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Yeat Flies Icebox to His Hidden Mansion Studio in LA for New Chains!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2022
  • In this week's episode, Icebox takes a trip to California to meet up with recording artist, Yeat and SeptembersRich to drop off their new chains!
    We celebrated September's birthday in style at the hidden underground mansion studio!
    Let us know your favorite part and comment who you want to see Icebox travel to next!
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Comments • 1 158

  • Reshaun Cole

    You can tell yeat is a genuine dude. he don’t care about the fame, he jus wants everyone around him to be eating🙏🏽👏🏽

  • Yonder
    Yonder  +1

    The most emotion I ever seen from Yeat

    CUFBOYS  +1

    this was actually very wholesome

  • Lord
    Lord  +2

    The lean gut is inevitable 😂

  • Mark Munyui

    Always blows my mind (for some reason) to see these artists who make crazy, dope music just move around this world like normal people. Definitely motivation that if you work on your craft and bring something unique to the table, it can happen to you 🙏

  • 731
    731  +379

    man it’s good to see yeat n sep got such a strong friendship

  • Takeoff
    Takeoff  +720

    You can tell nigas really came from nothing together and bossed all the way up ⬆️! Fye that he bought his homie a chain, real love ❤️

  • ONI
    ONI  +86

    this makes me like yeat even more, I know it's just a phase but dude humble with it.

  • Kaden Jason

    Yeat and Septembers humor is to dry for him to understand 😂 they funny as hell

  • 9GF
    9GF  +280

    My respect for yeat went up


    Glad to see Yeat and Sep together still!

  • Mr. Tusa
    Mr. Tusa  +166

    You can really tell yeat is super happy im really proud of him fr

  • Doubleup 823

    Can’t Ice yourself out with out icing your dawg out respect YEAT💯

  • Ace Tv
    Ace Tv  +65

    The whole time it’s crazy I’m just sitting here smiling like dam ts gotta feel good asf you and yo man’s coming up it’s crazy shout out both them guys

  • Sad Endingz

    I want a friend like Yeat, he seem so nice.

  • ankh
    ankh  +182

    septembersrich is a w man, need more real ones like him

  • Drew
    Drew  +78

    for alot of ppl who think you need a million dollar studio just to make bangers, just remember travis scott , juice wrld , x, von , and couple others made bangers off with a simple studio setup

  • FadJrUnderwood

    If you still think you gotta be chosen to become rich, this will definitely change your mind. Bro believed in himself and didn't give up making music even tho the years passed by and he didn't get famous until now. What a blessing, keep in mind this is not taught stuff from schools. Everyone keep grinding, hopefully you gon make it in your own way whether it is financially, educationally, or even just morally 🙏💯

  • John Smith

    you could see the genuine joy when yeat smiles, like a little kid

  • jayphelps415

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how perfect that hand shake sounded lol