What weightlessness feels like on Zero-G planes

  • Published on May 3, 2017
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    The zero g plane, also known as a parabolic flight, or the vomit comet, flies in parabolic trajectories to give a brief experience of weightlessness. This flight, operated by Novespace in Bordeaux, France, offered 14 weightless parabolas, 2 parabolas with a simulation of moon gravity, and one with Mars gravity. I brought some demos to try out on the vomit comet, with little to no success. But who can ever prepare for these weightless things? Watch to find out whether I threw up!
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    Creator: Dianna Cowern
    Animator: Kyle Norby
    Resident physics PhD student: Dan Walsh
    music: APM

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  • GamerStreak
    GamerStreak Day ago

    she almost looks like Simone Giertz

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    setphaser 2 days ago

    it seems odd to me that you wouldn’t have been invited directly early on. you’d be the first person i’d call

  • moffin25
    moffin25 4 days ago

    Your amazing

  • Easy Goin
    Easy Goin 4 days ago

    What I love about Physics Girl: the combination of such intelligence with such enthusiasm!

  • Harish Raj
    Harish Raj 5 days ago

    Your wow sounds like ......😂😂😂

  • fib notnow
    fib notnow 6 days ago

    Based on the thumbnail, actual zero-G gives you an instant face-lift.

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  • TrustMe I HaveNoName

    8:53... Me looking inside the freezer finding something to eat.😢

  • Tony Toka
    Tony Toka 8 days ago

    These planes have been around for years ...nothing new

  • Thomas Kossatz
    Thomas Kossatz 8 days ago

    magine this with a 737Max :)

  • MRM
    MRM 10 days ago

    I'm in love

  • Olivia KASS
    Olivia KASS 10 days ago

    Omg that sad face when the other guy stopped the gyroscope😭

  • Aayush Regmi
    Aayush Regmi 11 days ago

    Q) why dont we feel the movement of the earth?

  • benn zhong
    benn zhong 12 days ago

    wait,you were there with derek from veritasium?? wow. both you and him one the same trip but in both different video?

  • Alex DeLarge
    Alex DeLarge 13 days ago

    Derek is EVERYWHERE!

  • nippon19
    nippon19 14 days ago

    hi, here from e-penser channel, so happy you liked the flight, i hope you maybe one day doing a video /w bruce ^^
    i'm not very skilled in english so i will try to watch some of your videos later.

  • Fawis86
    Fawis86 15 days ago

    Can i ride it

  • Gary Clouse
    Gary Clouse 15 days ago

    Why you got EU stars on your shoulder???? Doesn't NASA have a plane like this??? The "Vomit Comet" is NASA's aircraft not the European Union aircraft!!! Quit screwing up your facts!

  • AntiSocial Atheist
    AntiSocial Atheist 17 days ago

    I'm watching this with my 5 and 6 year old daughters. I hope they fall in love with physics like I have. I love that we have women like physics girl out there trying to educate the next generation. They should award her a medal.

  • Rohit Prajapati
    Rohit Prajapati 18 days ago

    If the rate of acceleration does not decrease with increase in speed then a high gravitational force should increase it beyond the speed of light. where does the acceleration fade or stop.

  • Varghese Joshypellissery

    did you felt suffocation

  • Bedroom Bunny
    Bedroom Bunny 19 days ago

    This is seriously on my bucket list. Being able to feel what it would be like to live on Mars of the Moon AAAAH the thought alone makes the massive science nerd inside me so happy.

  • Bill Seidel
    Bill Seidel 19 days ago +1

    Awesome that they did various gravitational forces, like Moon and Mars!

  • Christoph Bouche-eh!

    That is so neat. I wonder if the tumblers on a traditional lock would be easier to manipulate in zero g or would the springs still press down with the same force and it be no different..... 🤔

  • Lucy Gulden
    Lucy Gulden 21 day ago

    I’ll bet by the next generation or two this will be as common an experience as going to the fair or going swimming. Hope we survive global warming so I can be there to try it haha

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 22 days ago

    4:00 I am so disappointed. *YOU* should know better. A parabola is a curved line an object would follow if it was ballistic. The shape of this curve depends only on the horizontal velocity of the object. Basically, it is an orbit.
    At the speed that plane goes that orbit intersects the ground, but if the Earth were tiny, but still hat the same mass, you would just go in a big circle.

  • Do Ma
    Do Ma 22 days ago

    Physics Girl's hair is majestic.

  • SuckMy SpinningBalls
    SuckMy SpinningBalls 23 days ago

    I wish I could experience this is space. It must be so liberating to float in Zero-G for days on end.

  • Miguel Angel Sánchez
    Miguel Angel Sánchez 23 days ago

    Hey Veritasium guy is there.

  • psyrider 666
    psyrider 666 25 days ago

    5:23 she b rollin

  • Curt
    Curt 26 days ago

    Like a bird of such rarest spun heaven-metal or like silvery wine flowing through a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now.

  • Vlad Caso
    Vlad Caso 27 days ago

    5:00 1.8G?
    Normal person: omg das a lot
    Fighter pilot: hold my beer
    Russian fighter pilot in a SU76 Flanker D: hold my vodka

  • Shanine Edwards
    Shanine Edwards 28 days ago

    She looks so cute jumping.. Lol

  • TheMacocko
    TheMacocko 29 days ago

    i have such crush on this girl.

    MICROMORON Month ago

    That 1.8 g pull up/pull out period is about a third of the g force you experience on the world's tallest rollercoaster (which at the time of this comment, is Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure). The hydraulic launch system accelerates trains at 16.3 (m/s)/s (1.7 forward g's) the maximum vertical g force is somewhere around 6 g's depending on the launch speed ( some launches are faster than others, but 128 MPH on average).

  • Attilio
    Attilio Month ago

    Just closed a veritasium video about some zero g stuff and here I am seeing his face again in the first two minutes of this video

  • Helium 72
    Helium 72 Month ago

    IT WAS YOU the spinning girl in the video of Bruce !!!!

  • Neo LPSTM
    Neo LPSTM Month ago

    She’s like a clean version of Jenna Marbles but with more science

  • Sebastian Rieger
    Sebastian Rieger Month ago

    2:04 when you lose internet connection in a game.

  • Willow & Dominoes
    Willow & Dominoes Month ago

    You live once, SO DO THIS
    but like, this HAS to go on my bucket list!,

  • Marcus Jackson
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    This is so sweet

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    40 degrzzzz

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    Romain Sandt Month ago

    I'm discovering you... You could be Simone's sister! Yous ound the same et look really like you're from the same family.

  • Dan The-Man
    Dan The-Man Month ago

    I have a really hard time believing anything an Apple user says. They probably think Volkswagon is the most reliable car maker in the world, too.

    • Tim
      Tim Month ago

      @Dan The-Man I can only talk from my experience but I work at a company that wants us to have a work phone and a laptop so we all get iPhone's and Macbooks by default. I was sceptical at first but they are great products when you get to know them. Most of us also have the option to lease a car, the Volkswagen Golf and Polo are popular choices and I don't see anyone having trouble with it. They are great cars to drive.

    • Dan The-Man
      Dan The-Man Month ago

      @Tim Every Volkswagon owner I've ever known is constantly fixing everything, and Apple is great at engineering serious defects and making the consumers pay through the nose to fix it.

    • Tim
      Tim Month ago

      What are you talking about? Macbooks are great for business and Volkswagen actually makes reliable cars.

  • Eduardo Rocha
    Eduardo Rocha Month ago

    that weightlessness doesn't seem as smooth as you see on the international space station. it looks like there is always some sideway movement that isn't suppose to be there.

  • Tim Hout
    Tim Hout Month ago

    How does this video need support by a sponsor if it's in zero-G?

  • •matt •
    •matt • Month ago

    Can we get an Omg counter and a wow counter

  • Dhrupad gupta
    Dhrupad gupta Month ago

    Gravity is just a frame of reference ...

  • Sirius Lee
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    God I'm so jealous!

  • Nishant Thakur
    Nishant Thakur Month ago

    0:25 would be a great GIF

  • DrRocketman 779
    DrRocketman 779 Month ago

    That looks amazingly fun!

  • epic_m_24
    epic_m_24 Month ago

    Who is watching this now and realizing the VR headset is the Oculus Quest?

  • Tàpai Ferenc
    Tàpai Ferenc Month ago

    Diana zero g just part of the reality thurbulancity,grawity is cvait another think!Feri.

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  • Jennifer Serzynski
    Jennifer Serzynski Month ago +1

    I LOST IT at the onesie comment lol, "whos world is this?"
    So good.

  • Fruitloopy
    Fruitloopy Month ago

    If you get sick on roller coasters would you get sick at this?

  • ipKonfig.com
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    She's always had gorgeous hair, then when it's out there floating around it's like AWWWWWWWW

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  • Awesomus Maximus
    Awesomus Maximus Month ago

    Awesomus Maximus

  • J K
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    epic epic video thank you Dianna!!

  • OrangeC7
    OrangeC7 Month ago +1

    The absolute coolness of this

  • OrangeC7
    OrangeC7 Month ago

    The absolute coolness of this

  • Velveeta
    Velveeta Month ago

    I had to look up what they injected you with for the flight because it sounded like it gave you the same side effects as the medicine I take for my IBS! Turns out I was right! They are both anticholinergics and antispasmodics!

  • David Messer
    David Messer Month ago +1

    This chapter in your biography should be titled: "Oh my gosh! Wow!" :)

  • David Messer
    David Messer Month ago

    When I was a pilot, I flew a couple zero-G parabolas. You can get maybe 10 seconds of zero-G in a small plane. My sister was with me and she had a pencil in her hand that I used as a G meter.
    Obviously, it was nothing like these kind of flights, but it was pretty cool anyway!

  • Luuk Muller
    Luuk Muller Month ago

    3:05 I see what you did there🙃

  • Jaime A Farah
    Jaime A Farah Month ago +1

    Jaime A Farah
    I’m revisiting to pretend again I’m in this flight for a couple of parabolic pull-ups and pull-outs. Ergo, felt weightless for a couple of seconds...
    The third time’s the charm !

  • M James
    M James Month ago +1

    Why did they have to do all that stuff with contracting muscles and not move their eyes?

  • cosmic brownie
    cosmic brownie Month ago

    1:34 aw someone took Inq on a ride! i got so excited seeing the little guy for a second

  • Kim K.
    Kim K. Month ago

    You are absolutely adorable and AMAZING!!!! Thank you SOOO much for sharing this!!

  • Stephen Needham
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    What does comet vomiting cost?

  • MajorTomOO
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    Thank you Bruce!

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    somehow this brought joy tears to my eyes. Lovely content

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    "highest expectation, lamest execution"
    hello to the improvisational club, are you new here? ^^

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  • Ian Bradley
    Ian Bradley Month ago

    Oh, did I find you through Veritasium? This is the best zero G vid I've seen, it absolutely captures the weirdness and the noise:)

  • Varis Liadon
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    What about the g-spot face?

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    5:43 Perfect sync

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    The space shuttle pulls 3g all the way to engine cut-off.

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien 2 months ago

    I love nerdy, hot, enthusiastic, science chicks. OMG, you're awesome. You're a Comiccon Dream. Hope you realize that's an extreme compliment.

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    Its interesting to see a person become more attractive because of intellect.

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    Simone Giertz copycat???

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    the thumbnail looks like vaylin.

  • Philip Y
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    Time = (1/4) Sqrt(Altitude) = the time to free fall from 37,000 feet ......... You're welcome.. :)

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    She’s so friggin pretty!

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