I Put 10 Million Legos in Friend's House

  • Опубликовано: 18 янв 2019
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  • Yuset Correoso
    Yuset Correoso 5 часов назад

    1:17 *c o n t e n t*

  • OverFort 145
    OverFort 145 5 часов назад

    Mr. Beast gay??

  • Kody Pike
    Kody Pike 6 часов назад

    🥚make this the most liked comment on RU-clip

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 6 часов назад +1

    8:48 stinky notes?

  • Playcore
    Playcore 7 часов назад

    Imagine stepping on those ten million legos

  • Hw_Gamezz
    Hw_Gamezz 7 часов назад +1

    U miscounted it’s 7.9999999999288292828384389291939847 legos

  • Robert Arbon
    Robert Arbon 7 часов назад

    Are these people GOD??!!!!!!

  • Bwabblepawt Bwabblepawt
    Bwabblepawt Bwabblepawt 7 часов назад

    This guy is literally awesome

  • Treyvon Fleming
    Treyvon Fleming 7 часов назад

    Chandler: *OOF*

  • Grecia A
    Grecia A 8 часов назад +1

    dOnT fOrGeT mE

  • Freya Cummings
    Freya Cummings 8 часов назад

    5:34 ma SHOCKS

  • x LazyCouchPotato x
    x LazyCouchPotato x 8 часов назад +1

    Have fun cleaning that up.....

  • _SP3KTRUM_
    _SP3KTRUM_ 9 часов назад +1

    Would you step on them for $1,000,000?

  • Chimchim 95
    Chimchim 95 9 часов назад

    can’t mr.beast give legos to republicattack :((?

  • The Swirling Stella
    The Swirling Stella 9 часов назад

    fifty years later, they will still have legos in their house.

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 9 часов назад

    where did you get the legos

  • InfiniteCows
    InfiniteCows 9 часов назад

    This is absolutely underwhelming.

  • Ahlam Alfrookh
    Ahlam Alfrookh 10 часов назад

    T-Pose in Fortnite.

  • pizza's YouTube Vlogs
    pizza's YouTube Vlogs 10 часов назад

    Can I have the LEGOs?

  • Some Weirdo
    Some Weirdo 10 часов назад

    Denmark is proud

  • Alice Williams [dbh]
    Alice Williams [dbh] 10 часов назад

    Just think about what would happen if they weren’t wearing shoes

  • Kaitlyn F.
    Kaitlyn F. 10 часов назад

    2:41 so overdramatic 😂😂

  • Florilyn Dizon
    Florilyn Dizon 11 часов назад

    pss give away some lego

  • Extra Strength Aspirin
    Extra Strength Aspirin 11 часов назад

    These are adult men.....

    Love this

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 11 часов назад

    *wrong house*

  • Sprin Trap
    Sprin Trap 11 часов назад

    This channel is getting extreme 😂

  • Annamarie GoodwinShores
    Annamarie GoodwinShores 11 часов назад

    Chandler's hot

  • Pippa Greenhalgh
    Pippa Greenhalgh 11 часов назад +1

    So, chandler farted. You had fans in your hands. PLUG THE FANS IN. Don't run away...... You are so clever

  • wren
    wren 12 часов назад

    u posted this on my bday!

  • Patience Huckelby
    Patience Huckelby 12 часов назад

    Hit or miss

  • ThePalkos
    ThePalkos 12 часов назад

    the dream

  • ItsMoonlight Games
    ItsMoonlight Games 12 часов назад

    Wait, chandler just won a challeng😱😨😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jenna The Fabulous
    Jenna The Fabulous 12 часов назад

    Two bros chillin in a bath tub, one inch apart cuz they’re super gay.

  • Heather Rice
    Heather Rice 12 часов назад

    My son loves Legos. He normally gets them for Christmas but this year was different. Sept 27, 2018 he had brain surgery and we couldn't afford Christmas. He still has tumor but in good spirits. We just found your channel. Very awesome! He enjoyed the Lego show. Thanks for making a little boy smile. :)

  • Live with the meme Die with the meme
    Live with the meme Die with the meme 13 часов назад

    ( 🕘 🕒)

  • Yida Lozano
    Yida Lozano 13 часов назад

    mándame algunos porbla llo no tengo nin guno porba mandame

  • TheGoldenScar
    TheGoldenScar 14 часов назад

    Do u know what I can build with ALL those legos

  • Leah Dougherty
    Leah Dougherty 14 часов назад

    my favorite is chandler

  • Eyelash
    Eyelash 14 часов назад

    *Watch your step*

  • Shania
    Shania 14 часов назад

    why are they all my favorite

  • The 3 Actions
    The 3 Actions 14 часов назад

    Beard is weird

  • Ekaterina 's vlogs -DIY, Swap mails, vlogs And more

    why in hell did u did that will legos ... better with glass

  • Kendall sunbaenim
    Kendall sunbaenim 15 часов назад

    Make a real house with the legos!

  • Muchere
    Muchere 15 часов назад

    Loving your videos
    From Philippine

  • Finn Nebauer
    Finn Nebauer 15 часов назад +1

    Can I have some

  • Fun Burgerface
    Fun Burgerface 16 часов назад

    Rip feet

  • B r i a
    B r i a 17 часов назад

    Imagine walking across the floor barefoot and by accident

  • Freeze Boy
    Freeze Boy 18 часов назад

    You could have built titanic lol

  • Junk Dog
    Junk Dog 18 часов назад

    *brick squad*

  • Econ347
    Econ347 18 часов назад

    The lego walk

  • April Chan
    April Chan 19 часов назад +1

    Iwant that pls 9

  • Ratatouille
    Ratatouille 19 часов назад

    Chris is kinda hot no homo

  • Morgan Greenway
    Morgan Greenway 20 часов назад

    Bailey is so cute 😂

  • Sidary Sam
    Sidary Sam 20 часов назад


  • Lost Souls
    Lost Souls 20 часов назад

    "just LEAVE"

  • Cokes Lokes
    Cokes Lokes 20 часов назад


  • nobotYT
    nobotYT 21 час назад


  • nobotYT
    nobotYT 21 час назад


  • nobotYT
    nobotYT 21 час назад


  • 獄炎の騎士
    獄炎の騎士 22 часа назад +1


    SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE 22 часа назад

    That must have hurt to do that.

  • Gacha Kara
    Gacha Kara 22 часа назад

    Mr Beast: I have the best ideas
    Also Mr Beast: Dies from legos

  • Jack Burns
    Jack Burns 22 часа назад


  • K vs L Gaming and Stuff
    K vs L Gaming and Stuff 22 часа назад +1

    Did he say ok bye or ok love you bye

  • DiamondDoom08 YT
    DiamondDoom08 YT 22 часа назад

    welcome to the lego movie 3
    ahh, my feet are bleeding

  • Meme Ultradose
    Meme Ultradose 22 часа назад

    Question: why doesnt he do something better with his money? What job he do?

  • Edgar Hinojosa-Garcia
    Edgar Hinojosa-Garcia 23 часа назад

    7:14 what I came for

  • Savage Clasher
    Savage Clasher 23 часа назад

    Shout my RU-clip channel out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Miguel ARV
    Miguel ARV 23 часа назад

    I need all those legos

  • Hishh
    Hishh День назад

    I meeean it’s technically your house 😂😂

  • Diamond kid
    Diamond kid День назад

    I want those legos please

  • The Unicorn Lover!
    The Unicorn Lover! День назад +1

    _moms nightmare..._

  • just a viewer
    just a viewer День назад

    Thats gonna be painful

  • Skyler Miller
    Skyler Miller День назад +1

    You should sell PewDiePie merch

  • Lenny Omegau
    Lenny Omegau День назад


  • Nintendo switch gameplay
    Nintendo switch gameplay День назад +1

    Can I please have Legos can I please have Legos can I please have Legos I'll give you ten Grand

    • Toad #64
      Toad #64 19 часов назад

      Just buy Legos with ur ten grand

  • luna and aqua
    luna and aqua День назад

    Meh ears

  • rgtrooper13
    rgtrooper13 День назад

    Forget the legos who buys that many box fans lol

  • Katherine Mora
    Katherine Mora День назад

    7:13 👌

  • Graffiti Arts
    Graffiti Arts День назад

    I hope you stepped on a leggo....

  • Charlotte Jones-Roper
    Charlotte Jones-Roper День назад


  • Anteme72
    Anteme72 День назад

    Netflix and popcorn? HECK NAW! Its " RU-clip and Burger King" lol

  • Moon and Treasures
    Moon and Treasures День назад

    Chandler is my spirit animal

  • Melissa Snarr
    Melissa Snarr День назад

    Sub to Pewpie!!!!!!

  • Alexander Toro
    Alexander Toro День назад +1

    Sooooo uhhh..... how bout them stankyyyy Notez

  • Jasmin Smith
    Jasmin Smith День назад

    I just love how respectful Mr.Beast is, proves that you don’t have to be an A-hole to do challenges and pranks.

  • Lovely Pug Studios
    Lovely Pug Studios День назад

    *when you don't know what to do with your money or your life anymore*

  • Bryson _
    Bryson _ День назад


  • Thomas Olson
    Thomas Olson День назад

    may I have some Legos plz ☺️☺️

  • Dragonking
    Dragonking День назад

    I am chantler in doge ball

  • Courtney Deatherage
    Courtney Deatherage День назад

    Honestly they had harmony at the end

  • fortunate fool
    fortunate fool День назад

    I love how you guys can take a joke

  • Pete the PePe
    Pete the PePe День назад

    Be my uncle please Jimmy

  • v6FiRE !
    v6FiRE ! День назад

    i hope he steps on one

  • Dromero themes
    Dromero themes День назад

    Can you make a lego version of mr beast?

  • The Local Refrigerator
    The Local Refrigerator День назад

    10,000 baguettes or more

  • _Janna_ NG6_
    _Janna_ NG6_ День назад

    Mr.beast: I don’t have 300 dollars I owe you the rest
    *but you have enough money to fill a whole 2 floor house with legos*

  • Alyssa Vlogz
    Alyssa Vlogz День назад

    I’m kinda glad I don’t have friends now

  • HyperPuggiie
    HyperPuggiie День назад

    thumbtacks next, jk that would hurt.... a lot 😂

  • Heaven Fell
    Heaven Fell День назад

    I would kill to have that much LEGO!