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YG Watches Most TURNT Game Of The YEAR! BRAWL Breaks Out + SAVAGE CROWD Forces COPS To Come!

  • Published on Feb 3, 2018
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  • BallerVisions
    BallerVisions  2 months ago +5

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  • Mason Motley
    Mason Motley 6 hours ago

    😂4:05 2k animation

  • Dre Harris
    Dre Harris Day ago

    @10:46 My mans ain’t playing a single minute in the game

  • 3 PAC
    3 PAC 2 days ago +1

    That YG cam edit was smooth as hell😂😂

  • Apex Recon
    Apex Recon 3 days ago

    U see how high he jump

  • Brianna Greene
    Brianna Greene 3 days ago

    They so overrated

  • Everette Dennie
    Everette Dennie 4 days ago

    The refs suck assssss fuck that blue team student section

  • Gabriel Dubé
    Gabriel Dubé 9 days ago

    What's actually overrated is overrated chants.

  • فـهـيـد 23
    فـهـيـد 23 9 days ago +1

    if any one now the girl dancing at 1:06 insta snap anythinnnng

  • YETI
    YETI 10 days ago

    YG forgot his pants

  • YETI
    YETI 10 days ago

    Tf you thinking @10:30 not so clean

  • YETI
    YETI 10 days ago

    YG a bitch

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 10 days ago

    Why is the crowd all girls 🤣

  • Bryan Macias
    Bryan Macias 13 days ago

    I bet a lot of those people don’t even listen to YG they only acting like it to say that they met a rapper

  • systemspm
    systemspm 15 days ago

    That guy actually rolled his already short shorts up? Haha

  • systemspm
    systemspm 15 days ago

    Holy crap, short shorts are back in!

  • Sicknowledge NorCalFinest

    That dude in the very end wearing red had no pants on. Straight walking around wearing boxers. Lmao. Retarded if you ask me. Yes i know. They were shorts. I think. 😆

  • Shimei
    Shimei 24 days ago

    LA cops is hella extra

  • Hennessy Hokage
    Hennessy Hokage Month ago

    Refs completely ruined that game 100%

  • Hennessy Hokage
    Hennessy Hokage Month ago

    Why is La Mirda or however you spell it student section mostly females 💀

  • The Pinkprint
    The Pinkprint Month ago

    lol this was my first josh christopher game yoo lmao

  • Chronic_ Keith
    Chronic_ Keith Month ago

    That’s josh Christopher

  • Jay jay
    Jay jay Month ago

    1:45 nice catch refs be doing dat in my games some times

  • Im JP23
    Im JP23 Month ago

    🚨😈 Unbelievable!

  • Ant Rezek
    Ant Rezek Month ago

    13:01 is what we all came for

  • headyboii
    headyboii Month ago

    Bruh just look at the ref at 3:38 he knew that shit wasn’t a foul

  • Tracie Mathews
    Tracie Mathews Month ago

    The refs were hella paid. Tgat shit was burnt.... All those fake ass fouls

    • Hammerland
      Hammerland Month ago

      sounds like some whiny ass bitch moves to complain about the refs. the camera dude aint played a day in his life obviously, so don't listen to a word he says. I saw a few bad calls, nothing that makes you get bitch slapped at home like that though. got any more excuses?

  • Diego The Realezt
    Diego The Realezt 2 months ago

    Why is there a lot girlie screams this is a basketball game not fucking justin bieber gay ass concert.

  • James Williams
    James Williams 2 months ago +1

    BallerVisions clearly isnt biased.....pshhhh

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 2 months ago

    YG is baked XD 13:36

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 2 months ago

    there were some bad calls

  • Michael Sparks
    Michael Sparks 2 months ago

    Refs ruined that game bro, awful foul calls at the end. Let’s get some younger dudes who actually know what the fuck is going on and can keep up, old heads always ruin shit, like when they don’t know what a fucking euro is and call it a travel 😴

  • Kreepy Leihden
    Kreepy Leihden 2 months ago +1

    who is yg

  • Theodes Lewis
    Theodes Lewis 2 months ago

    #3 reminds me of Westbrook good...but always out of control make one play then make 3 bad plays after that...need to work on his body control...#13 was balling...

  • andre bass
    andre bass 2 months ago

    bruh whenever ur recording and shit show the refs

  • Detective Asshole
    Detective Asshole 2 months ago

    who is yg and why is he struttin around like he's somebody

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 2 months ago

    Theres a Asian guy with a durag

  • Aiden Reyes
    Aiden Reyes 2 months ago

    Bitch ass ref keeps getting in the way 😂

  • April Stephens
    April Stephens 2 months ago

    Fuck those stupid ass refs they do Fucking retarted

  • Kyle Nagy
    Kyle Nagy 2 months ago

    Damn these refs were ass

  • Ruqa Paqar
    Ruqa Paqar 2 months ago

    How is YG an role model or a model example to these kids ?

  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover 2 months ago

    Dorman (Spartanburg, SC) or LA Mirror?

  • daniel creason
    daniel creason 2 months ago

    He feels safe now that 69s away!

  • HennessyAndMe6
    HennessyAndMe6 2 months ago +1

    Whoever edited this video was a complete failure lmao

  • Lumin IV
    Lumin IV 2 months ago

    Why this YG guy seeking so much attention thou...

  • Christian Stinson
    Christian Stinson 2 months ago

    Fans were cringe

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 2 months ago

    The refs on some

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 2 months ago

    I cant rly play in front of crowds =/ in any sport

  • Scumper Chumper
    Scumper Chumper 3 months ago

    These student sections are ass they not shit

  • Gustas G
    Gustas G 3 months ago +28

    Try to find the dude with the mask.


  • Oh no no Virus
    Oh no no Virus 3 months ago +1

    na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goooood byeeeeeeee

  • Me
    Me 3 months ago

    Why are josh’s ( 13 in white ) shorts so high

  • davidca96
    davidca96 3 months ago +5

    num sayin basketball
    00:57 that dudes a pimp

    4THEKING 3 months ago

    Those refs were making calls like they were paid!!

  • M Zazzy
    M Zazzy 3 months ago +21

    These are the 2nd worse refs I’ve ever seen... beside the dude that T’ed up Tim Duncan for laughing

  • Og Lee
    Og Lee 3 months ago

    ig the white kids out balled the black kids today

  • Mr. Magaña
    Mr. Magaña 3 months ago

    Bunch of wanna be thugs and dirty thots. you wonder why there are fights and even shootings. I would assume someone got pregnant at this event aswell.. Trash ass people.. 🗑 🗑 🗑

  • Spazzo Spazz
    Spazzo Spazz 3 months ago +4

    Why josh go for a steal knowing he got 4 fouls and is needed on the court?👀

  • wiinxy
    wiinxy 3 months ago

    Does this guy not no that 1 1/2 steps is a travel

  • Pitate
    Pitate 3 months ago

    Ya acting like Tupac lol

  • Nuggz Not Official
    Nuggz Not Official 3 months ago

    The city where i live is veryyyy ghetto and the city next to us is a very very big rich city. They would always win championships and wreck us. This year though!!! We managed to take em out of the tournament and it was the first time in our town history that we win against them on a tournament match...btw we won at their home for the cherry on top.

  • Kenny Getz_Buckets
    Kenny Getz_Buckets 3 months ago

    These high school refs cheeks and no offense but Mayfair depends on josh and josh only

  • cory carter
    cory carter 3 months ago

    How is it “rigged” and “the refs were paid” when the white team couldn’t make any of there shots 😂

  • Brooklyn King
    Brooklyn King 3 months ago

    Who is the dued that walked in 🤨

  • Calvb J
    Calvb J 3 months ago +1

    Neither team can finish their lay ups 😂 damn that’s painful to watch every play

  • Judie Dill
    Judie Dill 3 months ago +3

    The crowd made this game funny as hell.

  • jess here
    jess here 3 months ago

    who is yg??

    is it yg entertainment ?????

  • Raptors Nation
    Raptors Nation 3 months ago

    That ref ain't shit fucking faggit

  • Sam Spears
    Sam Spears 3 months ago

    I wish I was good as jaygup

  • James Bak
    James Bak 3 months ago

    The refs sucked ass

  • Luke Longly
    Luke Longly 3 months ago

    1:15 great defense better offense lol that was a great shot

  • Curtis Clarke
    Curtis Clarke 3 months ago

    Blue team was cheating plus they ass 😆

  • Maoli2013
    Maoli2013 3 months ago

    Who's YG? Ha!

  • Big LA420
    Big LA420 3 months ago

    Good Ole Suburban League

  • Anthony Jimenez
    Anthony Jimenez 3 months ago

    Yg a lame

  • LoganTheLionheart
    LoganTheLionheart 3 months ago

    YG just there to bully more skinny teenagers

  • Jalyssa 11
    Jalyssa 11 3 months ago

    ROBBED that game was Robbed asf

  • BigNameJeff
    BigNameJeff 3 months ago

    10:31 was not clean lmao

  • Parker thomas
    Parker thomas 4 months ago

    did that kid get his shorts tailored to look like diapers

  • Darren Marrero
    Darren Marrero 4 months ago


  • JackIsBoss
    JackIsBoss 4 months ago

    I think it’s safe to say the refs were on pay roll

  • Dennis Houston
    Dennis Houston 4 months ago

    Refs seemed like they was in pocket bs fouls

  • Carson Beranek
    Carson Beranek 4 months ago

    Song at the beginning?

  • Charlie Mann
    Charlie Mann 4 months ago

    refs were ass and biased

  • Dewon Brazelton
    Dewon Brazelton 4 months ago

    I swear i can see number 13 nut sack :P

  • Stiltmans Stilt
    Stiltmans Stilt 4 months ago

    Something embarrassing about chasing a dude in a crowd holding a phone up snapping pics. Looked like sheep

  • Stiltmans Stilt
    Stiltmans Stilt 4 months ago

    Other team was way more team orientated. That's why they won.

  • Stiltmans Stilt
    Stiltmans Stilt 4 months ago


  • Randy Hughes
    Randy Hughes 4 months ago

    13 an animal

  • Thomas Chaney
    Thomas Chaney 4 months ago

    damn i wish my coach let me do savage shit like blow kisses at the crowd

  • tyler masonheimer
    tyler masonheimer 4 months ago

    At least baller vision is bias towards oneside, smh.

  • Mr. Realistic
    Mr. Realistic 4 months ago

    You can tell Josh got more comfortable once he took the Js off

  • rickyo56
    rickyo56 4 months ago

    You got 4 fouls and you reach, your making easy for the ref. After #13 fouled out, the rest were scared to shoot the ball.

  • i like namjoon more than tae and kookie

    Mayfield or Bellville West? Nahhh Belville would prob beat them by 15

  • 051 Rondo
    051 Rondo 4 months ago

    I wouldve gotten a tech cause i wouldve did the refs so bad

  • Juanito Javier
    Juanito Javier 4 months ago

    Like josh was gonna save them with his wonder woman shorts. Silky short v-neck shorts crawling up his cheeks. They all weak no tucks.

  • E P B
    E P B 4 months ago

    Mexicans school vs black school

  • Raz Almaraz
    Raz Almaraz 4 months ago

    Yg why are you watching Mayfair you went to paramount high school your a Pirate

  • Chy'onna Clayton
    Chy'onna Clayton 4 months ago +23

    I hate old ass refs like this. I swear they are blind. They can barely run up and down the damn court.

  • Cullenator 30
    Cullenator 30 4 months ago

    Josh cristopher being like t- jass with the layups