Lilly Singh Spills the Tea About Her New NBC Late-Night Show

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • Lilly Singh celebrates the announcement of her new NBC late-night talk show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, with a champagne toast with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.
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    Lilly Singh Spills the Tea About Her New NBC Late Night Show
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 995

  • Jessie Hills
    Jessie Hills 11 hours ago

    I physically could not stop smiling when I watched this. I'm just so proud of her.

  • MariPili Carrasco

    im more excited about the production company, but yeah, we need that late show money for the prod co

  • J1824
    J1824 2 days ago

    geez only time you dress like an indian is when you need to use your skin color to virtue signal

  • Jazz Got Lucky
    Jazz Got Lucky 3 days ago


  • mostafaTMK/theminecraftking Vlogs

    American title: the late late show with Lilly
    Indian title: better go to bed or your maa will beat your ass with a gas station roti

  • Heartattackbacon
    Heartattackbacon 6 days ago

    Wow that’s amazing!

  • Alix Yeshayahu Hecht

    Can’t believe this racist cancerous woman has a show. She is one of the most awful people in the world.

  • Double Red
    Double Red 6 days ago

    I hope one day BTS will be Lily's guest!

  • Ameya Shetty
    Ameya Shetty 7 days ago

    I’m Indian but I still think Kate McKinnon deserved it more than her

  • ナターシャ
    ナターシャ 9 days ago


  • Nouf.
    Nouf. 9 days ago

    Lilly ❤️❤️❤️!

  • WyldStalyn
    WyldStalyn 9 days ago

    Shame on you jimmy. Shame.

  • NHK23
    NHK23 10 days ago

    Lily Cringe

  • tony thomas
    tony thomas 10 days ago

    Its amazing to see a woman that too a woman of colour hosting talk show

  • Narumon _BB
    Narumon _BB 10 days ago

    I'm so happy for her. From Canadian alum.

  • Makda Abraham
    Makda Abraham 11 days ago +1

    I'm here for Lilly, anyone else?

  • lol it's salma
    lol it's salma 11 days ago +4

    anyone else notice she didn’t drink from her glass?

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh 11 days ago

    We are Proud of you Lilly Singh 💖

  • The Maharani Diaries
    The Maharani Diaries 11 days ago

    This is so awesome Lily! Cannot wait. 💕

  • Nandini Parikh
    Nandini Parikh 11 days ago

    Good luck Lilly!

  • TheNew Tomboy
    TheNew Tomboy 12 days ago

    So is this loser gonna tweet everytime i make a video? 😂 wow.. So much success yet still such a loser. Lmaoooo girl.. I pray ur getting wiser with age.. Dont repeat the same mistakes. Dumb ass.

  • Kriti Gupta
    Kriti Gupta 14 days ago

    She didn't take any sip.

  • Ian MacMunn
    Ian MacMunn 14 days ago

    Oh man, Seth went in for the hug...

  • Arielle Ramkissoon
    Arielle Ramkissoon 15 days ago

    Good advice jimmy!

  • tetrulz jam
    tetrulz jam 15 days ago +1

    Makeup and outfit on point.

  • Samarpan Regmi
    Samarpan Regmi 15 days ago

    Lilly singh more like lilly cringe😂😂😂

  • bob tom
    bob tom 16 days ago

    Shes going to push the Islam Agenda..BET!!. You watch this shit.

  • V L
    V L 16 days ago

    I hope she gets to host SNL as well.

  • m C
    m C 17 days ago

    Bdw she is totally not indian she is Canadian to me. Indian girls are diff.

  • m C
    m C 17 days ago

    Please work on your makeup and dressing sense

    • m C
      m C 16 days ago

      Nudelbert I like her , she could look more graceful. That’s it.

    • Nudelbert
      Nudelbert 16 days ago

      Work on your attitude

  • methri _ diae
    methri _ diae 18 days ago +2

    first thing i notice:
    *is lilly wearing holo? YASSSS BISHH*

  • Miss Rifia
    Miss Rifia 18 days ago

    Lille didn't drink the champagne idk why lol

  • Dawn
    Dawn 18 days ago

    take a shot everytime she says truly

  • J-Hope's Canadian Army

    That moment when you realize that she might host BTS someday in the future. I love my girl and I love BTS.

  • satyajit/eng Sautya
    satyajit/eng Sautya 19 days ago

    Thatswhy I subscribed his channel

  • kristin s
    kristin s 19 days ago

    love both of em

  • Travel gasm
    Travel gasm 19 days ago

    Wearing Indian flag dress.. PROUD OF YOU LILLY

  • Marsh Holiday
    Marsh Holiday 20 days ago

    Can't sign out from RU-clip? Check here.

  • kuldeep kohar
    kuldeep kohar 20 days ago

    All the best Lilly!

  • Leo19rash
    Leo19rash 20 days ago +2

    Lilly not her best looks but making everyone so proud good luck

  • 1mikon
    1mikon 21 day ago

    Best of luck Lily.

  • 1mikon
    1mikon 21 day ago

    Jimmy is really nice. He is very supportive to newcomers.

  • Astha Borgohain
    Astha Borgohain 22 days ago +1

    she be really breaking stereotypes. Loved u always Queennn

    • Ari Jain
      Ari Jain 2 days ago

      What stereotypes are they you idiot. It's her work that matters.

  • ugagradrn
    ugagradrn 22 days ago

    This is the biggest RU-clip news.

  • jaychokshi
    jaychokshi 22 days ago +1

    Did the flop show even air yet? Lol

  • Trisha Hira
    Trisha Hira 23 days ago

    I love u Lilly u inspire me with everything and the fact that I'm part Indian and i live in Canada makes me feel sooooo special because I always remember u when I'm scared to do something 💖

  • Jack Lister
    Jack Lister 23 days ago

    she not funny

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 23 days ago

    Good for her!

  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam 23 days ago

    Pretty sure it will be all levels of cringe. I'm happy for her but her content is so bland and outdated, I hope she has some good ideas.

  • Ruchika Shakya
    Ruchika Shakya 23 days ago

    She didn’t drink

  • ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ʙʀᴜʜ

    Not really a fan but I hope her tv show really kicks off and becomes just as succesful as the other ones, really inspiring.

  • Kierran Marshall Official

    i cant see this working out

  • Mari Labuddah
    Mari Labuddah 24 days ago

    that's a woman right there finally

  • Giggly Kat
    Giggly Kat 24 days ago +1


  • Sangita Patel
    Sangita Patel 24 days ago +1

    The Rock better be the first guest!

  • Camila's koala
    Camila's koala 24 days ago +2

    i love lilly but what is she wearing😂😂😂

  • wow Factor
    wow Factor 24 days ago

    Title: *Past your curfew with lily Singh*

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar 24 days ago

    Go Girl

  • Aditya Tiwari
    Aditya Tiwari 24 days ago +12

    That's Huge. . . Big Congratulations to Lilly Singh she deserves it. . . BIG shout out from India.

  • GhettoMist
    GhettoMist 24 days ago

    I’m sorry, I don’t think this will go well. NBC is trying to get young people to watch. But it’s a show... at 1am...

  • AK AK
    AK AK 25 days ago

    Damn she did it big time!

  • Danny Archila
    Danny Archila 25 days ago

    Love how she chooses not to drink the elixir. Smart.

  • Minimorts memez
    Minimorts memez 25 days ago

    But she’s not funny so I think her show will put people to sleep

  • Josh Whitbread
    Josh Whitbread 25 days ago

    But... Why

    MA CODEPAGE 25 days ago

    Also buy her merch.

  • ActionShock
    ActionShock 26 days ago

    She just wants attention

  • Lara de Riedmatten
    Lara de Riedmatten 26 days ago +6

    I'm so happy for her and so proud of her she is truly the most amazing role model a girl could ever ask for and she just inspires me and so many other girls out there every day to follow their dreams, to never give up and to keep breaking those stereotypes left and right! 🦄

  • MURDR63
    MURDR63 26 days ago

    Never seen her stuff, but she doesn't seem funny enough.

  • Charles Brooksbank
    Charles Brooksbank 26 days ago +2

    Jimmy Fallon telling her to not be fake is cringe with that laugh he does. Crocodile laugh.

  • Shane Williams
    Shane Williams 26 days ago

    You got some sh*t on your eyes
    is that from your content ?

  • Shane Williams
    Shane Williams 26 days ago

    Thanks. LEAVE RU-clip.

  • TJ Matthews
    TJ Matthews 27 days ago

    Wow congrats. that’s great news, she is a very funny great RU-clip personality, now moving in late night comedy television now

  • Reign
    Reign 28 days ago

    This cancerous fuck

  • Squish
    Squish 29 days ago +1

    Honestly, it's just a huge step for a network to have someone who isn't a white male as a host. About time, eh? Congrats to her and great to see a Canadian woman in the spot too. Desks are too formal for guests to really want to share. Feels like a job interview. In that late time slot, the RU-clip clips that people watch afterwards will be huge. Guests that I would like to see - Awkafina, David Chang, RU-cliprs like Mikey Bustos, Donald Glover (musical spots?), Ellen deGeneres, Craig Ferguson, James Corden, Bindy Irwin (Robert can keep the Tonight Show), Duff from Ace of Cakes, Michelin star chefs, Dan Savage,, scientists/science ed people... Best of luck.

  • Jonathan Radel
    Jonathan Radel 29 days ago

    What happened to taking a break for her mental health? Lol

  • Deepti Gupta
    Deepti Gupta Month ago

    What the hell is she wearing

  • Chefgusto
    Chefgusto Month ago

    Worst news I've ever heard. It's going to be a complete failure. She's not funny at all. Also racist.

  • luke shaw
    luke shaw Month ago

    >NBC 1:35am slot (*whose gonna watch this?) ;
    -last call w/ carson daly = 17 years (zero views)
    -later w/ bob costas/greg kinnear = 13 years (zero views)
    -{infomercials} = 5 years (millions of views)
    -nbc news overnight = 1 year (1 view)

  • Fancy Abby
    Fancy Abby Month ago


  • dynamag chungus
    dynamag chungus Month ago


  • Le Moth
    Le Moth Month ago

    So proud! A queer woman of colour carving the path for generations to come! ♥️

  • Validate
    Validate Month ago

    You give Lily a show eh? Now give pewdiepie a show to? No? Well Boo fucking hoo, Should pewdiepie pull out a depression card? to get his show

  • Lemon Grass
    Lemon Grass Month ago

    lol she is a joke

  • Alec Skinner
    Alec Skinner Month ago +3

    Says she doesnt want to be trending on youtube and that its way too taxing on her

    *immediatly announces her late night show which always makes it on trending because its pop tv and has way more stress involved*

    me: wait, what

  • farrah fossils
    farrah fossils Month ago +3

    Imagine if lily got an opportunity to interview BTS my indian heart wud explode then

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Month ago

    Could have made your own RU-clip late night show and not be a slave to NBC lol

  • Nico Brav
    Nico Brav Month ago

    More shit on TV... She's so Brave

  • Gankageddon
    Gankageddon Month ago +1

    Just be a minority, complain about stereotypes and ironically let a corporation enslave you. XD

  • Tamara Bekoeva
    Tamara Bekoeva Month ago

    Today is my b-day

  • Tasha A
    Tasha A Month ago

    You go girl. Im very happy to hear the news. Cant wait to watch.

  • Make Comedy Great Again

    I'm sure she's going to get a lot of viewers......

  • NDHatley1
    NDHatley1 Month ago

    Her outfit looks effin ridiculous...

  • Alice Lee
    Alice Lee Month ago

    Jimmy Fallon: be yourself. (Says the guy who fakes laughs)

  • Alice Lee
    Alice Lee Month ago

    It’s gonna flop I’m sorry, many RU-cliprs have had this chance and they all boomed

    • Alice Lee
      Alice Lee Month ago

      asian dude I don’t have time to say, go to jknews channel and they talk about, it’s like 10 min

    • asian dude
      asian dude Month ago

      Which youtubers?? Names pls

  • thunderdrake13
    thunderdrake13 Month ago

    Thing is the show is all the way at 1am. It’s going to be hard to get a lot of viewers at that time slot

  • Desmond Jolly
    Desmond Jolly Month ago

    Fuck sake

  • Equeaked
    Equeaked Month ago +1

    Good for her

  • RocketDuck
    RocketDuck Month ago

    Yee! We hot 'er boys! She's off the platform!!!

  • Fellah _
    Fellah _ Month ago +1

    We love you lilly 😭❣️