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Grimes - Shinigami Eyes (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
  • Official Video for “Shinigami Eyes”
    Listen to “Shinigami Eyes” here: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEyes
    Amazon Music: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    Apple Music: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    Deezer: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    iTunes: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    Pandora: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    Soundcloud: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    Spotify: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    RU-clip Music: metaverse.lnk.to/ShinigamiEye...
    Follow Grimes
    Instagram: grimes
    Twitter: Grimezsz
    Facebook: Grimes
    TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@grimes
    Discord: discord.gg/grimessalon
    Directed by BRTHR
    Written by Grimes
    Starring: Jennie Kim, Dorian Electra, Ryon Wu
    Choreographer: Symone Holliday
    Dancers: Symone Holliday, Isis Woodruff, Iz Verdea, Jas Lyn
    Producers: Luigi Rossi, Aiden Magarian, Bryan Younce, Sara Greco
    DP: Christopher Ripley
    Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
    MUA: Natasha Severino
    Hair: Preston Wada
    Prosthetics: Malina Stearns
    XR by Xite Labs
    Xite Labs Creative Director: Vello Virkhaus
    Studio Director: Greg Russell
    3D Artist: Nusi Quero
    Editor: BRTHR
    Animation: Sam Hochman
    Color: Aubrey Woodiwiss
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Comments • 33 216

  • Mefumetto
    Mefumetto 3 months ago +27240

    The visuals are crazy on this one!

  • Keven Rosa
    Keven Rosa Month ago +659

    I definitely believe this is everything she’s always wanted, the setting, the production, I’m happy she’s getting at her highest potential 😍

    • sleewatcher
      sleewatcher 2 days ago

      Maybe should take Elon to court for child support lol

    • l sky
      l sky 4 days ago

      @Captain Obvious Well,do better than her

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 8 days ago

      @Red Riddance So out with the new, in with the old? Nothing of this looks "new" to anyone who has been around during the 1980s...

    • Lighting the Dark Remote Viewing
      Lighting the Dark Remote Viewing 8 days ago

      @Captain Obvious 😂😂😂

  • Venus Argo
    Venus Argo Month ago +309

    She was my subscriber about 12 years ago. I never thought she would become famous. At that time she just had about 2,000 subscribers. Now she has millions of fans. Best wishes.

    • Tiago Martinho
      Tiago Martinho 2 days ago +3

      For those hating on this have no idea how it feels like to know a "star" before stardom came to them. I'm a VERY EARLY Grimes fan but not even as close as this. And it's wholesome. Thanks for sharing Venus.

    • cosmicbinary
      cosmicbinary 8 days ago +6

      i mean i would brag too

    • Zedell123
      Zedell123 8 days ago +3

      @Melissa Moonchild jealous

    • Kario
      Kario 8 days ago +4

      @Melissa Moonchild it's pretty awesome. I appreciate it...

    • Melissa B
      Melissa B 9 days ago +4

      @Melissa Moonchild I was thinking the same lol

  • chad chad
    chad chad 17 days ago +125

    the more I listen to it the better it gets

    • Joel Rivero
      Joel Rivero 4 days ago


    • Private Dancer
      Private Dancer 5 days ago

      I have a stalker and she just can't handle my charm, she deletes all my comments so I'm sure the white fridge lady will be coming for me. Sorry we told you to take the trash out 21 years ago. I know, We are completely unreasonable . Either way you read all my stuff. Hoping to steal some quick witted comments. Tee hee.

    • golden trash
      golden trash 13 days ago +6

      haha weirdly addicting

  • Mo も
    Mo も Month ago +87

    I was sleeping with my earbuds on and I woke up to this playing and now it’s on repeat 👍

  • Rapunzel ASMR
    Rapunzel ASMR 3 months ago +6126

    Im in love with the futuristic vibe!

    • Алена Осокина
      Алена Осокина 4 days ago

      @Captain Obvious Why are you so hateful towards her? The vibes are immaculate, the song is fun, the video is aesthetic and creative af. People like you are a pain in the ass for every artist alive 🙄

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 21 day ago

      It's not "futuristic", it's retro, at best - this is so totally the 1980s... or even 1960s, with the LSD look. Has been. Boring. Re-heated crap.

    • Leonie
      Leonie 2 months ago

      This is a retro vibe.

  • beezy hey
    beezy hey 2 days ago +3

    This is such an amazing song!! Something magical in the way grimes turns a concept into such a beautiful piece of art.
    This track gives me a feeling I cannot describe👌

  • Claudia Y.L
    Claudia Y.L 14 days ago +33


  • lozpopo
    lozpopo Month ago +127

    The beat on this song is so hypnotic. I love the harp intertwined with the rhythm and synths, totally mesmerising.

  • David
    David Month ago +56

    This is the first song by Grimes I’ve ever listened to, and holy. shit. The visuals, the music, the history behind shinigami, wow. Every preconceived thought I’ve had about her is out the window. She. Is. An. ARTIST. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Jon Minaj
    Jon Minaj 3 months ago +12491

    Grimes with a high budget is unstoppable

    • SK ElonPoop
      SK ElonPoop Day ago

      Daddy Elon

    • my nguyen
      my nguyen 4 days ago

      She always serves such good visual concepts! Love seeing artists like her push the envelope and doing it well ♥️

    • Jack
      Jack 5 days ago

      @Gamma epsilon2002 “the most know well person in the world” first im gonna say thats not true lol. look up how much grimes is worth and then look up the same for elon. if he does pay her in “influence” that is weird as hell and gross and no excuse to not pay child support 💀

    • ramon cruz
      ramon cruz 5 days ago

      Hahahah yeah

  • Daniel Matheoli
    Daniel Matheoli Month ago +30

    Meu deus esse clipe sempre me hipnotiza, essa vibe cyber punk e essa música aff 💕

  • Christian Zimm
    Christian Zimm Month ago +35

    I can't wait for her new EP and album!! She is truly the definition of an artist who grows with every album. All of her albums are amazing in their own way, but just look back at the demo-esque sound quality of Geidi Primes, and look at her music now. EVOLUTION.

  • Jameson
    Jameson 3 days ago +2

    Love it, reminds me of the really good demo songs you'd hear in FL studio back in the day.

  • A Michaels
    A Michaels 5 days ago +1

    She just keeps on improving🌠💙

  • Jeancof
    Jeancof 3 months ago +23571

    A JENNIE!!!!!

    • ern_yeager
      ern_yeager 6 hours ago

      i was looking to see if anyone else noticed bc i didn't see any comments so i thought i was the only one for a sec
      its nice to see that people are actually respecting Grimes and her music/MV tho

    • Der LeFailergy
      Der LeFailergy 2 days ago

      @Journey to the other side there are

    • Samrah Jabeen
      Samrah Jabeen 5 days ago

      whats the point lol

    • Sasha Asoid
      Sasha Asoid 7 days ago


  • Lucas Castro
    Lucas Castro 26 days ago +16

    Despues de años sin escuchar grimes me encontré con tremenda joyaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Angelica Duncan
    Angelica Duncan Month ago +103

    In a weird way.. I feel like I’ve lived there before in this music video. Does anyone else feel that way

  • elaine _03
    elaine _03 9 days ago +6

    I'm totally stunned by this. Literally hearing it 10 times I a day. ☺️

  • Jarek Aensland
    Jarek Aensland 11 days ago

    Visuals are amazing! And of course the song too! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Karina TPerez
    Karina TPerez 3 months ago +14236

    This is visual eyecandy, I could just easily pause and draw each frame. The composition and costume design are 100/100 !!!

    • KERMIT freak
      KERMIT freak Month ago

      @Lalalauren the broke up a while ago and he didin't give her any money so...

    • Andi Andi
      Andi Andi 2 months ago

      'visual eyecandy'. Glad you are addicted to this and don't have epilepsy after watching the video 🤣

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez 2 months ago

      She reminds me of Angelina Jolie in the movie Hackers 1995

  • PineappleGMR
    PineappleGMR 9 days ago +2

    OMG I LOVE THIS she looks like a character from a fantasy game or anime

  • Lexy Fuchs
    Lexy Fuchs 18 days ago +2

    I love this!!

  • Roy Bodin
    Roy Bodin 25 days ago +1

    Didn't think I would enjoy this but turns out I really do enjoy it.

  • Churro
    Churro 19 days ago +27

    This feels like it would be played like a sort of outside event and you would vibe and like the song and never hear it again but then you just randomly find it years later

    LEXNDRO 3 months ago +4434


    • eikei
      eikei 3 months ago

      @JeonbunnyKookie🐰 o maior fã do bp do mundo

    • ⁷Airam⟭⟬
      ⁷Airam⟭⟬ 3 months ago

      @JeonbunnyKookie🐰 please don't do that it makes us look bad

    • Apollo dumalanta
      Apollo dumalanta 3 months ago


    • BTS = Broke The Stoveyeondan
      BTS = Broke The Stoveyeondan 3 months ago +2

      @JeonbunnyKookie🐰Man this is why your dad went to get the milk and never came back. And I don't blame him because I wouldn't want to come back either.🙄

  • Chaseon Ritchie
    Chaseon Ritchie 13 days ago +5

    Such An Underrated Artist That I Love She's To Die For In This Music Video

  • Alessandra Denis
    Alessandra Denis Month ago +4

    Mis favoritas juntas 😍😍 demasiada perfección ✨ 💕

  • E Johnson
    E Johnson 20 days ago +7

    Are you ready to die on my shinigami eyes? Everything is fine! Just two phrases carried the entire song… love it!

  • Lisa Goodman
    Lisa Goodman 19 days ago +3

    Very creative, imagery outstanding.
    Love it 💖

  • Trijnie D
    Trijnie D 3 months ago +2194

    She finally got what she deserved. 1 million subs but she deserve even more than that. I'm listening to her music since she released her first song and shes amazing. I love that she has her own style. Totally amazing. You go girl!

    • ïzmïr s.
      ïzmïr s. 4 days ago

      @Agatsuma what is the meaning of life?

    • Agatsuma
      Agatsuma 3 months ago +3

      @riku hell bro i was just answering to spider assasin7 as he asked what is blackpink. Why bothered when I said nothing to you? I didn't mention your name or whatever, why getting on your nerve

    • 💅Boobookittyfuck
      💅Boobookittyfuck 3 months ago

      She's set for life now, she had a kid with the richest man in the world

  • Lara Saikali
    Lara Saikali Month ago +6

    Probably the best music video I have ever seen in my life visually! I love the song too!!!!

  • Mr. Tomatos
    Mr. Tomatos 7 days ago

    Just perfect, thanks Grimes

  • Martika Boers
    Martika Boers 8 days ago +1

    probably my fav song of 2022 and most listened on Spotify :')

    BUTTERCUP0422 Month ago +3

    she is amazing. it's so visual pleasing.

  • Endy
    Endy 3 months ago +1158

    Que lindas!!!! a Jennie e a Grime entregando tudo!!! Música, expressões!!

  • Zmeyka Zzz
    Zmeyka Zzz Month ago

    Damn I can’t stop watching and listening this song. It’s just incredible!! And so hypnotic. I’m in love 😻

  • Linda Popadince
    Linda Popadince 19 days ago +6

    I have been listening to her music since I'm 58, I'm 59 now and I still love her music!

  • Wazza Shaikh
    Wazza Shaikh 18 days ago +3

    My uncle introduced me to her through her track Oblivion and now I got a massive crush on her since then...

    • Billie Q
      Billie Q 7 days ago +1

      she likes elden ring too! shes not like the other girls (bazinga)

  • mskada
    mskada 28 days ago +1

    I absolutely love it ❤️ what a great futuristic vibe 😊

  • Aiden Ginger
    Aiden Ginger 2 months ago +2252

    This sounds like a song you would hear at the fair like on one of those polar express rides where it spins really fast in a circle and I’m living for that

    • Neeladri Ghosh
      Neeladri Ghosh Day ago

      You got issues, Aiden.

    • postler98
      postler98 3 days ago

      Sounds like cars flying through the air and hitting a ball

    • chonkerbonkers
      chonkerbonkers 8 days ago +1

      Excellent description hahah!!!

    • PineappleGMR
      PineappleGMR 9 days ago +1

      True it's true I've been on a ride and it's this has been played IT was awesome and like the ride was crazy

    • Jon Minaj
      Jon Minaj 11 days ago +1

      Hearing “are you ready to die” is the last thing you’d want on a ride

  • Selena Vega
    Selena Vega 17 days ago +1

    First time hearing Grimes.. so unexpectedly talented 👍❤️

  • Callixx
    Callixx Month ago +2

    the song, the lyrics, the video, the asthetic just everything!!! Tysm for this masterpiece!!!

  • Ariadna Rivas
    Ariadna Rivas Month ago +1

    I'm so happy that I found this. This is amazing and unique!

  • Ян Дмитриев
    Ян Дмитриев 10 days ago

    Grimes is the personification of something unusual and I can't convey it 2022

  • Rat Prophet
    Rat Prophet 3 months ago +6171

    Grimes is one artist I wholeheartedly believe when she says "I'm so fucking high"

    • James Latta
      James Latta Month ago

      @Jaxon Pickett No it's everywhere these days. All around me here in our neighborhood. People use on a recreational basis. Back in the day it was an occassional thing. You'd trip on special occassions. Take LSD for a special concert, or a movie or something. Same with speed (Meth.) You'd use during a time when you needed to keep your energy way, way up and then stop. And now no one is afraid of using needles (Heroin.) It's mainstream to mainline (including shooting up Meth) which is insanity.

    • Jaxon Pickett
      Jaxon Pickett Month ago

      @James Latta People may "think" it is, but recreational use is not widespread. The rare rec user who stumbles onto it accidentally is in for a rude awakening, literally.

    • simspawn
      simspawn 2 months ago

      @Timothy Exner did you just claim nobody od's on heroin?

    • Lucy K
      Lucy K 2 months ago

      @[ Мистер ИКС ] channel man this is yt comments not your diary!!!

    • James Latta
      James Latta 2 months ago

      @Timothy Exner Acid is not a recreational drug. But these days people think that it is. Same with heroin and meth.

  • Edil Nolorves
    Edil Nolorves 17 days ago +4

    Perfeito demais pqp

  • jesus marquez
    jesus marquez 25 days ago +5

    Por favor GRIMES otra rolita así T_T

  • sushifornico
    sushifornico Month ago +4

    Hey Grimes - wow your music is super awesome!

  • maddiemayart
    maddiemayart 20 days ago +1

    i have this song on replay LMAO im so excited to see Grimes in August i hope she performs this song

  • Alexandra Maria
    Alexandra Maria 3 months ago +838

    I dont care what other people think, grimes is one of the most creative artists in the music industry.

    • Coke
      Coke 3 months ago +1

      @Sapphire S Bro rlly wrote an entire essay over nothing

    • Sapphire S
      Sapphire S 3 months ago +2

      @Natalie Wong I think that was her intention. She’s never wrote main stream music. She just genuinely writes about stuff she interested in and her style has always been w this vibe sonically . She was catapulted into popularity when she dated Musk and people expect her to be something she’s not. She’s always been on this wavelength

    • BeTx EnGi
      BeTx EnGi 3 months ago

      @Jimmy Fell on Weel all I hear from her is "ARE you ready to die (singing something) Shinigami eyes (singing again something) Everything is fine 💀
      Lyrics would be useful

    • BeTx EnGi
      BeTx EnGi 3 months ago

      @Sapphire S 2nd the most popular ever? Well I doubt when there is Kimi no nawa, Koe no Katachi, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword arts online, Spirited Away and many more
      I heard from many people that Death note is not that good and Honestly I watched one episode and didn't comeback to this Anime ever again

    • Sapphire S
      Sapphire S 3 months ago

      @Coke She’s clearly portraying a feminine version of Light here (Light’s and Misa’s roles are switched). One overarching theme in the anime/manga is the power dynamics between genders. Every woman that was smart enough or wanted to help further Light’s plan was either used as a pawn or murdered. There even is a copycat scene of Light and Misa’s hugging at Light’s house where Misa is vulnerable but Light’s internal monologue is to use Misa as long as he needs and then he’ll just kill her. However in this video, Grimes DOES end up killing her partner. I understand the lyrics are hard to hear but looking up the lyrics, it’s extremely self-explanatory (And young men’s love doth die, never in their hearts, only in their eyes….) People are so distracted by the visuals that Grimes added they’re like “i don’t get it this is stupid🤪”. If you don’t like it, fine but don’t say there isn’t a story just because you’re too distracted to see it.

  • João Helder
    João Helder Month ago +5

    Masterpiece!!!! 🙌❤️

  • Lofi Andex
    Lofi Andex Month ago +4

    I'm sitting here in the dark looking out the sliding glass door but staring at the flickering flames from the fireplace reflection, sipping on green tea...I might move out onto the balcony for a change of scenery just see if little flakes of snow will show tonight...feels like another sleepless night for me.

    PONYBADASS Month ago +4

    I love this song so much🖤

  • Chronos
    Chronos Month ago

    Brasil marcando presença.
    Cool video. Wish Grimes were more recognized in my country. She deserves for all her creativity.

  • Jahayra Sanchez
    Jahayra Sanchez 3 months ago +578

    Me sorprende que YG haya permitido a Jennie participar con una artista, de todas maneras, estoy feliz ver a mis chicas en nuevos proyectos, y felicidades a Grimes por su lanzamiento, me gustó su canción y el estilo que tiene, ahora empezaré a escuchar su discografía. 🖤💓

    • Mia
      Mia 3 months ago

      @rosé ♡ no, pero aún así YG es dueño de la imagen de Jennie

    • rosé ♡
      rosé ♡ 3 months ago

      @Betzi R. No solo porque es una artista de su empresa tiene que contar todo de su vida

    • Betzi R.
      Betzi R. 3 months ago

      @Jahayra Sanchez en mi opinión yg no sabía.... La ropa, el peinado y el maquillaje es del mismo dia..... De cuando Jennie estaba en varias fiestas en halloween.......😞✌️

    • Betzi R.
      Betzi R. 3 months ago

      @Génesis PV a sorry entendí mal 😞✌️

  • Deepak Chermakani
    Deepak Chermakani Month ago +2

    Have you got your shinigami eyes on?
    Are you ready to die on my Shinigami eyes?
    The lyrics and the way she sings it are cute and funny and magical, all the same time

  • Rachel Andrews
    Rachel Andrews Month ago

    This is one of those songs I need to watch the video with to appreciate

  • GhostnToast
    GhostnToast Month ago +1

    Honestly it's a cool videos and I do love the song. For me though I wish it had more Death Note like elements.

  • Melissa Ball
    Melissa Ball Month ago +2

    Love it❤ Grimes you are amazing 👏

  • kitzzzia
    kitzzzia 3 months ago +1961

    This is so fucking sick, the song is too good, I really can't stop listening to it, the video is INSANE, again you surprise me GRIMES! you're the best.🖤

    • kitzzzia
      kitzzzia 3 months ago +10

      @Black Black JENNIE got all my attention when she came out, although it was a short time, she looks really beautiful as always 💗🖤

    • RamsésTV
      RamsésTV 3 months ago +19

      @Black Black Jennie? Wtf she was just a little cameo, has nothing to do with the creative part

    • Octagon9
      Octagon9 3 months ago +1

      ain’t seen nothin like that
      If you have please let me know cause
      Very curious

  • ඞ
     Month ago +1

    And to think a lot of footage was lost 😭 and still this video is a masterpiece.

  • sry4gotmyusername
    sry4gotmyusername 16 days ago +1

    Grimes, Queen of the aesthetics.

  • MoeE O
    MoeE O Month ago +4

    i honestly loved every single part of this

  • nini
    nini Month ago +1

    I love everything about this I wanna live in that world

  • ArtisticAlexis
    ArtisticAlexis 3 months ago +5304

    I've scrolled through _SO_ many comments & no one is talking about Grimes amazing homage to the famed Manga & anime series _Death Note._ The menacing sound in the beginning is from the series' soundtrack. I love this amazing song & video!

    • Alessandra Ferretti
      Alessandra Ferretti 2 months ago

      @Brandon Y the creator of death note didn’t make Shinigamies you know. It’s part of some kind of mythology

    • EP
      EP 2 months ago

      Dude literally everybody knows the reference

    • sauce: trust me
      sauce: trust me 3 months ago

      @Black Rose ur cringe bro

    • sauce: trust me
      sauce: trust me 3 months ago

      @Dark Demigod it's not that deep bro

    • Catinho
      Catinho 3 months ago

      @sexy buns not liking and hating are two different things

  • Syztemz
    Syztemz Month ago +2

    Thanks to rocket league i met Grimes the visuals are WTF from other world i fkng love it

  • London
    London 16 days ago +3

    You are Magnificently Talented!!! The Visuals are mind-blowing and I love the way you take a selfie as you journey on…extremely resilient! The house vibe is so uniquely you!!! Thank you for this Visual Treat!!! ♥️👍🏽♥️

  • kamcio 2345
    kamcio 2345 Month ago +1

    I Am Impressed Like Hell
    Its Like a Whole New Universum!!!
    My Fav Hunter Grimes With Her Shinigami Eyes!!!

  • Gabe
    Gabe Month ago +5

    Almost every Rocket League player had this as their player athem, including me. This is a banger 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alfonso Zamarripa
    Alfonso Zamarripa 2 months ago +5310

    Grimes is really going deep into her dystopian evil overlord elf queen role and I am here for IT

    • Jan Johnson
      Jan Johnson 27 days ago

      LOL... been there done that

    • iamlost2
      iamlost2 27 days ago +1

      It's been done for a long time. She is not unique in the world of fairies and other types of mythical creatures, it's been done by others since time immortal

    • instagramsci
      instagramsci 29 days ago +1

      Em... There is no vision only aesthetic

    • David
      David Month ago +2

      I legit feel like I’m at a rave in Final Fantasy. And I never, ever want it to end.

    • Jahziel Makkenon
      Jahziel Makkenon Month ago

      Luv the description

  • NeomuNeoChicken
    NeomuNeoChicken Month ago +2

    this is SO COOL i love it. I love everything about this.

  • _pudu
    _pudu Month ago +3

    this song has a hypnotic element to it

  • nyeongan
    nyeongan Month ago

    this is such a bop also the visuals of this M/V is amazing

  • Marusar M
    Marusar M 16 days ago

    She is so unusual and just weird. I love it.

  • Alicia
    Alicia 3 months ago +1972

    Grimes music and visuals are beyond everyone, she is creating her very own league

    • [ Мистер ИКС ] channel
      [ Мистер ИКС ] channel  3 months ago

      Привет. Знакомо выражение, где про: толстый сохнет, худой сдохнет, а ещё: богатые - богаче, бедные - беднее?! Сразу: я не сторонник всяких антимонопольных "штук" и об авторском праве (кто автор - тот и автор, причём тут деньги, вот купил я книгу и могу полностью перепечатать, не меняя сочинившего, если я продам/подарю копии - я грех какой-то совершил?!), просто кое-что.
      К примеру, я - Ноли Ксам :) У меня есть доступ к "лёгким" деньгам, а у страны - "размазывать" свою инфляцию по миру. У меня сразу много денег, сразу же классное (технологичное) производство и лучшие специалисты, я могу максимально снизить цену за единицу и "уйти в масс-маркет" (большой объём). Конкуренты или технологичные, но у них дороже, ибо не было столько ресурсов, объём продаж ниже, или хуже, то есть моё или дешевле, или/и лучше - "шах и мат"!
      Нужно ли успешной компании мешать становиться ещё успешнее, ибо нет конкуренции - нет развития (что?!), как это всё можно и правильно (какие ещё критерии правильности у конкретных людей) регулировать - пока без комментариев.
      Меня конечно "коробит": у нас с подругой (вместо с женой, друзья занимаются сексом друг с другом?!) или родитель 1 и 2, или пусть ребёнок сам выберет пол, ориентацию, от ростовщической финансовой системы, но полностью поделить на "чёрное" и "белое" не готов, типа уничтожить всю Америку и западную Европу, Илон Маск - негодяй, а Тесла - плохие машины.
      Небольшой хэтчбек для городской езды или электровнедорожник под особый участок, может какая-то спецтехника, да и в чём-то по минимализму, хотя руль (без верхней и нижней зоны для хвата) мне не нравится, вот выкрутишь до предела (руки выкручены) и ДТП, подушка сработает и... Да и пока скорость заряда и доступность, масса автомобиля (без ущерба остальному) не на уровне: 911 Turbo S, M5 CS, Cayenne Turbo GT, Lamborghini Urus, SQ7 (бенз.) с тюнингом под "заряженный" Урус (может практичности Уруса не хватило или для конспирации например, типа Q7 всего лишь (похожа), а там в пределах 3.5 секунд до сотни), электромобили менее спортивны, то о чём речь?! Вот "шепнёт" мне фсб-шник, что мне срочно сменить страну пора и желательно не по билету на самолёт, на чём я оперативно соберусь и попаду в иностранную юрисдикцию, на Model S Plaid?! Поищу зарядки, буду простаивать... Даже если центр тяжести низко (чем при ДВС), но авто тяжелее, сцепные свойства шин безграничны?! Про колею пошире и плечо обката - пока тоже без комментариев. Ну и тормозной путь конечно, если потяжелее.
      Я же тот ещё "богач", но это очень кардинально, если "пазл сложится", может поменяться, я вполне для себя эти дорогущие тачки "приценивал", как бы: "тоже не просто так" xD

    • BurritO
      BurritO 3 months ago

      @arkblazer1 I was about to say that lol

  • Rachel Fowler
    Rachel Fowler 20 days ago

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  • Lower Earth Orbitz
    Lower Earth Orbitz 28 days ago

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  • Beegeezy
    Beegeezy Month ago +4

    Just watching this for the first time today, my first Grimes song. Pretty cool video.

  • meagan david
    meagan david Month ago

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  • кιм уσυηg мι
    кιм уσυηg мι 3 months ago +484


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    Enex 6 days ago +1

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  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell Month ago

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    Joaquin Contreras 3 months ago +495

    DIOS que arte es grimes, es realmente infravalorada, y Jennie se ve preciosísima

    • K A D Y 📽️
      K A D Y 📽️ 3 months ago

      ℂ𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟: 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕗𝕚𝕝𝕖 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕤 𝕡𝕠𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕖𝕟𝕤𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕟𝕥
      ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 ASIANTEEN.SPACE
      Megan: "Hotter"
      Hopi: "Sweeter"
      Joonie: "Cooler"
      Yoongi: "Butter
      Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la lease que escriba bien mamon hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado.por la vida dura que se vive hoy .
      Köz karaş: ''Taŋ kaldım''
      Erinder: ''Sezimdüü''
      Jılmayuu: ''Tattuuraak''
      Dene: ''Muzdak''
      Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis.
      Aç köz arstan
      Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon.
      Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu gana taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ''Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt'' dep oylodu arstan.
      Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu.#垃圾
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

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    EVA LANDRY Month ago +1

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    She's PERFECT.

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    Mãe ta fazendo um bom uso da pensão milionária, gosto assim! kk 😍

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      Solo dijo quién era Jennie, que es la chica que hace el cameo en el min 1:50 .___.

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