo 👍

    • neon_hk16
      neon_hk16 Month ago +1

      Can't wait for the new 4 hero pets and electro titan troopm

    • Rosa Draksler
      Rosa Draksler Month ago +3

      professors explain a hard topic badly

    • Sujal Savani
      Sujal Savani Month ago +3

      prof.judo of clash academy

    • Blank
      Blank Month ago +9

      The khan academy of clash? Lol

    • Aasrith
      Aasrith Month ago +5

      Its pretty easy a drilling seige mostly going to target defense r can direct it anywhere

  • Peskie IV
    Peskie IV Month ago +16

    Honestly can't wait to see how the meta will shift according to those changes, adding the possibility to add a spell of your choice as a defensive mechanism is so cool. I'm still waiting to be TH13 with no intention to rush so I won't be enjoying it myself, but can't wait to see it in action 😩 and as always well done Judo, always super enjoyable! A fan from Italy❤️

  • Envar
    Envar Month ago +16

    I’m very glad they put those shields that fill the edge of the spell circle. Otherwise it would be hard to differentiate between attacking and defending spells

  • MeargleSchmeargle
    MeargleSchmeargle Month ago

    So as an answer to single inferno's exponentially increasing damage, the monolith deals percentage-based damage. It is now the ultimate tank killer. This probably means that we'll start seeing a lot more multi-infernos in TH15 bases.

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    The improvements they have been making to this game is incredible. Never thought a few years back it would ever end up like this…..

  • OG_Brutha
    OG_Brutha Month ago +804

    The improvements they have been making to this game is incredible. Never thought a few years back it would ever end up like this…..

    • Leo Sobotka
      Leo Sobotka Month ago

      @Sir. Ious basically me, haven’t played since 2019 and I’m more then a little confused in the game already

    • APTQ
      APTQ Month ago

      yea, guess that people wasnt thinking about a spell tower since th7 vame out, but ok

    • Devan Conley
      Devan Conley Month ago

      Yes it’s this exact reason I decided to come back!

    • therealusman
      therealusman Month ago +1

      @OG_Brutha me too

    • Luca
      Luca Month ago +1

      @Jaka Yun thats what I’m saying, it’s possible but you have to get on on a daily basis, get 6th builder, keep builders busy, get 4K in clangames for extra books and spells, play cwl for medals to buy magic items…

    MENINꓱM Month ago +1

    Resurrect spell, allowing 40 spaces to resurrect after they’re dead, that goes with the magic theme

  • Kshitij
    Kshitij Month ago +1

    The spell towers are exactly what i had imagnined for the townhall spell, to able to switch between different spells affecting nearby defenses or attacking troops. This update is gonna be a banger.
    Also, the traingle shape seems to play a big role in this update, the prominent triangle on the th, the triangle on the barracks signfying the new troops. (Maybe some connection to Harry Potter and deathly hallows, because this th is magic themed)
    I hope the next troop is not an air troops, the sneak peek says fiery wings which can hint it's a phoenix(also a Harry Potter reference), air, which can revive itself somehow, but i hoped ground strategies get some love after this update.
    Awesome updates tho, and thanks for the video Judo

  • John Hirstein
    John Hirstein Month ago +5

    This update, with all the new content is epic! I can only imagine what’s going to happen with the BB along with the new DE troop

  • Seb01
    Seb01 Month ago +1

    I think an op thing would be super minions (in cc) and rage tower. It would make the super minions mega deadly.

  • Michelin
    Michelin Month ago +397

    I think basebuilding will become extremely complicated with these spelltraps, especially the invisible potion one. Imagine all the cool things you can do with these...😳

    • Finn 020
      Finn 020 Month ago

      @Star Lord just start doing different attacks, i sucked at first but am slowly getting better.

    • Michelin
      Michelin Month ago

      @just a jack for fun Don't underestimate the power of invisibility😏

    • Ishmel Ewan
      Ishmel Ewan Month ago +2

      Just dont put the invisibility one at the th use the rage one if the th gets destroyed the poison will do the rest

    • CoconutMan🥥
      CoconutMan🥥 Month ago +1

      @Michelin yeah i think super minions would be amazing

    • Michelin
      Michelin Month ago +2

      @CoconutMan🥥 Interesting idea🤣 This could be insanely overpowerd, especially for long range troops, so they dont leave the spell radius.

  • Eton
    Eton Month ago

    Q: Does invisibility spell from the spell factory effect troops of your own from CC and the attacker's ones?

  • EmperorPat
    EmperorPat Month ago +7

    I actually thought of something like the spell tower where the x-bow can use spells as ammo by using the spells in the CC.

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    The new defense seems pretty awesome,and it's seems that gives more damage for the troops and heroes by the way Great Explanation about this thanks Professor:-)

  • Darrel Darrenman
    Darrel Darrenman Month ago +3

    Loving this new look and theme for the town hall. The magic additions and their runic look have a cool vibe. I might just get back into this game after all...

  • - Beast -
    - Beast - Month ago +359

    Can’t wait to play this update in 3-5 years

    • - Beast -
      - Beast - Month ago

      @thatDorkkid12 I just maxed Th 12, about to upgrade to 13

    • RodrigoXter07
      RodrigoXter07 Month ago


    • terrylad
      terrylad Month ago

      dw dude im still playing th12

    • Cinderace
      Cinderace Month ago

      TH 12, I still have enough gold to upgrade to TH 13 but looks at the time upgrade 2 weeks so I'm stay at 12

    • Dr. Creeper
      Dr. Creeper Month ago

      Can't wait to play it in 1-2 mins

  • Lucas46g
    Lucas46g Month ago +1

    The new troop is called the electro titan, it is 32 housing space 8000 health and does 150 dps but has an electro aura around it somewhat similar to the poison spell but it damages buildings and also cc troops of course

  • Eliana 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    I’m beyond impressed at how well designed they are

  • Raelynn 🍆 29 y.0 -check My V!deo

    I’m beyond impressed at how well designed they are

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    I’m beyond impressed at how well designed they are

  • Spoolf
    Spoolf Month ago +391

    I can't wait to see the unique strategies with the spell tower

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    I’m beyond impressed at how well designed they are

  • Jevan Raynor
    Jevan Raynor Month ago +2

    I feel like this update makes the skill ceiling for base building so much higher

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    Don't know why but I'm much more excited about the new troop and the spell. I think it may change the META totally just thinking 🌹😌

  • Laurens De Bruin
    Laurens De Bruin Month ago +2

    I just want new levels for the airsweeper so they fit in the higher townhall themes instead of being red forever. Seeing them blue, green, and for th15 purple would be so satisfying

  • ShoCo2
    ShoCo2 Month ago +293

    Didn't think the game could offer more on defense than just new towers that could do the same stuff that old towers could also do, but the spell tower is such a cool and creative defense!

    • Ulysses
      Ulysses 19 days ago

      Samurai siege the coc rip off did defenses and troops better smh

    • L F
      L F Month ago +1

      I’m glad they finally did this.
      I’ve been actually wanting a defense/building like this (spell tower) since 2018 and after a while I thought they never would.
      That was until now.
      It’s not the most creative thing as people made it out to be, as I’ve been hoping for it for years (and if you’ve ever played BTD 5, you know there are towers that impact nearby towers’ performances).
      Still, I’m so glad they added this instead of just another target troop defense.

    • Abdullah Ibrahim hassan
      Abdullah Ibrahim hassan Month ago +5

      Ngl iv been saying to my clan mates how cool it would be to have a spell tower for years now

    • Sherlock Moriarty
      Sherlock Moriarty Month ago +4

      So the new town hall is magic themed

  • Anita Barua
    Anita Barua Month ago +3

    Poison spell tower has a purpose in every scenario its very versatile

  • Cam Bryan
    Cam Bryan Month ago +1

    I feel as though both the poison and invisibility from the spell tower can both actually kill Blizzards. The poison is slowing it down and making them deal LESS damage to the intended targets. The invisibility spell is going to redirect the blizzard to non desirable buildings rather the Scattershot, Infernos and Town hall. Great video! Can't believe we've gotten to TH15 already. How time flies........

  • 𝒿𝒶𝓈𝓈𝓎
    𝒿𝒶𝓈𝓈𝓎 Month ago +1

    This new defenses are well thought by them quite appreciated by me

  • sacred temmie LB
    sacred temmie LB Month ago

    Really cool wasn’t expecting anything like this! Neat to see an offensive thing from armies be used defensively for spell towers! Although I wonder if people might use the invisibility spell with the tower to allow inferno towers to charge up an attack?

  • Felix Gaming
    Felix Gaming Month ago +298

    Looks pretty cool but the defense is looking very strong right now, very excited to see offense improvements

    • Mark Rendy
      Mark Rendy Month ago +1

      townhall 14 and 15 is extremely broken with overpowered defense. looks like another 2 star game Just like builder base

    • Mark Rendy
      Mark Rendy Month ago

      @Liberated Entrepreneur everybody spams anyway, witch spam, miners spam, edrag spam, yeti spam... everything is spam so stop complaining

    • KXI ._.
      KXI ._. Month ago

      Supercell: MORE DRAGONS HAHAHA

    • Liberated Entrepreneur
      Liberated Entrepreneur Month ago

      Good. Less noobs will be able to aimlessly spam troops and get 3s

    • Louis
      Louis Month ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing. No way an extra 5 levels to heroes and 1 new level to mid troops us gonna even the odds now.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    We’re going to need more time for every attack, I hope they increase the attack time by 30 seconds at least..

  • Alina Massey
    Alina Massey Month ago

    From a lore perspective, it will be interesting to learn the explanation of finding wild Terastal Pokmon outside of Raid Dens, especially since this didn't happen with Dynamax/Gigantamax.

  • Yeaboi2169 (i have no friends)

    i feel like it wouldve been fitting to make the spell tower a lot weaker, but give it to the player at the time they unlock the spell factory. it would work really well

  • aiuc lse
    aiuc lse Month ago

    This update, with all the new content is epic! I can only imagine what’s going to happen with the BB along with the new DE troop

    • aiuc lse
      aiuc lse Month ago

      We finna talk about that invis on the SNEAKY goblins which are already invis ar 16:25

  • Blondy
    Blondy Month ago +1

    I am actually sick of lightnings dropping onto top of my inferno towers, X-bows and my eagle artillery. They should have introduced us a building where it blocks any spells that are dropping in it’s radius, until it is destroyed.

  • 🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨

    This is definitely gonna be crazy 😧
    I loved it...also love to see you growing Judo... congrats once again for 2M subs💓

  • MOON 13
    MOON 13 Month ago

    I am so much impressed
    What a genius upgrade
    The attack strategy is going to change a lot
    This is why coc is best

  • Astroflexx
    Astroflexx Month ago

    Amazing video explaining everything I needed to know about the update! Good work Judo!

  • Aakash Goyal
    Aakash Goyal Month ago +166

    I can't explain How long this 1 day felt after yesterday's sneak peak like it felt longer than 18 months 😅

  • SURYANSH Saini2
    SURYANSH Saini2 Month ago +1

    I guess that If the opponent uses a battle blimp type of attack and monolith is near the town hall then we should also use a spell tower with invisibility it wold fail the battle blimp attack finnally now defences also have some strategy 😉

  • Ravencrowl
    Ravencrowl Month ago +2

    I think they should make clan castle can throw spells inside it with cc troops and remove that spell building, leaving space for others building in future

  • Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    As a max th14 I used to wait for this update but looking at this massive upgrades I think it will take next 6 months at minimum 🥴

  • Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    I think he explained this Sneak peak like an professor explaining a hard topic to his students.Well done Judo 👍

  • gunner Chen
    gunner Chen Month ago +405

    Honestly I’m so excited for COC world championships next year cuz it’ll be so fun seeing the new bases and attacks

      ABDOU ABOUD Month ago

      @RiGzE he's coc is so rushed like only the tip is wide but that's it he didn't upgrades other things

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      My coc has a big ego

    • Non believer
      Non believer Month ago

      But mine COC is better than yours

    • RiGzE
      RiGzE Month ago

      @brruva ma man packin

    • Riley Torres-Solis
      Riley Torres-Solis Month ago +1

      @brruva its a bit small but it's big

  • EnigmX
    EnigmX Month ago +1

    Huge fan of the designs for these defenses! Can't wait to see what the meta's gonna look like now... 👀

  • ZXAT
    ZXAT Month ago +2

    This is super exciting, can't wait to try those spell towers in 5 years once i reach th15 (currently th8)

  • Betelgeuse Gaming
    Betelgeuse Gaming Month ago

    MY question is will the rage spell tower increase the extra damage of monolith making it 30 % or will it just double the base damage

  • NorseNoah
    NorseNoah Month ago

    These additions are so cool but it’s a bit disappointing that these updates only bring new things to the new TH, leaving us non-max players a bit left out

  • Pratyush Boipai
    Pratyush Boipai Month ago +201

    These new defenses are gonna make the game more challenging thank god we have Judo for help 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Mark Rendy
      Mark Rendy Month ago

      @Oosman Khodadin cope better. kid

    • Bruh Momento
      Bruh Momento Month ago

      @NizFiz well if you get to th15 you already have experirence anyways.
      Also we didn't even seen the new troop (or troops idk) and the new ton of hero pets, siege machines, you know

    • Oosman Khodadin
      Oosman Khodadin Month ago +5

      ​@NizFiz just say you're bad at the game 💀💀💀

    • NizFiz
      NizFiz Month ago +4

      I hate it, attacking is already hard enough, now we gotta worry about poison spells and invisible spells are us serious? We’re not all pro players we just wanna have fun…

    • Judo Sloth Gaming
      Judo Sloth Gaming  Month ago +51

      Always like to explain everything in detail so you know how they work 💪🏻

  • Evilshadow Shadow
    Evilshadow Shadow Month ago +1

    Future spells based on what we already have:
    1-healing spell: heal defenses inside. The more defenses the less heal.
    2-freeze spell. Freeze enemy troop. Freeze time reduced by 1 second for every 50 troop capacity around.
    3-lightning spelling: drop the old 2 space lightning spell on the area enemy enter from.
    4-haste spell: spd up defenses fire rate.
    5-skeleton spell: summon the graveyard card from clash royal to summon skeletons.
    6- earthquake spell: stun ground enemies.
    7-clone spell: make evil clone of enemies and attack them.

    • Ernest Regia
      Ernest Regia Month ago

      we already have battle builder for the no 1

  • Maxwell Sklivas
    Maxwell Sklivas Month ago

    16:53 just to be sure did the balloon trigger the invisibility spell or was it the log from the log launcher?

  • Sunita Badaya
    Sunita Badaya Month ago

    I think that the invisible spell tower can be highly useful in center TH bases cuz there you don't have any second chance to actually make your troops redirect or just invest your rc or spells to take the TH down although both other spell tower can also be very useful with it cuz invisible TH can just wreck the army before it returns if it's something like lavaloon or pekka/superbowler smash or infact qc if it caught healers
    So in short these spell towers are goated 😭🤣🤣😬

  • Beastboi421
    Beastboi421 Month ago +1

    This looks like one of the best updates of all time, even the design for the building looks cool

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson Month ago

    Seems like the seige machines that specialize in going straight for the town hall would easily counter the invisible spell

  • Ryan Brewster
    Ryan Brewster Month ago

    When you are covering the new troop can you show the visual changes for all the new troop upgrades

  • J O K E R
    J O K E R Month ago +1

    Hi judo💛Nice update!
    But i think it should be revealed some time later because townhall 14 has just arrived but good i think the game has become much harder then previous new things new battle harder , judo please work with your team and made something like troops new spells which can defend against them that we conquer a litlle bit easy like monolith its much damgerous man lol thanks if you see my comment really really cool and nice update dont know i will be th 15 i am on th 12 k thx

  • NiCxx TV
    NiCxx TV Month ago

    I think the new meta defense is the spell tower, you can used rage and poison spell for combo and that was super OP.😅

  • Jamie JamieMinecraft3 Emmons

    if they add another level to the spell tower in the future it would be cool to see a heal spell that heals defenses

  • Jeremy Hume
    Jeremy Hume Month ago

    Should the 5th hero for th15 be an Arcane Necromancer who can revive knocked out heroes throughout the battle? That would add a lot more complexity to the battle in addition to the Monolith.
    A counter to the hero counter, so to speak. But then you could buff the Monolith if it becomes imbalanced.

  • GarryLarry890
    GarryLarry890 Month ago

    I predicted spell towers and monoliths.
    “Healing towers” that throw spells onto buildings and cc troops, and monoliths are the same with negative effects. Just without the ability to change the spells. But with spell towers you can!
    I predicted this but have no way to prove it unfortunately lol

  • Aditya Bhargava
    Aditya Bhargava Month ago

    I used to always think if coc would ever add spell on defense it would be like trap, yet here they are exceeding my expectations.

  • Louis Siew
    Louis Siew Month ago +121

    imagine an invis and a rage on a monolith, that would be insanely op

  • Dean Kelly
    Dean Kelly Month ago

    They used my idea! Definitely thought of the Spell Tower 3 years ago! So glad they're making it a thing and awesomely done!

  • Muhammad Asraful Emon

    When I first saw the raged tower I thought it will boost up attacking troops 🤣

  • oKinkaku
    oKinkaku Month ago

    Exponential explanation video Judo! So impressed, many thanks 😊

  • Prof. Stev
    Prof. Stev Month ago

    After removing 4 Barracks, there are 99 buildings along with new defences added recently.
    Is there any mystery raise?

  • Amir's Self Improvement

    Came back to the game left it dive I was a kid and your videos have motivated me to play the game once more. I am aiming to get TH14 the last one and I’m almost on the 9th one just in a week or so. 😂❤

  • SubtotalCamp875
    SubtotalCamp875 Month ago +1

    Imagine placing the invis potion, monolith, and the multi inferno together. That would be so op

    • A name
      A name Month ago

      This is why zapquake exists.

  • issaciams
    issaciams Month ago

    This is a crazy update and it will change how everyone plays the game. Very interesting and neat.

  • Kshitij Pratap singh
    Kshitij Pratap singh Month ago +1

    This is what we called best. Everything abt th 15 is so op do far. Really it's magic.

  • Khandaker Rafi Abdullah

    Supercell just nailed it. They are bringing the concept of using spells as defense for real, this is so cool man!

  • Gamer Na OTAKU
    Gamer Na OTAKU Month ago

    I just recently quit in the game , and after watching this! This makes me excited!! You give me strength judo to play again...
    You Explained it accurately ...

  • Larva Amigos - Dibujos Animados

    Looks pretty cool but the defense is looking very strong right now, very excited to see offense improvements

  • Jeyan Gaming
    Jeyan Gaming Month ago

    The spell tower reminds me of the shrink traps maybe it will become possible to use a shrink spell in the spell tower

  • wPath
    wPath Month ago +2

    Thank you for testing everything you can possibly think of so we don’t have to ❤

  • Corvanian
    Corvanian Month ago +98

    This game is about to get even more complex, can't wait.

  • PapJon GR
    PapJon GR Month ago

    Congratulations judo for getting to 2 mil subscribers, you make the best informational and educational and entertaining content for coc

  • Doll Shururu
    Doll Shururu Month ago +2

    When TH14 came out i thought it looks really cool. Now this TH15 is really sick, COC finally entered the Alien era xD

  • didgeridoo
    didgeridoo Month ago

    "You will figure out what inside those building in the future"
    The new troop is
    Electro Titan
    Upgradeable stats:
    Damage Per Second: 220
    Aura Damage Per Second: 50
    Hitpoints: 8200
    Training Time: 6 Minutes
    Favorite Target: Any
    Damage Type: Single Target
    Targets: Ground & Air
    Housing Space: 32
    Movement Speed: 16
    Barely controlling her raw magical power, the Electro Titan is a formidable force on the battlefield, she channels some of her magic into a magical electro whip while the rest spills out to damage everything around her

  • its_xen0n
    its_xen0n Month ago

    spell tower with rage seems inspired by boom beach, love it!


    I think he explained this Sneak peak like an professor explaining a hard topic to his students.Well done Judo

  • Don't read profile photo

    I think he explained this Sneak peak like an professor explaining a hard topic to his students.Well done Judo

  • mohamed H
    mohamed H Month ago

    Wow very informative video! Literally gave us several scenarios and situations for attacking i feel like i’ve covered every tiny detail watching this 😂

  • SpyNix07
    SpyNix07 Month ago

    I wonder if they'll add a freeze spell or one of the Bat/Skeleton spell to the spell tower.

    CLASH ON Month ago +53

    This is definitely gonna be crazy 😧
    I loved it...also love to see you growing Judo... congrats once again for 2M subs💓

  • SM
    SM Month ago

    This is a great idea, it’s about time spells are used in defense

  • Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    We all missed your old intro
    Btw thanks for the information 😊👍👍

  • Fvck Cancer
    Fvck Cancer Month ago

    The Hog Rider card is unlocked from the Spell
    Valley (Arena 5). He is a very fast building-targeting, melee troop with moderately high hitpoints and damage. He appears just like his Clash of Clans counterpart; a man with brown eyebrows, a beard, a mohawk, and a golden body piercing in his left ear who is riding a hog.
    A Hog Rider card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

  • Bas van der Graaff
    Bas van der Graaff Month ago

    Great video, Judo! Not very hyped though, for the update. Charges get more difficult, blizzard gets harder...we're going to see even more spam. The game is already a spamfest as it is...

  • tommytt22
    tommytt22 Month ago +62

    They've had spell traps in challenges for ages, its pretty hectic. Awesome update

  • Anita paul
    Anita paul Month ago +1

    "They are invisible,not invincible" - The great Judo Sloth

  • Ho nhat
    Ho nhat Month ago

    All your content is hilarious and very fun to watch, keep up the great work.

  • Muhammad Rabbil Izad

    Okay, we've seen a lot of new and exciting building (more upcoming) in Home Base. So, what about the Builder Base redesign?