Top 10 Cartoon Characters Hated For Stupid Reasons

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Top 10 Cartoon Characters Hated For Stupid Reasons
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    Dang, these toons cannot catch a break. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cartoon Characters Who Are Unfairly and Harshly Hated.
    List Entries and Rank:
    10. Klaus “American Dad!” (2005)
    9. Daffy Duck “Looney Tunes” (1930-1969; 1987)
    8. Korra “The Legend of Korra” (2012-2014)
    7. Lola Loud “The Loud House” (2016)
    6. SpongeBob SquarePants “SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999)
    5. Butters Stotch “South Park” (1997)
    4. Dr. Zoidberg “Futurama” (1999-2013)
    3, 2, 1: ???
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Comments • 2 748

  • avatar
    avatar 16 hours ago

    how can they hate SP

  • Hunter Whitaker
    Hunter Whitaker Day ago

    I agree

  • Smoked Paprika
    Smoked Paprika Day ago

    Where's Pip Pirrip from South Park?

    ANDREW WARRA Day ago

    Lola and SpongeBob were stupid choices for the list you should have used Lincoln and squidward

  • Bump Attack
    Bump Attack Day ago

    I KNEW Meg was going to be number 1

  • suki178 chan
    suki178 chan 2 days ago


  • Bro Pro777421
    Bro Pro777421 3 days ago

    What SpongeBob it's Squidward

  • Vanessa Miller
    Vanessa Miller 3 days ago

    Stealth Elf
    Stump Smash
    Tree Rex
    Gill Grunt
    Slam Bam
    Pop Fizz
    Wrecking ball
    Double Trouble
    Sonic Boom
    Lightning Rod
    Hot Dog
    Hot Head
    Trigger Happy
    Drill Sergeant
    Chop Chop
    Fright Rider
    Ghost Roaster
    Eye- Brawl
    Dino Rang
    Prism Break
    Pop Thorn
    Slobber Tooth
    Wash Buckler
    Fire Kraken
    Rip Tide
    Stink Bomb
    Rubble Rouser
    Dune Bug
    Blast Zone
    Doom Stone
    Punk Shock
    Freeze Blade
    Spy Rise
    Star Strike
    Zoo Lou
    Magna Charge
    Grim Creeper
    Roller Brawl
    Rattle Shake
    Wind Up
    Night Shift
    Trap Shadow
    Hoot Loop
    Free Ranger
    Gorilla Drilla
    Boom Jet
    Bumble Blast
    Lob Star
    Flip Wreck
    Gear Shift
    Tread Head
    Krypt King
    Short Cut
    Funny Bone
    Bat Spin
    Tuff Luck
    Food Fight
    High Five
    Fling Kong
    Rocky Roll
    Fist Bump
    Deja Vu
    Cobra Cadabra
    Slobber Trap
    Buzzer Beak
    Hood Sickle
    Bone Chompy
    Sheild Shredder
    Tussle Sprout
    Chomp Chest
    Masker Mind
    Bad Juju
    Broccoli Guy
    Rage Mage
    Bruiser Cruiser
    Blaster Tron
    Eye Five
    Eye Scraem
    Chef Pepperjack
    Dr. Krankcase
    Scrap Shooter
    Pain Yatta
    The Gulper
    Chompy Mage
    Golden Queen
    Master Eoen

  • Joshua Hiles
    Joshua Hiles 3 days ago

    Stupid dog ya make me look bad

  • kitty draws studio
    kitty draws studio 3 days ago

    You also forgot about Jackie from svfoe

  • sheenak56
    sheenak56 3 days ago

    Okay, I love Daffy Duck 🦆!!!!! He is always funny!

  • Shawn Grainger
    Shawn Grainger 3 days ago

    Shut up Meg.

  • Turbobist 28
    Turbobist 28 4 days ago

    What about Gumball Watterson from "The Amazing World Of Gumball"? And why would you choose Lola Loud insteaf of Lincoln Loud?

  • Moon kitty paws Ladynior 36

    Peck sheriff Callie wild west jp tots Laval the legend of chima owlette

  • Lego Gaming PlayStation Productions

    Peter : Shut up Meg!

  • Ghetto Obi wan
    Ghetto Obi wan 6 days ago

    Meg deserved it......all of it

  • l Ency l
    l Ency l 6 days ago

    I can’t ever see Zoidberg as Zoidberg anymore thanks to Daithi de Nogla

  • Joshua Gainey
    Joshua Gainey 7 days ago

    Me: Meg should not get number one.
    Meg: Wait wh-
    Me: Shut up Meg.

  • Velshyrym the dragon

    Oh meg that is the least fancy thing I've heard

  • Jason Lance
    Jason Lance 7 days ago

    Of course Meg would be number one!

  • JusticeGraceful
    JusticeGraceful 8 days ago

    Loud house was made by a child molester so you should probably cut that garbage show from your list of acceptable content.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 8 days ago +1

    6:35 YAY IT'S NOGLA

  • TheMega Masters
    TheMega Masters 9 days ago

    That’s what I was thinking when saitama was blamed for the aftermath of HIM destroying the PLANET KILLING METEOR!!!

  • tweekscoffee _
    tweekscoffee _ 10 days ago

    Who the hell hates Butters?? He’s like one of the best characters in South Park stfu y’all

  • Jesse Bustos
    Jesse Bustos 10 days ago

    I fucking h8 lisa for trying to force her ways onto others for example: In one episode Homer is having a BBQ with almost the whole town and Lisa gets all the food and just launches it somewhere

    DA CHUCKSTA 11 days ago

    Were is ned Flanders

  • The Witch, King of wolf's

    Lisa is a savant

  • Alicedraws
    Alicedraws 12 days ago

    Being named Meg and having some resemblance to the character myself did not help me in school......I dislike Family Guy for basically allowing a bunch of teens bully me relentlessly and just tell the teachers they're quoting the show.

  • Harrison Gibson
    Harrison Gibson 14 days ago

    Where is millhouse

  • 1_800_I_AM_TRASH
    1_800_I_AM_TRASH 14 days ago

    Omg, what?! Poor butters!

  • Kerry Thompson
    Kerry Thompson 15 days ago

    I don’t really like Lisa because one episode she hurt Bart really bad and didn’t tell anyone to uphold her reputation. She gets jealous when someone SHE thinks is unqualified for something she wanted and they got she goes to great lengths to ruin it or destroy that persons fun. She often imagines Bart being poor or serving her but he turns into a Supreme Court judge!

  • Arkham Asylum
    Arkham Asylum 15 days ago

    Lola is by far the worst Loud. She deserves the hatred in my opinion

  • Sade Jefferson
    Sade Jefferson 15 days ago

    #familyguy :3

  • Steven Leitner
    Steven Leitner 16 days ago

    Where's Carl and Hoodsey from As Told by Ginger?

  • Shaun Moore
    Shaun Moore 17 days ago

    Bugs Bunny is A Total Opposite of Luigi.
    Both good guys But:
    1. Bugs Bunny:
    1. Treat’s Daffy Duck Like Trash At times (Akin to Jerry to Tom).
    2. See’s Yosemite Sam & Elmer Fudd Like Actual Enemies. (Akin to Sonic to Dr. Eggman & Metal Sonic Respectively.)
    3. Thinks He’s better then everybody.
    4. He’s A loner more often & less with other’s.
    5. He’s not always Remorse towards his own enemies & Rival’s (Particularly Daffy Duck).
    6. He is Vengeful & Shows no mercy towards his Enemies. (Akin to Scorpion & Raiden).
    7. More Haughty & Arrogant.
    2. Luigi:
    1. Never treat’s Mario Like trash (Akin to Tail’s to Sonic).
    2. See’s Wario & Waluigi as Passive Rival’s (Akin to Tail’s to Shadow).
    3. Accept’s he’s not 100% better then others.
    4. He always with other’s & Help them to.
    5. He always shows Forgiveness Towards his own Enemies & Rival’s. (Particularly Wario & Waluigi).
    6. He show’s Remorse & Mercy towards his Enemies (Akin to Sub-Zero & Kenshi).
    7. He’s more thoughtful & Helpful.

  • the puirox
    the puirox 19 days ago

    I disagree with lisa, after she went vegeterian, she turned into a stupid sjw who deserves to be hated

  • Michael Kelley-Harper
    Michael Kelley-Harper 20 days ago

    You guys miss the point that the creators WANT you to feel bad for Meg

  • むめるさなEuhan
    むめるさなEuhan 20 days ago

    I don’t hate Meg or Spongebob. That’s just mean if you put him in the list.

  • Adora Bat
    Adora Bat 20 days ago

    Spongebob isnt hated

  • Ahmya Yamamoto
    Ahmya Yamamoto 22 days ago

    OMG I AGREE WITH BUTTERS! Everyone in my group hates butters (I'm more of Cartman can though) but butters should be liked because he is actually very Innocent and normal

  • Tyrannosaurus Tyranny
    Tyrannosaurus Tyranny 22 days ago

    The reason why Meg gets bullied by Peter is because Peter got bullied by Karen as a child.

  • David Steinour
    David Steinour 23 days ago


  • Patrick Cheek
    Patrick Cheek 24 days ago

    Where was archer

  • Bendy
    Bendy 27 days ago

    0% = Every other character
    4% = Something else or whatever
    96% = "i feel bad for meg!!1!"

  • BNSF2184
    BNSF2184 27 days ago

    Lol I hate Spongebob and Butters! Not a fan of double D either

  • A.r tomboy
    A.r tomboy 28 days ago

    You know the characters are not only hated in their universe, they also hated outside universe. People just love to hate.

  • Kaden WWE
    Kaden WWE 29 days ago

    what about squidward? he 100% deserves a spot on this list...

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 29 days ago

    Butters wtf

  • Michael Kerrigan
    Michael Kerrigan Month ago

    Pour mega

  • Caleb marion
    Caleb marion Month ago +1

    why spongebob, there are alot of things about spongebob like toys and videos. and lisa why and i loved courage the dog and ed,edd,and eddy, you people are crazy

  • Kadin Collins
    Kadin Collins Month ago

    That just makes me sick to my stomach... smh...

  • Kadin Collins
    Kadin Collins Month ago

    Glad Meg is number one on the list because Meg deserves to be treated better by not only her family but everyone at school because I've watched Family Guy myself and I've seen Meg get bullied and mistreated by her family and people she goes to school with and I'm like, "She deserves better than this. She's Peter and Lois's daughter for God's sake!" Like there's no reason for characters on certain TV shows we watch be mistreated by others for no damn reason at all. They just trying to be themselves! Give Meg a Chance! Give all of the characters that are mistreated in TV shows a damn chance!!!

  • A D Wilson
    A D Wilson Month ago

    Not spongebob but Patrick

  • Aileen Stone
    Aileen Stone Month ago +1

    I'm sorry, but lola is kind of a brat

  • Valerie Vargas
    Valerie Vargas Month ago

    I had a hunch that Meg will be number 1 but I feel that Ortensia aka Sadie or Kitty the cat girlfriend of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit should've been on this list since she didn't get appreciated saying she simply leaves Oswald or whatever in the Oswald cartoons after Walt left Universal Studios and Charles Mintz took over, same with Arlene, Garfield the Cat's girlfriend when people say she was an abusive bitch to him and ignoring her existence by barely giving her an appearance and use random female cats to be dating with or Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls due how her sisters treated her on her mistakes or whatever or Charlie Brown or even Donald Duck because after all "Nobody else gets all the bad luck but Donald Duck"!

  • Armando Hernandez
    Armando Hernandez Month ago

    Poor Meg

  • Reillo9
    Reillo9 Month ago

    This list is BS, there are infinite reasons to hate lisa simpsons, all of them good reasons. she needs to be killed off if the simpsons has any hope of redemption

  • The_Eternal_Darkness _

    The fact that meg thought of herself as the family’s “lightning rod” when Brian basically tells her to take the abuse she is given, made me fucking hate the show so much

  • klaus dieter
    klaus dieter Month ago

    *Still don't like Korra*

  • Steven Curtis
    Steven Curtis Month ago

    How is spongebob hated exactly? Everyone loves him apart from squidward

    If anyone should be hated in spongebob it would be squidward
    Hes got a negative outlook on every citizen of bikini bottom, only helps when it benefits him and well he's typically the worst neighbor ever

    Yes spongebob annoys squidward and you feel bad for him but if squidward treated spongebob with more respect maybe things would be different

    As far as meg goes shes only mistreated because the writers have no clue how to write for a teenage girl

  • Superstar Movies17
    Superstar Movies17 Month ago

    WTF SPONGEBOB COURAGE DAFFY WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU FANS not u watch mojo I’m talking to the people who hate these characters

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz Month ago

      Uh, they're not talking about fans (otherwise, some of them wouldn't be on this list, such as Butters).

  • super A-Typical
    super A-Typical Month ago


  • TheFreightyHeartedOne

    I'd be on top if my life was cartoon...

  • Royal_maxi_ Yt
    Royal_maxi_ Yt Month ago

    Hold up, people think spongebob is bad?

  • Futhrakh official
    Futhrakh official Month ago

    Who else actually loves meg and Klaus?

    OOF GANG Month ago

    If it wasn't Lisa, the most hated person in The Simpsons would be the moleman because he is bullied left and right

  • 40ozREAPER
    40ozREAPER Month ago

    I'm sorry but them abusing meg constantly is the funniest thing ever

  • Giil Duh
    Giil Duh Month ago +1

    Do you guys even know the reason why meg is hated ???? Well it’s because her old voice actor wanted to get paid more because she said that her character “Meg” was the star of the show. So that’s why they treat meg like shit. You wanting her more time just makes that person think that “MEG” is THE REAL STAR. So fuck you guys for not even knowing the story. Mostly fuck meg she ain’t shit.

  • TropicalTrapFire 03

    I honestly never knew why Daffy Duck was always hated...

  • The Moth
    The Moth Month ago

    *girl babbling about dumb things*
    *realizes name is megan*
    Me: shut up meg

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson Month ago

    I disagree with Lola loud f**k her

  • gacha cat
    gacha cat Month ago

    Meg is hated because she's Meg

  • Allison Emmett
    Allison Emmett Month ago

    I hate family guy because he drives me mentally ill he is cruel. and annoying. As for his mate he makes me SICK towards Meg bastard!

  • Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio

    7:57 am i the only one who got satisfied by this scene?

  • asainmemeking Sksk
    asainmemeking Sksk Month ago

    Im shocked butters is on this list. I would have expected cartman to be on here

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz Month ago +1

      Hated in-universe, not by fans. If it was by fans, he wouldn't be here. And neither would Courage.

  • Dr. Black
    Dr. Black Month ago

    People hate meg because she’s desperate and too suicidal that’s what people hate

  • Dr. Black
    Dr. Black Month ago

    I actually like Korra daffy Lisa courage and Sometime klaus

    • Aaliyah White
      Aaliyah White Month ago

      What you need to start liking is commas. I like most of the characters on this list though.

  • Janna the Rebel
    Janna the Rebel Month ago

    99% of the comments are of Meg but hey she needs respect


    Squidward should be on the list. May I remind you of the Squidward Torture Porn?


    Where’s Donald Duck?

    • Morten Aanstad
      Morten Aanstad 22 days ago

      He's not really hated; Daisy loves him, his nephews see him as a father figure, and both Mickey and Goofy are good friends with him. It's more that Donald Duck has a bad temper and inferiority complex

  • Julie Douglas
    Julie Douglas Month ago +1

    The joke is that Meg was the only sane person in her family

  • Mario SonicGamer
    Mario SonicGamer Month ago +1

    Yeah no, you got everything about Korra wrong.
    Korra legitimately caused most of the problems in her universe. Most of the problems she fixed only happened because of her.
    For example when she apparently saved the spirit world. The problem only happened because she refused to listen to her parents and mentors. And instead helped a madman open the spirit portals.
    She only fixed a problem she caused in first place. Raiko was honestly in the right to call her out on it.
    She leaves the spirit portal open afterwards. Which leads to more chaos with Kuvira and a spirit cannon.
    Korra literally is the cause of the most of the problems.
    With only deus ex machinas stopping the end of the world.

  • Dany Gaming
    Dany Gaming Month ago

    Ima say this and I will say this every time I see him

    whoray Zoidberg

  • Shadic 1789
    Shadic 1789 Month ago

    Daffy Deserves everything he gets. I’m just Saying

  • Elliot Arredondo
    Elliot Arredondo Month ago

    Well, what a shame we can't tell the same to the modern Lisa Simpson, maybe i woudl agree if you are recalling the early one.

    Also, I always felt bad for Double D and Daffy.

  • enigmagtx
    enigmagtx Month ago

    This list confuses me

  • Luv u xxx tentacion

    Clouse are you here

  • comicshyper
    comicshyper Month ago

    Guys, why are you talking about Meg as if she was real? Also, she is NOT normal. She drugged her brother so that he would have sex with a boy he liked just so Chris could tell her how it was.

  • Tsonka Velikova
    Tsonka Velikova Month ago +1

    Tom from "Tom & Jerry"
    It is normal for cats to eat a mouse 🙄

  • That Random Gaming Husky

    Spongebob on this list makes me agree and disagree at the same time

  • Jay Drak
    Jay Drak Month ago +3

    How is Dib from Invader Zim not even an honorable mention

  • Orion Victor
    Orion Victor Month ago

    Meg sucks so much she is horrible

  • edds world !!!!!!!!!!

    😐😐😑😑😐😐😐😑😑😐 really sponge bob

  • Freya 8832
    Freya 8832 Month ago

    I'm so mad about Meg accepting the abuse from her family

  • Foxy Avocado
    Foxy Avocado Month ago +2

    She is so underrated and outcasted by her family, she deserves better, like no one hates her, well not enough to be at number 3,

    • Kevin Fletcher
      Kevin Fletcher Month ago

      thats right nelson milhouse and ralph crush on her endlessly, in every episode where they show the future she always has a steady well paying job and does better than anyone in springfield

  • Foxy Avocado
    Foxy Avocado Month ago +1

    Spongebob is amazing

  • Foxy Avocado
    Foxy Avocado Month ago +1

    Since when did people hate Daffy Duck?

  • SnekyDoodle
    SnekyDoodle Month ago

    I feel Jasper should maybe be on this list..

  • Geneva Red
    Geneva Red Month ago

    wow they remeber Jade and Clover

  • Sylvonte Wright
    Sylvonte Wright Month ago

    dude, Seth MacFarlane should animate a Family Guy Episode completely about Meg.