✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Electric Fence

  • Published on May 5, 2017
  • A fence that'll shock and damage anyone stupid enough to touch it! :D

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    Music by C418.
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  • Глеб Смирнов


  • ClaireBlue
    ClaireBlue 18 hours ago

    Thanks for the idea. I used the end rod and tripwire look for one o my villages that has a railroad that I built going through it and some of the villagers in my world like to climb into the tracks and the fence works.

  • Dawn Maddock
    Dawn Maddock Day ago

    -slaps screen- SLAP!!!

  • gabriel08kuh
    gabriel08kuh 2 days ago


  • Epik
    Epik 2 days ago

    cool vid.

  • Randall Jesus Rosales

    Es la mejor idea que evisto

  • davey dunaj
    davey dunaj 3 days ago


  • Catalina Gonza
    Catalina Gonza 5 days ago

    Hola alguien que hable español
    /( o )\

    FUZZY LANA 5 days ago

    If you could make a video on how to find places to get achievements that would be great! I need "G coins" for the Xbox App!

  • Elsie Fireside
    Elsie Fireside 5 days ago

    i know i'm extremely late, and this probably wouldn't work on most survival servers, but it might be cool to also attatch the string/tripwire hooks to a couple of command blocks, giving the player who activated it slowness/blindness to make it seem like they are being electrocuted, or a command block letting the owner of the base inside the fence know that someone is breaking in.

  • Amatista The cat
    Amatista The cat 5 days ago

    Don't worry, everyone make mistakes :)
    ⚠️(I dont speack English)

  • To nie ja
    To nie ja 6 days ago

    Ja bym cię wsparła ale ja mogę tylko za 5 złottch

  • I’m_That_One_Pineapple_TwT

    Though you can’t go trough
    *through :D

  • Rochelle Acosta
    Rochelle Acosta 6 days ago +1

    I Made It But I Used Wither Splash potions Cause It Will Be Like Your Electrified

  • TEST 320
    TEST 320 6 days ago

    3:50 feel free to high 5 me through the screen

    myphone:beEp B0pp

  • DomineX
    DomineX 7 days ago +1

    Ok. 9/10

    SABIR YT 7 days ago


  • meme battle
    meme battle 7 days ago

    This is good

  • pokefan gum gum
    pokefan gum gum 9 days ago

    U are a genius

  • Pavlin Polia
    Pavlin Polia 10 days ago


  • Cj
    Cj 10 days ago

    Love it

  • Макс Плетнев

    The walking dead: season one. farm Jons

  • Jose Martin Garrido Quintero

    You are awesome magma

  • aditya atmadika hidayat


  • Dominik Kaźmierczak
    Dominik Kaźmierczak 13 days ago

    Super film

  • Энкьюпер
    Энкьюпер 13 days ago +1

    Where russians?

  • Duong Nguyen
    Duong Nguyen 14 days ago

    Hay rất hay

  • Duong Nguyen
    Duong Nguyen 14 days ago

    Hay rất hay

  • ThenextPicasso
    ThenextPicasso 14 days ago +1

    Step one: make a really long fence.
    Step two: put magma under the fence

  • Christopher Barrie
    Christopher Barrie 14 days ago +1

    Remember the good old days when he was magmamusen

  • Gladiator Pros!
    Gladiator Pros! 14 days ago

    I watched this 2 yrs ago

  • Necro YT
    Necro YT 15 days ago

    We all got mistakes human has. Don’t worry it’s okay.

  • teguh ongki
    teguh ongki 15 days ago

    That’s ok Magma. You tried your best!👍

    BRAYCOL_YT 15 days ago


  • BN Master
    BN Master 15 days ago

    Thanq very much

  • Grace Laure
    Grace Laure 15 days ago

    The dispenser on the other side have no instant dmg splash potion magma forgot abou it at 5:42

  • To Nie ja
    To Nie ja 15 days ago


  • Beata Brzenska
    Beata Brzenska 15 days ago

    Znasz polski?Do you speak Polish?

  • Ro Zanin
    Ro Zanin 16 days ago


  • Ender Ultimate
    Ender Ultimate 16 days ago

    Magma: Feel Free To High 5 Me On Your Screen
    My Screen: RED ALERT! RED ALERT! *Self Destructs*
    ME: *Died*

  • KerptRR Parkour
    KerptRR Parkour 16 days ago

    The second is cool!

  • This Lil Bacon Hair
    This Lil Bacon Hair 16 days ago

    I high fived him and i felt somthing O_o

  • Trials of a Lonely Meme in Space

    Can't wait to throw myself right on it

  • ItsPenguin Playz
    ItsPenguin Playz 16 days ago +1

    What If you wanted a actual electric fence
    But Magma Said
    Harm No

  • Sir Emre The III
    Sir Emre The III 17 days ago

    I’m building a city with my bro and I’m definitely gonna use this if we build an Area 51

  • xRemi ,
    xRemi , 17 days ago

    Where are you from? Are you from poland?

  • Es 3 Pro
    Es 3 Pro 17 days ago

    Demirler bir geride dursa ve tuzak 1 blok ilerde dursa daha iyi olabilir. Bunları yazıyorumda anlayamazlarki benim de o kadar ingilizcem yok😒

  • Yuu Official
    Yuu Official 17 days ago +1

    creative mode please :))

  • Uu_MineProCraft_uU
    Uu_MineProCraft_uU 17 days ago


  • Sheryl Rebekah
    Sheryl Rebekah 17 days ago

    Magma: This fence requires a lot of splash potion of harming, it's expensive :I
    Me: Because your in survival mode!!!
    Also me: not a hater btw

  • Amanda Bradley
    Amanda Bradley 18 days ago

    You:give me a high five through the screen me:smashes screen*oops...MUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!
    My mum:omg what’s wrong me:my screen broke my mum:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Haru- H
    Haru- H 18 days ago


  • Jack Fitzpatrick
    Jack Fitzpatrick 19 days ago

    You are my favourite RU-clipr keep on going love inspiration

  • Katty Cruz
    Katty Cruz 19 days ago

    Se puede mejorar y hacerlo más discreto y dañino

    DESTROYER BOY JISHU 20 days ago

    How do we go inside

  • Creative Channel Name
    Creative Channel Name 20 days ago

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Creative Channel Name
    Creative Channel Name 20 days ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Simon Johnson
    Simon Johnson 20 days ago

    its a great concept but I think they'll see the tripwire

  • 마싯는 쿸이 Cookie
    마싯는 쿸이 Cookie 20 days ago +1

    Seems like people really hate people/mobs coming into their house

  • Diwesh Thakur
    Diwesh Thakur 20 days ago

    your builts are execllent🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

    • Legion
      Legion 17 days ago

      Diwesh Thakur your grammar is excellent jk learn to spell