• Published on Nov 11, 2019
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Comments • 766

  • Travaughn Green
    Travaughn Green 3 days ago

    Buy kante

  • William Saul
    William Saul 15 days ago

    Buy Anderson talisca as a Maddison backup his left foot is an absolute rocket

  • Carlos Smith
    Carlos Smith 17 days ago +4

    "i don't want to ruin the feel of the career mode"
    *goes on and buys Ronaldo*

    • VxVxD
      VxVxD 11 days ago

      exactly lmao

    RYAN HANNAFORD 20 days ago

    I love your content! ☺️ I also do a career mode on FIFA

  • Jacob Skills r
    Jacob Skills r 26 days ago +1


    Lol if you read on

  • Jiri Cabak
    Jiri Cabak 27 days ago +1


  • cam amis
    cam amis 27 days ago +2

    Matt where has your arsenal 2013 career mode gone? That was my life

  • CTT LurzZ
    CTT LurzZ 27 days ago

    Sangare is really good

  • Stephen L Hau
    Stephen L Hau 28 days ago

    Cazorla did wear #20 in national team before if I remember correctly

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 28 days ago +4

    40,000 pounds to high we will offer you 60,000.... typical fifa

  • Edward Bowyer
    Edward Bowyer 28 days ago +1

    Better keeper

  • Kevwe
    Kevwe 28 days ago +3

    W.ZAHA In - Maddison out!!!

  • Tarisai Mamhungo
    Tarisai Mamhungo 29 days ago

    Sign Nakamba man!

  • Chrille Svensson
    Chrille Svensson 29 days ago +2

    Agree with the Nadeshot look-a-like!

  • Mounanui Basil
    Mounanui Basil 29 days ago

    get alassane plea as part of the strickers

  • Larnelle Fredericks
    Larnelle Fredericks 29 days ago +3

    Ibrahim Sangare you should consider and also Sander Berge for CDM
    Look at Gabriel Jesus/Lautaro Martinez as Striker replacements

  • TycheGaming
    TycheGaming 29 days ago +2

    Pleae how to edit a player’s position on console

  • Bjarne Bode
    Bjarne Bode 29 days ago +6


  • michael
    michael 29 days ago +1

    Bring in a left back.

  • AdamHaykal Aimuddin
    AdamHaykal Aimuddin 29 days ago +1

    Sell both of Laca and auba. Buy 1 world best and 82 and above. Or just buy mbappe

  • Epicgaming 123
    Epicgaming 123 29 days ago +3

    You should do West Brom career I’m not being biased cuz I’m not a West Brom fan but they would be good seeing there big title contenders at the moment

  • Alexander Reeves
    Alexander Reeves 29 days ago +2

    You don't know ball

    • Jarron Gordon
      Jarron Gordon 29 days ago

      Alexander Reeves he never has 😂😂💀

  • Cope DuChaine
    Cope DuChaine 29 days ago +6

    Do a rebuild career mode with bolton

  • DnoNixiux
    DnoNixiux 29 days ago +2

    Erick Pulgar is a great shout

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago +2

    thiago mendes man how did u miss out on him haha

  • MB
    MB Month ago +5

    PLEASE replace Kolasinac. I hate that deam questions and I hate slow fullbacks :D

  • Jack Martelli
    Jack Martelli Month ago +1

    Can you just play the game, your like a women with her makeup OH I LOVE THIS BUT BUT THIS ONE OHHHH, make your mind up and play the game, act like your trying to play the game.

  • Ryan Mickelson
    Ryan Mickelson Month ago +5

    Cazorla didn’t leave because he wasn’t getting into the team, he left because his career was pretty much over, even his doctors said so. It was a miracle he was able to play again. Why do you always overlook the facts to have a pop at Arsenal? It’s so boring.

  • Jonathan Olsson
    Jonathan Olsson Month ago

    buy some napoli players maaaaan

  • Jonathan Hill
    Jonathan Hill Month ago +1

    I’m already in 2025 😂

  • ricky gamboa
    ricky gamboa Month ago +5


  • Mounanui Basil
    Mounanui Basil Month ago +5

    matt should sign timo horn in goal

  • Lucezar Colombo
    Lucezar Colombo Month ago +4

    Stop bringing players back, not interesting at all

  • Dan Edwards
    Dan Edwards Month ago +2

    "Stimulate the Carabao Cup" 18:12

  • Tiago Jorge Gonçalves Correia

    William carvalho please.. he was rumoured to arsenal a few years ago

  • Tiago Jorge Gonçalves Correia

    William carvalho

  • REC in
    REC in Month ago

    ok then... if not W. Carvalho, maybe W. ZAHA!!🔥

  • REC in
    REC in Month ago +2

    William Carvalho 😍😍🔥 you never go for Portuguese players!

  • Joel Farley
    Joel Farley Month ago +3

    Agent: "We are looking for 48,500"
    MGH: "Sorry that's a little too high. How about 60,000?"

  • iYourAverageGamer
    iYourAverageGamer Month ago

    Gotta say I don't see the Nadeshot likeness 😂

  • Yung AK
    Yung AK Month ago +1

    Ndidi Ziyech and zaha

  • Yung AK
    Yung AK Month ago

    Ndidi and zaha

  • Yung AK
    Yung AK Month ago +4

    Clicked for Santi

  • Adam Geiger Jr
    Adam Geiger Jr Month ago +1

    Zaniolo is a beast. My best friend and I are huge Arsenal fans and decided to do our own rebuilds ...
    I chose Donny van de Beek but he chose Zaniolo. Both are amazing but Zaniolo's height & all-around stats made him dominant.

  • Emmanuel Matuka
    Emmanuel Matuka Month ago


  • TJD18
    TJD18 Month ago +6

    After you’re done with Arsenal, could you possibly do a Leeds career mode? It’d be awesome to see a manager career with Leeds as they are such a fallen giant in English football.

  • allan juan
    allan juan Month ago +2

    Sign zaniolo

  • Oogyo :D
    Oogyo :D Month ago +2

    Mgh in this fifa career mode you’re the yurgon Klop of Liverpool

  • Stompy 14
    Stompy 14 Month ago +1

    i was loving the football manager matt will you be streaming it again this year

  • Massive Fan
    Massive Fan Month ago +2

    Please do a Norwich career mode.

  • Sjoerd Geistdorfer
    Sjoerd Geistdorfer Month ago +6

    I get that you want this to feel like a realistic Arsenal team but realistically Arsenal will not win the premier league and the champions league. If you want to compete for both you will need to get at least one world class player in. Someone over 90 rated for sure. I would think either a striker, AMF or CB.

    • Typical Gaming
      Typical Gaming Month ago +2

      Yeah very true I don't think before they signed aubamayeng he would think arsenal would sign him

  • Chris Bouery
    Chris Bouery Month ago +1

    Talisca very talented

  • Devilito
    Devilito Month ago +1

    Buy Ibrahima sangare from toulouse

  • lumi
    lumi Month ago

    hey mgh, where do you download your mods? other than the realistic career mode, where do you get your player faces, etc

  • sB.1UP
    sB.1UP Month ago

    Buy Leander Dendoncker

  • Laust
    Laust Month ago +2

    It’s sad but i Think you need to sell Auba and bring in someone like Mbappe, Rashford, Jesus or Håland

  • Frankie Appleton
    Frankie Appleton Month ago

    Lucas Paquetta can play CAM, CM and either wing so he could be good

  • Benele Mngoma
    Benele Mngoma Month ago +1

    Buy Haaland please or jovic

  • Nobody Music
    Nobody Music Month ago +3

    Sign Ziyech

  • Nobody Music
    Nobody Music Month ago

    You should train Malen. He was 90 rated around season 3 for me.