Top 15 SCARIEST Video Game Glitches

  • Published on Aug 15, 2015
  • #1 might ruin your childhood...
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    Written by: Jonah Petruic
    The list of the video games containing the scary glitches:
    Sherlock Holmes Nemesis
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    Fallout 3
    Red Dead Redemption
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Fear 2
    Dead Space 2
    Luigi's Mansion
    Five Nights at Freddy's 3
    Hitman: Blood Money
    Pokemon Red and Blue
    Sims 3
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    "Controlled Chaos"
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Epic Nebula
    Epic Nebula Day ago +1

    Ricardo dances glitch

  • Loke
    Loke 2 days ago +1

    No one:
    Hackers: Im about to end this childs Whole Career

  • John Men
    John Men 4 days ago

    I always a had this nightmare where this thing it looked like palpatine from Star Wars with a dark mist that surrounded him it wouldn’t do or say anything just walk towards me and the background and the gets turned into something like the outworlders home from dishonored and before it got to me my nightmare would end

  • Hed•Ake
    Hed•Ake 4 days ago

    Australian chills has been found

  • Girl flareon
    Girl flareon 4 days ago

    The most scariest glitch

    When your dad leaves 20 years to get milk

  • 赤リーダー
    赤リーダー 5 days ago

    stop what

    I LOVE FORTNITE 6 days ago

    #1... deformed pikachu

  • Furkan Salieh
    Furkan Salieh 7 days ago

    0:25 its just scp 173

  • bendingmite 2650
    bendingmite 2650 8 days ago

    Hoi XD

  • bendingmite 2650
    bendingmite 2650 8 days ago


  • Peanut Man
    Peanut Man 8 days ago

    Dat zelda pose on end was perfect XD

  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker 10 days ago

    Top 15 scary ester eggs in video games.

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson 10 days ago +1

    I died when he said “A floating coyote with a Mexican accent wielding a rifle”

  • Lionel Horazio
    Lionel Horazio 12 days ago

    15 is just like scp 173

  • Brandon Escalante
    Brandon Escalante 12 days ago

    Anti vax kids:12:07

  • 0mXn0us
    0mXn0us 13 days ago

    Who else is scared 3:35

  • OfficialMiner
    OfficialMiner 14 days ago +3

    Here is the scariest things as a fact:
    1. WiFi disconnection
    2. Waking up at 3A.M.
    3.losing all your diamonds in minecraft
    That all

  • FireJGaming
    FireJGaming 14 days ago


  • fat turd
    fat turd 14 days ago +1

    2:22 aight imma head out

  • Stanimir Chervenkov
    Stanimir Chervenkov 15 days ago +2

    13:02 when i play dogeball

  • guys face close up lol

    This video used to be scary af lmao

  • Belle lol
    Belle lol 16 days ago +1

    “Number 15”

  • Exotic Person
    Exotic Person 19 days ago

    Idek why you added fnaf 3, it's supposed to be scary anyways.

  • Green Paziner v2
    Green Paziner v2 19 days ago

    2:51 Dante Gulapa

  • Kayden Royster
    Kayden Royster 19 days ago

    2020 Anyone?

  • abdiel miranda
    abdiel miranda 20 days ago

    Oh look toon link invented the t-pose
    Oh look it's legachu

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei 20 days ago

    2015: ...
    2016: number 15 *burger king foot letuce*

  • Σταύρος Μαθιός

    2 is The Sims 4, not 3.

  • Tony Games
    Tony Games 20 days ago

    When he turns his head* GOD DAMN NOT AGAIN

  • Cleetus Yes
    Cleetus Yes 20 days ago

    Am i the only one who thought number 3 was gonna be slenderman before he talked

  • Susan Law
    Susan Law 20 days ago

    Saunava noodle

  • Jonah Webster
    Jonah Webster 21 day ago

    Anyone else watch the first one thinking the voice was the old dude in the suit talking?

  • Blue Stick
    Blue Stick 21 day ago

    He Red Dead redeption is Just funny

  • Djimon Page
    Djimon Page 22 days ago

    13 I laughed so hard

    [REDACTED] 22 days ago

    Number 2, the demonic sims baby glitch, would be more funny than scary if you put some upbeat music in the background

  • Maxfield "Max" Kline
    Maxfield "Max" Kline 23 days ago

    I think the glitched pikachu looks kinda good.

  • Møøn Jøy
    Møøn Jøy 23 days ago +3

    No? Okay then, back to 2019

  • Teh9bitlol
    Teh9bitlol 24 days ago

    3:43 Coyote: GOTTA GO FAST

  • DuckLlamaPink
    DuckLlamaPink 24 days ago

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly.....
    Pikachu needs more fat

  • Ethan Lu Faundo
    Ethan Lu Faundo 24 days ago

    2:53 their just in creative mode nothing glitchy about that

  • Daisy Villanueva
    Daisy Villanueva 25 days ago

    Number 1 is just funny than scary
    Thats only my opinion though

  • Cappi San
    Cappi San 25 days ago

    Sims is always glitching ao there's nothing creepy about it

    DEUSMIRA MIRANDA 25 days ago


  • RachieDachie
    RachieDachie 25 days ago

    I started watching this 4 years ago to discover I never finished it lol

  • Mr. Minecraftian Id
    Mr. Minecraftian Id 25 days ago


  • Mahira ' s Life
    Mahira ' s Life 26 days ago

    29 decem

  • Kevin
    Kevin 26 days ago

    0:47 you can see Watson foot

  • ThePur PleGamer
    ThePur PleGamer 26 days ago

    Your safe in the comment section with us

  • kylo Kiwi
    kylo Kiwi 26 days ago

    I thought this was a meme video

  • J Vidz4
    J Vidz4 27 days ago

    This is scary

  • Deku Midoriya
    Deku Midoriya 27 days ago

    Me at morning: ha whats scary in here so ugly
    Me at night: mom can i sleep with you

  • Ash44967
    Ash44967 27 days ago

    11:48 “number 2 the sims 3” then proceeds to show footage of the sims 4

  • Cristian Perez
    Cristian Perez 27 days ago

    OMG i play super smash bros brawl. Hope that scary glitch wont happen 2 me

  • Majestic Narwal
    Majestic Narwal 28 days ago +1

    I find all of these hilarious except for the moving mannequins is Skyrim-
    The distorted sims happens to me a lot
    it’s beautiful 👌
    But the mannequins oh god-
    When they move like an npc it’s horrifying
    But it’s even more scary when they follow you around the house but they aren’t moving at all and each time you enter the house they move to a different place, usually closer towards you-
    It’s like weeping angels from doctor who

  • Halfadime Productions
    Halfadime Productions 28 days ago

    The pikachu one is just funny

  • Waylon Park
    Waylon Park 28 days ago +1

    4:26 looks like he’s about to give him a blow job

  • Aurora JACKSON
    Aurora JACKSON 29 days ago

    *O o f*

  • Bernardino Layos
    Bernardino Layos 29 days ago

    Number 12 was a funny

  • Furretwalk 969
    Furretwalk 969 29 days ago +1

    #15 is like scp 173

  • Gxchx jtfa
    Gxchx jtfa 29 days ago

    That's like scp 173 when you look away and it teleports 0:01