I'VE COME TOO FAR TO QUIT - Motivational Workout Speech 2019

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • I'VE COME TOO FAR TO QUIT - Motivational Workout Speech 2019
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    (00:00 - 03:04) - Epic Emotional Music - The Journey by Paul Elhart
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    (03:05 - 08:15) - I Refuse to Surrender by Sounds Of Power (Fearless Motivation)
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    (08:16 - 13:30) - IT TAKES COURAGE by Paul Elhart
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  • FxsKi
    FxsKi 5 hours ago


  • Mikha Harly
    Mikha Harly Day ago

    Well JESUS was baptized by HOLY SPIRIT, in the water 2019 years ago

  • SwankyDanky
    SwankyDanky Day ago

    Bro it’s 11:35 pm and I should be asleep but instead I’m getting motivated to work out

  • Shadow
    Shadow Day ago

    i am gonna become successful with my music

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 4 days ago

    If you think that you can do something and if you can imagine that then half of the work is done... You just need to do that thing..... Believe... Believe... And just believe.... You will come over anything... In your life....

  • Alex Fry
    Alex Fry 7 days ago

    My issue is figuring out what I want to achieve

  • Connor Kent
    Connor Kent 7 days ago

    Getting really tired of RU-clip and there 2 ads in one ad . Really pissing me off

  • Phill Sims
    Phill Sims 10 days ago

    Nothing more motivational and you're working out listening to a motivational speech it's erupted by commercial breaks when you working out and you can't even hit the skip button thank you for being a f@#$king sell-out piece of sxxxt

  • Apathy :P
    Apathy :P 10 days ago

    Had to pause because dude is right, I never aimed for anything. But looking back, up to this point. I could of been that something I needed, and now that's all I'm working for. Really the only motivation I have is that one goal that i set the bar so high, once I achieve it, it'll open a widow of opportunities I never dreamed to even be real. Stay frosty everyone, you are doing amazing, keep going and don't stop.

  • The Journey
    The Journey 12 days ago

    Hello everyone. I know many will skip this, but I"ve started my youtube channel based on working out and Getting to know or getting closer to God. If you need some one to work out with and will be going on this journey with you, please make sure to subscribe to my channel!! Thanks!!!

  • suraj amom
    suraj amom 13 days ago

    Investing in myself 💪💪👏👏

  • Pierce Carter
    Pierce Carter 14 days ago

    How on earth could 290 people downvote this?

  • Jimmy Alexzander
    Jimmy Alexzander 14 days ago

    More like steroids and drugs motivate people more then this fucking stupid shit video.

  • raheem peterson
    raheem peterson 16 days ago +1

    Keep The Mindset That You Are Going To Be Successful And WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!

  • I am God
    I am God 17 days ago +1

    At 10 likes I'll do 50 sit ups.
    At 50 likes I'll do 100 jumping jacks
    At 100 likes I'll do 150 lunges.
    At 200 I'll do 1 hour of this workout.
    At 250 I'll do 2 hours.
    I'm not looking for likes i just need more motivation as i tend to give up easy. It would really help me out and i would really appreciate it :) u dont have to like tho 😊 xoxo

    SLIPNOT 19 days ago +6

    I’m 15 and two months ago I was weighing in at 212lbs and that was the heaviest I have been and I felt very uncomfortable with my self cloths and just going out into public and school was getting ready to start so I started hitting the gym every night and changed my diet and two months forward and I weighed in at 177lbs.

    • Alijah Stcyr
      Alijah Stcyr 15 days ago

      SLIPNOT that’s wassup keep working I’m 14 I was 240 lbs in June now I’m 190

    • Schwinn Stingray Guy
      Schwinn Stingray Guy 19 days ago +1

      Good, I’m 16 and I was at 132lbs and now I’m at 180lbs a year later, different situation but it shows that anyone can become a better version of themselves

  • Joshua Andersen
    Joshua Andersen 20 days ago

    I have always believed that don't set out to change the world,but change how you perceive the world.

  • moritzd93
    moritzd93 22 days ago

    You ain't loosing ground just because you're just not winning ground

  • John Ward
    John Ward 23 days ago

    Love the videos when I'm down and out I watch one of your videos and pick myself back up and get back to work so thank you for your amazing videos

  • DJ
    DJ 24 days ago +5

    Im 26 in the process of joining the Navy ✊🏾👍🏾 I'm excited

    • Krista Smith
      Krista Smith 18 days ago +1

      DJ what an awesome thing to do. Thank you

    CINNEX 25 days ago

    Just get up your lazy ass and do something if youre reading this

  • Dilan Sankalpa
    Dilan Sankalpa 28 days ago +6

    Be water my friend! what a beautiful phrase

  • Dylan Weaver
    Dylan Weaver 28 days ago

    Where all my depressed kids at

  • The Incarnate
    The Incarnate Month ago

    My family members: ALRIGHT! LETS GET STRONG!!!!
    Me: *watches a different video after this*

  • K
    K Month ago


  • Michael Luna
    Michael Luna Month ago +4

    I came looking for workout lessons and ended up getting life lessons

  • Trumps Militia
    Trumps Militia Month ago +2

    Nice video but the pitch was off. It wasn't synchronized correctly with the music! Their voices sounded too high pitch and lispy with headphones. Need to equalize that $hit in the edit.

  • glendon s brown
    glendon s brown Month ago

    Follow me @jamaica_production

  • Javi p23
    Javi p23 Month ago


  • Deby Rios
    Deby Rios Month ago

    T-T. > '-'>

  • lobangeles24
    lobangeles24 Month ago +1

    Success and failure are both a slow process

    HAX PRIXOR Month ago +2

    Frickin ad ruined it


    DIscipline makes you turn into the person you want to become Discipline + Actions = Results --------> Do today thank yourself tomorrow.

  • Oscar Bonel
    Oscar Bonel Month ago

    I think thirteen minutes motivational videos is long enough time to loose my motivation, I think a 3 minute video works better

  • Chinky
    Chinky Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with ugs why tf do u put adds on these vids. It j puts u out of the mood

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera Month ago

    This video is amazing! Definitely inspired the last talk I gave. Go check it out if you like motivation: ru-clip.com/video/FL2h-4vMxXk/video.html

  • KWIZERA James
    KWIZERA James Month ago

    thx u make me 💪

  • Omar Galvan
    Omar Galvan Month ago

    Started to get motivated but then an ad fucken killed it l

  • Heavy Rackage
    Heavy Rackage Month ago +22

    Who tf disliked this video? Probably the slackers.

    • Simon Solth
      Simon Solth 24 days ago

      @Auguste Banker shut up youre lame

    • Cool Guy24
      Cool Guy24 24 days ago

      Auguste Banker ok I challenge you to make 1. I’m serious have it done by this time next week.

    • Auguste Banker
      Auguste Banker Month ago

      I disliked, all yall are like god bless you like wtf. This just pissed me off. The video wasn't even good, probably an amateur creator.

  • 이이종현
    이이종현 Month ago

    moved a lot thanks

  • Doug G
    Doug G Month ago +19

    This is the morning fuel I needed. "Make every second count."

  • Joshua McLean
    Joshua McLean Month ago +9

    That midway ad just ruined the vibe lol.

  • Haj Songcuya
    Haj Songcuya Month ago +34

    We're all in this together! Let's do it! Starting now.

  • Ne VaRsA
    Ne VaRsA 2 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/xs8VixzXRh4/video.html motivation

  • Kyle Daniels
    Kyle Daniels 2 months ago +41

    Hey so I guess I’ve always been scared to do this before but I’m going to tell my goals to other people and I’m going to achieve them.
    Make the top 10 on my team and make the States team for cross country
    Talk to more girls during school this year
    All A’s in school

    • Ban.
      Ban. 6 days ago

      Dont tell anyone your goals. You never know whois 100 % your friend. Family comes first not even them. Show them. No talk, get it done, things will be spoken for themself

    • Adrian
      Adrian 11 days ago

      Good luck kid

    • Hydroplane Convoy
      Hydroplane Convoy Month ago +1

      Kyle Daniels - keep lifting. All natural. Girls like muscle. Good luck Hoss🤙🏽

    • Tommy Music
      Tommy Music Month ago +2

      You got this my man

    • Tex Johnson
      Tex Johnson Month ago +3

      Kyle Daniels bro you’re young focus on improving yourself and the girls will come

  • Bryce LiaBraaten
    Bryce LiaBraaten 2 months ago

    this is such bullshit... but I Am inspired.

  • Lil ishhh
    Lil ishhh 2 months ago +3

    I 14 been boxing since I was 8 training hard to be successful wake up at 2 am to train and am not letting nothing put me down to become a professional boxer I look up to mike Tyson and Muhammad

    • YT_yoshi yolo
      YT_yoshi yolo Month ago

      Here before your famous

    • Mark Mallorca
      Mark Mallorca Month ago

      Xanny just dont forget to be on the ground still

    • Lil ishhh
      Lil ishhh 2 months ago +2

      Thx man I appreciate that🧐

    • ItsBlxrry
      ItsBlxrry 2 months ago +1

      Xanny Look up to yourself. Looking up to them can come next. Be who you want to be. Be yourself. Dont let anyone down. Place a goal for you to reach. Fail and try again. Every second of what you do to reach your goal.

  • 2a
    2a 2 months ago +1

    Watching this emotional and motivating video to prepare for training and survive my diet... And in the middle I get an McDonald's add WTF :S

  • Izaak Wilson
    Izaak Wilson 2 months ago +12

    Props to however made this, really changed my thought process

  • Big Fish
    Big Fish 2 months ago +3

    Jocko is the man. Go Navy.

    BESTNDEXINSPIRES. 2 months ago +6

    If there's one trait l have persistence, l can't give up, I never do.
    It's just a promise I made to myself .

    • YT_yoshi yolo
      YT_yoshi yolo Month ago

      I thought I did but i stopped and ima try to start again

  • Loganthebomb11
    Loganthebomb11 2 months ago +3

    Only you have the right glue to put your mind back together

  • Reggie Mariano Policarpio
    Reggie Mariano Policarpio 2 months ago +1

    I'm smiling while listening to this speech and i feel like I'm so hungry and i need to be more hungry and i wanna talk to people who are hungry. I feel motivated! i will watch this every time i go to the gym! Let's be hungry!!!!!

  • justcallmeretarded
    justcallmeretarded 2 months ago

    anyone else see that camel toe lmao 11:53

  • Jacob Alcorn
    Jacob Alcorn 2 months ago

    Good evening, Echo.

  • bacara18
    bacara18 2 months ago

    Time to download these videos because sick of ads ruiningshit

  • Kenelexx YT
    Kenelexx YT 2 months ago +3

    5 min. Ago forgot about the video.

  • marcus welby
    marcus welby 2 months ago +1

    Chills down my spine !! Just what i needed to here Thankyou for youre amazing video ❤

  • Stricken Chikin
    Stricken Chikin 2 months ago +320

    The one quote I always remember..
    "What seems impossible today, may one day become your warm-up."

    • theGameofGames
      theGameofGames 10 days ago +1

      I thought running a mile was impossible... 2 years later running 2.5 miles is my warmup. Keep at what your doing and you will see results

    • Le Matt
      Le Matt 16 days ago +3

      Which is true. First time I decided to run I couldn’t even run a mile. 5 years later, that mile is my warmup to the 9 more that I do straight.

    • Freedom Ring
      Freedom Ring 22 days ago

      truer words never spoken

    • StrongBoi 37
      StrongBoi 37 Month ago

      Stricken Chikin
      Yes sir!!! 🔥 🤑

    • Anthony Gonzales
      Anthony Gonzales Month ago +3

      Last year I could only do 25lbs on each side of a Olympic barbell for flat bench press for like 4 reps and I was shaking now I can do a plate for 4 reps. It’s just takes time that quote is speaking the truth.

  • lawitan kimot
    lawitan kimot 2 months ago +13

    I miss my work out
    I think I have to start again