Democracy: A Retrospective | December 12, 2018 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • Transmission incoming from 2068 to 2018, the last known year of American democracy: no amount of blue wave can wash away the moral depravity of the GOP as they perform their last-ditch power grabs.
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Comments • 433

  • Loren Renee
    Loren Renee 6 hours ago

    It’s 2019 now and it’s only gotten worse. WAY worse.

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 6 days ago

    shame she can't just go *further* back in time and stop Trump from winning the election for some reason

  • Patricia Handa
    Patricia Handa Month ago

    For a couple years after Trump was elected, I tried to understand the mindset of the people who elected him. I figured it out, namely that they care more about their COUNTY than their COUNTRY. So long as they, their family, their county seat, and possibly a church or other in-group are coming out on top, they really don't care who else suffers or how much. They think this is just fine and what everyone REALLY does and that people just lie about doing anything else (projection). They do not understand or care to learn that locking the trapdoors to keep down all the below-decks people and letting them drown while the boat sinks because "well, me and all my buddies up here on the deck are fine and dry" does not work as a long-term solution to the problem of the boat sinking.

  • Rebecca Sickler
    Rebecca Sickler 4 months ago

    This is why it's so important to vote in all elections. Democrats are going to have to take back control a little at a time, but we have to vote. We have to be active in our own government.

  • lutascheier
    lutascheier 4 months ago

    Don't conservatives always claim they need their guns to stand up against tyranny and oppression by the government?!

  • Shawn
    Shawn 4 months ago

    Republicunts are the worst cancer to ever happen to this country

  • donnie darko
    donnie darko 4 months ago

    Republicans and Democrats, ironic that America is becoming neither a republic nor a democracy.

  • Italiano Dio
    Italiano Dio 4 months ago

    Convicted criminals should not be allowed to vote. Common sense. Or else they will more likely vote for criminals, (i.e. Hillary).

  • magellanthecat
    magellanthecat 4 months ago

    In 2018 America hasn't be a democracy for a very long time

  • Axis
    Axis 5 months ago

    This show is funded in full or in part by the Israeli Government.

  • Niceness_of_Gemini
    Niceness_of_Gemini 5 months ago

    0:30 Freedom will be waiting when the *Sonic Series Dies*

  • Steven Capitano Calitri

    Despite my dislike of most conservative ideals. And my disgust for the orange guy. That prison reform bill certainly deserves credit. It’s a big step forward.

    • Steven Capitano Calitri
      Steven Capitano Calitri 5 months ago +1

      BinaryStarofShaolin I’m not trying to put Trump on a pedestal. But there are many other details you left out that are helpful, and the real limitation is it applies to only a small fraction of prisoners since state incarceration is the real beast. But it’s a move that will propel states to step it up. It should be encouraged and applauded so more can follow on the state level. Dismissing the potentially best prison reform yet seems to only be a political move. All steps forward should be noted. I feel if people on the left or right can never be wrong or never give credit when it’s due, than we care more about being right than growing.

    • BinaryStarofShaolin
      BinaryStarofShaolin 5 months ago

      There was extremely limited action on sentencing reform. It retroactively applied the 2010 FSA to a couple thousand people currently in federal prison and it expanded safety valve available to judges who don't want to hand out mandatory minimums.
      Trump just does what people tell him to do and there are only a few issues on which he will buck Congress, seemingly at the direction of others as well.
      What House Democrats should do immediately is introduce a CJ reform bill that goes much much further. The way that First Step was talked about made it seem much more significant than it actually was. That might help Dems garner more public support for their actually significant measure.

    • BinaryStarofShaolin
      BinaryStarofShaolin 5 months ago

      I mean it doesn't do anything about the actual things causing mass incarceration. Mandatory minimums are still in effect, there was no action on sentencing reform. And Republicans only did this because the Koch brothers want more cheap labor. The law does expand good time credits so people on good behavior have a better chance to get out sooner. But yeah, the motivation on the right is not altruism but the desire to exploit cheap labor. There's no measures in the law to help with reintegration.

  • V^² Volgraza
    V^² Volgraza 5 months ago

    looks like they solved the cloths disappearing when you go back in time problem. so yay for that.

  • Joan Tron
    Joan Tron 5 months ago

    Lol people think we live in a democracy

  • SamBam
    SamBam 5 months ago

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    And a government for hire and a combat site
    Left her, wasn't coming in a hurry
    With the Furies breathing down your neck
    Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped
    Look at that low plane, fine, then
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  • The Batman
    The Batman 5 months ago

    That's the best pick of Rick scott

  • Amélie Carré
    Amélie Carré 5 months ago

    HOw do you not start a revolt over that ?

  • Knowledgeis halfthebattle

    Twenty million people live in Florida. The small percent (600,000) that voted for felons to vote are either felons or relatives of felons...

  • Knock it off Spade
    Knock it off Spade 5 months ago

    Lol, it died well before 2018. =(

  • Blacks4 Trump
    Blacks4 Trump 5 months ago

    Man lelouch was right, when he said you people love your democracy he wasn't kidding. Look at you animals eating stuff up like her and staff are smart individuals.

  • Dave Gordon
    Dave Gordon 5 months ago

    As annoying as Ted Cruz is he actually kind of looks hot with a beard lol that might be the only thing going for him and I mean in every way step-change look in his life that he has that he can actually maybe have some pride on.

  • WolfsInferno
    WolfsInferno 5 months ago

    I'll put this in a nice way... This lady isn't that smart😁

  • Grayson Carr
    Grayson Carr 6 months ago

    What a frustrating ending. Funny and informative segment while also spent the entire time beating around the bush of "voting doesn't work," then has a generic call to action of "don't let this happen!" then ends the segment. Give some suggestions!

  • Nikki Graywood
    Nikki Graywood 6 months ago


  • william badovinac
    william badovinac 6 months ago

    not far from true

  • booshaw24
    booshaw24 6 months ago +2

    conservatives cheating and changing the rules after losing an election, its like they are snowflakes or something haha

  • Patrick
    Patrick 6 months ago

    Nobody else is on the air right now so I'm forced to watch this one.

  • discipleofsakura
    discipleofsakura 6 months ago +1

    We can bring guns into the WI state building? So there's a way to take back our democracy there...

  • Jared Frost
    Jared Frost 6 months ago +1

    *"Democracy" can't possibly exist in a monetary/market system.* Even the "Founding Fathers" understood this, pointing out that people with money and power will always strive to maximize their position in the market. Wealth imbalances / hierarchy, compounded with strategic advantage / competition, ensures this. EVERYTHING is for sale in this system, including politicians and legislation (government). Why else is lobbying legal? Why else are politicians generally from rich families and connected to big corporations? It's not some anomaly or "crony-ism". Corruption is a built in characteristic of capitalism/communism/socialism. If you want to promote a health society, it must be designed into the foundational structure. [reference: The Zeitgeist Movement].

  • Hit Reset Button
    Hit Reset Button 6 months ago

    Samantha Bee ~ Awesome as Always!!!

  • Adriene S.
    Adriene S. 6 months ago

    Living in wisconsin and being disenfranchised are the same picture.

  • NoName DrumGuy
    NoName DrumGuy 6 months ago

    What better way to "love america" than to eff over the opposition taking your job, then blame them for not being able to get things done.

  • Meh Jones
    Meh Jones 6 months ago +1

    Democracy died in July of 2016, when the corporate Dems succeeded in the election fraud it took to push Bernie out of the running. But you will never address that because your show helped diss Bernie and promotes HRC. EW! YECH! I so wanted a woman's show to not be sold out. Oh well
    P.S. I voted for a woman just not THAT woman.

  • Tsubadai Khan
    Tsubadai Khan 6 months ago

    You Americans are so lazy. French President gives Corporations a tax break & tries to put a tax on normal people & they riot for weeks. Your president gives the rich a tax break & doesn't try to pay for it. When the world stops buying oil with US dollars you'll be Greece, broke & wondering how it happened....

  • Yes I’m Blessed
    Yes I’m Blessed 6 months ago

    This is all scary stuff. Hey trump cultists, is this the kind of country you want?

  • Erick Khaile Zent
    Erick Khaile Zent 6 months ago

    Why isn't she talking about New Jersey? I feel like she should note that Democrats are behaving un-democratically as well and must change that type of behavior as well.

  • Jill Tamada
    Jill Tamada 6 months ago

    The GOP is on its last legs and those legs are old.

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 6 months ago

    Amerikkka made these pathetic & unethical laws to disadvantage black people after centuries of slavery/cruelty......and now they are using those very same "Jim Crow" laws to disadvantage white people!! 😏🤔😑
    I'm drinking from a very tall glass of "irony", right now!! 🥤

  • Ford Henry
    Ford Henry 6 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with liberals going full fascist with their political correctness movements. Antifa should be the new police force, since they throw rocks and pepper spray old people so well!
    Liberals are so much more moral and enlightened, they actually levitate about the rest of us!

  • blahcat1
    blahcat1 6 months ago

    she's hot. lol

  • Luliby
    Luliby 6 months ago

    What is wrong with our Republican party? This is straight up unamerican.

  • Diarmuhnd
    Diarmuhnd 6 months ago

    Choice is a lie.
    Honour is a lie.
    Peace is a lie.

  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard 6 months ago +3

    Democracy is only ever as strong as the people willing to defend it. How strong are you really America? How much does your democracy & freedom really mean to you? Are you willing to fight to defend it? (by fight I don't mean physically or with guns, but with the true power you have - your voices)

  • 19thHour
    19thHour 6 months ago +1

    Well if Sam Bee can survive in the future, it can't be all that bad.

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake 6 months ago

    As a Australian , I you Canada. . Mormons They Believe Jesus Is American.

  • zomaarwat9
    zomaarwat9 6 months ago

    What foul country.
    You guys really know how to live in a extremist religious country. ISIS are amateurs compared to US fckn A.

  • J Griffin
    J Griffin 6 months ago

    Vile and Sad

  • Kayan L
    Kayan L 6 months ago

    This is why the GOP is still sticking with orange mushroom head because he is the one doing all the distraction while the GOP comes up behind the American people and steal their votes and choices. Criminal in office... No problem, just don't worry about what we are doing behind the curtains.

  • AccordingToLorna
    AccordingToLorna 6 months ago +2

    Utah's "compromise" also takes away several other aspects of the marijuana law, such as who qualifies, limiting prescriptions to 2-week dosages, and taking away any ability to grow it if you live hundreds of miles from a "pharmacy."
    Welcome to Utah, where the religion's made up and votes don't matter.

  • Ceci Markley
    Ceci Markley 6 months ago

    Wow, Sam looks good for 100

  • erzan
    erzan 6 months ago +2

    The State comprising with a Religous organisation. Is this Afghanistan and the Taliban? Oh, wait, no the USA. 👍

  • Jeremy Detzner
    Jeremy Detzner 6 months ago

    In the defense of my family, most of us are against the Secretary of State in Florida.
    Seriously, look it up, my name isn’t very common.

  • Claire Robin
    Claire Robin 6 months ago

    I'm still waiting for SB to say something funny. Why does she have her own show?

  • James Turner
    James Turner 6 months ago +1

    Sam in 2068: notice, still hot af. Def.

  • Working Class Gotham
    Working Class Gotham 6 months ago

    What's the problem? When the gender studies crowd prefers to put their energies banning 'Baby it's Cold Outside' on radio stations - the Koch/GOP bandwagon will ride on through. The vote since 1920 - and not much to show for it except the blame game.

  • CaptHiltz
    CaptHiltz 6 months ago

    What's wrong with having a liberal governor? Answer: nothing even if you're a Conservative. I am beyond sick and tired of Conservatives saying that Liberalism is basically a disease. Honestly, the way Republicans are acting I think they are the ones with the rotting diseased brains.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 6 months ago

    The Republican majority MO state legislature is also trying to overturn what the ppl voted for or against. Voters need to wisen up and stop electing republicans all together. They don’t work for the ppl, they prevent anything passing for the M&L income ppl or do whatever they can to prevent Dems, through power grabs, slashing funding, refusing advice and consent for judges, etc from being able to help M&L income ppl. Greed, the wealthy, and power is all they care about.

  • Sergei Fedorov
    Sergei Fedorov 6 months ago

    This is CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL BEHAVIOR. THESE GD CROOKS WILL LOSE IN COURT IN 2019 & I can only hope end up in federal prison for direct corruption.

  • Lynn Perry
    Lynn Perry 6 months ago

    No one might have asked for it, but Studio 60 did some stunning work. I loved it. Which is why it failed of course. I try not to love shows. Unfortunately, I can't help myself with yours, Mz Bee! You're just to great!

  • Chunkboi
    Chunkboi 6 months ago

    I see they fixed the issue with the time displacement system destroying clothes.

  • Will Spies
    Will Spies 6 months ago +3

    I just have to laugh when I see all these liberal lemmings commenting on conservatives. I love all the pain and agony you all seem to be in. Makes me sooo happy. I am only sorry it comes to an end the next presidential election when we get another liberal idiot for president.

    • Will Spies
      Will Spies 6 months ago

      @José Hunter's EW&F Remixes The pain liberals express is all self-inflicted so yes, I do derive pleasure from that. As far as your Christian analogy goes, I couldn't care less what your religious beliefs are.

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes
      José Hunter's EW&F Remixes 6 months ago +3

      So, you derive pleasure from the suffering of others? I bet if you were around 2K years ago, you'd be having the time of your life while someone was slowly tortured to death over a 3 day period.
      Very Christian of you

  • FlowerofDissolution
    FlowerofDissolution 6 months ago

    The ideas these Republicans put forward have me completely loose faith in American Democracy.

  • Judy Parent
    Judy Parent 6 months ago

    Sam Bee for president.

  • Above All, United
    Above All, United 6 months ago

    Trump is the president America deserves. Fundamentally corrupt political system from bottom to top.

  • Steph Ss
    Steph Ss 6 months ago

    This just in, Butina and her Republican 'boyfriend' are russian spies. Are the republicans, who are trying to quash the Dem's voted representative, closely tied to the NRA? Why else are they so desperate to keep power in that district?

  • KootFloris
    KootFloris 6 months ago

    Democracy is deeply flawed and barbaric in essence. Renew it!

  • My Cat Plays Games
    My Cat Plays Games 6 months ago

    Who told their Mom she should talk politics?

  • Odus Omo
    Odus Omo 6 months ago

    Democracy! The greatest American export to the rest of the barbaric nations. Hope you are proud of yourselves.

  • gushanana
    gushanana 6 months ago

    So what can be done?

  • Kevin Kunitskaya
    Kevin Kunitskaya 6 months ago

    I love this show, but America is not a democracy and never intended to be, it's a representative republic! if americans want to fix the democratic deficit they need to redesign their government!

  • hope peace
    hope peace 6 months ago

    Shame on all republican in these state legislatures for ignoring the will of the people and greedily grasping at maintaining their power while stripping the power of men and women legally elected by the people of these states. Republicans, your days are numbered.

  • Brian Hensley
    Brian Hensley 6 months ago

    Useless complaining to further disenfranchise a divided nation. Learn how to compromise on both sides, let the Republicans have their guns and let the liberals get abortions, see how that works everyone gets something they want. Happy planet.

  • ELWest1000
    ELWest1000 6 months ago

    The list of states I don't ever want to set foot in is shrinking by the minute. And I live in one. :P

    • Amnon Meyers
      Amnon Meyers 6 months ago

      ELWest1000. Growing by the minute, perhaps?

  • theGhoulman
    theGhoulman 6 months ago

    Classic Sam B. Terrific research, points out real goings on at ground level and reports the facts. If it weren't for the comedy rapidfire this could easily be an evening news program. Not sure WHO's evening news program... but still.

  • Chrono Red
    Chrono Red 6 months ago

    Hopefully we get new laws to keep this from happening again. Everyone of those people who suppressed votes, needs to be under FBI investigation.
    To go against American voters, is the same as treason and terrorism. To deny Americans The right to vote should be illegal, and called out.

  • J. Pitkin
    J. Pitkin 6 months ago

    We want ex convicts to vote because?

    • Amnon Meyers
      Amnon Meyers 6 months ago

      J. Pitkin. Because we have a Constitution in the USA that does not disenfranchise citizens who have served their time in jail.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 6 months ago

    This one was hard to laugh at... it’s necessary though.

  • DestroyerMariko
    DestroyerMariko 6 months ago

    Watching this from Australia is insane. We go into caretaker mode _before_ elections so that nothing like this could ever take place. So bizarre that America doesn't have a similar system.

  • Ryan Hayle
    Ryan Hayle 6 months ago


  • roguedogx
    roguedogx 6 months ago

    5:12 for the most part I can attest to this.

  • Richard Peck
    Richard Peck 6 months ago

    Who else has had enough black rifle coffee ads?

  • vazak11
    vazak11 6 months ago

    Thanks for covering this.

  • Kevin Street
    Kevin Street 6 months ago

    Wow, Republicans really don't care about voters at all.

  • Phil Rabe
    Phil Rabe 6 months ago

    And Missouri voters approved a statewide minimum wage rise but the GOP led legislature basicasically said "F that, NO". It wasn't a veto, because the legislature doesn't have the power to veto a popular vote from the electorate.

  • oogachaka
    oogachaka 6 months ago

    Democracy died when Bush Jr. was appointed as POTUS by the SCOTUS.

  • john eckhartjr
    john eckhartjr 6 months ago

    abort your babies grab your guns put you in prison for using the wrong pronoun let criminal aliens in run wild through the streets Democrat platform

  • Erroneous Botch
    Erroneous Botch 6 months ago +1

    Just a reminder: if you vote Republican you are a P.O.S.

  • PussyGalore
    PussyGalore 6 months ago +1

    Trumpublicans are a terrorist cult; RELIGION poisons everything.

  • thatjillgirl
    thatjillgirl 6 months ago +8

    This happens to us in Oklahoma every time we pass a progressive ballot measure. The conservative legislature immediately starts making changes and addenda to the law that effectively render it useless, or at least not the same law that voters intended to pass. This is when I wonder why people keep electing these same legislators into office. Gerrymandering explains a bit of it, but some of it is voters just straight up shooting themselves in the foot out of blind party loyalty.

  • Tzvi Krasner
    Tzvi Krasner 6 months ago

    The Republican Party needs to be declared illegal.

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 6 months ago

    Trump and the GOP are actually pretty good, as the worst example of how to run the administration of a nation, and how to behave as intelligent human beings.

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis 6 months ago


  • clipobserver
    clipobserver 6 months ago

    So the Republican accuses Democrats of wanting to turn the US into a communist country but the GOP are ones turning this country into a dictatorship.

  • Uriel238
    Uriel238 6 months ago

    _In 2068, America hasn't been a democracy for a very long time._
    In 2018, America hasn't been a democracy for a very long time.
    In 1918, America was already pretty-much-not-a-democracy, and we hadn't even let women vote yet.
    The US has tried out democracy about as much as the Soviet Union tried out communism, and the sooner we acknowledge that we're _not_ a democracy. The US once took some teeny-tiny steps toward democracy (a not-very-much-more perfect union). But we need to take some huge steps before legitimately calling ourselves a democracy. So long as we pretend we are or ever were one, we're not going to take those steps.

  • Brian PRM
    Brian PRM 6 months ago

    The Republican Party is so sleezey.

  • Justin Silvasy
    Justin Silvasy 6 months ago +1

    Sam Bee is right, Sonic has been going in a really, really weird direction for awhile now.

  • Michael Mara
    Michael Mara 6 months ago +3

    Robert Mueller, making America great again!

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 6 months ago

    I think this is all about water. The GOP wants to privatize EVERYTHING, and are after the Great Lakes.

  • Rodolfo Ayala
    Rodolfo Ayala 6 months ago

    Corrupt Republicans leaders.

  • Vocal Fry
    Vocal Fry 6 months ago

    So it wasn't in 2016 when Hillary committed the largest election fraud in U.S. history?