• Published on Sep 21, 2019
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  • Char Bubblez
    Char Bubblez 3 days ago

    I wanna grow up to be like you because I'm Asian and I love to game

  • Johann
    Johann 3 days ago

    Quite ironic batman uses guns

  • Cassidy Durfey
    Cassidy Durfey 4 days ago


  • Enej Kumer
    Enej Kumer 5 days ago


  • Kevin Navarrete
    Kevin Navarrete 6 days ago

    Use code lasar

  • flang lank
    flang lank 6 days ago

    dude i love forntire!!!

  • Millan Paul
    Millan Paul 8 days ago

    symbol is when you are getting a direct hit

    LAURYNAS UOSIS 8 days ago

    When he was cat woman he picked up a golden rocket launcher and non suppresed scar

  • Bloozard
    Bloozard 10 days ago

    Me being irrelevant:hihi
    Every body else being caught up: Hehe Me - 2019
    Me: I am confushun

  • Trigger3427
    Trigger3427 11 days ago

    Did you know you got a twenty bomb

  • Underscore Daniel
    Underscore Daniel 11 days ago +1

    imagine playing fortnite in 2019 ahahahhahahahahah

  • Katt Jewell
    Katt Jewell 11 days ago +1


  • The zorromannen TTV
    The zorromannen TTV 12 days ago

    And now it dosent work

  • The zorromannen TTV
    The zorromannen TTV 12 days ago

    Im so sad i have used my ps4 for 10 months and I have 50+ skins on fortnite

  • Emmanuel Gallardo Galladdo

    Omg I want the skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devyn Lowe
    Devyn Lowe 12 days ago +1

    I liked your steam I have never won a game add me dlowe10

  • shocker aquatic bite
    shocker aquatic bite 12 days ago

    Do the Batman challenge you can only use the batawrang and trapper I'm gonna do that challange

  • Strafe Cell
    Strafe Cell 14 days ago

    Just posted a new fire montage!
    Montage #1:
    Montage #2:

    XDLEGENDS 12 15 days ago

    Cool man

  • Theshadaloo64
    Theshadaloo64 15 days ago

    Hey Fresh! I started RU-clip for around a month and hope that you and your fans check my channel out and subscribe! Thanks a lot! I’m your fan!!

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 15 days ago

    The symbol on the enemy heads is an easyer egg to the Atkham games.

  • brian hegarty
    brian hegarty 16 days ago

    Fresh where's lazer

  • ghost snipz
    ghost snipz 16 days ago

    Ur kinda goated fresh

  • xXDaathXx
    xXDaathXx 16 days ago

    Fresh be a biiiiiig bot

  • Brady Nilsen
    Brady Nilsen 18 days ago

    Bro play with lazarbeam more plz👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • l j
    l j 18 days ago

    Cat woman is a villain 🤔

  • F0RTN1TE N008
    F0RTN1TE N008 18 days ago

    Stop screaming

  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams 18 days ago

    It is for a

  • ilyasse
    ilyasse 18 days ago +1

    Hello everyone I know this isn’t right but can you watch my latest video? just give me a chance please! and comment what I should do next

    Please don’t hate..

  • Expresso Studios
    Expresso Studios 18 days ago +1

    5:16 "batman does not die to farts!!!!!!"

  • Spir o
    Spir o 19 days ago

    Batman?More like bruhman😅

  • Roasty Time
    Roasty Time 19 days ago

    Change ur intro plz

  • TPS FIZZLE Playz
    TPS FIZZLE Playz 19 days ago +1


  • TPS FIZZLE Playz
    TPS FIZZLE Playz 19 days ago +1

    Shout me out fresh

  • Khalaf Botu
    Khalaf Botu 19 days ago

    Hi fresh could u gift me a skin cause my account with skins got hacked please im no skin

  • retrogamer
    retrogamer 19 days ago

    Code fresh


    he dose know that it´sa mexican beat that he always uses 1:01

  • Nathanael Soodeen
    Nathanael Soodeen 20 days ago +1

    u are shit

    • ilyasse
      ilyasse 18 days ago

      I’m worse lmao.. can you watch my latest video?

  • Bill Lord
    Bill Lord 20 days ago +1

    Mr fresh is my idle

  • TurtixGames
    TurtixGames 20 days ago

    flash is better

    KHOPDI GAMING 20 days ago

    U are better than ninja

    • ilyasse
      ilyasse 18 days ago

      I’m better than nobody lol, literally the worst player in the game.. watch my latest video

  • Flame Gamer
    Flame Gamer 20 days ago

    They should add clouds above Gotham, and make it nighttime there.

  • Anime Lover John
    Anime Lover John 20 days ago +1


  • Espyballer 37
    Espyballer 37 21 day ago

    The thing is Batman never uses a gun😤

    OSBORN ODELL 21 day ago

    No one got a video with a final kill with the bat wing yet

  • Rexanator Trey
    Rexanator Trey 21 day ago

    Fresh you are better than Lenard

  • AbA_ Kombat
    AbA_ Kombat 22 days ago


  • Sylker Bboy
    Sylker Bboy 22 days ago

    batman rule number #34 guns are for wimps. A.K.A. batman doesn't use guns

    USO SIREN 22 days ago

    Stop making our sever look trash

  • Peter James Villegas
    Peter James Villegas 22 days ago

    Look how they massacred our boy.

  • Peter James Villegas
    Peter James Villegas 22 days ago

    Look how they massacred our boy.

  • Derek Lofaro
    Derek Lofaro 22 days ago

    This guy is cracked

    • ilyasse
      ilyasse 18 days ago +1

      And I’m trash.. watch my latest vid

  • YoungArk
    YoungArk 22 days ago

    you sound Australian!
    can we 1v1 PLEASEEEEEE!!!

  • YoungArk
    YoungArk 22 days ago

    You know what disturbed me by watching this??

    Batman using guns 🙄

  • spider Monkey boi's
    spider Monkey boi's 22 days ago


  • Jayjay maldonado
    Jayjay maldonado 22 days ago

    You are so 😎 cool

  • Jayjay maldonado
    Jayjay maldonado 22 days ago

    Hi I subscribe you

  • ExtecyFN
    ExtecyFN 22 days ago


    GAVMOBILE 22 days ago

    I pretend that the smoke bomb is Batman’s and the smell gas is scarecrows gas

  • BakedSoda
    BakedSoda 23 days ago +1

    Like your intro