GameStop Is On The Brink Of Being Sold, But It Won't Save Them...

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • GameStop is about to be sold but I don't think the company can be saved. Let's discuss
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Comments • 2 340

  • David Robitaille
    David Robitaille 3 months ago

    GameStop needs to die

  • L L
    L L 4 months ago

    GameStop was never a nostalgic place for me. I always tried out games at smaller game stores as a kid and really enjoyed the customer experience. GameStop didn’t promote people playing games while in the store and interacting with other players like some of their competitors. Nowadays I make retro game nights with friends a few times a year and it is a great time reliving old classics.

  • H.F Gaming
    H.F Gaming 4 months ago

    Gamestop's death will be like the death of an anime character that was a good character in the earlier episodes, but turned evil until its death, where everyone realizes how much physical games matter to them and will be recognized as the saddest anime death besides ToysRUs.

  • H.F Gaming
    H.F Gaming 4 months ago

    Stop practically releasing the same videos every week, please. I'm getting tired of the repetition.

  • - Minuano -
    - Minuano - 4 months ago

    Crap! GameStop was annoying, but seeing them go away for good is painful.

  • nlh719
    nlh719 4 months ago

    Whoever buys the company PLEASE pay like 1000 dollars for it. Make sure you let them know it's value but you can only offer that.

  • Colton Reinsvold
    Colton Reinsvold 4 months ago

    I remember when I was little (late n64, early ps2 era) since I didnt really have any way of following gaming news, not that I cared to at the time either tho the only way I knew of new games was by seeing them in the store. I remember seeing Final Fantasy X thinking that game looks really cool. I also remember seeing someone playing Ratchet and Clank in Best Buy and thought that looked really cool and that went on to be one of my all time favorite games. It's true that it's an experience when you go to a store. I prefer to have something physical because of the fact you can hold it with your hands. The only things I really like about digital games is that you dont have to worry about them getting broken and the fact that they have sales on digital games all the time.

  • Shane Martin
    Shane Martin 4 months ago

    They could sell classic games? Oh wait they destroyed them all around the late 2000's....

  • Jonathan Ngo
    Jonathan Ngo 4 months ago

    Gamestop was always good to me as well, the local Gamestop by my house is definitely one of the slower stores (especially in recent years), and I know all of the staff and managers on a first name basis and vice versa. When Breath of the Wild was announced for Switch and Wii U, I didn't have money for a Switch, so I was able to get a pre-owned Wii U (with the Zelda edition controller) for dirt cheap to play Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD to hold me over until Breath of the Wild released.
    The staff always took care of me with little loopholes or sage advice (eg don't trade in this product right now, wait until Wednesday and the price will go up a few bucks). But lately, as I too, have moved to digital collections of my games its going to be sad not seeing physical copies of games. I'm not into books or movies, so my collection of video games has always been a highlight of my room.
    Unfortunately if people are going to buy physical copies, most people will spring the extra $5-$7 bucks for a new copy as opposed to pre-owned (at least I always did when I had physical copies) and other than that I'd go to Gamestop for Funko POP's! However, big box stores like Target and Walmart also offer physical game copies and Funko POP's, and those big box stores aren't going away anytime soon even with the rise and popularity of online shopping.
    I know it hasn't happened yet, but, it's not a big secret that they've been struggling for a while now.

  • mikel imes
    mikel imes 4 months ago

    I don't really buy digital games unless they are deeply discounted. I never pay full price for a new digital game even if it's so I can let a friend borrow it later or sell it on eBay to use that money for something else. I can't be the only one who doesn't want digital games because they don't hold as much value.

  • NicK Se7eN
    NicK Se7eN 4 months ago

    I was quick to jump on the digital bandwagon I hated going into GameStop. Had to go in tell them what I want listen to them harass me about buying their bullshit that I don't want or buying a dumb card that I don't want or that magazine.. and I hated standing outside for those dumb releases listening to all those dumb people's stories.. and hype.. now I can peacefully and quietly buy my game without being bothered

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 4 months ago

    Maybe smaller stores with really niche locations. Maybe 1 or 2 top per state.

  • John
    John 4 months ago

    Second hand gaming shops are pretty much fucked. In Britain we had (in the north of England anyway) grainier games and it’s gone now all we have is cex change and dodgy second hand shops that buy stolen bikes and phones

  • PaintyTheBrickWall
    PaintyTheBrickWall 4 months ago

    One thing that gamestop did right was it's used games. Other than that it was average

  • Marquel Dewitt
    Marquel Dewitt 4 months ago

    I dont know why people think it will be a good idea for games to be all digital or if it will just be only digital cuz that would be a dum and bad move for everyone in the long run we will need and always need a physical copy of a video game it's just part of it like we need it I don't care what nobody say because that will be giving too much power to the digital and the gaming industry as a whole I done alot of games on PSN and Xbox Live a like the games that was $60 for a whole year before the price was reduced when I could just go to GameStop and go get that same game for cheaper sooner because they're so use version of it and we just saw what happened to each company like Sony and Microsoft when it comes down to people hacking and everybody losing out on money and people accounts being compromised that's just a fat lawsuit waiting to happen and then on top of that it will be taking the fun out of people being able to have control over making their money back off of a game that they may not want anymore can't trade a digital copy so that mean no eBay no GameStop no Amazon no nothing you can't get your money back and then that goes back to the other part of online stuff and how much of a headache it will be because now that me and people that don't have access to a debit card or credit card will have to find a way to do that for the younger audience and how much of a headache that would be for the parents and the younger folks as well because now their parents aren't going to want to put their card on a video game system so that kind of breaks the freedom of people being able to go get games at free will so there be another slow down perspective in their money for everybody and then what about the space for prospective if you got a whole bunch of digital games on the system how much games would a system be able to take before it ran out of space then you will have to resort to using the cloud then when the cloud is filled the next alternative I could think of is some charging you to get more space for the cloud that's just a big old headache and lawsuits waiting to happen

  • Dragon Destruction
    Dragon Destruction 4 months ago

    How many more of these vids are u gonna do? :p

  • Bobby Moss
    Bobby Moss 4 months ago

    Plug that GameStop.....

  • Ryan Ungerbuhler
    Ryan Ungerbuhler 4 months ago

    Sorry i can't see that happen almost everyone loves that place and is still making money to this day. I honestly still think its gonna be here fir a long time just give a rest already this was said back last year and 2017 an nothing happened

  • Inkling
    Inkling 4 months ago

    The loss of Toy-R-Us last year really a loss for me personally. I loved going there and walking around and buying things. It's nice to put your hands on an item before you buy it.

  • juggernautxx
    juggernautxx 4 months ago

    The only way I see Gamestop surviving is if they become a game key seller like Green Man Gaming.

  • Fear Ghoul
    Fear Ghoul 4 months ago

    How many predictions about Gamestop's demise has Rich made by now?

  • Master Chente
    Master Chente 4 months ago

    Blockbuster is a mioli9n times better than Netflix

  • wilmer007
    wilmer007 4 months ago

    the only experience i got at Gamestop was never actually buying anything. when i look at their weekly ads it makes me want to hate them even more for their no discount msrp prices. the last game i ever bought their was BF3 on midnight release and even that wasn't even a great experience. when gamestop goes it will be the happiest day of my life.

  • DigitalOden
    DigitalOden 4 months ago

    I prefer disk and i have had nothing but good experiences with gamestop

  • CheezyFeet
    CheezyFeet 5 months ago

    Gamestop will tap out once Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo start letting us trade in our downloaded games for credits through their online stores.

  • Giusep L
    Giusep L 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't like digital copies ? If you want to try to help stop buying digital...

  • mike brown
    mike brown 5 months ago

    We've got a radio shack in my city it's not gone

  • KraussSmashReplays
    KraussSmashReplays 5 months ago

    Customer: "What!? You're only gonna give me $XX for this game I JUST payed $65 for? Pfffftt, you're just gonna turn around and sell it for $60 again anyways!! ManAgER!!
    Same Customer: What? No! I don't wanna buy somebodys USED games! New or nothing!!
    I worked at GS for a year and a half and Gamestop customers act so fucking entitled. Go take your scratched up copy of Sims 3 for the 360 with its drink stained case somewhere else than.

  • ash007A
    ash007A 5 months ago

    the internet is not nearly as strong as it is in japan. our internet infrastructure is a joke.

  • Ancient Truth Seeker
    Ancient Truth Seeker 5 months ago

    Online is way cheaper, that's my reason for choosing it over retail.

  • SheepAmongGoats
    SheepAmongGoats 5 months ago

    Physical days are numbered. MS has already taken the next little step making a discless console. Eventually they'll all be discless

  • Jay Ball
    Jay Ball 5 months ago

    Maybe if they didn't rip off customers, I wouldn't opt to wait 2 days for shipping vs going there

  • Evan W
    Evan W 5 months ago

    3 years? Dude they could be closing down this year. Completely misleading information. You have no idea what you're talking about. Unfollow...

  • LDMQ
    LDMQ 5 months ago

    Its sad to think gamestop was my childhood lol so its gonna be kinda sad seeing them go

  • TheDeathflows
    TheDeathflows 5 months ago

    Only thing GameStop had right for me was having the option to buy a used game and returning it in like 6 days to get my money back. Besides that it’s useless

  • TheDeathflows
    TheDeathflows 5 months ago

    Get rid of GameStop already it’s trash.

  • michael diaz
    michael diaz 5 months ago

    Hope i can get my 2 preorders till then

  • Wesley LeBlue
    Wesley LeBlue 5 months ago

    That store experience is a very important part of the gaming community. Hopefully the industry considers this really helps sales.

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs 5 months ago

    There are certain very niche games you can't get at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or anywhere like that. Without Gamestop we'll have no other choice but to order online. I wanted Danganronpa 3 when it came out and no one had it except Gamestop. As far as brick and mortar stores are concerned anyway.

    I don't mind ordering online but it's a bit shoddy sometimes. I ordered Uncharted 4 like 1 year before it came out and it still took 10 days after the release day for me to get my copy from Amazon.

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon 5 months ago

    What you ought to be telling people is support physical media, games etc and support your local game stores because if we dont where will our kids work? Blockbuster is gone which had more employees then redbox, now toys r us is gone which had more employees then amazon, whats going to be next? Krogers, target, malls, support your physical stores that have good customer service, that treat their employees good etc. If they do all digital i’ll stop playing games. Im not going to be wasting money on memory cards, especially when you have multiple consoles for you and your kids. People need to get out talk to strangers aka people in the stores and get that good conversation in. People are now unsociable and weird as heck.

  • Michel Rosabal
    Michel Rosabal 5 months ago +1

    How are they loosing money if there selling are games for all lot while buying it for cheap 😵😵👏

  • Jesse Magana
    Jesse Magana 5 months ago

    It's a hitch for me, because I can't get decent internet where I live, besides satellite. I rely heavily on physical games.

  • Kawaii Sauce
    Kawaii Sauce 5 months ago


  • The Josh Experience
    The Josh Experience 5 months ago

    Damn Rich, lookin' good!

  • shadowspider9
    shadowspider9 5 months ago

    Sorry but i prefer physical games because how insanely expensive games are.
    If i spend 60 on a digital game and i end up not liking it then i am out 60 bucks. Can't return it and can't sell it online or trade it it. That is 60 down the drain.
    That is a huge difference from digital moves where I pay 10 bucks and if put a movie on i don't like can just switch to something I do.
    Digital games make me far less likely to buy into a new or unknown IP because if i don't like it or it's junk that is a huge waste of my money.

    MLG PINGUIN 5 months ago

    I feel your pain Rich because appreantly last year my cousin and her boyfriend are having a baby and her boyfriend starting talking about that he feels sad about how their child won't possibly experience movie theaters because of streaming services like Netflix and this movie theater situation could be true because I heard in a reaction video were Seth Rogen get aquired by Netflix that movie theaters are going down hill because the prices are expensive and for other reasons.

  • Steven Oman
    Steven Oman 5 months ago

    If gamestop really wanted to make a comeback, they should focus on retro gaming, fill the store with original nes games n64 games all retro games they can stock, and all retro systems they can stock, and throw a retro throwback promotion

  • Troll Slayer Loganshire

    I miss NCIX too :(

    IMDLEGEND 5 months ago

    I agree. I think they may be able to last until the beginning of the next generation console, due to the interest, but will disappear shortly afterwards. Ironically, the demise of GameStop may bring back Mom and pop stores because nobody else will be left. I think that GameStop should reign in all of their tiny strip mall stores, and consolidate them into bigger stores with more merchandise and more retro games and systems. They need to get away from a GameStop on every corner mentality. Services like game pass are really ways to get people more comfortable with digital downloads, so the writing is on the wall. Strangely, GameStop (and other retailers) are already marketing digital card purchases of games.

  • wolfseek
    wolfseek 5 months ago

    Fat fucc invest in a treadmill

  • Freedom and road 1776
    Freedom and road 1776 5 months ago

    He has said gamestop is going to die out so many times lol

  • Billy Mays Isnt Mays
    Billy Mays Isnt Mays 5 months ago

    So do you think this will be an instant shutdown or more of a slow process. Because I have alot of credit I'm saving and idk if I should act on that and just use it

  • Adam Gee
    Adam Gee 5 months ago

    thats what I give them 3 years

  • TheArchetype 13
    TheArchetype 13 5 months ago

    Hey, Rich, I've got one for ya. Did you ever buy any games from Chips and Bits? You know...back in the early to mid 90s before online shopping was really a thing and it was mail order only? They would have ads in all the major game publications (Electronic Gaming Monthly was my personal favorite). It may have taken 2 weeks to arrive, but I was the first kid in my town to own Mortal Kombat II and it was all thanks to Chips and Bits!

  • iownu92
    iownu92 5 months ago

    Maybe they should start releasing games on vinyl so they can get in on the hipster market ;P

  • David Clark
    David Clark 5 months ago

    Finally someone put it into words. Subscribed and thumbs up

  • Kai Rubix
    Kai Rubix 5 months ago

    They were cool. Till they kept pushing used games and sneakily adding warranty fees in your purchase. I say let them rot.

  • Codeman785
    Codeman785 5 months ago

    Ya I remember vividly what it was like to study the box art of games and that was what made you decide to buy a game or not. The internet wasnt really consumer entertainment based at all, it was great for medical and business documents. But even if there was gaming review websites, I wasnt even aware that something like that existed when I was a kid. The only thing I would look up videogame wise was cheat codes. And even then my parents hardly let me use the internet at all.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 months ago

    Downloading a game doesn't have the same feel as holding the game in your hands as you wait in line to pay for it, drive it home, and place it in your system.... Society is crumbling.

  • Midgetelf0585
    Midgetelf0585 5 months ago

    Gamestop entirely did this to themselves and I wont shed a tear when they go under.
    Used copies of games take a HUGE cut from the developers, because for every used game sold, a new game isn't, and not a single dime of those games goes to any dev.
    That said, devs and publishers made better deals with the console markets and steam for digital distribution, and for physical copies, pushed hard on pre-ordering, to guarantee those day 1 sales before used copies starting flying. Even though digital markets take a cut, it's not a total loss.
    There will still be places to purchase physical copies of games (Wal Mart, Best Buy, Target, and independently run hobby shops will still sell used copies, and fun swag). Frankly, I prefer to go to these places anyway.

  • Wakgeek
    Wakgeek 5 months ago

    Game Stop could jump on the train of all these retro arcades popping up. It gets gamers in the door and then they can sell merch.

  • Justin Nelson
    Justin Nelson 5 months ago

    I have neices and nephews that break my physical copies, scratches them or just lose them. I like the digital copies because I can just redownload the game if something happened.
    My 2 year old neice at the time, got here tiny mits on my GtaV only a few days after I bought it and somehow managed to scratch the life out of the disk. That was the final straw for me. After that I went full digital.

  • Blue Electro
    Blue Electro 5 months ago

    So... what will happen to EB Games?

  • Aust Gaming
    Aust Gaming 5 months ago

    This is something that was gonna happen for years and amazon google Walmart and GameStop all have websites for this reason and any new company really is probably gonna be a warehouse with trucks and drones and a website and if they have a store it’s gonna be like the amazons one grocery store we’re u go in put everything u want in a bag walk out and have it automatically payed for with a smart phone this digital future thing right now is getting at a weird point we’re company’s are trying to take away as much human power as they can in favor of robots machines drones etc it’s gonna be sad and exiting to see all this change happen but more importantly content creators and entertainers are gonna be better in terms of views in this weird future we’re gonna get into within the next few years

  • Greenthumb Gaming
    Greenthumb Gaming 5 months ago

    A family member died 3 days before xmas back in 2017 when I worked for Gamestop. They could give a crap less about it...wanted me to work through the funeral. I quit on the spot...
    Edit: Should say I do still like to go and actually buy physical games from them or other retailers. Definitely don't want to see physical copies go away...

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis 5 months ago

    Ice never been treated badly at gamestop. I get my games digital now. Becsuse it's easy for me. My closest gamestop is 45 mins away. Who wants to drive an hr and a half round trip to get a game

  • Telering Dataspesialisten

    Gamestop can start selling other things? Ya know like gaming & anime stuff! Ofc Doritos & Mountain Dew with inflated prices. :3

  • Alexis Pena
    Alexis Pena 5 months ago

    Im glad its going away

  • Tru4Life
    Tru4Life 5 months ago

    eBay also has something to do with it, everybody I know use to trade in games in the ps3/360 era now it’s so easy to sell your game from your phone on eBay app, plus u get a lot more money than the pennies GameStop offers

  • Jville78
    Jville78 5 months ago

    How much you wanna bet RGT85 got the same kind of video up? It's like he waits to see what Rich or whoever does first and then he does a video based on the same thing. He's hardly ever first to report a story. Hes like the guy looking over your shoulder while taking a test. Lll

  • Nibiru
    Nibiru 5 months ago

    for the past few years ive been giving gamestop a nostalgic eye.. knowing in the bacc of my mind it will soon b time

    • Nibiru
      Nibiru 5 months ago

      Gotta say tho my experience with there membership 🤮👎🏽

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago

    I'd like to note my local GameStop donated there ps2 and og Xbox games to our local goodwill along with all the cellphone cases they couldn't sell

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 months ago

    I hope to God not. My small town in the Midwest only has a Walmart other then GameStop so I'd have to drive some 60 miles round trip to buy used games from a retailer.

  • 道神恵
    道神恵 5 months ago

    I only buy physical games

  • Potato Corn
    Potato Corn 5 months ago

    I hate gamestop because they wont sell me big chungus

  • every joe
    every joe 5 months ago

    Net nuetralitys death may help gamestop

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 5 months ago

    I still go in stores

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia 5 months ago


  • DarthBreh
    DarthBreh 5 months ago

    I remember when my dad took me to Funcoland and saying to me pick a gameboy game I stood there thinking what to get and then I saw it gold box with the legend of Zelda link's awakening game boy was that the right choice, my first Zelda experience

  • D Cabral
    D Cabral 5 months ago

    It might be sad for us, because we are from that generation, but the new breed won't miss what was never there for them.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 months ago

    That’s sad I bought my first console from GameStop. I never had a bad experience with them in my area.

  • B-Radical Entertainment
    B-Radical Entertainment 5 months ago +2

    *Btw, RadioShack is still around Rich. They were bought out after they filed for bankruptcy. My local RadioShack is still up as well.*

  • Yellow Heart Goddess
    Yellow Heart Goddess 5 months ago

    Digital games dont go down that much

  • Yellow Heart Goddess
    Yellow Heart Goddess 5 months ago

    *cries* nuu I need gamestop....

  • Jake Ryan Booth
    Jake Ryan Booth 5 months ago

    I haven’t bought a game from GameStop in almost 10 years because their horrible in my opinion. There needs to be a new company.

  • Josh M
    Josh M 5 months ago

    Who remembers Game Crazy

  • TFfanG1
    TFfanG1 5 months ago

    This would be the greatest gift anyone could receive. There is nothing that would please me more than seeing a giant red going out of business sign in the window of every store I pass.

  • Luca Tammaro
    Luca Tammaro 5 months ago

    Who’s watching this in 2022

  • Kevin Mercado
    Kevin Mercado 5 months ago

    Who is crazy enough to buy a business that will eventually end up dead in few years time especially with their BS tactics. Sadly if I still bought physical games I would be upset about their demise but am not cause I buy all my games Digital since 2013 .

  • Capt'n Ron & Capt'n obvious

    I've had bad and good experiences with game stop the staff at my homestore are awesome

  • Javier Muerte
    Javier Muerte 5 months ago

    God plz plz plz kill GameStop 🙏

  • Leader sam 1012sam
    Leader sam 1012sam 5 months ago

    Watch Disney buy gamestop

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno 5 months ago

    My 4 to 18 year old self will extremely miss GameStop more that me now :'(
    When you mentioned that story about going by the box art, I remembered when I was 4 or 5 and wanted to get Sonic 2 for the GameGear but got confused and bought Sonic Spinball instead lol

  • Oggie Doggie
    Oggie Doggie 5 months ago

    Radio shack is not gone. I prefer physical copies also

  • Joseph Freisinger
    Joseph Freisinger 5 months ago

    Digital is the way to go

  • Eric Dodson
    Eric Dodson 5 months ago

    I think retro gaming can save GameStop. They won't take in NES, SNES, or other classic games or systems. They could change their business model into a retro videogame/ geek culture store.
    There is a local video game/hobby shop in the town I live in that specializes in that kind of market and they are thriving, and they do card tournaments, and D&D games. It's a cool shop to find old games.
    With Nintendo shutting down room sites and the hight of the retro gaming nostalgia, it would be a perfect time to dedicate store space to those old games, and maybe close a few stores (my city has 4 and the population is only 100,000+-). I really think GameStop is missing out on doing local events like a magic tournament or something similar.

  • Brandon Amsberg
    Brandon Amsberg 5 months ago

    GameStop has been trash for at least a decade now. Sorry but that my opinion. EA, Wacktivision, and GameStop should seize to exist. Again...sorry but that’s my opinion. Oh and Ubisoft trailers before game launch lol

  • Ultimate Recoil
    Ultimate Recoil 5 months ago

    For people like me that use rv park internet because they live in an rv park and it takes a day to download a game and I’m not exaggerating physical copies are the only options if those disappear so do our gaming habits.

  • UltimateRedFire
    UltimateRedFire 5 months ago

    I am a guy that rather have physical copies rather than digital copies and i agree with you rich every time i went to a game stop my experiences are always great and it will be sad to see them go.

  • rager1969
    rager1969 5 months ago

    Isn't the decline of physical media the reason for Gamestop doing poorly? If that's the case then no need to worry about future generations buying physical games from the Internet instead of brick and mortar stores. Or are you predicting a resurgence in physical games after Gamestop goes out of business, a la vinyl records?