Examining Holland’s Extremely Racist Christmas Character, “Black Pete” - The Jim Jefferies Show

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Jim travels to Holland to ask people about the country’s traditional - and obviously racist - folkloric Christmas figure, “Black Pete.”
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Comments • 1 729

  • gladtobeangry
    gladtobeangry 3 days ago

    I'll be honest. I grew up liking Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), and I was pretty much on the pro-Piet side for a long time. We really didn't think of it that way. As in completely not seeing how that would be racist. Then a few years ago there were some pro-Piet protests, and I listened to their arguments, and it was like there was a blind spot that was taken away. I suddenly realised how incredibly racist Zwarte Piet is. None of their arguments make any sense or hold up when properly questioned. It's all just "but it's tradition", and more nastily "if they don't like it, why don't they go back to where they came from". Fuck Zwarte Piet.

  • Nina Skulic
    Nina Skulic 5 days ago +1

    The only racist here is you, Jeff. Killing yourself would be a great idea.

    • Jente
      Jente 16 hours ago

      jesus christ, what is your problem

  • Lil' Donkey
    Lil' Donkey 8 days ago

    I'm dutch and I laughed out loud while watching this... Only pussies get offended so easily

  • wweweqws
    wweweqws 9 days ago

    Shouldn't he make fun of the prophet Mohammed

  • Michel Schaaij
    Michel Schaaij 13 days ago

    Where do white people teach their children there is a black hero who brings toys and sweets? Our children kiss black Piet and the tradition is much older than slavery by the Dutch. The hair and lips is because the Moors looked like that (in Spain) and Piet may be based upon these people.

  • Skipper Tom
    Skipper Tom 16 days ago

    Hahah, now we need to get schooled by US a out racism. Its not abour negroes, its a freekin chimney, black face makes sure the children dont regonize the neigbour or uncle bringing the presents. The black face was before colonization and goes back to pre christianity. Not everything is about negroes.

  • The Captain
    The Captain 22 days ago

    The black population on Aruba also use zwarte piet. Are they also racist?
    I'm happy for zwarte piet tot change, things always change.
    But calling the Dutch all racist because you can't look beyond: black face paint equals bad is simply ignorant.
    And if you don't like it, just fuck off :)

    • gladtobeangry
      gladtobeangry 3 days ago

      Right. you're not a racist. You just like to dress up like a ridiculous parody of a black guy, and if black people don't like it they just need to fuck off. Honestly dude, that sounds pretty damn racist to me.

    DAVID DONEGAN 29 days ago

    It's not illegal to offend people. White face wouldn't be considered racist so why is black face. Everyone loves claiming to be a victim nowadays

  • Soy Boi
    Soy Boi Month ago

    “It’s a part of our culture. It’s tradition”
    Surely that’s a great argument

  • mikitz
    mikitz Month ago

    Reminds me of the original Finnish Santa from the 1800's called Joulupukki (the Christmas Goat), who would wear a goat mask, get drunk and deliberately scare the shit out of children.
    Could have been a pretty traumatic experience for kids, maybe, but at least he definitely wasn't racist.

  • Rob Voncken
    Rob Voncken Month ago

    rrr wrong black pete came in long after slavery

  • Jemand Anders
    Jemand Anders Month ago

    Its the Netherlands. Not Holland.

  • 112LZ Modding
    112LZ Modding Month ago

    Keep your fucking hands of our tradition if you dont understand it you massive cunt.

  • Intodadeep
    Intodadeep Month ago +3

    I love how all these foreign people in the comments are telling us how to do our traditions

  • Robda
    Robda Month ago

    how come people call it racist, i fully understand their statements that they look like african people in spanish clothings... Although we do not make fun of them, see them as minority, disgust them or horify them. Unlike america where black people are the most distinguished people from white people, here people of all color live together. Largest and most racist country stays america. People dressed as black pete, do not represent black people nor are they hated. Every kid and adult adore them, there is nothing in a childs heart that cheers them more up than a greet of black pete.

  • Lego ID
    Lego ID Month ago

    Haha ik ben opgegroeid met sinterklaas en zwarte piet... als kind was het altijd leuk maar nu ik wat ouder ben zie ik ook wel dat het misschien niet kan. In België zal het wel niet snel veranderen...

  • Colin Heeregrave
    Colin Heeregrave Month ago

    Sinterklaas with Black Pete is still a better tradition than school shootings... Look in the mirror first, America.

  • hellcat1988
    hellcat1988 Month ago

    Wow. They sound very similar to the white people in the south who don't think slavers and confederacy supporters did anything wrong... Amazing what people can convince themselves of. Also, what's wrong with something like NAUGHTY Pete?

  • Tyme Talstra
    Tyme Talstra Month ago

    Black pete came from the Son of the old upper god of the frisians who went into chimney’s to check if they offered to the gods

  • epsleon
    epsleon Month ago

    How about Comedy Central's extremely racists character "SJW Jim Jefferies"?

  • Corey Blake
    Corey Blake Month ago

    Jim's so terrible I'm dying. Personally I thi k whote folka should get obe racist thibg. And I think black Pete should be cuz. Yea. Why the fuck not. Right. It opens up discussion and thats good.

  • eyeisyou
    eyeisyou Month ago

    This fat proven liar is judging a whole nation now? A guy with a total lack of morals suddenly starts to question others peoples morals... yeah right.
    Curious how he cut up the interview with that actor. Jim is the biggest loser on tv

  • Viggo Labbé
    Viggo Labbé Month ago

    Jim lied, fooling his viewers, to smear Avi Yemeni’s reputation for the all mighty dollar. Jim is a lying coward.

  • Frank Fournier
    Frank Fournier Month ago

    Probably not true. How are people liking this lying hypocrite?!

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk Month ago

    Says the racist ant semite.

  • Otis De Marie
    Otis De Marie Month ago

    This has nothing to do with Christmas, just saying.

  • Øystein Dyb Hanssen
    Øystein Dyb Hanssen 2 months ago


  • Mark Kuiper
    Mark Kuiper 2 months ago +1

    Its not rascist

  • B Miller
    B Miller 2 months ago +1

    Dammit Jim, you're getting into America's hearts! WELL DONE GUNTA !!!!

  • quarterthrottle
    quarterthrottle 2 months ago +1

    Jim Jefferies is a racist.

    • quarterthrottle
      quarterthrottle 2 months ago

      @guvv iyulg at least you agree the prick and his terrorist organisation are useless.

    • guvv iyulg
      guvv iyulg 2 months ago

      Please stop crying, you thick Nutzi.

  • ramdom123
    ramdom123 2 months ago +1

    "christmas" lmao just stfu you fool

  • Marvin Cooper
    Marvin Cooper 2 months ago

    You made fun of The Prophet and laughed at murdered Muslim babies.
    You deserve everything that you've got coming.

    • guvv iyulg
      guvv iyulg 2 months ago

      We Muslims love Jim so STFU you Nutzi

  • Sieds van der Schaaf
    Sieds van der Schaaf 2 months ago

    Thank you for futher proof that anti- black petes, wants to destroy hole Sinterklaas festival, just like Verene Shepherd. Cancelling black pete is just the beginning so keep black pete black.

  • Bjorn Rienmeyer
    Bjorn Rienmeyer 2 months ago

    Not christmas tho

  • Lɛօռ Rɛαɖɛʀ
    Lɛօռ Rɛαɖɛʀ 2 months ago

    Black Pete came from the hood

  • Raycheetah
    Raycheetah 2 months ago

    Overcooked Oompa Loompas. =9[.]9=

    • gladtobeangry
      gladtobeangry 3 days ago

      Or just Oompa Loompas. They were little black slaves in the original book by Rhoald Dahl

  • rikkierikkie
    rikkierikkie 2 months ago

    You would know all about racism would'nt you Jim? You fucking wanker.

  • gnomo4
    gnomo4 2 months ago

    Jim is an unfunny dumb cunt...who lies and is full of shit.

    • guvv iyulg
      guvv iyulg 2 months ago

      So why you watching him?
      You fucking idiot...

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    it's not a christmas tradition you fucking moron it's sinterklaas fest on 5th of december, where we honor the turkish saint Nicolaas van Myra, who dressed his slaves in silk learned them to read and right + on his birthday he went around orphanages giving gift to children who had nothing. so fuck you and the libtard media

  • VandalAudi
    VandalAudi 2 months ago

    And what ‘s next, Dark Morris dancers?

  • Guido Arce
    Guido Arce 2 months ago

    nothing wrong here, we do this in my country every year

  • Shrestha Pandey
    Shrestha Pandey 2 months ago

    I like it. It's funny. But, full interviews please.

  • Zaraki Kon
    Zaraki Kon 2 months ago

    To some people it may look racist but that's Not the sentiment behind it. Black Peter has always been Sinterklaas his friend and helper; never his slave. Traditions can change yeah and this is also changing in Holland but it looks stupid imo. I loved Sinterklaas as a kid and still like the tradition.

  • Fiat Lux
    Fiat Lux 2 months ago +1

    Goodbye Jim. U fcked up. I stand with Avi.

  • Manna Lint
    Manna Lint 2 months ago +2

    Jim jefferies is just fake news

  • Prophet YouTube
    Prophet YouTube 2 months ago +1

    Jim Jefferies is another fraud and liar! - ru-clip.com/video/odCQhAezB_Q/video.html

  • Tony Emantsal
    Tony Emantsal 2 months ago +1

    Quincy Dario is an idiot who has made it his life goal to address everything as racism. In his home country Suriname they celebrate Sinterklaas and there he has black Pete as a helper too...

    DEJAN JOVANOVIC 2 months ago

    Black Pete leaves forever because of this holiday

  • Survive Life
    Survive Life 2 months ago +3

    Jim spreading more lies to pull everybody into anarchy! Wonder if Comedy central approves of this??

  • Survive Life
    Survive Life 2 months ago +1

    Jim you are a lying prick just like comedy central!

  • Boar Creek Ranch
    Boar Creek Ranch 2 months ago +1

    Hi, so when are you going to fire Jim Jefferies for his blatant bigotry?

    • Boar Creek Ranch
      Boar Creek Ranch 2 months ago

      karim itani 🤣😂🤣 lmfao! Yes.... Jim literally “made” him look like an idiot... which is literally the fucking point! Jim chopped up the interview, rearranged answers to different questions... what don’t you get about that? Or do you do similarly scumy things to other people... and this type of action is normal behavior to you? Yea...I don’t think I’ll be taking life advice from you chief 🤣😂🤣😂

    • karim itani
      karim itani 2 months ago

      2dollathrill avi got triggered because he got humiliated and Jim made him look like an idiot . You need to get a life my man

  • Logan 5
    Logan 5 2 months ago

    What’s the matter, Jimbo?
    On the run from a fatwa?

  • kinG6laccdiamonds 74
    kinG6laccdiamonds 74 2 months ago

    if they get rid of this tradition or wearing blackface during the moorish dance then ppl won't know that there were black moors in europe.

  • C
    C 2 months ago

    Comedy Central should fire this fake f~€k!!!

  • james davies
    james davies 2 months ago

    Avi has got your racist balls in his hands 😂😂😂
    You must be clone as you ain’t no man

  • drunkensailor112
    drunkensailor112 2 months ago +2

    I live in The Netherlands and in my appartment half the people are black and they celebrate sinterklaas with black Pete. In fact they even paint themselves more black. Nobody sees this as racist except foreigners.

  • De Renaissance Vloot
    De Renaissance Vloot 2 months ago +1

    Sinterklaas was living before 18th and 17th Century slavery so fuck off

  • Subi_fan
    Subi_fan 2 months ago +2

    Boo hoo, poor snowflakes. Leave Black Pete alone you imbeciles.

  • Steve DiCe
    Steve DiCe 2 months ago +2

    We in europe have allmost NOTHING AT ALL, NEVER an issue with colored people. We accept BLACKS. Christmas with Santa Claus and 'zwarte piet' or black pete in english.... i can say in my youth as a child, I NEVER ONCE compared this with people with black skin !!!
    Europe is different as America, IF you would do your job right !!! We HATE ISLAM, with good reason... because ISLAM spreads only WAR and murder, and supression for females, shariah law... those who dont understand that cultures are different and sometimes of HOSTILE NATURE, same as we speak about ALIENS IF they ever would come to earth. Now thats retarded!!

  • Akbar Muhammad
    Akbar Muhammad 2 months ago

    I am glad that Zwarte Piet of Dutch didn't leave a mark in Indonesian Christmas.

  • word up
    word up 2 months ago +22

    Jim drew Mohamed 😱
    Time for head to come off ??

  • nitin saha
    nitin saha 2 months ago +4

    Jim Jefferies - Extremely racist person

  • XxDanSoloxX
    XxDanSoloxX 2 months ago +4

    If a dingo ate a black person would it vomit it up Jim, you racist fraud?

  • Bryan Robson
    Bryan Robson 2 months ago +4

    Jim who's the racist ?

  • littlemissmello
    littlemissmello 2 months ago

    91% of Dutch people are cool with it? Dated source much? It's been going down for yeaaaars. In a few years I'm sure the majority will not be cool with it. Cities like Amsterdam has already taken Black Pete as you see him here out of their official parades and celebrations and there's barely a Sinterklaas commercial that gives even a hint of Sinterklaas still.

  • -Gemberkoekje-
    -Gemberkoekje- 2 months ago

    Its racist, but not intended.

    • XxDanSoloxX
      XxDanSoloxX 2 months ago +2

      Jefferies saying a dingo would vomit up a Muslim kid... now that's genuine racism! Nice example Jim!

  • Booradley Mustardo
    Booradley Mustardo 2 months ago

    Now you wrestle for Gario

  • Sarath Raj
    Sarath Raj 2 months ago

    I loved Bombay bob 😂

  • Unique Bali
    Unique Bali 2 months ago

    I was born and grew up in Jakarta Indonesia, I am a Christian. During my childhood in the early 70s, after the Christmas service in our church, the sinterklaas (santa claus) and zwarte piet (black pete) came out and bring gifts to us. This tradition came to us Christian Indonesians since Dutch colonization era (The Netherlands used to rule the whole archipelago up to 1945 then become the independent nation of republic of Indonesia) the Dutch spread the Christianity and well received especially in the eastern part of Indonesia. The ethnic group that live in the eastern part of Indonesia including the province of Papua, the Mollucas and eastern Nusa Tenggara (Timor, Sumba, Sumbawa, Flores) are mostly Melanesian people with darker skin and curly hair. Hence usually character of Zwarte Piet was played by these ethnic group of people. When I was a small child, the priest told us kids that we must behave well and in accordance to the rule of God and Jesus Christ, if we behave well, sinterklaas will love us and give ua gifts, and if we dont behave well, zwarte piet will catch us and hit us. So we were thought that this dark skinned & curly hair person in black clothing is not nice and scary, there is no explanation why the zwarte piet look like that and while the sinterklaas is a light skin jolly white beard old man in red clothes. However this tradition died off during the 90s and now only Sinterklaas that appear alone. As we Indonesians in time realize that this tradition has bad conotation and give the wrong thinking / image of our own people .

  • Ibrahim Yoyo
    Ibrahim Yoyo 3 months ago +2

    75% of The Netherlands will hate you now because your trying to destroy Dutch culture and tradition. We have been doing it always like this is what they always say, so why change? People receive
    death threats if they say Black Pete is racist. Just google the name Sylvana Simons. She got mentaly destroyed by racist Dutch, just because she thinks Black Pete is racist. Freedom of speech is something Dutch people like to brag about, but not if you have a different opinion from the majority, then your a person who wants to atack the culture etc. Don't get me wrong, Holland is a good country. Many things are perfect, but like most European countries, racisme is
    developing more and more. Its almost becoming mainstream. Even a highly placed politican (Halbe Zijstra) from a ruling party thinks Black Pete is normal and part of Dutch culture.

    • Mervana_nevermind
      Mervana_nevermind 3 months ago

      Guess what, no one gives a flying fuck. Omdat het 2019 is en geen 1850 waar racisme en karikaturen als zwarte piet genormaliseerd wordt. It's 2019 dude, i dont give a fuck that it's a childrens holiday. It's the adults who put it there for the kids. The kids grow up with a mentallity of racism being normalized. And here we are. And don't tell me that a white boy or a white girl can get a curly black afro and a black face after getting out of the chimney. Do you have any idea how awfully racist and stupid that sounds? Get the fuck outta here man. It's a real shame that I live in the netherlands. And I would leave this country right away. Society and white people want me to leave anyway, and I would do it with pleasure.
      And If zwarte piet is black, then explain why America made Santa white (who also comes out of the chimney)? They had the most racist caricture in their country which was blackface. And here you are explaining me about some ''zwarte piet is good'' shit. Some people in the US can be racist too but at least they acknowledge the fact that they are being racist.

    • Mathew Mungra
      Mathew Mungra 3 months ago +1

      Ah I'm Dutch and I don't care much about the issue as well but I definitely understand how the origins of black Pete stem from racism.

  • Chocolate Muffin
    Chocolate Muffin 3 months ago

    Traditions are meant to be changed.

  • Jador De Vries
    Jador De Vries 3 months ago +2

    Tfw you go to the dutch islands and sinterklaas paints himself white

    • Jador De Vries
      Jador De Vries Month ago

      @Colin Heeregrave maar ien ding is zeker, mochten die mensen nog ns een keer naar friesland komen stjin ik dr ek

    • Colin Heeregrave
      Colin Heeregrave Month ago +1

      And Black Pete is played by black guys who paint themselves even blacker

  • Maverick Hargrave
    Maverick Hargrave 3 months ago

    Multiculturalism should respect traditions and culture of other people, even if they seem racist to us. Right?

    • emil florin
      emil florin 3 months ago

      Not neccesairly, since not all traditions fits into today’s society.

  • Wretched Gamer
    Wretched Gamer 3 months ago

    So prostitution is progressive now? I guess Islamic countries aren't seeing as women are not allowed to show much skin but I guess it all depends on what narrative you're trying to push at the time

  • Pérsida Martínez
    Pérsida Martínez 3 months ago

    That character, Black Pete is so racist, Holland should stop that irrational tradition.

    • Sem/gamer/Boer/vlogs vanerp
      Sem/gamer/Boer/vlogs vanerp 3 months ago

      what do you think about santas elfs? or his reindeer that animal abuse
      But you don,t see that they are lauching America is stupid Its our culture AND YOU AMERICAS NEED TO KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF.

  • DIO !
    DIO ! 3 months ago +11

    If you ask me it's quite obvious that there is no racist intent behind this and Holland has a vastly different culture to the USA.
    So by Holland's standards it's not really racist as it is more a festive tradition of effectively cosplaying as a beloved cultural icon.

    • Isaac Lopez Garcia
      Isaac Lopez Garcia 25 days ago +1

      then why not have actual BLACK people playing the character instead of other white people in black face?

  • Darkfoxx Bunyip
    Darkfoxx Bunyip 3 months ago

    Jim, you're really funny as a comedian, but don't talk nonsense about things you don't really understand. You're just fueling the fire that shouldn't have any fuel. Black Pete isn't 'racist black face' it's WHITE children having been kidnapped and are covered with soot from the chimneys they climb trough to deliver presents. It's white child slavery, if you want to be offended you don't even have to make shit up!

    Stop imposing your Americanized bullshit cultural views where they don't belong and are not welcomed. If you want to comment on problems in cultures, talk about your own little shithole countries Australia and America before misunderstanding and seeing problems that aren't problems elsewhere.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 3 months ago +1

    Free Black Pete

  • Sofie Callow
    Sofie Callow 3 months ago

    I saw one costume where the Black Pete just had a normal straight black wig and the blackface was removed to just black paint smeared to be dirt. I think they should defiantly do that instead if they're so keen on keeping him. At least that stays to the Black Pete storyline.

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 3 months ago

    If anyone ever visits Slavery Museums in the south and sees ..... oh wait, they have the museums, but they excluded the entire part of slavery. Virginia ... Great example of a racist owned state.

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 3 months ago

    If you order White Rice, you are Racist.

  • asdfghjkl3669
    asdfghjkl3669 3 months ago

    Black people have curly hair? if we're talking about racism. Das a stereotype.

  • Julia the Greek
    Julia the Greek 3 months ago

    Frank Anne. I'm dying 😂

  • SomethingStupide
    SomethingStupide 3 months ago

    Well, well, well, look who's talking! No matter whether there actually is something wrong with Zwarte Piet or not - America, you ignorant shithole of a country, you don't get to point fingers at ANYONE for seemingly racist traditions.
    Particularly since you don't understand anything about the histories and cultures of other countries. Most of you don't even understand your own history (and you hardly have any noteworthy culture).
    I bet at least 85% of you couldn't even find the Netherlands on a map if their life depended on it!
    So shut up and put your own house in order first.

  • DikkieDikism
    DikkieDikism 3 months ago

    Its a childrens festival, not a dutch child has ever lived who thought of “black pete”.. idioticly confused here with blackface which is something else entirely, as a negro slave.
    Nobody thinks of black pete that way.
    Only racists do, let that one sink in.

  • Ohmloud
    Ohmloud 4 months ago

    When a black persone paints ther face white and whers a blond wig, why dont white people feel its racisme aimed towards them?

  • Bright Garinson
    Bright Garinson 4 months ago

    Now do muslims raping for their pedophile prophet. OH WAIT! DOESN'T FIT THE EMOTIONAL NARRATIVE.

  • Bhushan Rai
    Bhushan Rai 4 months ago

    So, if a culture is offensive to some people 7525 km away from them, the countries whole culture must be changed. Hmmmmmmm!

  • Yash Bajpai
    Yash Bajpai 4 months ago

    It's looks less like a tradition and more like a mockery. Not surprising in a white country.

  • Unrefusable
    Unrefusable 4 months ago

    If blackface stops them burning in the sun, as a black man I'm all for it

  • Shaitan
    Shaitan 4 months ago

    I think you American's should stick to your problems instead of bringing this polarization to our continent.... if black pate is the biggest racist problem we have , we will be still 100x better off than you guys. Greeting from Germany

  • omgwtfbbq
    omgwtfbbq 4 months ago +3

    They painted their faces black. Africans are brown. What am I missing?

  • CJ Meiko
    CJ Meiko 4 months ago

    It's like watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons with the Black maid; as a kid they were funny but as an adult it's awkward

  • Shawn
    Shawn 4 months ago

    nothing like a country with a rich HISTORY of SLAVERY trying to call something a tradition when its clearly racism they refuse to get over...he never had a logical answer for the curly hair
    and the red lips comment was another racist thing too
    so progressive yet such a backwards country

  • 14jaar Boy
    14jaar Boy 4 months ago

    Ejo wat the fuck denk je fk cancer idiots black pete not racist idioto

  • -Gemberkoekje-
    -Gemberkoekje- 4 months ago

    Racism was never realy a thing in the Netherlands as mutch that there needed to be a civil war about it and a black rights movement, black people also barely made up any percentage of the population until the ladder half of the 20th century. The US had a civil war and a black rights movement, in the Netherlands there where no sutch things to force our population to accept black people, we just did...

  • Akryloth
    Akryloth 4 months ago

    Hey! commenters (and Jeffrey). If you're not Dutch, you probably don't know enough about our traditions to make up a decent argument. Do your fucking research first.
    Everyone here loves black pete and he is an honoured man. Hatred is most of the time born out of ignorance.

  • tesla1961
    tesla1961 5 months ago

    start complaining here Quincy ru-clip.com/video/7dSYboRdmqU/video.html

  • tesla1961
    tesla1961 5 months ago

    Quincy social security Guy ,

  • tesla1961
    tesla1961 5 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/JZYoFzjh47I/video.html more racist people.