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Stray Kids "My Pace" M/V

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "My Pace" M/V
    Stray Kids 2ND MINI ALBUM "I am WHO"
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  • 'yuu
    'yuu 47 minutes ago

    2:29 2:29
    2:29 2:29

  • Sofía con c de cándia jshsjs

    Nanananananananananan ahre

  • Duong Anh 06
    Duong Anh 06 3 hours ago

    mỗi lần cảm thấy chán đời là mị lại nghe full bài của Stray Kids :v

  • epic neko rocker
    epic neko rocker 10 hours ago

    I really enjoy this group, however I still don't know their names

    • epic neko rocker
      epic neko rocker 3 hours ago

      @Stray kids epic yeah but who is who?

    • Stray kids epic
      Stray kids epic 4 hours ago +1


  • Eliana gaitan
    Eliana gaitan 11 hours ago

    I love the song and the Lyrics

  • pinkuwu
    pinkuwu 11 hours ago

    they had so much glitches in the mv i thought my phone was finally breaking from the amount of times i replayed this lmao

  • Alex Chambi
    Alex Chambi 12 hours ago

    Muy lindos

    • Alex Chambi
      Alex Chambi 12 hours ago +1

      Muy hermosos y no soy Alex Chambi soy Anyela

  • Kairon Orellana
    Kairon Orellana 13 hours ago +1

    Baile klo bkn que se pegan

  • ***Queen*** Jayyy***
    ***Queen*** Jayyy*** 14 hours ago +2

    my first time listening to them and i think imma continue to

  • Daniela Pires
    Daniela Pires 15 hours ago

    woojin with the portuguese shirt has me diying everytime i see it

  • Ana Cabell
    Ana Cabell 16 hours ago +1

    💜🖤 *STRAY KIDS* 🖤💜

  • Ana Cabell
    Ana Cabell 16 hours ago +1


  • Benyi Camacho Cardenas
    Benyi Camacho Cardenas 17 hours ago

    Es mi preferida i love you stray kids😘😘😘

  • Loredana
    Loredana 19 hours ago

    some random things i need to say:
    1. they're really hot wow
    2. i think i might need glasses
    3. i'm not hungry but i want to eat
    4. go and watch the heirs, it's my favorite kdrama so far
    5. i'm starting to kinda learn hangul after like two months yeet
    6. i'm gonna do my homework now

  • {Haechan's Darling}해찬의 달링

    Who came here after they realsed the teaser for their Comeback?

  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 22 hours ago

    The lyrics are just amazing....

  • Andrea D
    Andrea D 22 hours ago +1

    We love stray kids💙💙💙💙

  • Quiin AhgaStayOnce
    Quiin AhgaStayOnce Day ago +4


  • Hayoosh 2PMSKZ
    Hayoosh 2PMSKZ Day ago +3

    STAY can we r€ach 45M ??

  • Zozza Star
    Zozza Star Day ago

    I dont know why ithink its look like bts song run🌚💔

  • Dalia Gallegos
    Dalia Gallegos Day ago +1

    Sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio sodio \(:v)/

  • 鐘珮菁
    鐘珮菁 Day ago +1


  • 奕樺
    奕樺 Day ago +3

    70m gogo!

  • Sophia Mellott
    Sophia Mellott Day ago +4

    here to log my discovery of stray kids: my first was miroh which I love, so I thought I’d try this one out. I love it!!! It’s so fresh and new and they seem to be having so much fun even though it’s just a music video haha. The rap are really good and I love the chorus. I’m gonna go listen to new stuff. Btw the one with the braces is adorable ☺️

  • Nunung Nurjanah
    Nunung Nurjanah Day ago +2

    Wowwww hyunjin

  • deka restu
    deka restu Day ago +1

    salfok toyota 86 😭✊🏻

  • btaesthetics
    btaesthetics Day ago +3

    Changbin's verse is superior and that's just fax luv 💋💋

  • Mila W
    Mila W Day ago +1

    Se volvió adicción buscar todas las canciones de este grupo es tan bueno ( será normal lo que hago) jajaja

  • Zoeie Garcia
    Zoeie Garcia Day ago +3

    I was yelling the lyrics without knowing it and i got in trouble😅

  • lily bee
    lily bee Day ago +1


  • Beatriz Accioly
    Beatriz Accioly Day ago +2

    Almost 65 mi views 😍😍

  • celu
    celu Day ago +3

    probably one of my favorite songs in general just because the message is a very important one and will always be relevant. sometimes you just need that extra boost of reassurance throughout life

  • Lidiane Buonocore
    Lidiane Buonocore Day ago +1

    Cadê os BR??

  • Lidiane Buonocore
    Lidiane Buonocore Day ago +2


  • Rob Hornsby
    Rob Hornsby Day ago +3

    Been watching kpop for years never seen a group with so many beast rappers. Especially since they all have unique voices

  • Vianz Yanuar
    Vianz Yanuar Day ago +2

    Too much Shaking

  • Stellouy
    Stellouy Day ago +4

    Felix : "YOU READY ?"
    Me : "Noooooooo ;_;"
    Felix : *dont care* LET'S GO !!

  • Joudy19
    Joudy19 2 days ago +1

    Fuck u changbin.

  • 陳幼庭
    陳幼庭 2 days ago +2

    I love skz♡

  • Mili Revilla
    Mili Revilla 2 days ago +1

    STAY a seguir reproduciendo la música de los chicos

  • y͘our̵l̨o̡c̸a̶l͘tra̶s̵hc̕at

    Man, this song motivates me so much ;-;

  • Nalka Segurita
    Nalka Segurita 2 days ago +1

    Que buena la enseñanza que deja el vídeo uwu ( no es sarcasmo xd)
    Si lo escuchan con subtítulos es hermoso

  • Noobmaster69 Uganda knuckles

    Can you tell me their names i really wanna be part of this fandom I'm still new

    • CyberInk
      CyberInk Day ago

      @Noobmaster69 Uganda knuckles no problem :)

    • Noobmaster69 Uganda knuckles
      Noobmaster69 Uganda knuckles Day ago

      Thank you for your help cynerlink

    • CyberInk
      CyberInk Day ago +1

      2:49 That's Felix. He's the Lead Rapper and Lead dancer. He's from Australia and known for his deep voice. He was eliminated in the survival show but was fortunately brought back.
      1:04 That's Chan. He's the Leader of the group, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper and Producer. He's also from Australia and the creator of the group.
      2:00 That's Changbin. He's the Mainrapper, Vocalist Producer and hands down one of the best rappers out there.
      1:09 That's Jeongin (I.N). He's the Vocalist and Maknae of the group.
      1:19 That's Seungmin. He's the Lead Vocalist and was a MC for ASC.
      0:58 That's Woojin. He's the Main vocalist. He was a Sm and Fantiago trainee.
      1:16 That's Minho aka Lee Know. He's the Main Dancer, Rapper and Vocalist. JYP wanted him to switch from Vocalist to Rapper in the survival show. He then eliminated him...he also was brought back but still
      1:48 That's Hyunjin. He's the Main Dancer, Lead Rapper and the Visual. He was street casted.
      0:44 And that's the last member, Jisung, aka Han. He's the Main Rapper, Lead vocalist and Producer. Together with Changbin and Chan he's in the Rappersubunit 3Racha.
      I hope I didn't miss anything

  • HeY StOb It
    HeY StOb It 2 days ago +6


  • leaf tomatoes
    leaf tomatoes 2 days ago

    Love the lyric,love the motivation in it..i am sorry,i not been here from the start..but,i will stay till the end..promise.

  • fabulosos favoritos Panduro Vilela

    love stray kids

  • 트와이스 짱
    트와이스 짱 2 days ago

    Stray Kids has 9 members so they must receive a 9-number MV views

  • 绍明许
    绍明许 2 days ago +1

    Who else relates to this song?

  • Aeight ,
    Aeight , 2 days ago +1


  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 2 days ago +1

    I just love to come here back!!!!

  • Gyani Maharjan
    Gyani Maharjan 2 days ago +1

    Stay 1.1M likes

  • Eliana gaitan
    Eliana gaitan 2 days ago +2


  • suga in my tae
    suga in my tae 3 days ago +1

    this has always reminded me of oI fEliX!!! cOme hErE brO!! hERe's yA rAmEn!!!whAt'd yOu maKE bRo?? fOr mE cUz. Oiiiiiiii!! idk why! lmao

  • kevin arce cárdenas
    kevin arce cárdenas 3 days ago +1


  • kevin arce cárdenas

    porque no escriben en español

  • SKZ stay
    SKZ stay 3 days ago

  • lost my wig bcs jibooty

    The one with a deep voice in the beginning is killing it with that fucking NaNaNaa

  • lost my wig bcs jibooty

    Damn that song is lit 🔥 i stan this

  • Ana channel
    Ana channel 3 days ago +1

    Hyunjin! Han! Felix! Seungmin! I.n!

  • Ana channel
    Ana channel 3 days ago

    Chan! Woojin! Minho! Changbin!

  • Ana channel
    Ana channel 3 days ago

    Stray Kids is so good

  • Jameskie Pineda
    Jameskie Pineda 3 days ago +1

  • Yoongi’s Hope
    Yoongi’s Hope 3 days ago +4

    The first time I saw this Music Video I thought that my phone was broken cuz of the glitch effects the MV has lol 😂

    •MICHELLE ARMY• 3 days ago +1

    De echo esta joya la bailamos en mi clase de K-pop

  • Nicolau Chocolatau
    Nicolau Chocolatau 3 days ago +2

    I Love stray kids

  • Emii Trejo
    Emii Trejo 3 days ago +2

    Stay!!! Lleguemos hasta los 100M antes que la canción cumpla un año en agosto

  • About:blank
    About:blank 3 days ago +2

    Go 65M before Yellow Wood!!

  • rosa :v stay
    rosa :v stay 3 days ago +1


  • Rosela Villalobos
    Rosela Villalobos 3 days ago +3

    this song inspires me to actually run in gym class

  • Stray kids epic
    Stray kids epic 3 days ago +1

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

  • Stray kids epic
    Stray kids epic 3 days ago +1

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

  • Stray kids epic
    Stray kids epic 3 days ago +1

    Na Na Na Na Na Na

  • Ana channel
    Ana channel 3 days ago +1


  • kpopvids xo
    kpopvids xo 3 days ago +47

    2:00 anyone else love when changbin just controls the whole crew like damn

  • Multifandom Kpop Bitch here

    I just looked at the lyrics and it looks sad even though it has and happy vibe/ up beat vibe

    so the song is basically saying that stop comparing yourselves to others, just go at your own pace, you don't have to be someone else you are not, stay in your lane, go your own way, take your time to get to where you want to be, doesnt mean others are faster, doesnt mean you have to be fast, go at your own speed.

    im a new stay, this was my first song I ever heard from Stray Kids
    correct me if im wrong

    • jisung's cheeks
      jisung's cheeks 3 days ago

      It's all true, lyrics are so awesome!!
      I also recommend you Voices and Hellevator for best lyrics too!! ❤💜
      Welcome and hope you like them uwu

  • Sekar Utami
    Sekar Utami 4 days ago +4

    ROAD TO 65M!!!

  • Z B
    Z B 4 days ago +6

    The greatest miss click of my life.

  • Pragati Rai
    Pragati Rai 4 days ago +5

    70 mil let's do it stays😁😍

  • spicey the foodholic
    spicey the foodholic 4 days ago +5

    0:44 why are you jealous of him? you have abs too
    sorry, han, but its just facts.

  • Anika Sethuraman
    Anika Sethuraman 4 days ago +89

    Felix: *raps in that god damn deep-as-the-ocean voice*
    Me: *dies*

  • 귀엽다ItzmeKarin_Chan


  • British Husky Stray
    British Husky Stray 4 days ago +3

    0:46 They just took off their shirt.

  • Hội Bán Muối Thiếu Niên Đoàn

    Friend: Which part is your favorite part of this song?
    Me: 0:01- 3:47

  • aerin
    aerin 4 days ago +6

    i become a stay with this song, this song makes me so happy

  • aerin
    aerin 4 days ago +3

    this jisung i- im in l**ve

  • Uwu Jay
    Uwu Jay 4 days ago +12

    STAY! :)
    Let's make 65 M before 19/6. fighting!
    Who str3am this everyday? Me!

  • Eliana gaitan
    Eliana gaitan 4 days ago +2

    Omg I love it

  • tatiyana
    tatiyana 4 days ago +1

    binnie sounds like 6ix9ine for a good few seconds at 1:59 and i jus-

  • Exo Enthusiast
    Exo Enthusiast 4 days ago +5

    this is what i listen to during my fitness runs in gym lololol

  • Eliana gaitan
    Eliana gaitan 4 days ago +2


  • Deborah La Army
    Deborah La Army 5 days ago +5

    Omg I don´t have any self-esteem, but this song showed me how to love myself a little.

    • jisung's cheeks
      jisung's cheeks 3 days ago

      Listen to Grow up (by them), it helped a lott of us, so beautiful lyrics ❤💜❤💜
      Hope it helps you even more ❤

  • Momo Hirai
    Momo Hirai 5 days ago +5

    Best song

  • 002
    002 5 days ago +3

    keep streaming bois

  • Icha L
    Icha L 5 days ago +2


  • bb암캐
    bb암캐 5 days ago +5

    Changbinnie's part is killing me

  • Enrique Cabrera
    Enrique Cabrera 5 days ago +19

    I dream of the day this video has 70 million of view.

    Someday it will be fulfilled

  • Ygen 21Savg
    Ygen 21Savg 5 days ago +13

    Great song and great music vid and classic football shirts

  • Ana channel
    Ana channel 5 days ago +3


  • Ana channel
    Ana channel 5 days ago +1