Samurai Privacy Fence - SCRIBED TO ROCKS!!!

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
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    I made a hot tub, but now I need some privacy! Watch as I make a new cedar privacy fence, samurai style...
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  • Kevin DeLaune
    Kevin DeLaune 10 days ago

    Freaking amazing work man

  • William Storey
    William Storey 13 days ago

    What wood are those posts?

  • JM Lav
    JM Lav Month ago

    You should make a how it hold up video.

  • Admiral Stoic Rum
    Admiral Stoic Rum 2 months ago


  • Jerry Grammer
    Jerry Grammer 2 months ago

    What finish did you use on that nice wood

  • Marko Djukic
    Marko Djukic 2 months ago

    Beautiful fence....and hot-tub.

  • danny reis
    danny reis 2 months ago

    why you dont use any spacers betwen the Rock and the Fencepost?

  • tizmon
    tizmon 2 months ago

    it’s amazing. a wonderful job. i appreciate american take on japanese design. i was thinking what it was and realized it’s the preference in overbuilding. i didn’t know that till now, but japanese likes to making things to appear lighter compared to its function on the contrary. a beautiful work non the less. thank you for the video.

  • carl krebs
    carl krebs 3 months ago

    your a very well versed young man in woodwork and carpentry . very few in northern Louisiana where I am from . your work is well appreciated and enjoyed on here as well im certain by many others including yourself and family .

  • dazzla111
    dazzla111 3 months ago


  • Kadir Gökhan
    Kadir Gökhan 3 months ago

    Do your job with love. regards very well

  • Tie Kuhn
    Tie Kuhn 3 months ago

    on the end grain surface attached to rocks, do you use any type of sealer?

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone 3 months ago


  • William C Allen
    William C Allen 3 months ago

    Nicely done, and nice for you to stain BOTH sides! ;) ha ha. wondering where you got your General Jointer? Hoping it was local, cause I really don't want to travel 1/2 way cross the country to pick one up :P

  • xlZENlx
    xlZENlx 4 months ago

    The amount of insane work he does still blows my mind every time I see his videos

  • Coleen West
    Coleen West 4 months ago

    Good fences make for good neighbours. I wish you lived next to me. I would invite you to build an entire fence

  • Martinez souza
    Martinez souza 4 months ago

    Você é de mais... parabéns...

  • Алексей Викторович

    Samurai greetings you from Siberia.

  • Pinco Pallino
    Pinco Pallino 4 months ago

    1:36 *Me*: "is not gonna do that, that's too sophisticated..."

    *omfg he freakin done that!* 😨

  • Moises Robles
    Moises Robles 4 months ago

    You are been sloingdown on your videos

  • rapunzel eh?
    rapunzel eh? 4 months ago

    is that a kutzall disc?

  • Kevin Cannon
    Kevin Cannon 4 months ago

    Where did you get your leather vest you used in your shop when you were talking about using the 1/8 inch mahogany door panel for templates?

  • RSCS
    RSCS 4 months ago

    Jimmy D. sent me. That is some cool stuff! Great job! (clicks Sub and walks away... for coffee)

  • Joshua Everett
    Joshua Everett 4 months ago

    Hey mate how to you fixing the posts to the threaded rod, are they exoyed in or just sitting there, or bolted in? I would love to know cheers

  • Jonathan Rusnak
    Jonathan Rusnak 4 months ago

    Looking forward to the doors opening up again at the Samurai school too! I am so ready to jump into all of this... You sir are an inspiration to younger guys like me, Jesse.

  • sameer khan
    sameer khan 4 months ago

    I need carving tools in india

  • Photos Murphy
    Photos Murphy 4 months ago

    No gloves or respirator? Great success

  • terry lynn
    terry lynn 4 months ago

    Man this guy is arrogant!

  • Moises Robles
    Moises Robles 4 months ago

    You haven't done any new work

  • Алекс Копа
    Алекс Копа 4 months ago

    Самурай как всегда красава...!!!)

  • Alan MacDougall
    Alan MacDougall 4 months ago

    Hey Samurai, love the videos. I signed up for the monthly subscription to get the "how to" for the hot tub. But i cant seem to find that tutorial.

  • Joseph Brauer
    Joseph Brauer 4 months ago

    Jess . as usual you rock , your focus and skills are awesome , I have a always am in awh at the joinery your construct . super cool .

  • Barry Norman
    Barry Norman 4 months ago

    One beautiful project with Samurai influence. Looking forward to the new project with Jimmy D and the others in late January

  • Colin Hague
    Colin Hague 4 months ago

    Please start uploading more often, be great to have some vids on smaller more detailed pieces.

  • Marcus Noname
    Marcus Noname 4 months ago

    Wow, just wow! Everything you´re building turns out to be a peice of art, amazing... Details, details, details, that is what matters! Cheers from SWEDEN!

  • the TOMSTER
    the TOMSTER 4 months ago

    what about Alec Steele in the Makers Mob?

  • Donnie Gaskill
    Donnie Gaskill 4 months ago +2

    Nice fence. I won't make crude comments as I believe you would not make comments like this. What is the price of cedar in your area? Keep up the great vids.

  • steve
    steve 4 months ago

    Hey man, from new Zealand here, where do I find a tool belt just like yours, it looks super comfy and handy

  • Star Bright
    Star Bright 4 months ago

    Super Awesome !! I love this idea !!

  • Sawdust723
    Sawdust723 4 months ago +3

    Nice work. People call them self carpenters these days are just installers. This is craftsmanship

  • saul salas
    saul salas 4 months ago

    Looks great! The way you scribed the stone was crazy😂👍 only thing I would have dont was cap off the ends so that the layers aren't visible, although some people like the look as is, just an opinion!

  • FukTheNewCommentSystem
    FukTheNewCommentSystem 4 months ago

    I just wanna see you head over and spend a week on Acorn To Arabella doing woodworking once they start on the internal stuff....

  • Victoria Heanssgen
    Victoria Heanssgen 4 months ago

    I dare to say one of the best woodworkers in the world

  • Too Tall
    Too Tall 4 months ago

    How did it hold up during he windstorm we had??

  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda Mullins 4 months ago


  • Tim White
    Tim White 4 months ago

    What "blade" was fitted to the angle grinder to carve out the post ends that were scribed to the rocks?

  • Anthony Yee
    Anthony Yee 4 months ago

    Hey just a question for the samurai, do you have an Instagram account called carpenter_life_ig? Its full of pictures of you and stuff ive seen on your channel.

  • Splash111
    Splash111 4 months ago

    I started subscribing some time ago and really enjoy your videos. I have a questions. After watching your Lie Nielson block plane video, I liked the idea of the rabbit block plane. Lie Nielson makes a low angle jack rabbit plane for the same cost of their regular low angle jack plane. It seems the low angle jack rabbit can do everything the standard low angle can do plus more, acting like a shoulder plane for breadboard table top tendons etc.,?..or am I completely off base? Thank you. God Bless.

  • Matthew Torres
    Matthew Torres 4 months ago

    You said dream team of makers and it got me thinking...who’s my dream team???
    1. Diresta
    2. Frank Howarth
    3. Matthias (even though he’s on hiatus rn)
    4. John Heisz
    5. The Samurai

  • Ivan P
    Ivan P 4 months ago

    Hey Jesse,
    Is there a place in Victoria or Saanich that sells dimensional lumber? like in Europe, full dimension stuff if it’s a 2x4 it is actually 2x4 and not some fraction off?
    I’m slowly getting into a little bit of woodworking and want to build some small furniture projects around the house. I just got a circular saw, thinking of picking up a jigsaw, and then manual Japanese style saw and chisels.. low budget lol and space for tools.. do you have any suggestions?

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 4 months ago

    That's the fence I'd want!

  • Matthew Lorfeld
    Matthew Lorfeld 4 months ago

    You spelled veterans incorrectly on the web page shown at 7:25.

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 4 months ago

    Makers Mob is a fantastic idea!

  • The Darby Road Woodshop

    Once again you have an amazing talent. I am just getting good after 3 years, but not close to this...

  • Retro Reaktor
    Retro Reaktor 4 months ago

    Norwegians, wood builder nation in their own right would never approve of wood being in direct contact with concrete or stone. That accelerates wood rotting at contact point 10 fold, does it not?

  • mark suson
    mark suson 4 months ago

    MM = awesome idea!

  • Steve Borch
    Steve Borch 4 months ago

    Awesome. Love the scribe to the rocks!!

  • Sergio Filosofo
    Sergio Filosofo 4 months ago

    Great, how the posts have been mounted to the stone.

  • mmm bbb
    mmm bbb 4 months ago

    Nothing blocks you

  • larry tait
    larry tait 4 months ago

    Sensei, Very nice work.. Are your Hot Tub plans available anywhere? Mine will be have to be Eastern White Cedar to keep costs down bit, out east here. Are the Boards 2" (Finished 8/4) x 6" ? You are a tall man; what was the diameter of the Circle (before the sides were fitter on)?

  • Anujith Anujith
    Anujith Anujith 4 months ago

    Wow .unbelievable. congrats bro

  • chasmj3
    chasmj3 4 months ago

    You do beautiful work.

  • Rob Ruiz
    Rob Ruiz 4 months ago

    That is beautiful !!!

  • nou sick
    nou sick 4 months ago

    impressive work as always, thank you for sharing this great video

  • rob riley
    rob riley 4 months ago

    Beautiful work yet again although i wouldnt have made that i would have just planted a few fast growing spruce trees and let them grow huge that would really annoy the neighbours and give you your privacy :)

  • Maker By Proxy
    Maker By Proxy 4 months ago

    Loved the compass to get the layout of the rock! Great idea.

  • Ed P.
    Ed P. 4 months ago

    Beautiful and beautifully done!

  • Julian Clarke
    Julian Clarke 4 months ago

    Hi Jesse,
    Love your work. Noticed you have "disguised" some of your tools. Troubles with Makita? Oh, and are those Blundstone boots? Been wearing them myself for nearly 30 years. You are an inspiration. Thanks

  • hispeed69
    hispeed69 4 months ago

    Been watching for a while and I have to simply say... Next level of amazing!

  • Isaac Taccone
    Isaac Taccone 4 months ago

    You should look into teaming up with float plane club from Linus Teck tips,sees like a match destined to happen.

  • TheBowserBasher
    TheBowserBasher 4 months ago

    I enjoy your projects so much because you feel the love you put into your work directly in your videos.

  • m m
    m m 4 months ago

    Where is Alex Steele? You haven't talked him into doing his metal work on the website?

  • clark garrison
    clark garrison 4 months ago

    good to see you, long time bud!!!!!

  • symalus
    symalus 4 months ago

    Is maker's mob going to have Good of the Land and the Texas blacksmith people?

  • George Weyrauch
    George Weyrauch 4 months ago

    What did you use for finish? I like that look

  • Jordan L
    Jordan L 4 months ago


  • Brian Hackett
    Brian Hackett 4 months ago

    So glad to see things coming together for you! Seems like it'd been a rough year-ish before the school got started. Kudos.

  • JohnvonDohlen
    JohnvonDohlen 4 months ago

    Your music choice is sooo annoying..

  • Dale Young
    Dale Young 4 months ago

    That's a really interesting way to anchor posts. Cool idea.

  • Greg H
    Greg H 4 months ago

    How many man hours do you have in the construction of the fence?

  • multi misa
    multi misa 4 months ago

    wery sexy

  • Dylan royer
    Dylan royer 4 months ago

    Hey man what disk is on that angle grinder

  • Gabriel Corral
    Gabriel Corral 4 months ago

    Man great fucking job, train me lol.

  • Ian Everton
    Ian Everton 4 months ago

    Why do so many people have to find fault? I think it looks amazing, I especially like the shingle pitched roof over fence. Very cool. And for those that found fault, can’t you keep your negative thoughts to yourselves

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 4 months ago

    U should not have used nails

  • Jared Albright
    Jared Albright 4 months ago


  • Giancarlo Brusamolino
    Giancarlo Brusamolino 4 months ago

    Beautiful project Samurai👍🏻
    Happy new year from Italy...see you for new projects next year 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  • Sonya Davidson
    Sonya Davidson 4 months ago

    Awesome work, the tracing of that rock was incredible. Style impressive.

  • L Villan
    L Villan 4 months ago

    3:44 Come on man! Nice job though

  • Steve Biggs
    Steve Biggs 4 months ago

    Jon Peters, April and Jimmy! Nice!

  • JAMikdiena
    JAMikdiena 4 months ago

    But what about water on the rocks and the scribed post non existent distance from it?

  • Follow Media
    Follow Media 4 months ago

    what kind of wheel do you use on the angle grinder to take wood off at 1:53?

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray 4 months ago

    Dude your next next level.

    AIDAS BAGDONAVICIUS 4 months ago


  • MRSketch09
    MRSketch09 4 months ago

    I thought it was going pretty good, then you beat my expectations by putting a little roof on the fence.
    That literally topped it off.

  • Jan Griesel
    Jan Griesel 4 months ago

    Great idea, ill pay for makersmob, if the creators can get an income to create more - im game ... but, you gotta get This Old Tony onboard ;-)

  • Hudson McGrail
    Hudson McGrail 4 months ago

    I guess making content on your own is the big issue, it's just too difficult to create enough content to keep everyone happy. This seems to be a very good venture... I'm guessing Samurai School Members get some deal as I guess you'll shut down Samurai School if all the content is on makersmob?

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 4 months ago


  • mametaro note
    mametaro note 4 months ago

    sugoi 素晴らしい。

  • Pat M
    Pat M 4 months ago

    Love the work and the project very much. My only observation was that the lower roof cap shingles might be better if they shed the water the opposite way? it could just be an optical illusion but it looks like its pitched towards the center post??