Westbrook Drops 24 PTS, 14 REB & 11 AST For Rockets!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Take a look back at Russell Westbrook's triple-double to lead the Rockets to a 115-109 win over the Phoenix Suns.
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Comments • 181

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 17 days ago

    Westbrook the triple double man.

  • 장한솔
    장한솔 Month ago


  • Cyaneous_grapes
    Cyaneous_grapes Month ago

    3:00 "too strong too strong nigga".

  • Jugo Jugo
    Jugo Jugo Month ago +1

    Man its so funny how he "steals" the Rebounds from PJ Tucker xD shit look funny af

  • Glenc Sanchez
    Glenc Sanchez Month ago

    My idol

  • Holden
    Holden Month ago

    He played angry because he still hates Rubio. He plays his best when he's proving a point.

  • erica2002us
    erica2002us Month ago

    I l💓ve Russell Westbrook!!!

  • MSA99
    MSA99 Month ago

    If the rockets play to Russ and Hardens strengths when each one is running the offence then they’ll be very difficult to stop. How do you stop a team that has two rotating styles of play with two players who have unguardable moves

  • Osirus DB
    Osirus DB Month ago

    He’s getting back to his form

  • Magicman786R10
    Magicman786R10 Month ago

    If Westbrook gets a decent 3pointer rockets can win a championship.

  • Egregious Value Forever Alone

    2 ballhogs that will retire ringless

  • Christian TookFlight
    Christian TookFlight Month ago +1

    I swear If Russ could shoot this team would be unstoppable

    • vcnbl xbl
      vcnbl xbl Month ago

      Ikr. Last time he shot near the nba 3pt% average he was averaging 31pts lol and now they are leaving wideee open

  • 文武両道
    文武両道 Month ago

    he is back !!!

  • Lil FreeZer
    Lil FreeZer Month ago

    How is it even possible there’s that many open seats

  • ctnative203
    ctnative203 Month ago


  • Mr C-C 98
    Mr C-C 98 Month ago


  • Joshua Cayabyab
    Joshua Cayabyab Month ago

    Team success > individual stats 🤷‍♂️

  • browandre8144
    browandre8144 Month ago

    All they have to do is move the ball and get the team involved.

  • Crizzle Yo
    Crizzle Yo Month ago +4

    where are all the people that said adams is gonna average 20 when russ leaves xD adams hat 4 rebounds the other game xDD

    • Universe
      Universe Month ago +1

      Adams is injured or some shit. But Russ is still the best rebounder at his position.

    • Ahmad Easter
      Ahmad Easter Month ago

      Hiding in their caves

    • teiko
      teiko Month ago +1

      Crizzle Yo Adams is trash. Fuckin slow ass big for nothing mother trucker

  • Blaaack Jaam
    Blaaack Jaam Month ago +2

    Ben McLemore MIP this season and the three point contest for him❗️🔥

  • SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬

    Mr walken triple dbl Bak at it salute rockets

  • furkan batuk
    furkan batuk Month ago +2

    I dont want to believe his decline

  • Loverboy
    Loverboy Month ago +3

    Ben McLemore thriving off Westbrook. Career revival!

    • teiko
      teiko Month ago

      Loverboy Russ made Steven and that whole bum ass team

    • Loverboy
      Loverboy Month ago +1

      teiko yea absolutely. Perfect example is Steven Adams. Almost all his buckets were were off passes from Russ

    • teiko
      teiko Month ago +2

      Loverboy westBrook actually really makes his teammates better

  • Steve Jobs The Goat
    Steve Jobs The Goat Month ago +18

    He’s so fast he makes fast people look not fast

    MVP WESTBROOK Month ago +6

    Great performance Russ. We need more of this

    • Isaac Bellefleur
      Isaac Bellefleur Month ago

      MVP WESTBROOK facts working progress till post but loving it

    MVP WESTBROOK Month ago +5

    Russ is still looking ridiculously explosive. Great performance Brodie!!

  • Jalen Lane
    Jalen Lane Month ago +1

    A Ben Macklemore sighting ? Where tf has he been.

  • Mr. Kieligan
    Mr. Kieligan Month ago +6

    when green and gordon comes back, i can see them finishing 2nd seed from the west.
    ppl don't realize how valuable russ on open court, sees the shooters in just a blink of an eye.
    GG THO!

    • Kelvin Cruz
      Kelvin Cruz Month ago +2

      I think Gerald Green is out for the season


    rap ru-clip.com/video/llkUzLgQ88E/video.html

  • D‘ Angelo Drummond
    D‘ Angelo Drummond Month ago +8

    I appreciate Mclemore getting better over time, I need my team to step up as a whole. Let’s keep it going 🚀

    • arfsnm dgn
      arfsnm dgn Month ago

      @JB sean ru-clip.com/video/kZOe5-3IwhU/video.html

    • JB sean
      JB sean Month ago +2

      Have you noticed he’s the only one that consistently runs the floor with Russ ? He gets rewarded every time. I love it

  • Half the defense Double the offense!

    Title is incorrect
    Should have said BEASTBROOK🚀🚀🚀

  • J Breezy
    J Breezy Month ago

    Luka who?

  • Jevon Owen
    Jevon Owen Month ago +1

    Just pure speed and quickness on those drives

  • alexchaba
    alexchaba Month ago +3

    I miss russell mvp

  • The Dirk Diggler
    The Dirk Diggler Month ago +3

    Remember when he used to average that stat line all season for 3 seasons like 1 year ago.

  • aba arapi
    aba arapi Month ago +1


  • JC 0317
    JC 0317 Month ago

    Statpad westbrick lol

    • teiko
      teiko Month ago +1

      JC 0317 fuck off

  • Frederick Amey
    Frederick Amey Month ago +13

    I gotta get one of those H-Town Jerseys!

  • russwest brook
    russwest brook Month ago +1

    He is sooooooooo quick! OMG! that’s mah boy! Mah hero! Let’s go Russ!

  • S. Shephard
    S. Shephard Month ago +16

    this was russ at his best for this team, this team looks unbeatable when hes doin this

  • AIS
    AIS Month ago +3

    Rockets vs the lakers round 2 sound good lol

    • Kirbystare1992
      Kirbystare1992 Month ago

      Binniam Eskender I wanna see how they defend James harden

    • Binniam Eskender
      Binniam Eskender Month ago

      think so too, Lakers in 6 though... hoping for an upset

  • S. Shephard
    S. Shephard Month ago

    atta boy russ

  • GilesWestbrook7
    GilesWestbrook7 Month ago

    Where's all the shit talkers at? Hmm.

  • Papa Cooch
    Papa Cooch Month ago

    He got some small eyes doe

  • kc kc
    kc kc Month ago +75

    Russ gotta keep attacking like this every night, he needs to understand he is unguardable attacking the rim

    • Some guy
      Some guy Month ago +3

      Chris "my sources tell me" Broussard Russ can shoot. It’s just that he plays with too much energy which is why he’s bricking so much. He don’t got legs to shoot or he is shooting with too much energy. That’s why when you see him play in Rico Hines runs or that run with James harden and Travis scott that he can hit the three eazy because he’s playing at half speed.

    • arfsnm dgn
      arfsnm dgn Month ago

      @Chris "my sources tell me" Broussard ru-clip.com/video/kZOe5-3IwhU/video.html

    • Chris "my sources tell me" Broussard
      Chris "my sources tell me" Broussard Month ago +6

      I hope he somehow sees your comment lol. He needs to understand his strengths he's not the shooter he thinks he is

    • alan shelly koshy
      alan shelly koshy Month ago +1

      But he needs to sustain this..also defense needs to improve for team

  • od sales
    od sales Month ago

    Westbrook is the second best player in the NBA.

    • TheSwagIsBack
      TheSwagIsBack Month ago

      No he could be the best if he wanted but he not top 2. He top 10.

    • kc kc
      kc kc Month ago


    • Jordie S.
      Jordie S. Month ago

      Tf are you on?

  • Gravity2000 GT
    Gravity2000 GT Month ago +10

    D Antoni really destroyed the expectation of houston haters that harden and russell will not work

  • my dad is a cuck
    my dad is a cuck Month ago +5


  • Anonymous N
    Anonymous N Month ago +67

    James harden was actually giving Westbrook the ball , I like this

    • Steven Schaefer
      Steven Schaefer Month ago +2

      I'm so fucking tired of hearing this. HARDEN PASSES THE BALL. He averages almost 8 assists a game and he gives westbrook his spots despite the entire offense literally built to run through Harden. Both need to adjust to each other, yes. But people are acting like Westbrook doesnt average like 30 shot attempts per game!

    • Ray W
      Ray W Month ago +1

      He actually gives him the ball a lot if you actually watch a game... He took 30 shots the game before this one lmao

      MVP WESTBROOK Month ago +5

      They are best friends, they can read each other well

  • Talon Shirley
    Talon Shirley Month ago +1


  • 600Breezy Fan
    600Breezy Fan Month ago +3

    About time russ 💯🙂

  • Markus Liu
    Markus Liu Month ago +12

    Who thought there's a new guy wearing no.77 then realising he's PJ Tucker

  • Far Beyond Vulgar
    Far Beyond Vulgar Month ago +35

    Westbrook's drive is a thing of beauty.

    • arfsnm dgn
      arfsnm dgn Month ago

      @younggkizzY ru-clip.com/video/kZOe5-3IwhU/video.html

      MVP WESTBROOK Month ago

      Thats true

    • younggkizzY
      younggkizzY Month ago +4

      Far Beyond Vulgar fr nobody can stop him

  • Rockets Houston
    Rockets Houston Month ago


  • Jacktown Dee
    Jacktown Dee Month ago +5

    Man if Russ can play like this every night and harden gonna get 30 mclemore keep doing that it could loki be a wrap they beat the clippers and barely lost to em rockets could be a threat

    • Jacktown Dee
      Jacktown Dee Month ago

      Yashpreet Kundlass yeah green shot is a burner

    • Yashpreet Kundlass
      Yashpreet Kundlass Month ago +1

      Jacktown Dee and when EG and green comes back , they gonna be more scary

  • iRated Gaming
    iRated Gaming Month ago +2

    Hartenstein wants to be Russ friend so bad lol

  • Angelo Romero
    Angelo Romero Month ago +2

    Who’s the reporter? 👀

  • 맘마미아
    맘마미아 Month ago

    Cleaned up Harden's shit

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw Month ago

    Y’all are bout to tear James hardens up

  • Desean Anthony
    Desean Anthony Month ago +1

    Man where all the fuckin haters at ??? I swear yall talk the most shit soon as he has a bad game but when he has a great game like this nothing is said.....no praise or nothin jus hate for no reason 🤦🏽‍♂️Us real fans know he jus gettin started 🏀💯