Oculus Quest Setup, Unboxing & Tips

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • I show you how to setup the Oculus Quest. I also show you what comes in the Oculus Quest box with a brief unboxing and some tips and tricks I've learnt with this new standalone VR headset. The Oculus Quest is available for pre order now and will be shipping at the end of May...
    You can pre order the Oculus Quest here (affiliate link);
    US - amzn.to/2LgIMzq
    UK - amzn.to/2Lenmmr
    01:25 - Oculus Quest - Overview
    02:18 - Oculus Quest - Unboxing
    03:21 - Oculus Quest - Setup
    05:00 - Oculus Quest - Room & Guardian Setup
    05:30 - Oculus Quest - Oculus First Steps Experience
    06:05 - Oculus Quest - Oculus Home
    06:41 - Oculus Quest Tips - Audio
    07:30 - Oculus Quest Tips - Casting & Recording Gameplay?
    08:55 - Oculus Quest Tips - Which Storage Size?
    09:19 - Oculus Quest Tips - Glasses Or Prescription Lenses?
    10:05 - Oculus Quest Tips - Using The Quest Outside?
    10:29 - Oculus Quest - More Hands On Impressions
    12:45 - Final Thoughts
    Thanks to Oculus for providing the Oculus Quest hardware for this video. Let me know what you think of the Oculus Quest in the comments below and feel free to ask any questions you have about this headset.
    Thanks for watching []-)
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  • Video Judge
    Video Judge 35 minutes ago

    Hear me out here
    Augmented reality glasses

  • Strixuss
    Strixuss 2 hours ago

    You’ve convinced me. Im getting it when my next paycheck comes

  • Gamer SLUG T
    Gamer SLUG T 16 hours ago +3

    Thank you so much for this amazing review! I think I know what I'm saving up for! How don't you have more subs?!!

  • Hempis
    Hempis 19 hours ago

    the 64 can also have 25-40 games?

  • mia
    mia 22 hours ago

    how long did it take to get to where u are?

  • Cory Ball
    Cory Ball Day ago

    Was there any sort of lag with the games?

  • Cody Bourland
    Cody Bourland Day ago

    Approximately how many games can fit on a 64 GB version?

    • Cody Bourland
      Cody Bourland Day ago

      @Your daily RU-clip I just looked up the games that are already out and none of them really passed over 2 Gigabytes I think the most was 2.6

    • Your daily Youtube
      Your daily Youtube Day ago

      If you like big games maybe 10 if you like small games 20 big and small then 15. you shoud get 128

  • Jalen Brown
    Jalen Brown Day ago +1

    When you realize you already have the oculus rift😤

  • king of monsters
    king of monsters 2 days ago

    How do you buy things will their be cards because if I get this my dad is not a fan of having his credit card on device that arnt his?

  • Rail
    Rail 2 days ago

    Oculus Quest is just stupid..

  • Caden Henry
    Caden Henry 2 days ago

    Does oculus quest have steam?

  • Zdogg
    Zdogg 3 days ago

    Is there a limited amount of games on it?

  • 500 subs with no videos

    I really want it but I can’t afford it it’s 500 for cad I’m just to poor so I watch videos on it and it’s fun but I would really love to wear one

  • Normal cereal
    Normal cereal 3 days ago +2

    Oculus quest= literally a vr with no computer needed now i don't need to get a new gaming laptop/pc

  • IGet Milk
    IGet Milk 3 days ago

    Can you get vrchat on this?

  • Epiphane Adjadji
    Epiphane Adjadji 3 days ago

    Can Oculus accommodate two players at the same game


    Can you stream games to twitch tv on the oculus quest

  • Josh Evans
    Josh Evans 3 days ago

    Thx for the video I’m definitely tempted

  • BB BOY101
    BB BOY101 4 days ago

    It sold out everywhere

  • عبدالله اليامي

    Does this have Minecraft

    LORD GARMADON 5 days ago +1

    How are you playing games if there is no gaming system just a vr headset and hand controllers

    • conmom456
      conmom456 4 days ago

      ........ The headset is the system..... It has all the power inside......

  • Anoopam Shroff
    Anoopam Shroff 5 days ago

    Wow, looks great..
    have a question.. Does it need a Internet connection to play the games downloaded on it? If am out for a holiday, can I use it there without a Wifi? Thanks in advance..

    • Julie Hines
      Julie Hines 4 days ago

      remember how people had it outside? they could not have had internet and were supposedly playing games so yes I hope this answers your question.

  • Banova - Fortnite And More

    Is it worth it, I’ve used a go but didn’t get the expirience I expected.

    • Banova - Fortnite And More
      Banova - Fortnite And More 3 days ago +1

      gopal vora it was kind of underwhelming after having it for a while but I also did no research about the headset it’s more of a starter be headset, good to try out if your new to VR

    • gopal vora
      gopal vora 3 days ago

      What do you don't like about Go?

  • Curve Krysis
    Curve Krysis 6 days ago

    What if my WiFi is crap

  • Kongm2036
    Kongm2036 6 days ago

    The best way to play high movement games where you do 360 turns like this game is Quest. Having my Rift S with ceiling tethers, you feel the tug of the tether as you move around, and if you attempt a few turns, the cord twists where you feel scared that the wire will snap. The quest masters freedom of movement, something that even the upcoming valve index at $1000 can not compete as valve index still has a wire attached at on it. If you dont need to turn 360, are not very mobile in your games and need the best graphics and framerates, get valve index. If you can deal with reduced graphics, no SteamVr store but want real freedom of movement, get the Quest. But be aware also, that the Quest loses tracking in the area right in front of your face, making first person shooters aiming downing the sight lose tracking sometimes.

  • hisc 2141
    hisc 2141 6 days ago

    is it good for vr porn?

  • Anthony Lorenzo
    Anthony Lorenzo 6 days ago +3

    Do you mean slide the box to open?

  • mysticqueen74
    mysticqueen74 6 days ago

    Where is oculus rooms?

  • Somewhat Inspirational

    Does it do Bluetooth headphones?

  • Fix Fox
    Fix Fox 6 days ago

    Do you need a certain type of phone?

  • Marc Stöter
    Marc Stöter 6 days ago +1

    can you only play games for the quest or every VR game? like VR chat?

    • video gamer163
      video gamer163 5 days ago +1

      I have heard that VR chat is on the quest but some games wont be on the quest

  • Venom Z
    Venom Z 6 days ago


  • LordBlazeFire
    LordBlazeFire 6 days ago

    Thanks for the review! I am currently waiting for Amazon to deliver my Oculus Quest (It will arrive in July or early August). Super excited to get it. This vid will sure help me to understand how to operate the headset properly.

  • Yammasishere
    Yammasishere 6 days ago

    Pre ordered mine back on the 5th comes on the 17th.. looks like I’m booking time off work 😂

  • Paul Denton
    Paul Denton 6 days ago

    Great vid, a couple of questions if you dont mind, How quick is the setup, can you skip all the raining stuff when you want to set up a new play space? and how do you upload your own 360 panoramic photos? straight from a pc? thanks

  • siljebergen
    siljebergen 6 days ago

    I bet you're right on the comment about watching 3d-films in VR. I struggle big time finding 3d-films for rent/online purchase in Europe. I don't want to buy a Blu ray DVD player. Anyone else in Europe have any tips?

  • Gem Lim
    Gem Lim 6 days ago

    Great review

  • SoulTransmuter
    SoulTransmuter 6 days ago

    What's it like for porn

  • Haydarth's Creations

    Can you play steam games, like the new fnaf vr?

  • S͎e͎a͎w͎e͎e͎d͎

    I won’t be getting the oculus quest for my birthday. More rather Christmas.
    Since the Rift costs the same as the Quest I can just make it seem like I always wanted the Quest.
    So I’m hoping that I can save up enough money to not bother anyone into buying me a 4 hundred dollar Vr Set.

  • Jacob Nida
    Jacob Nida 7 days ago

    Anyone know the average cost of games and movies for the games?

  • Billybluetheman
    Billybluetheman 7 days ago +2

    Thank you. This review really helped me decide which storage size and anything I needed to look out for. Keep up the good work.

  • lfin _77
    lfin _77 7 days ago

    It doesn’t have a camera? Like you just put on the headset and use the two controller that’s it?

  • AnimeNightcores150
    AnimeNightcores150 8 days ago

    So you can play PC games without a PC? Or is it still needed? Now that’s the real question,

  • Dan S
    Dan S 8 days ago

    dang only 37 GB left when unboxing the 64 gb

  • Zach Zahn
    Zach Zahn 8 days ago

    Just ordered one😂

  • finnishmetalfreak
    finnishmetalfreak 8 days ago

    I think this could be the long waited breakthrough in VR. Not requiring a pc or console for full vr experience is what makes this awesome.

    • Bruce Meadors II
      Bruce Meadors II 7 days ago

      I know right, its definitely an amazing start for whats to come.

  • X Big_P X
    X Big_P X 8 days ago

    You can change the wifi network in the Quest and Go

  • Heal Europe
    Heal Europe 8 days ago +1

    I just came a little

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    Crow 8 days ago

    Do you have a link for the audio cable?

  • Am I Dead?
    Am I Dead? 8 days ago +8

    OMG I thought I needed a pc to get games (I don’t have a pc lol). This is the best thing ever

  • ARRU
    ARRU 8 days ago

    Can you connect your oculus account to the quest and get your games back?

  • Fortnite News
    Fortnite News 9 days ago

    Could somebody explain to me how the lenses work because I wear glasses but am looking to buy the Oculus Quest so I was wondering how the lenses work like how they know your prescription?

    • Destroya 2712
      Destroya 2712 6 days ago

      Fortnite News you wear your glasses while using to VR headset

  • ClaymorePvP
    ClaymorePvP 9 days ago

    My friend got this last week I didn’t know he got it and I tried it today... o m g it was amazing vr is amazing. First time vr btw

  • JS Lyte
    JS Lyte 9 days ago

    You just added something to my Christmas list

  • strange logic
    strange logic 9 days ago

    Great video! I can’t wait to get my quest tomorrow. I haven’t had ANY experience with a high end, 6 degrees of freedom VR. It’ll be amazing to see what this new technology leads to.

  • Phoebe’s World
    Phoebe’s World 9 days ago +1

    I have this and it’s just soooo good. There are a lot of games on it.

  • McAllister Braden
    McAllister Braden 9 days ago

    On the Oculus quest VR is super hot free

  • Pablo R
    Pablo R 9 days ago

    Hey everyone, I just got my Oculus quest and love it, but when streaming to a TV using a chromecast it has (as many have already mentioned) a 3-5 seconds delay. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot that? Is there a solution for it?

  • TaekwondoGaming
    TaekwondoGaming 9 days ago +1


  • Evan Butler
    Evan Butler 9 days ago

    Do I need a computer to use this
    Does it have many games available???

  • Jericho Perez
    Jericho Perez 9 days ago

    How easy is it to pirate games on it? It's the main reason why I'm not buying this.

  • AL3X FN
    AL3X FN 9 days ago

    Ahh oasis. From ready player one

  • CrimsonForce 43
    CrimsonForce 43 10 days ago


  • Random Plus
    Random Plus 10 days ago

    I’m want one of these things so bad but my parents say no what are a few things I could say to them to encourage them to let me get it?

  • michael b
    michael b 10 days ago

    I can't get the floor level to set properly...it's always an inch or so too high. Even when touching the controller to the floor during the setup, as soon as I'm in Oculus Home, I put the controller on the floor...and only the top edge of the ring is visible, with the rest of it under the floor level. No matter how many times I try and redo it, it winds up the same. I wish they had the user's height input like with the Rift. I love the Quest...I just wish I could fix the floor issue. Also, as for Chromecast, you can make one using a Raspberry Pi. :)

  • Legends Of Zach !
    Legends Of Zach ! 11 days ago +1

    the audio is there bbut it is scuffed

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    Why do I end up watching this video 5 times a day everyday

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    Is everyone going to ignore the fact that If someone is watching you and they don’t know what he is they probably think you are insane

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      It’s not like it doesn’t look like a vr headset. Everyone knows what a vr headset is

  • NoJac EXE
    NoJac EXE 11 days ago

    What is the exact cord you are using for your arctis headser?

  • Gaming With EEZZ
    Gaming With EEZZ 11 days ago +1

    Did you have the 37 gigabytes left on the 64 or 128 version

    • TechFan101
      TechFan101 10 days ago

      He was saying the 64GB version

  • Just Riggy
    Just Riggy 12 days ago +1

    is it weird that the only reason i wont get this is because it doesnt have minecraft?

  • Joy GD ツ
    Joy GD ツ 12 days ago

    Do you use steam credit to get games or a credit card? Does oculus have there own credit?

  • XxDICExX
    XxDICExX 12 days ago

    thank you so much this vid answered like 50 of my questions
    I was looking for so many vids but this is the best
    congrats you got a sub

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    Shogunnez 12 days ago

    Is this headset better then the HTC vive?

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    pixel defendor 12 days ago

    is it only on phone?

  • Gasushboi 18
    Gasushboi 18 12 days ago

    Your way of explaining and reviewing these products is very clear and straight forward and helped me with my decision on which vr headset to buy, thank you so much for these and don't stop making them

  • Bryan Is A Noob
    Bryan Is A Noob 12 days ago

    10:07 I honestly thought the guy was trying out the Oculus Quest on Mars, holly shit!

  • SciFi Pulse
    SciFi Pulse 12 days ago

    Thinking of getting one of these. But have a question because if I do get this. It will be my first VR device. At the moment on PS4. Whenever I buy a game from their store. I can play it for a while and then delete it from the system, but still, have the game stored on the PlayStation store for me to download for FREE at a later date. Does Oculus Store allow you to do this too? Because 64 gig or 128 gig is not a huge amount of storage. Also, can you add more storage with a USB stick or something lightweight?

  • Gamer Adam
    Gamer Adam 12 days ago +1

    Can you take the quest outside on a cloudy day

    • LightUser 75
      LightUser 75 5 days ago

      Gamer Adam Sometimes the sun damages the lenses so I would just play it inside to be safe

  • BryceCH_7
    BryceCH_7 12 days ago

    I’m getting mine today I’m so excited!

  • Bot_ Haydo
    Bot_ Haydo 12 days ago

    This makes me mad that I’m poor

  • Shayer Zarif
    Shayer Zarif 13 days ago

    So you gotta buy games with dollars to play em? I am new to vr btw so i dont have any idea about it.

  • BrokenChair17
    BrokenChair17 13 days ago

    They should put the Snapdragon 845 into the Oculus Quest

    • BrokenChair17
      BrokenChair17 8 days ago

      @TreeMobile. Oh yeah. I can see where you're going with this

    • TreeMobile.
      TreeMobile. 13 days ago

      I do think they put the Snapdragon 835 on it because this was in development for a long time

  • Pofux
    Pofux 13 days ago

    PLEASE HELP the quest and the rift s doenst show up on the android app

  • Stormy Pinkness
    Stormy Pinkness 13 days ago

    Nice one.

  • Fatal
    Fatal 13 days ago +1

    So... the Oculus Quest is VR without a strong gaming PC?

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    Great Video!
    Really helped and continue with these videos

  • Esteban Cuevas
    Esteban Cuevas 14 days ago

    When casting to a Chromcast (not mobile phone) does it cast audio? It's kinda important for a beat saber party, haha

  • Peggy Avilez
    Peggy Avilez 14 days ago +1

    Thanks for the great video! My hubby and I ordered one for each. Do we have to have separate accounts or can we share 1 account?

    • michael b
      michael b 10 days ago

      A single account can have multiple headsets, but you can only use 1 at a time. So, you need 2 accounts, and both need to buy the games separately. Unfortunately.

  • Jaiden Tulino
    Jaiden Tulino 14 days ago

    Can you transfer you rift library to the quest


    That setup tho so lucky I wish I had my own game room / man cave Haha


    Is this like the stupid pree set game bs things or is it a actuall vr can you play the DJ game on it

  • Supercharged
    Supercharged 14 days ago +1

    So you could play vr in the car or on a plane

    • Supercharged
      Supercharged 13 days ago +1

      JackPot thats cool Thanks

    • JackPot
      JackPot 13 days ago +1

      Supercharged yes go on Reddit someone’s already played on the plane

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    My quest is coming today and this video made me super excited

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    SPLaTTm4n 14 days ago

    Its all well and good doing this video. Not helpful to me until i can find one to buy. Sold out all over the place.

  • Brendan Stubbs
    Brendan Stubbs 15 days ago

    My question is how good is it for pain

  • living life living free

    What do i do when mine arrives to insure i get the full battery life do i charge the headset right away before set up ?????

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    • KirbKills
      KirbKills 15 days ago

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