Thrift Store Blackjack (GAME) Ft. Emma Chamberlain

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Emma Chamberlain brings her thrifting expertise to the show and tries to beat the dealer in Thrift Store Blackjack! GMM #1527
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Comments • 1 908

  • Caitlyn Byrne
    Caitlyn Byrne 6 hours ago

    thats cool my birthday is may 22nd im turning 13

  • novodog
    novodog 16 days ago

    Gambling illegally with a 17 year old [GAME]

  • Albert Escobedo
    Albert Escobedo 20 days ago +5

    "Shiny quails are always tempting." - Rhett 2019

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    that’s not how you play blackjack

  • Aubryella Otero
    Aubryella Otero Month ago

    Is it just me or does Link look extra good in those sweat pants. Not to be weird but they look so nice!

  • Rob Roscigno
    Rob Roscigno Month ago

    camel toe

  • Spencer Li
    Spencer Li Month ago

    8:34 moments before disaster

  • Soham Sengupta
    Soham Sengupta Month ago

    Feel like this should have been Macklemore, cause Thrift Shop

  • Jonathan Peters
    Jonathan Peters Month ago

    this girl is gross

  • Natty Bunderson
    Natty Bunderson Month ago

    Where does she shop? Maybe it's just me but come on girl, have you ever been thrift shopping?

  • Bryan Vander Zouwen
    Bryan Vander Zouwen Month ago +4

    “Shiny quails are always tempting”

  • Liam Osbun
    Liam Osbun Month ago

    Dealer can’t hit over 17

  • Sergio Saucedo
    Sergio Saucedo 2 months ago

    11 dollars for a s/s helmet? Don't mind if i do

  • midnighticed89
    midnighticed89 2 months ago

    xD I have the same pictures of Mickey and Minnie framed in my childhood home xD ahahhahah we bought it after going to Disney World (in Florida) in 1996 xD

  • Jordan Luxford
    Jordan Luxford 2 months ago

    3 Dollars?! *Smash*

  • Jordan Luxford
    Jordan Luxford 2 months ago

    We need more blackjack! I've become a gambling addict by proxy

  • Dylan Pritchard
    Dylan Pritchard 2 months ago

    Emma is so great!!!

  • 10k Subs No Videos
    10k Subs No Videos 2 months ago +1


  • TheKaukas
    TheKaukas 3 months ago

    She is dressed like from 1960s.

  • Fullshark 09
    Fullshark 09 3 months ago

    Good episode

  • Air Jordon
    Air Jordon 3 months ago

    6:28 " Yeah I bet!"

  • Aeron Gray
    Aeron Gray 3 months ago

    i work at a charity shop and we actually do price books by size XD coz we often have zero idea of what the book is about

  • J.T.
    J.T. 3 months ago

    Shiny quails are always tempting... ha

  • Jeremazing
    Jeremazing 4 months ago

    Wow they live in Belfast Maine I live about An hour and a 1/2 from their

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley 4 months ago +1


  • LeDiskoLove99
    LeDiskoLove99 4 months ago

    They need to play this game a lot more often.

    TURNUP GREEN 4 months ago


  • Grace Nufer
    Grace Nufer 5 months ago +1

    she's like jojo siwa (raspy voice) and joanna cedia (personality [kinda])
    jojo cedia

  • Justin Maley
    Justin Maley 5 months ago

    it had me weak when he smashed that cup

  • Hype Strands
    Hype Strands 5 months ago +1

    You gotta get a hoe in theree

  • Justus Larson
    Justus Larson 5 months ago

    The dealer has to draw until 17 and stand on anything past 17

  • Foue
    Foue 5 months ago

    8:38 he threw a cup not a tantrum

  • Piggy Rex
    Piggy Rex 5 months ago


  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 5 months ago

    5:35 omggggg hahahaha im a pennsylvanian

  • Chip
    Chip 5 months ago

    8:34 When Rhett rages

  • Wubby Smubby
    Wubby Smubby 5 months ago +1

    2:55 tony the tiger is that you?

  • Andy B
    Andy B 5 months ago

    Its so obvious Rhett cheats all the time...

  • Ian Graber-Stiehl
    Ian Graber-Stiehl 5 months ago

    Well, she's eighteen now. I'm not noting that for any personal reasons. I just want to leave this comment here and let the internet do its thing

  • Lilbug 116
    Lilbug 116 5 months ago

    These guys made a mistake they would have have so many more views if you could see the words Emma Chamberlain 🤣🤣

  • 500 Subs No Vids Challenge


  • GoldenCookieYT
    GoldenCookieYT 5 months ago +1

    one of the unfunniest females on the internet.

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley 5 months ago

    this video was posted on my bday

  • Twilight_Gacha
    Twilight_Gacha 5 months ago

    I was screaming “BOB ROSS” every time it hit 20.... am I ok?

  • Addison Nalen
    Addison Nalen 5 months ago

    My bdays May 22!!!!!

  • mister cloud
    mister cloud 5 months ago +1

    I can put my whole face in it.

  • Fresh
    Fresh 5 months ago +1

    Rhett: Lets bring back old games
    Link: Lets talk about that

  • VeryBerry Blue
    VeryBerry Blue 5 months ago

    I was excited to watch until I saw emma.

  • Lourens Verschoor
    Lourens Verschoor 5 months ago


  • Ruthiel Roño
    Ruthiel Roño 6 months ago


  • Shirley Chan
    Shirley Chan 6 months ago

    Can anyone tell me the song that they were parodying in the intro?? It's so familiar but I can't place it.

    KIANA BROWN 6 months ago

    O m g Emma di you ever tell david you were on there show

  • Cyd_Knee
    Cyd_Knee 6 months ago

    i love the calorie blackjack.
    you should do more .

  • Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel 6 months ago

    Round two is wild thing vs wonder heels vs precilla daville

  • Chase Williams
    Chase Williams 6 months ago +3

    I couldn’t stand the guest. Don’t even care enough to remember her name. If it wasn’t for Rhett and Link I’d be gone

  • badmisskitty
    badmisskitty 6 months ago

    i love her scrunchie

  • S.D. gaming and more
    S.D. gaming and more 6 months ago +1

    Nice collab

  • Corey Somers
    Corey Somers 6 months ago

    I feel like Rhett should never gamble

  • CATlife
    CATlife 6 months ago

    Watching link in heels was soo unsatisfying😡😢

  • Justin Harrison
    Justin Harrison 6 months ago


  • Kaylin .-.
    Kaylin .-. 6 months ago +1

    Emma ends the episode saying “ah” 😂💀