Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    Written by: David Burd, Benjamin Levin, Magnus August Høiberg, Josh Coleman and Jamil Chammas
    Produced by: Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat
    Mixed by: Serban Ghenea
    Vocals by: Lil Dicky
    Additional Vocals by: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Zac Brown, Brendon Urie, Hailee Steinfeld, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, SIA, Miley Cyrus, Lil Jon, Rita Ora, Miguel, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Joel Embiid, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Backstreet Boys, Bad Bunny, Psy, Kris Wu
    Choir Vocals by: Denise Janae, Naari Michele, Tiffany Palmer, Onitsha Shaw, George Potts, Mark Hood
    Drums/Percussion by: Chris Dave
    Choir Coordination by Anthony Evans for Sherman James Productions
    Music Video:
    Created by RYOT
    A full list of credits can be found here:
    Directed By:
    Nigel Tierney
    Federico Heller
    Produced By:
    Zeda Stone
    Michael Broccolo
    Nigel Tierney
    German Heller
    Executive Producers:
    Mike Hertz
    Scooter Braun
    Zeda Stone
    Nigel Tierney
    Head of Story:
    Steven Gordon
    Art Direction:
    Ricky Baba
    Patrick Moss
    Graphic Design:
    Aisha Yousaf
    Music Video Mixer/Sound Designer:
    Erik Lohr
    Production Supervisor:
    Crystal Tierney
    Post Supervisor:
    Jason Alexander
    Business Affairs & Legal:
    Everett Hendler
    Josh Carpenter

    Animation Producer:
    German Heller
    Head of Production:
    Matías Bossié
    Art Director:
    Federico Carlini
    CG Producer:
    Santiago Tereso
    Animation Producers:
    Marco Lococo
    Julian Dorado
    Head of CG - Alejandro Turano
    Live Action Intro:
    Director - Tony Yacenda
    MV Executive Producer - Jacki Calleiro
    MD / Executive Producer - Lisa Margulis
    EP / Head of Production - Elizabeth Minzes
    Producer - Jona Ward
    Director of Photography - Adam Bricker
    Production Designer - Almitra Corey
    Casting - Good People Casting / Cindy Estada
    Editor- Patrick Tuck / Rock Paper Scissors
    Prop Master - Rose Leiker
    Prop Asst. - Christopher Labasbas
    Set Decorator - Lizzie Boyle
    Lead Person - Minh-Triet "Anthony” Nguyen
    Set Dresser - Andy Rines
    Gang Boss - Ed Lassak
    G+E Driver - Renee Guy
    MoHo Driver- Martin Perez
    Artist Make Up - Golden Sun Shyne
    Artist Hair - Andrea Jackson
    Cast Make Up - Jacque Piotrowski
    Stylist - Chloe Badawy
    Asst. Stylist - David Gangel
    Craft Services - Yaxkin Garcia
    Medic - Gary Gomez
    Studio Teacher - Phil Eisenhower
    Ring Leader - Vallon Deville
    Middle Kid - Gabriel Brown
    Younger Kid - Devin Carey
    Skater - Cree Kawa
    Convenience Store Owner - Jason Nott
    BG Talent Casting - Atmosphere Casting
    Trailer Editor: Mary Ahlman
    Graphic Design: Ricky Baba
    Sound Design: Erik Lohr
    Web Producer: Eric Day
    Lead Web Developer: Zach Tauber
    UX/UI Design: Predrag Markovic
    Copywriter: Jeff Sloniker
    Tutorial Video Editor: Mary Ahlman
    Tutorial Video Editor: Ryan Eakins
    Tutorial Video Editor: Eric Martin
    Sound Design: John Adams
    Color: Lookwell Color // Loren White
    VFX & Motion Graphics: DYAD // Fernando Rodriguez
    Animation: Teng Teng Chan
    Special Thanks:
    The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
    Justin Winters
    Karl Burkhart
    Edward Bell
    Scooter Braun Projects
    Shauna Nep
    Jackie Augustus
    Rogers & Cowan
    Sacks & Co
    Caleb Garrett
    Crystal Jr & Nigel Jr

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  • Lil Dicky
    Lil Dicky  5 months ago +135545

    here’s a clean version of the video for all of the children out there!

    • Xcape Matrix
      Xcape Matrix 24 days ago

      Climate Change Reconsidered: Science the U.N. Will Exclude from Its Next Climate Report Proof. Watch and Learn. Open your mind.

    • tiana Turner
      tiana Turner Month ago

      Clean??? The cow and the pig one is dirty dudd

    • Cecilia Valdéz
      Cecilia Valdéz 2 months ago

      Hehyy last comment here 😊

    • Obsidian Golem
      Obsidian Golem 2 months ago

      Last Reply

    • Mustafa Wail
      Mustafa Wail 2 months ago


  • David Alperin
    David Alperin 25 minutes ago

    “We Forgive Germany”
    Is he tying that to the Holocaust or am I just being paranoid

  • Creejay
    Creejay 28 minutes ago

    We ain’t got shit in another planet, earth is the way to go for now so let’s take care of it!

  • andrea barone
    andrea barone 31 minute ago

    I don’t think im ready to forgive germany

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer 36 minutes ago

    Do as the song says or else you don’t deserve to live bitchy boi

  • Cameron Miles
    Cameron Miles 40 minutes ago

    Ok ok I'll buy a hybrid

  • Nayum Basumatary
    Nayum Basumatary 47 minutes ago

    Earth ❤❤❤

  • Viktoria Bielinska
    Viktoria Bielinska 59 minutes ago

    4:10 How isn't he cold eh? XD

  • Dilkas adil
    Dilkas adil Hour ago

    Nat geo got the most liked comment and the comment section of it blows up and now we can't even reply to it

  • Roman Taras
    Roman Taras Hour ago

    You swearing

  • C.Lalrindiki Didiki

    Love from India

  • Cory vlogs
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  • younes gouni
    younes gouni Hour ago

    How can you dislike

  • 0 subs with 0 videos challenge!

    Producer: Which animal u wanna be?

    Snoop Dog: Weed!

  • daniel possible
    daniel possible Hour ago +1

    I love the earth. but mars sounds like a pretty fun place to be. :) Keep earth alive!!.

  • Sami Hawes
    Sami Hawes 2 hours ago

    The auto tune ruins it

  • Besart Sadiku
    Besart Sadiku 2 hours ago

    This world is full of shit

  • Gladys Mwango
    Gladys Mwango 2 hours ago +1

    Keep it up .This song is one of my favourite. I sang it on our talent show and was the most liked thank you

  • diony rebutar
    diony rebutar 2 hours ago

    Can you please not put bad words

  • EchoOfGames
    EchoOfGames 3 hours ago

    we forgive you germany .... tru dat

  • Andrea Martínez Ramírez

    Dale like si buscas un comentario en español

  • 1000 subscribers challenge with only 3 videos

    Who is scrowlling down the comment.....😎

  • Kawaiicuties Tv
    Kawaiicuties Tv 3 hours ago

    You and michael are probably the only artists that has a heart

  • Amazing Eben
    Amazing Eben 4 hours ago

    Climate change is a hoax

  • Carlo Ponte
    Carlo Ponte 4 hours ago

    12 years? I doubt we'll make any progress in 12 years.

  • Danang Eka Ramadan
    Danang Eka Ramadan 4 hours ago

    Fifa 2022 Earth

  • king free styler
    king free styler 4 hours ago +1

    Hyi vittu mitä paskaa put like

  • Paul Brian Gavino
    Paul Brian Gavino 4 hours ago

    i love the earth!

  • TarTar Sauce
    TarTar Sauce 5 hours ago

    This must be the new Zootopia 2 Trailer

  • 송방울
    송방울 5 hours ago

    진짜 하루에 한번씩 본다ㅜㅜ

  • sam najury bautista
    sam najury bautista 5 hours ago

    i love this music :*

  • Andrew Jr Limpiada
    Andrew Jr Limpiada 5 hours ago +1


  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 6 hours ago +1

    This mans got access to every celebrity on the planet

  • Bhim Rasaily
    Bhim Rasaily 6 hours ago

    Where is Mt.Everest in this Music Video?
    Video is Awesome and awareness for All...

  • Fatiha Oiliti
    Fatiha Oiliti 6 hours ago +1


  • Xxsavageboi
    Xxsavageboi 6 hours ago

    That was the best

  • Princess Yusra Amp.
    Princess Yusra Amp. 7 hours ago +1

    I love earth 🌏🌍🌎

  • NightNoodleYT
    NightNoodleYT 7 hours ago

    Omg i was laughing so hard when you sang "we forgive you Germany" just cuz im german

  • Manish Semiyal
    Manish Semiyal 7 hours ago

    I like this

  • Dinner Gameming 7777
    Dinner Gameming 7777 7 hours ago

    Pak ccc

  • Andreas Lucho Bermudez Aguilar

    The first part is priceless

  • Melati Cantik
    Melati Cantik 8 hours ago +1

    Yang orang indonesia angkat tangan🙋🖐

  • Namo Devi
    Namo Devi 8 hours ago

    I love the earth

  • Elizabeth Khumo Tshukudu


  • Tugsuu Dorj
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  • KaiserDrei Omana
    KaiserDrei Omana 9 hours ago

    And don't lie

  • KaiserDrei Omana
    KaiserDrei Omana 9 hours ago

    Shit and fuck is letting god sad

  • KaiserDrei Omana
    KaiserDrei Omana 9 hours ago

    And shit is a bad word

  • KaiserDrei Omana
    KaiserDrei Omana 9 hours ago

    If we have no earth we're all dead

  • KaiserDrei Omana
    KaiserDrei Omana 9 hours ago

    Fuck is a badword and the kids are hating the earth

  • HeebeeJeebees
    HeebeeJeebees 9 hours ago

    6:04 You see how he’s holding the Earth there? Like it’s about to slip but there’s still a chance to catch it? That’s where we are currently. We can still save the Earth, it’s plants, animals, history and ourselves. Let’s pull together and save this wonderful planet!

  • Saurav Katwal
    Saurav Katwal 10 hours ago

    Yeha we should take look at world gobal warming is earth

  • No Name
    No Name 10 hours ago +2

    We love the earth

  • Dublz Blixxard
    Dublz Blixxard 10 hours ago +1

    - Snoop will b-
    - No snoop your-
    -*YEA WEED*

  • Sheuly Akter
    Sheuly Akter 10 hours ago

    Réalité de love the Earth😍😍

  • The Gaming Squad
    The Gaming Squad 11 hours ago +1

    Anyone here to see National Geographic's comment as its recently beated by the bald guy comment???

  • Sudut Kost
    Sudut Kost 11 hours ago

    sudut kost wacth

  • A.Apryandi .F
    A.Apryandi .F 11 hours ago

    What up, world? It's your boy, just one of the guys down here
    Well, I could be more specific
    Uh, I'm a human, and I just wanted to, you know
    For the sake of all of us earthlings out there
    Just wanted to say:
    We love the Earth, it is our planet
    We love the Earth, it is our home
    We love the Earth, it is our planet
    We love the Earth, it is our home
    Hi, I'm a baboon
    I'm like a man, just less advanced and my anus is huge
    Hey, I'm a zebra
    No one knows what I do, but I look pretty cool
    Am I white or black?
    I'm a lion cub, and I'm always getting licked (Meow!)
    How's it going? I'm a cow (Moo!)
    You drink milk from my tits (Moo)
    I'm a fat, fucking pig
    I'm a common fungus
    I'm a disgruntled skunk, shoot you out my butthole
    I'm a marijuana plant, I can get you fucked up
    And I'm Kanye West
    We love the Earth, it is our planet
    We love the Earth, it is our home
    We love the Earth, it is our planet
    We love the Earth, it is our home
    We love the Earth
    Ba-dum-da-dum-dum, ba-dum-da-di
    We are the vultures, feed on the dead
    We're just some rhinos, horny as heck
    I'm just a giraffe, what's with this neck?
    Hippity-hop, I'm a kangaroo
    I hop all day, up and down with you
    I'm an elephant, I got junk in my trunk
    What the fuck? I'm a clam!
    I'm a wolf. Howl!
    I'm a squirrel, lookin' for my next nut
    And I'm a pony, just a freak horse, heh-heh-heh
    But, uh, c'mon, get on (Yah)
    Giddee-up, let's ride
    I'm HPV, don't let me in
    I'm a koala and I sleep all the time
    So what? It's cute
    We love you, India
    We love you, Africa
    We love the Chinese
    We forgive you, Germany
    Earth, it is our planet (It's so tiny)
    We love the Earth (We love the Earth), it is our home (Home)
    We love the Earth, it is our planet (It is our planet)
    We love the Earth, it is our home
    We love the Earth
    I'm a man (Hello?)
    Can you hear me? (Anyone out there? Hello?)
    I've trudged the Earth for so damn long
    And still don't know shit (What's going on?)
    I hope it's not a simulation (Huh)
    Give each other names like Ahmed and Pedro
    And, yeah, we like to wear clothes, girls still look beautiful
    And it covers up our human dick (Woo), eat a lot of tuna fish
    But these days, it's like we don't know how to act
    All these shootings, pollution, we under attack on ourselves
    Like, let's all just chill (Hey), respect what we built (Hey)
    Like look at the internet! It's cracking as hell
    Fellas, don't you love to cum when you have sex? (Ayy)
    And I heard women orgasms are better than a dick's (Uh)
    So what we got this land for? What we gotta stand for?
    Love, and we love the Earth (The Earth)
    Oh, yeah, baby, I love the Earth
    I love this planet
    Hey, Russia, we're cool
    Hey, Asia, all of you, c'mon
    Every one of you from the plains to the Sahara
    Let's come together and live
    Hum-dum-dum-dae-dum, hum-dum-dum-dae-dum
    우-우-우리는 지구를 사랑해요
    Amamos la tierra
    C'mon everybody, I know we're not all the same
    But we're living on the same Earth (We love you, we love you)
    Have you ever been to Earth?
    Everyone who is listening has been to Earth, Ariana (We love you, we love you)
    We're not making music for aliens here
    Are we gonna die?
    You know what, Bieber? We might die (We love you, we love you)
    I'm not going to lie to you
    I mean, there's so many people out here who don't think Global Warming's a real thing
    You know? We gotta save this planet
    We're being stupid
    Unless we get our shit together now

  • Tiger plays Roblox
    Tiger plays Roblox 11 hours ago

    “Why is school so dam long”
    Directed from the song The earth

  • Craig
    Craig 11 hours ago

    *i just saw a comment with 787k likes! what is going on?!*