Conan Interviews His Assistant Sona Movsesian - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Sona steps in to replace Kumail Nanjiani as the guest and demands that Conan buy her a house.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 362

  • liprandi
    liprandi 29 minutes ago

    Conan looks like a cross between Mrs Doubtfire and Max Headroom

  • Xushe
    Xushe 56 minutes ago

    Conan Can you visit Naruto park?

  • Shocky Boy’s Used Toys

    where did conan's desk go?

    THE STUDIO 11 hours ago

    She is so awesome!!

  • Phil Buckhouse
    Phil Buckhouse Day ago

    They don't even need celebrities. Just Conan and his crew and they are the best.

  • Tess cg And Movies

    5:01 I immediatly thumbs up the video

  • Tonia's Reviews
    Tonia's Reviews Day ago

    Nosferatu of doom! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tomasz Pelczar
    Tomasz Pelczar Day ago

    On NBC I saw for the first time, it was 2004...

  • Mike McKeel
    Mike McKeel 2 days ago

    Sona has a beautiful smile. Also funny. Good job having her on the show.

  • Manhwa Fan
    Manhwa Fan 2 days ago

    This clip will hit double digit millions.

  • Elly Rust
    Elly Rust 2 days ago

    Look at how ugly her profile is wtf. Americans have no beauty standards

  • Monster
    Monster 2 days ago +1

    Something tells me they are going househunting and he ends up buying like a Tipi or something

  • 김태현
    김태현 2 days ago

    Thank you!

  • redrust3
    redrust3 2 days ago +3

    Choice between Sona or one of the Kardashian sisters? No contest!

  • snap2snip
    snap2snip 3 days ago

    I think he meant Nostradamus

  • Audrey
    Audrey 3 days ago +3

    It's like watching a father and daughter with a loving but dysfunctional relationship lol.

  • Fadi Esho
    Fadi Esho 3 days ago +3

    The real question is when will conan make a remote with jordan and sona

  • calypso
    calypso 3 days ago

    i hate sona, get rid of her

  • Chromecast Thisis
    Chromecast Thisis 3 days ago +2

    Why is this interesting than regular celebrity interview. 😀

  • Smarter Than You
    Smarter Than You 4 days ago +1

    Conan and Sona are definitely doing it.

  • Roberto Ibarra
    Roberto Ibarra 5 days ago


  • Wingless Dragon
    Wingless Dragon 5 days ago

    They should interview schlansky next

  • jbillz Money
    jbillz Money 6 days ago

    What is it he keeps talking about his assistant

  • Jordan Mondry
    Jordan Mondry 6 days ago

    “Can I hit that”

  • Nelson Gonzalez
    Nelson Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Sona has no shame! She’s brilliant! 😂

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 7 days ago +1

    Buy her a house.

  • Lil Dump
    Lil Dump 8 days ago

    0:04 if you look really closely at conan's lips when andy says "showy-uppy" you can see him lip-syncing the line , meaning it's scripted , but funny nonetheless

  • Bruno De Marques
    Bruno De Marques 9 days ago

    “Working with you is like dog years” :)

  • Lavwren Beeh
    Lavwren Beeh 9 days ago +4

    Sona is so awesome on Conan needs a Friend Podcast! I love it!!!

  • Os
    Os 9 days ago

    Sona looks like sid from ice age but i'll still hit

  • speedyspooley
    speedyspooley 9 days ago

    She's wifey material if ever there was one.

  • cmeflywva
    cmeflywva 10 days ago

    Conan bought her car so he should buy her a house. Be careful Sona what you ask for from him. Remember his generosity with the car.

  • yeezyhendrix
    yeezyhendrix 10 days ago

    ID on his jacket ?

  • Jack Stone
    Jack Stone 10 days ago

    What race is she?

  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright 10 days ago +2

    Sona is hilarious on the podcast Conan needs a friend

  • Randall Raines
    Randall Raines 10 days ago +1

    Sona please let me take u for dinner.

  • Mr. Shine
    Mr. Shine 10 days ago +1

    Sona rocks so hard!! 🤘😂😂😂

  • Amit Yadav
    Amit Yadav 11 days ago +1

    who needs star guests when you got this kind of staff! 😂

    SMSSHEHR123 11 days ago +2

    We need a sitcom with Conan and his work buddies. It could replace the office.

    SMSSHEHR123 11 days ago

    Ever since he stopped wearing his suit, he looks like he is about to go out on a cold fall day in 2004 on a daily basis.

  • JayBaddAssCutler
    JayBaddAssCutler 11 days ago +38

    I never watch his celeb interviews.
    I'm here for his team and his skits/remotes

  • Dexter Dew
    Dexter Dew 11 days ago

    I dont know why but Sona is fine as hell to me for some reason.

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 11 days ago

    It’s not even obvious he wants to smash

  • Dragon Z Bahamas Rapper

    A sitcom would be funny as hell with Sona. But the improv stuff is much better. Lol. So funny.

  • Dragon Z Bahamas Rapper

    Lol. So funny. Love Sona. She has so much spunk. And so cute. Still laughing.

  • randall2020
    randall2020 12 days ago

    Conan is what Colbert could have been.

  • John Sheppard
    John Sheppard 12 days ago +2

    Conan, could you buy me a house ? I'm a poor teacher.

  • Abraham S.
    Abraham S. 12 days ago

    Dear Conan,
    Would you guys invite Kumail Nanshowupy to the show and then right before you guys anounce the guest call out Sona instead and leave Nanshowupy hanging in the hallway. And invite Sona to be a guest more often please. Yall have a great day!.

  • Deeq Adan
    Deeq Adan 12 days ago +6

    Sonya is Armanian i love that 🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍💓💓💓💯💯💯

  • D Delicious
    D Delicious 12 days ago

    I love his assistant

  • Bobby Mulligan
    Bobby Mulligan 12 days ago

    Now put Jordan on

  • SlayinSaiyan 94
    SlayinSaiyan 94 12 days ago

    I thought he finnaly ended up getting his show at NBC or picked a different major broadcaster?

  • E
    E 12 days ago

    Ireland 0, Armenia 3

  • JH
    JH 12 days ago

    This woman is as interesting as any guest and just as funny as any of them. New format-regular people as guests.

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 12 days ago

    I have the biggest crush on Sona absolutely beautiful

  • Tallon Ansel
    Tallon Ansel 13 days ago

    It must be so awesome working for Conan

  • Toursiveu G
    Toursiveu G 13 days ago +1

    I think Conan meant "Nostradamus of doom", not "Nosferatu"...

  • Kace face
    Kace face 13 days ago

    ...but who cancels on Conan

  • Carter Locc
    Carter Locc 13 days ago

    Is Sona still single? Ask her do she like black men...? I'm 6'2, college graduate, Los Angeles based.....

    • Fred Douglas
      Fred Douglas 11 days ago

      You clearly didnt pay attention to the interview, so why even ask?
      Also, RU-clip isn't a dating site to say " ask her does she like black men" because that's dumb to ask on a OPEN FORUM. What, do you think that someone from the conan show is going to go and ask her and then comment back?

  • Leslie Ellis
    Leslie Ellis 13 days ago +2

    She seems cool and down to earth... and it makes Conan seem more down to Earth for keeping her around for so long.