5 Mysterious People You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
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    As most of you know by now, I’m sure, this world that we all are living in is pretty crazy! If you’ve been watching our videos for awhile then you definitely know that haha, but even if this is your first time, we all know that there are tons of very unique, and dare I even say special individuals all over the place! If that’s what you’re into then today is certainly your lucky day, as we’ll be exploring 5 Mysterious People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
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    I love this yt channel!!!! Supreme yo the best, keep making great/awesome vids! #SupremeFamily

  • patrycja szymkowiak-grzelak

    Not true

  • Daughter of Zion
    Daughter of Zion 8 days ago

    Planking sounds pretty white to me. They are very strange disgusting people.🙉🤔

  • kevin griffith
    kevin griffith 10 days ago

    Cool video

  • Edem Edward
    Edem Edward 11 days ago

    I don't think the snake couples are real. I think is a costume

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    Schennae Sinclair 13 days ago

    I love your interesting videos #supremefamily

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    Wow it’s really good

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    your videos makes my day,I love your videos

  • Aurelio Ruiz
    Aurelio Ruiz 19 days ago

    Wow about the 2 snake what evrr they are ...is that real or hoax?

  • Norris Freeman
    Norris Freeman 19 days ago +1

    Those are costumes

  • mighty jacildo
    mighty jacildo 19 days ago

    from hell thast to be good

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    Keep it up,love your videos!!

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    I love learning and finding these things out #supremefamily I love all your vids and I have been here for a while I am subscribed notified and I've been watching and your vids to find out these fascinating things and thanks to you I know so much! I love this channel #supremefamily forever!

  • Peyola Fannis
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    This man is a demon

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    Gabe Zilla 3309 27 days ago

    Cool videos

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  • John Biebel
    John Biebel Month ago

    Those are like the mermaid suits they put them on the same way

  • Michelle Leveque
    Michelle Leveque Month ago +1

    I think the snake people are just snakes put in close and in wigs and put in a fame senery and called snake people

  • Julia Miller
    Julia Miller Month ago

    Blowing my mind

  • Cat Lover Giggle Sauce

    ANIMAL POOPIES!?!?!?!?

  • Dhong'zky Miraflor
    Dhong'zky Miraflor Month ago

    hmm the tail's not real

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    Love your videos keep it up #Supremefamily

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    Soo weird

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    Naj Nonis Month ago

    U are so jok its not true

  • XOXO
    XOXO Month ago

    True story about getting sick and daily showers.
    People used to survive illnesses that kill many today. Studies done papers and books published.
    People who do not use soap shampoos regularly bathe etc are less likely to develop flu colds etc. Actually one study suggested if person from childhood exercises that lifestyle they were 745% less likely to contract disease due to body creating defenses and immunity to germs because soaps and products were not killing bacteria forcing body into fighting.
    Also temperature matter. People less likely to become ill with no heating. We became sicker as heating entered households. Hospitals are cold for reason. Harded for bacteria to grow.
    Your body will acclimate and you will not freeze.

  • cynthia rosas
    cynthia rosas Month ago

    It is yon

  • Funtime Foxy 23710
    Funtime Foxy 23710 Month ago

    Snake disease

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    I love your vids #suprem

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    Your videos are amazing

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  • TheExibite MaddnessGamer

    Titanaboa tail

  • Creepliniana YT
    Creepliniana YT Month ago

    The snake tail look like a pillow snake hotdog pillow and I had kind of that pillow so don't say "they don't have human legs" 😠😡😠😡

  • Giaya Rhea
    Giaya Rhea Month ago +1

    It's your humor n tone of voice that makes them good videos! Makes all the DIFFERENCE! Ty for sharing. Many Blessings family Supreme 😊

  • XxMochi CookiexX
    XxMochi CookiexX Month ago

    Those guys are cosplaying Bai Suzhen and Qing from the chinese drama The Legend of the White Snake

  • XxMochi CookiexX
    XxMochi CookiexX Month ago

    That's a cosplayer

  • Judy Koagow
    Judy Koagow Month ago

    This video is amazing 😉

  • anthony chukwuma
    anthony chukwuma Month ago

    The two with snake looking legs are lies

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    I love all your video sp da ghost. One love .

    DWAYNE Month ago

    There is also person here in Philippines thats not showering/bathing because he’s depressed. All his bones are not okey. Hes just laying at his bed

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