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Man Got Life Time in Prison For Making a Website? What Really Happened

  • Опубликовано: 19 янв 2019
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    What happened to Silk Road on the dark web side of the internet? Why did the owner end up in prison? What was his prison sentence? Who was behind it? What happened to the admin of Silk Road?
    They say that if you look hard enough, you can find just about anything you want on the internet- and if it's not on the internet, then it's probably either on the dark web or the deep web. This was where savvy internet users could access the now infamous Silk Road internet marketplace- described as the eBay of vice, Silk Road connected buyers and sellers who were interested in exchanging everything from weapons to drugs, and quite a few things in between. But just what was the most notorious internet site of all time really about? Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look at the rise and fall of the Darkweb's Silk Road.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Месяц назад +359

    Do you even dare to go on the dark web?

    • Thomas lavis
      Thomas lavis 3 дня назад

      We run TOR

    • cameron carver
      cameron carver 14 дней назад

      Wittywizard 133 tor browser

    • RandomGamer
      RandomGamer 16 дней назад

      I have

    • Rab carn
      Rab carn 16 дней назад

      No never. The consequences are devastating when caught.

    • Derp Phil
      Derp Phil 17 дней назад

      I there everyday, mostly for porn.

  • anton cameran
    anton cameran 16 часов назад

    if the dark web is so out of control why doesnt the government take it down

  • Matt Raska
    Matt Raska День назад

    Ross Ulbricht is a hero of freedom and should be free.

  • mrhangover Rox
    mrhangover Rox 2 дня назад

    I open up bright web, only selling crayons, a4 paper, candies, chips and coke...

  • Susan Crockett
    Susan Crockett 3 дня назад +1

    i think that Amazon is trying to disguise itself as part of the surface web while in reality, it is part of the dark web because you can buy medieval weapons, tasers, and REAL guns on Amazon. The only reason it shows up in search is because it is really good at making itself look like part of the surface web

  • Thomas lavis
    Thomas lavis 3 дня назад

    I hit the bell button so hard when I subscribed I broke my phone screen . I'm 29 with a broken phone 😭

  • GetTheKimura
    GetTheKimura 4 дня назад

    Smh liberals....

  • Avokad
    Avokad 6 дней назад

    and how much is he worse than a lot of ceos and investors of big companies
    oh yeah they bribed politicians
    stupid double morals

  • YA BOY G
    YA BOY G 6 дней назад +1

    Ross Ulbricht did literally nothing wrong

  • iAmHealthy
    iAmHealthy 7 дней назад +1

    They found out who Ross was because of a back-end hack they did on his server when they found a leaked IP. This was incredibly illegal without a warrant, which is why it was never acknowledged by the authorities. But, it’s been damn near proven.
    The notion that they found him through solely a posting board from years earlier is ludicrous.

  • IPushHard
    IPushHard 8 дней назад +1

    Way too long!
    There are people where I live who commit murder and maybe do 7-10 years.
    The guys biggest crime was conspiracy to commit murder. ...other than that, he created an online store. That's it!
    Remember, he didnt actually deal drugs or sell child porn. All he did was make a web site.
    Not a good idea to let guns or child porn in.... I wouldn't have, but that's me.
    Still.... DOUBLE LIFE???? What kind of bat shit crazy bible belt half brained justice is that? ...It's not like all of the drugs, guns, and every type of porn isn't sold every single day anyway. I guarantee you those trades weren't even dented.
    20 years is what he should have gotten. That's a lot of time just for making a web site and being stupid. ... I get it, they needed to make an example, but 20 years is enough of an example.
    His lawyers should be appealing every aspect of this case that they possibly can.

  • Mustaqeem Oof
    Mustaqeem Oof 9 дней назад +1


  • BioCapsule
    BioCapsule 10 дней назад

    Never trust a libertarian.

  • Edward Agora Feenman
    Edward Agora Feenman 12 дней назад

    Nevermind the majority of inaccuracies in the video but at 6:00 minutes you go into complete fantasy. The murder for hire nonsense was never even charged let alone proven in court in any way possible. This channel is full of bullshit, but this goes into the realm of slanderous...

  • Rakshasa
    Rakshasa 13 дней назад

    The Silk Road sold weapons, drugs and CP
    7:27 "Ross Ulbricht claimed to want to make the world a better place"

    • Matt Raska
      Matt Raska День назад

      The Silk Road takes unpredictability of personal interactions out of transactions.

  • Debra Dudley
    Debra Dudley 13 дней назад +1

    The narrator inflicts viewers with that clueless canard about victimless crime when he burbles, "Try telling that to the heartbroken family of [loved one with drug problem."]
    The very illegality of the drugs in question is more than half the problem. The insane profit to be made on the black market is behind the violence the Dark Web entrepreneur purported to be protecting people from. Could such an actor also prevent the damage and death caused by illegal drug vendors who don't have to adhere to the dosage and purity laws overseen by the FDA (talk about heartbroken). I also wonder how helpful it is to parents seeking medical treatment for their seriously drug-addicted child to have to navigate the legal system while they're at it.
    U.S. drug policy is a goddamned disgrace. It needlessly incarcerates citizens (if your drug problem fails to lead you to ruin, a felony conviction will help with that). Police are enriched and corrupted -- and civil rights are routinely violated -- by asset forfeiture laws. The court system groans under the bloated caseload. This list could go on, but we don't have all week.
    Whether the Dark Web guy had good intentions or not (and I lean toward not), schemes like that don't seem helpful to me. Allow recreational drugs to be manufactured by regulated pharmaceutical companies. Implement the price controls, taxation and obligations encumbent upon other legitimate business. Treat substance abuse as the public health problem it is and get law enforcement out of it. Then channel the gazillion dollars we save into education, research and treatment that actually helps instead of hurts.

  • Dylan Thompson
    Dylan Thompson 13 дней назад +1

    You didn't mention once that he claims to have sold the website early on to the next dread pirate Roberts and wasn't the one who betrayed libertarian values.

  • Jack Kuncze
    Jack Kuncze 14 дней назад

    He should’ve taken his 26 million move to Cuba

  • Snappic
    Snappic 14 дней назад

    The deep web is actually pretty fun to use, granted with the proper tools, but once you are there it's a lot less scary than articles make you think it is. But even with this it's still a good idea to do your research and stay safe. Happy Browsing.

  • airsofter2247
    airsofter2247 15 дней назад

    Ive seen sources that say he made about $120 million from the site and the site handled about $9 billion worth of orders?

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 15 дней назад

    honestly dashlane sounds sketch

  • Salima Ben zakour
    Salima Ben zakour 16 дней назад +1

    he deserves it !

  • I_Am_Not_ Rayyaan
    I_Am_Not_ Rayyaan 16 дней назад

    Wait is the deep web and the dark web different web or is it the same but had different name

  • AdMan The Lab Rat
    AdMan The Lab Rat 16 дней назад

    SWIM traveled "The Road" safely and responsibly for almost two years. When it was closed SWIM mistakenly thought that they was the smartest in the wrong room, at the wrong time and with the wrong people). Google, E-Bay, Amazon and even Micro$oft have all kept to their values and so far are succeeding in their individual Missions.

  • 16riverrat
    16riverrat 16 дней назад

    Liberals, ruining the world one idiot at a time

  • Wafflepudding
    Wafflepudding 16 дней назад

    Shoulda used WIX

  • zukodama666
    zukodama666 16 дней назад

    4chan should have been it...

  • Long Pipe Gang
    Long Pipe Gang 16 дней назад

    Ohhhh that’s why they say “mail it to your own address, not your neighbor” because when the feds show up, who is crazy enough to mail class A drugs to their own house?

  • Stefan Reich
    Stefan Reich 16 дней назад +1

    Websites are powerful. And yes, legalize all drugs. Of course

  • Tokegaroh
    Tokegaroh 17 дней назад +1

    Sigh... I miss Silk Road :(

  • 52676843
    52676843 17 дней назад

    Only on the dark web

  • Wyatt Friend
    Wyatt Friend 17 дней назад

    About the question I think it should be 3 lifetimes

  • Ten Slider
    Ten Slider 18 дней назад +1

    there are some misinfo in this video, this dude didn't even know how to write codes. He hired a developer to build the site.

  • Respect Waman
    Respect Waman 18 дней назад

    He is the reason bitcoin went crazy

  • B
    B 18 дней назад +1

    The war on drugs actually has damaged the US more and killed more people than the drugs do

    • Blaze Wing
      Blaze Wing 17 дней назад +1

      Not to mention all the tax payers money wasted on holding drug dealers or users behind bars.

  • get2choppa
    get2choppa 18 дней назад

    im a hackerman cuz i use incognito mode

  • GAGE
    GAGE 19 дней назад +1

    Got a Wix ad, what a coincident

  • Terminator Knight
    Terminator Knight 19 дней назад

    0:33 weapons and droughts?

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne 19 дней назад

    Does anybody else find it weird that this infographic show video involving cops is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long, 911

  • John Hales
    John Hales 19 дней назад

    Oooooh the time on this video is 911, that's 11 if you add the numbers and 1-1 equals zero.... The world JUST ended.

  • Random commenter
    Random commenter 20 дней назад

    'They say you can find about anything on the internet if you look hard enough, but if it's not on the internet, then it's probably on the deep web or dark web'
    So my math hw answers are on the deep or dark web? Fine, I'll just do the math :(

  • Tyra Ellen
    Tyra Ellen 20 дней назад

    6:23 HOWWWW is he trying to help people when he’s selling child porn?

  • Tyra Ellen
    Tyra Ellen 20 дней назад +1

    So...Bitcoin is illegal? Someone enlighten me

    • Blaze Wing
      Blaze Wing 17 дней назад

      No its just a more secure way of making transactions online compared to putting credit card info somewhere where it can get taken. Anyone can buy and sell bitcoin.

  • Nicholaus Buthmann
    Nicholaus Buthmann 20 дней назад

    Ulbricht needed a Ghengis or Kooblah Kahn to protect his Silk Road Empire ( History Nerd Joke ) didn't he? Though I'm glad he didn't!

  • HealthyAndrew
    HealthyAndrew 20 дней назад

    I saw a documentary about this ! It was incredible how a google search found him

  • Darth Vador
    Darth Vador 21 день назад

    He was just trying to make the world a better place

  • Benjamin Wang
    Benjamin Wang 21 день назад

    wheres the wix ad?

  • BeachTurkey
    BeachTurkey 21 день назад

    you don't need to be THAT tech savvy to access the deep web, its not like a thing were only the top of the top 1337 haxors can go onto. Just get tor and a vm and don't use windows on said VM, and that's about it.

  • hourplastic
    hourplastic 22 дня назад

    Making drug use sound so much worse than it is, enabling the attics to destroy themselves. Come on now. The shit should be legalized anyway and it should be a public health issue instead of a war on drugs

  • LobsterLolz
    LobsterLolz 22 дня назад

    let me guess...

    *he used wix to make the website*

  • Top 5
    Top 5 22 дня назад

    video is 9:11 min'

  • Blade
    Blade 22 дня назад

    Every time a RU-clip says deep web I cringe

  • Tatiana Morgan
    Tatiana Morgan 22 дня назад

    This would be an amazing movie

  • Sauce
    Sauce 22 дня назад

    He didn't use Wix that's why

  • matteastwood87
    matteastwood87 22 дня назад +1

    Im still looking for a pet midget, preferably female

  • yorie wayne
    yorie wayne 22 дня назад

    dark weeb?

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire 23 дня назад +1

    When you sell free VBucks in your website.

  • Loader2K1
    Loader2K1 23 дня назад

    Well, this was an interesting video on some Internet criminal history. Keep up the good work.

  • Tatiana Morgan
    Tatiana Morgan 23 дня назад +1

    It’s more like you being in a big house and your locked in the kitchen

  • Mart
    Mart 23 дня назад

    i had a WIX ad while watching this video lol

  • Sketch1994
    Sketch1994 23 дня назад

    "Enable self-destructive addicts to continue their addictions": It's not like they couldn't do it among our shallow society, as they have been doing for hundreds of years...He just saved them from the hassle of meeting a dealer they have to meet just for their illegal transaction (and trust me that would never stop an addict). Don't forget that behind the internet and the dark web there are people too, just like the ones selling drugs to a neighborhood's sidewalk. Having a gun delivered to you sounds too sketchy though...what if a package thief just stole it from your porch? That would be chaotic!

  • Jason Killenberg
    Jason Killenberg 23 дня назад +1

    I’m sorry. Is being a worthless drunk and beating your wife a victimless crime? Let’s make alcohol illegal again, that worked great. Why are we doing this with drugs? I’m not defending the guy, I’m just saying his view on the drug war (that was later distorted) is very appropriate considering that the United States “land of the free and the brave” has 5% of the world population, and 25% of its prisoners. 46% of all inmates are in for drug crimes. And would you rather get real cocaine, yes addictive, but at a verifiable purity, or would you rather get fentanyl-laced baking soda from a dead beat drug dealer, and die after one use? Please. This is old.

    • Blaze Wing
      Blaze Wing 17 дней назад

      ^ THIS

    • Jason Killenberg
      Jason Killenberg 23 дня назад +1

      I’m sick of having to make a common sense argument. We can drink. We can smoke. Nicotine and alcohol are both seriously addictive and destructive psychoactive drugs, but we grew up with them, so they’re ok... If you make morphine-derivatives illegal, you get Fentanyl which is 50x stronger than heroin. But guess what? Will making fentanyl illegal solve the problem? No. Because then there’s one of its analogues, carfentanyl, 100x stronger than fentanyl. This goes on and on. There are infinite drugs out there, and the narrow definition of ‘drug’ makes it impossible to ban ‘all drugs.’ This is a stupid war that’s hurting people more so than helping them. It should be a human right to put whatever you chose in your body. No government or institution should decide for me. If I can sexually identify as a mailbox, I want to be able to smoke a fucking joint once in a while or dare do a line or pop a pill.

  • Nick Prince
    Nick Prince 23 дня назад

    I used the OG SR, it was a bunch of tripping drugs and the occasional hard one. The dude shouldn't get more then 2 years probo.

  • Daver G
    Daver G 24 дня назад

    And the Alpha Bay guy hung himself. They both got caught because they were *fucking stupid* and used their own names,and the Alpha bay guy hosted it on his own company servers and used the same email to access Paypal.

  • Fluffy Kuriboh
    Fluffy Kuriboh 24 дня назад

    AWWW i wish square space funded this one

  • shahrod schuler
    shahrod schuler 24 дня назад

    I watched the video that had a time of 9:11 while it was 7:11 (time)

  • ikey shuster
    ikey shuster 24 дня назад

    0:34 “drougs”

  • Jedsan G
    Jedsan G 24 дня назад

    Great advertisement for the dark web!

  • Pasole Soup
    Pasole Soup 25 дней назад

    What active dark web sites are still in use today?

  • YourNanIsGay
    YourNanIsGay 25 дней назад

    Oh yeah

  • discodench
    discodench 25 дней назад

    Just try and tell a parent about how you sell dangerous drugs online. I'll brb, i need to guy buy some alcohol.

  • Living Honorably
    Living Honorably 25 дней назад

    Those seeking pure freedom without unbreakable rules of morality is the equivalent of evil.
    He wanted the freedom to be evil, aka the freedom from consequences.
    No coherent civil society can allow the freedom of evil lest it crumble under rot

  • Nonny Sports
    Nonny Sports 25 дней назад


  • Remo Crapstuff
    Remo Crapstuff 25 дней назад

    The vid is 9:11 long😳

  • CrazyHynter
    CrazyHynter 25 дней назад +1

    "Keeping all the money and the power he had earned no matter who got hurt or who he had to kill" - sounds like your average politician lol.

    KARASIRA 25 дней назад

    Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members

  • AlimiAlpha
    AlimiAlpha 25 дней назад

    It's so weird being from Austin and finding out this guy is as much of a native as you arr

  • Dark Commando
    Dark Commando 25 дней назад

    He was a great man

  • Ben Clarks
    Ben Clarks 25 дней назад

    The Silk Road is back up ans running but under another name Silk Road 3.1

  • AR-Gaming
    AR-Gaming 26 дней назад

    I miss the silk road was the best sight ever for the longest time

  • Sultan Alrefaie
    Sultan Alrefaie 26 дней назад

    This guy deserve a movie

    • Michael Lujan
      Michael Lujan 25 дней назад

      5 minutes of waiting for a drug package and another 5 of him trying to kill the buyer and seller.

  • TheUsualSuspect
    TheUsualSuspect 26 дней назад

    Double life sentence. Daaaaammnnnnn

  • Cronicas 559
    Cronicas 559 26 дней назад

    The murder for hire charges were dropped and they can never be brought up again. The government investigation was full of corruption. This man does not deserve to die in prison.

  • TheManCalledJustice
    TheManCalledJustice 26 дней назад +1


  • Chester Gray
    Chester Gray 26 дней назад

    Anything past page 8 on a google search has to be dark web

  • Jack Engele
    Jack Engele 27 дней назад

    Lmao Obama gave weapons to criminals

  • Ryan does trumpet and probably other stuff


  • rabbi8meat
    rabbi8meat 27 дней назад

    The dude is a criminal, I get it. What's with the judgy side-comments.

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money 27 дней назад

    fraud boi

  • Henry Bricks
    Henry Bricks 27 дней назад +2

    *this comment section is dark*

  • Sniper X
    Sniper X 27 дней назад

    A side note: this is not just one liberal hypocrite encounter, a lot of proclaimed pro animals and pro choice anti trump liberals in the known majourity of Hollywood actively indulge in child sex slavery operations and many other profanities, and they control the free media including youtube that's why you constantly see eyes, pyramids and goat heads on anything trending and that's why you never hear of the real life allegations and numerous court settlements amongst these elitists.
    And another not too important side note is, the infographics show is concerningly liberal in almost every political video while refusing to acknowledge that it is.
    Do with that info as you wilt.

  • Color My Light
    Color My Light 27 дней назад

    I can't wait until I am older and I tell my grandchildren these stories

  • Nobody NO1
    Nobody NO1 27 дней назад

    Next will be dream market

  • Cringey Potato Club
    Cringey Potato Club 28 дней назад

    N-word Web

  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਟੀਵੀ
    ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਟੀਵੀ 28 дней назад


  • John Doe
    John Doe 28 дней назад

    Addiction is no ones fault except the person who is addicted

    • John Doe
      John Doe 24 дня назад

      Michael Lujan I didn’t mean to imply that drug dealers should not be punished

    • Michael Lujan
      Michael Lujan 25 дней назад

      Does not give a free pass to the supplier.

  • Itz Kimhong
    Itz Kimhong 28 дней назад +1

    9:11 minutes. Good job The Infographics Show

  • Quinn The Quartz
    Quinn The Quartz 28 дней назад

    I would still agree he was trying to help people... Though I am okay with the sell of drugs as if two people consented giving themselves drugs, they should've have the healthcare to recover themselves due to it. Similar how Mad Dog is handled as a hot sauce as you have to be 18+ to buy it.

  • Rinor Kurti
    Rinor Kurti 29 дней назад

    #0:45 he glitched or somthing

  • 14rtz_yt
    14rtz_yt 29 дней назад

    Video is 9:11 long. Does this remind you of something.