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  • Laney Dirksen
    Laney Dirksen 2 months ago +2003

    Everyone: Fights for bill
    Him: *Sees bill*
    Him: Nevermind y'all can have it

  • minato namikaze
    minato namikaze 2 months ago +303

    my friends: fighting for the bill
    meanwhile me: laughing in the corner with no money in the bank

  • bruised_soup
    bruised_soup Month ago +2

    When me and my friends fight for the bill one of our friends just sits in a corner quietly and then we put her to pay💀

  • Timothy Kassisieh
    Timothy Kassisieh 2 months ago +110

    He's trying to whip the "shock" out of himself 😅

  • MrA
    MrA Month ago +1


  • piratekit
    piratekit 2 months ago

    My grandma mastered this, she would tell the hostess as we sat down "bill THIS card" and basically have already paid before we even ate. Someday, grandma, I will win.

  • Carol Shepherd
    Carol Shepherd 2 months ago +31

    This whole family is so handsome. Mother is a beauty. ❤️

  • Tammy Elakta
    Tammy Elakta 2 months ago +1

    lol I love this this is definitely a Arab thing my husband is Egyptian and he always fights to pay the bill him and his friend even try to out smart the other one I sit back and laugh 1 time we all went out to eat my husband friend tell my husband don’t even think about it I’m paying today my husband says ok sure then while we eating my husband said he had to go to the bathroom yea he went and paid the bill lol

  • BVR Karthikeya
    BVR Karthikeya 2 months ago +87

    “If holding back tears” had a Face 😂

  • Robin Clarine
    Robin Clarine 2 months ago +26

    For people who don’t understand I’m Arab myself and I get this my parents do this all the time we pay for everyone or just give money to our friends for no reason to show appreciation for them

    • ACHOCH
      ACHOCH Month ago

      @Jay Valecha bro this is so fucking unrelated and what the this random guy has to do with the UAE government

    • Robin Clarine
      Robin Clarine Month ago +1

      @letsChaos24 Exactly like how should I pay the workers I don’t even know there names!

    • letsChaos24
      letsChaos24 Month ago +1

      @Robin Clarine i think he assumes that he has a oil company and pays his employes minimum wage (its a comon steriotyp)
      me as an arab can confidently say that i know nobody who owns an company

    • Jay Valecha
      Jay Valecha Month ago

      @Estimate Snatch Video showing arabs fight for bill
      Where they dont pay indian worker class any money their employer steal their passport as soon as they reach dubai and are paid 250$ - 300$ a month and a very lower grade apartments to stay and they delay thier payment by 6 months so they ran out of excess cash they brought from india. If they they won't work they aren't provided food they can't go back and they are forced to work for cheap change money which they can earn in india easily but they are stuck there now and as they are worker class they can't afford retun flight to india without money or passport these scams are done a lot in dubai!

    • Random stuff
      Random stuff Month ago

      @Jay Valecha what

  • Aziza Bsharat
    Aziza Bsharat 2 months ago +12

    My aunt dragged me to a jewelry store and when we found out what was happening they started fighting over paying

  • Blueberry Muffin
    Blueberry Muffin 2 months ago +10

    Rush is so cute! 😂

  • Plumbalina86
    Plumbalina86 Month ago +5

    As a South Asian Muslim, this definitely resonates lol. Family outings to restaurants usually descend into chaos when paying for the bill and some people swear they'll never talk to you again if you don't let them pay 🙄😂 Cycle repeats at every outing.

  • Samuel Varner
    Samuel Varner 2 months ago

    When you finally got the bill after killing everyone in your table and the card declines 😂

  • ~•SeherxBoba•~
    ~•SeherxBoba•~ 2 months ago +4

    In my family a lot of people fight for who's gonna pay for the bill 💀

  • Nicole Bolston
    Nicole Bolston 2 months ago +6

    I want to see his reaction when he see the BILL!! Lol I know he wanted to lose that bill draw… $3000!!!! Geez

  • Nina Ward
    Nina Ward Month ago +2

    Fife:3000 NAH WAIT
    Rush:*sees Bill*
    Rush:THAT'S MINE
    Linda: NOOO
    Rocky BRUH

  • Dėjâ Vû💖
    Dėjâ Vû💖 2 months ago +3

    Everyone : *Fights for bill*
    Me: *breathing so hard and staring at the bill*

  • hAwt HiJabi
    hAwt HiJabi 2 months ago +1

    Everyone: fighting to pay
    Me: *in the back without a credit card*

  • Emma’s_World
    Emma’s_World 2 months ago

    We never fight for the bill 😂

  • Mr. Videos
    Mr. Videos 2 months ago +1

    POV: time traveler kicks the rock

  • LordofSteel
    LordofSteel 2 months ago +4

    „Sir… your card got declined.“

  • _Zavh7
    _Zavh7 2 months ago +2

    They pay for the bill but not the rent🤣🤣🤣

  • RandomCoffeeEnjoyer
    RandomCoffeeEnjoyer 2 months ago +19

    "I won...But at what cost?"

    • mr Gopnik
      mr Gopnik Month ago

      Your monthly salary

    • Pidge
      Pidge Month ago

      I don’t know, how much did the food cost?

    • Quiet kid
      Quiet kid Month ago

      That will be 5,000 dollars sir. Would you like to donate 300 to dogs in need, or give me a 500 dollar tip?

    • Riri_Editz
      Riri_Editz Month ago

      3000 dollars

    • S4CRED
      S4CRED 2 months ago


  • ✨Pepper Sky Eve✨#Road to 70 subs

    Them: fighting for the bill
    Me: “Alr who is gon pay?”

  • noting1224
    noting1224 Month ago +1

    bro is holding back his tears

  • Brooke
    Brooke 2 months ago +8

    He's so happy tho lol

  • Zawadi Kaiser Russell

    you're never gonna see my hand in that mess
    I know that food was expensive

  • Angel Canlas
    Angel Canlas 2 months ago

    Friends fighting for a bill
    Me: yea uh. I gotta go good luck 🤞

  • Hanna Müller
    Hanna Müller 2 months ago

    Me and my Sisters everytime 😂

  • Lowkeymari🤍
    Lowkeymari🤍 2 months ago +1

    Honestly, I would just be that one friend that’s in the corner acting like I’m not there so like I don’t have to pay that’s not the person I am like I don’t like pain I don’t know why😂

  • ViscoKid
    ViscoKid 2 months ago +4

    The bill?
    “And you win”
    Me: and you lose

  • Dinar Abu Madina
    Dinar Abu Madina 2 months ago

    I always lose on bill fight.. in this case, size does matter

  • Be a GameChanger🤞🏻

    I hope I had frnds like this 😂

  • Unknown human being
    Unknown human being 2 months ago +3

    Tell me you’re Arab without telling me you’re Arab

  • Roobear McMurland
    Roobear McMurland Month ago

    I was seriously just waiting for his neck to break in the end-

  • Aether
    Aether Month ago

    POV: You forgot this was a fancy restaurant

  • amanina
    amanina Month ago

    for the one who doesn't understand why they want to fight for the bill it's mean in arab it just amazing to pay the bill because it is love made by Allah and you can see Arab is the most wholesome country 😄 u should go and try to Arabic 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ bc Arab is the most beautiful country I've ever found 🌥️⛹️

  • Chezzmen
    Chezzmen Month ago

    Damn bro why do people want to pay a bill😂😂I’d let them have it

  • itszachary
    itszachary Month ago

    My friend : fighting for the bill
    Me : bruh who fights over a bill I think they are special Ed

  • ☻︎Lovely catシ

    Everyone: fighting over the bill
    Me: oh hell nah that’s so much why are you guys fighting over it like your getting the money not losing it?

  • Araam tayeh
    Araam tayeh 10 days ago

    Well he looks happy about getting to pay

  • catlover_29_5_family2

    Siblings be like: Fights over everything even the bill

  • Nard Ajero
    Nard Ajero 2 months ago +2

    Here in Philippines we like that ♥️♥️♥️♥️🇵🇭

  • Rain sk
    Rain sk Month ago

    That one homie that never has money 💀

  • marnie ross
    marnie ross 26 days ago

    Yep my mom and my grandma always fight for the Bell and now my dad starts fighting for the bill but my mom or my dad always wins my grandma never wins

  • Wendy’s
    Wendy’s 2 months ago

    Me: *acts like I’m sad*

  • 🌈Grecia_Love💜

    It’s the opposite with my family 😂

  • Angelina
    Angelina 2 months ago

    Everyon one's mind : rich

  • Dylan Padilla
    Dylan Padilla Month ago

    The way hes dancing bro its funny

  • Yami Mosu
    Yami Mosu 8 days ago

    First time I see .....they want to pay the bill😂🤣

  • Kimberly Valtierra
    Kimberly Valtierra Month ago

    When the cashier comes back and say the credit card, didn't have a no funds. 🤣😂😐😡

  • Cristy Videos
    Cristy Videos 2 months ago +1

    Everyone fighting for the bill*
    Me: sees the bill*
    Me let’s them pay for it-

  • Falsehood Basher
    Falsehood Basher Month ago +1

    Damn that’s sweet

  • red.
    red. 2 months ago

    for me its gonna be the one who is fighting to not have it

  • Lesly G
    Lesly G 7 days ago

    My family fights over a bill me and my brothers laughing outside with no money and my dad paid the bill after that we went to McDonald's

  • Little lion
    Little lion Month ago

    Everyone fights for the bill they see the bill they give it to you

  • Kayla kat
    Kayla kat 2 months ago

    That's how the family rolls at the restaurants. Lol

  • JacobPlayzYT
    JacobPlayzYT Month ago

    pov: u have no money and u get picked

  • Sri Vidya
    Sri Vidya 2 months ago +6

    He is in eternal shock it seems!🤣

  • thenaturalist3147
    thenaturalist3147 2 months ago

    A $3K bill?? What did you all order and where is this?! 😳

  • griffin sweat
    griffin sweat Month ago +2

    Fighting over the bill
    Everyone not wanting to pay

    • ACHOCH
      ACHOCH Month ago

      Arabs vs Americans

  • Alen's Day
    Alen's Day Month ago

    I bet the lights flicker when he’s going to enter a room

  • Maleah Williams
    Maleah Williams Month ago

    Everyone : going after the bill
    Me : you guys can pay Idc

  • Buyashakaaa
    Buyashakaaa 2 months ago +1

    Except Pops, Hes Running away

  • Goku the saiyan
    Goku the saiyan Month ago

    I dont get it who fights for a bill even tho they know its going to be expensive

  • Couldn't hold a Candle
    Couldn't hold a Candle 2 months ago

    I was always invited but the bill was always mine so I stopped excepting the invitation.

  • J a y d en
    J a y d en Month ago

    I literally can’t relate, I need to save money not waste more of it 🥲

  • Trashcanheadsets
    Trashcanheadsets Month ago

    I am confused why they want the bill can someone help me understand? 🤔

  • L𝕠stP𝕚ng
    L𝕠stP𝕚ng Month ago

    *secretly happy coz they didnt actually get to pay*

  • Gerardo Del Rio
    Gerardo Del Rio 2 months ago

    Nah, I dont wait for the bill, I just go straight up and make an excuse that Im just gonna go to the restroom and just straight up go to cashier instead and pay it. I have rich Asian friends so this happens all the time. I'm just an average Call Center Agent but I make a decent amount of money and it doesn't hurt me financially to pay atleast $2000 or more worth of bill sometimes.

  • Dou Dou
    Dou Dou 2 months ago

    His money = pop’s 💰🤣

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 2 months ago

    Wow! Thats so cool, while in the Philippines if you have no money no one will pay 😂😂😂😂

  • Beetle the turtle queen🐢

    Why do y’all wanna pay for it 🌚

  • Sorban
    Sorban 2 months ago +1

    Just pretend you don't want to pay and they all agree you to pay it

  • Virginia Glitsis
    Virginia Glitsis Month ago

    Arabs when you have the food bill:GIVE IT TO ME I WILL PAY FOR YOU

  • Noah Popaj
    Noah Popaj 2 months ago

    FR im Albanian and Albanians ALWAYS fight for the bill because they want to show kindness

  • Siaka Sanogo
    Siaka Sanogo Month ago

    Why so true my dad was just fighting with my uncle about a bill

  • QY_ MobilePlayer
    QY_ MobilePlayer 7 days ago

    "and your card has been declined*

  • PRX-*sh4dow*
    PRX-*sh4dow* Month ago +1

    Plot twist they don’t actually want to pay for the tip but the guy does so they get free food 😇 😈

  • Ars0n
    Ars0n 2 months ago

    And then you go broke because the bill was more than 100 ☺️☺️

  • Nallely Ortiz
    Nallely Ortiz 2 months ago

    Hahahaha 😆 🤣

  • Amanda Sendon
    Amanda Sendon Month ago

    Well I’ll accept it hehe 🤭🤭

  • uhh
    uhh 2 months ago +4

    He's trying not to cry lol

  • Nouha El alami
    Nouha El alami 10 days ago

    3000 ! what did yall eat à GUCCI cake 🤣

  • Saliha Khan
    Saliha Khan 2 months ago

    I would be opposite I would be like I need to wash my hands

  • TheBlueBanana
    TheBlueBanana Month ago +1

    *me sliding under the table*

  • athena
    athena 2 months ago

    **Breaks neck after video**

  • Saruul Enkhtuvshin
    Saruul Enkhtuvshin Month ago

    Me:bah I'm fine you guys can pay

  • tenny edits
    tenny edits 2 months ago

    The question is
    Would wanna pay for the bill

  • Purple_babe🦋
    Purple_babe🦋 2 months ago

    Nah man y’all can have that

  • JD_Chase0408
    JD_Chase0408 Month ago

    Are y’all fighting over who gets to lose money?

  • Alexl5421g
    Alexl5421g 2 months ago

    In my country everyone fights not to get the bill

  • nina nania
    nina nania 2 months ago +1

    for who Don't undrestand
    we arabs fieghting for paying the bills
    bcs we are the masters of generisity

  • Liquid Stardust
    Liquid Stardust 2 months ago

    Hahahaha same in Spain

  • ActuallyKaiX
    ActuallyKaiX Month ago +1

    Didnt know it was opposite day.

  • S Sanchez
    S Sanchez 2 months ago +8

    These men are ALL so handsome😉‼️

  • US Countryball
    US Countryball Month ago

    It's the only fight that you don't wanna win

  • The Qureshi's
    The Qureshi's Month ago

    Those moves I can’t

  • •strxwbvrry•
    •strxwbvrry• Month ago