#ArtHopPrimitive - Acrylic Folk Art Painting on a Paper Bag

  • Published on Sep 16, 2017
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    Shel C ru-clip.com/video/peMDJDGgIlo/video.html
    Materials Used with Links:
    Handled paper bag, kraft color - amzn.to/2eJDRUE
    Painters tape - amzn.to/2j6CR1H
    Heavy white gesso - amzn.to/2wKizzN
    Decoart Media Fluid acrylic paints:
    Payne’s Grey - amzn.to/2gNiFkw
    Green Gold - amzn.to/2gNH1uA
    Phthalo Green-Yellow - amzn.to/2gOiRAa
    Raw Sienna - amzn.to/2gOiSnI
    Quinacridone Gold - amzn.to/2gOUvpP
    Burnt Sienna - amzn.to/2j6xdfW
    Quinacridone Violet - amzn.to/2gNlfXM
    Vermillion - amzn.to/2gOUC4J
    Cadmium Orange Hue - amzn.to/2eJQEq5
    Primary Yellow - amzn.to/2gOPvSp
    Titanium White - amzn.to/2wKmA7t
    Posca pen, assorted fine tip (includes the black and white) - amzn.to/2wKxeLA
    Posca pen set, natural colors (pastel) - amzn.to/2wKx9aK
    Posca pen set, assorted medium tip - amzn.to/2wbmNgg
    Places to find me:
    My Live Streaming channel - ru-clip.com/channel/UCWVeaYNS-aK6IgyO6wPjG8g
    My Society6 Store - society6.com/paperocotillostudio
    My RU-clip - ru-clip.com/user/ShelCPaperOcotilloStudio
    My Blog - paperocotillo.blogspot.com
    My Facebook - facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009083152998
    My Instagram - https:instagram.com/paperocotillostudio
    My Twitter - @paperocotillo
    My Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/shelbel28/
    My g+ - plus.google.com/u/0/105771125822603559405/posts
    My e-mail - paperocotillostudio@gmail.com
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Comments • 185

  • Annie Rodenberg
    Annie Rodenberg 2 months ago

    Shel Cee, I love this Folk Art piece. Color is spectacular and what a fun collaboration. I would need to hang this bag on my wall...Happy, Happy.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  2 months ago

      Thank you Annie :) I did use it for a gift bag but the person also hung it on the wall after :)

  • suzy hayden
    suzy hayden Year ago


    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Suzy 😊

  • Jane Jones
    Jane Jones Year ago

    Don't know how I missed this video previously. I LOVE this bag. It would be a gift in itself, never mind as a gift bag!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      +Jane Jones Thank you Jane 😊

  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar Year ago

    Which folk art is this

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      American folk art :)

  • Teresa Kannenberg

    This is really awesome Shel!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much :)

  • Weenie Langman
    Weenie Langman Year ago

    Absolutely gorgeous Shel😊 I could watch you for hours😊

  • June Steuterman
    June Steuterman Year ago

    Great pic, I like it !!!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you June :)

  • Ella Conner
    Ella Conner Year ago

    Love the quilt pattern! Nice colors too

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Ella :)

  • Laura Greggain
    Laura Greggain Year ago

    Delightful folk art piece I love that it's on a bag

  • Deborah Halcomb
    Deborah Halcomb Year ago

    Yes, I like the primitive style of painting, much more relaxing. This is one I will use for inspiration.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Deborah :) Have fun painting!

  • Corinne Curtis
    Corinne Curtis Year ago


  • Mugsy Makes
    Mugsy Makes Year ago

    So pretty!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much :)

  • TheTapeQueen
    TheTapeQueen Year ago

    I love your folk art, Shel. Tfs Hugs, Shell

  • Linda L Miller
    Linda L Miller Year ago

    Love this! So cheerful.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Linda :)

  • Tasha Freeman
    Tasha Freeman Year ago

    If you use this as a gift bag it will be a twofer! The present inside and the art for the wall in the wrapping... so cool!

  • Judy Ptak
    Judy Ptak Year ago

    Very cute! Thanks.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Judy :)

  • Cindy Ullman
    Cindy Ullman Year ago

    wow I love it great job.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much Cindy :)

  • Roesta - Ilja Bies

    Love the bag with your art :-)

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Ilja :)

  • Mieke Middelhuis
    Mieke Middelhuis Year ago

    What a wonderful piece of naive art, I love the moonlight and the tone-on-tone in the fields... beautiful, thanks Shel!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you for watching and supporting my channel Mieke :)

  • Cindy Utter
    Cindy Utter Year ago

    Fantastic painting!! Such a true talented lady!! (((Hugs)))

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much Cindy :)

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones Year ago

    Love this Folk art Shel! Thanks for sharing! ♡

  • Melody Willoughby

    I have not painted like this since the 90's but I love this. I do buy and display folk art in my home.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Melody :)

  • Lisa Warner
    Lisa Warner Year ago

    I love folk art/ primitive! My house is done in primitive and my dishes are named Folk Art (Pfaltzgraff). I love your art as usual!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Lisa :) It is a great art style..very homey and practical.

  • Recycled Parts 4 Art

    Awesome video Shel! Love the info you gave about Folk art and the bag came out great!

  • Beverly Stout
    Beverly Stout Year ago

    Love it Shel!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks Beverly :)

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera Year ago

    That's really cute!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Maria :)

  • Bea Grob
    Bea Grob Year ago

    fun painting on your bag, love it

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much Bea :)

  • JokersSoul 69
    JokersSoul 69 Year ago

    Super cute!!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Kari :)

  • Anne Elder
    Anne Elder Year ago

    Love the vibrancy of this project, you make it look easy! Hugs Anne xx

  • daffodilsandtulips

    Looks so amazing =]

  • ArtJournalJunkie
    ArtJournalJunkie Year ago

    Just love this project, Shel! I am so honored to be one of the hoppers with you! xx

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you :) i loved your book!

  • judith gillam
    judith gillam Year ago

    Beautiful - your art is always a joy to behold ! Thank you Shel !!!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Judith :)

  • Mona L creates
    Mona L creates Year ago

    This is awesome Shel!! Love the whimsical in this and the colors are just so cheerful and nice!! :)

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you so much Mona :)

  • Scrapitydoodah
    Scrapitydoodah Year ago

    This is so cute and I'm sure someone would be over the moon to receive this with their gift. I really love the look of folk art. This is a great idea to make giving a little more special :)

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you :) Folk art is really interesting in that it is simple decoration of useful things...more beauty in the world!

  • Michelle Palmer
    Michelle Palmer Year ago

    Wow, fantastic!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Michelle :)

  • verafi lindeng
    verafi lindeng Year ago

    Gorgeous, Shel! You make painting seem so easy. Thanks for making me laugh, I so needed it! Tfs, Fia xx

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Fia :)

  • Andrea Kidman
    Andrea Kidman Year ago

    What a brilliant piece of (folk)art, love it.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you so much Andrea :) My piece is so different from most in the hop..lol

  • Nicki Rochelle
    Nicki Rochelle Year ago

    Beautiful project as usual Shel, I really enjoyed it. X hugs to all.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Nicki :)

  • Jane Sassalos
    Jane Sassalos Year ago

    Adorable!!! I have been obsessed with making bags and having different looks on each one of a kind gift bag. I enjoyed your project. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vickie B
    Vickie B Year ago

    Beautiful, so bright and colourful. I use reusable bags for shopping, I want one like your bag!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Vickie :) I think you need a bigger one for art supply shopping LOL

  • Cee Clearly
    Cee Clearly Year ago

    Amazing work!!

  • Daisy Cochran
    Daisy Cochran Year ago

    Love this painting! I liked your little narrative describing what folk art is. You draw and paint so easily. I love the theme/subject of this painting...love the bright intense colors...love the quilt like look of the field...love the finishing details...love the finished project! ♥️

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago +1

      Thank you Daisy :) I think your sister would like it.

  • Eva Villa
    Eva Villa Year ago

    Love your bag.

  • Jackie Keegan
    Jackie Keegan Year ago

    So.........I love the finished project. The colours all blend together so well and the moonlight on the field looks great. So......thanks for sharing!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching and supporting Jackie :)

  • katewill9876
    katewill9876 Year ago

    Your art is fun and makes me smile.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Kate :)

  • Patty Harrison
    Patty Harrison Year ago

    I'd be over the moon pleased to receive this as a gift bag, it's truly a gift all by itself❣
    Patty xoxo

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Patty :)

  • Peggy Crowley
    Peggy Crowley Year ago

    So charming and whimsical....just my style! Your creativity blows me away.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you so much Peggy :)

  • Rebecca Bullock
    Rebecca Bullock Year ago

    Cutest Paper Bag ever

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Rebecca :)

  • Susan Bush
    Susan Bush Year ago


  • cheryl7476
    cheryl7476 Year ago

    Nicely done, Shel. Will male a wonderful gift bag.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Cheryl :) I will probably just hang it on the wall lol

  • cheryl amey
    cheryl amey Year ago

    Love the way it turned out, yes I would hang it on my wall.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Cheryl :)

  • Laurie Richard - starwolf539

    Very cool!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much for watching :)

  • Arlene Mraz
    Arlene Mraz Year ago

    This makes me smile...."happy painting........art school who needs it........you are what you paint......awesome.....mraz

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Arlene :) I am too old to go to art school now LOL

  • Ina Solsbery
    Ina Solsbery Year ago

    Love everything about it, paper sack,the scene ,the color in color detailing. Very cool and lovely results Shel. Happy Hopping.

  • Magz Lockley
    Magz Lockley Year ago

    So cool, love it, tfs Shel

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Maggie :)

  • APG Jamie
    APG Jamie Year ago

    that's no plain paper sack - super project happy HOPping

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Jamie :) hop hop hop

  • Patricia Stubbs
    Patricia Stubbs Year ago

    I love this folk art !

  • Jane Vincent
    Jane Vincent Year ago

    I love this for many reasons: it's true to what I think of as folk art, it's very appealing and colorful, and it is very similar to art that I do. The end result is wonderful. I will check out the other artists in this category. Thanks, Shel. Jane

  • Debbie Bonner
    Debbie Bonner Year ago

    Wonderful as always Shel. TFS

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Debbie :)

  • Jo Leggett
    Jo Leggett Year ago

    That is so gorgeous and vibrant. Love it.

  • MWB_ARTS Creative Journey

    Love this Painting! Thanks for sharing this cool project!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks for watching :)

  • Laura Murphy
    Laura Murphy Year ago +1

    Love it. Love all the little details.TFS

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Laura :)

  • Susie’s Craft and Planning Cottage

    I love primitively art, I'm on my way to the next channel....this is awesome btw ......Susie xxx

  • lynda reed
    lynda reed Year ago

    Great bag! Just the right size for craft shopping, NOT, lol. So, keep up the good art.

  • The Shelley Studio

    Very cute. Love the quilt fields tfs

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Margel :)

  • Jo Rothbaum
    Jo Rothbaum Year ago

    its adorable, two videos in one weekend my cup runnethover! Thanks for posting on facebook I am seeing that before I get notified by youtube.xx

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Jo :) Yes, RU-clip has messed up everything for us small channels...grrr

  • Elizabeth Naisbitt

    Wow, I don't think this could get any more amazing than it is, it's absolutely fabulous, the detail, the colours, just pure gorgeousness. Tfs xo

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Elizabeth :)

  • Edwige Viel
    Edwige Viel Year ago

    I love it so much ! That's beautifully done !

  • liz kb
    liz kb Year ago

    Love the colors, the focus problem appears to be in the sped up section, it is perfect at the end when you show the bag. Thanks for a great video.

  • Deb Terry
    Deb Terry Year ago

    Wish i could just buy Posca pens at my big box craft stores instead of online... grrr....

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      It is possible in Europe...but not in the states. Of course, I buy everything on Amazon anyway..even my undies LOL I hate shopping!

  • Deb Terry
    Deb Terry Year ago

    Great Project Shel!!

  • Elaine sanders
    Elaine sanders Year ago

    Great video and primitive art

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much Elaine :)

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith Year ago

    Love the that you can give it as a gift bag or hang it on your wall. I interested in Posca pens but confused on the nib sizes, what do you recommend ?

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Darlene :) I think this is the best set of Posca to start with. Many color and a finer tip. amzn.to/2yh5ZXE

  • Anne Casillas
    Anne Casillas Year ago

    Love this cheerful bag! This is my kind if style to, zentangle for the not so linear/precise folks! 🏡🛤🌞🌟

  • Norma Jean Bray
    Norma Jean Bray Year ago

    Enjoyed this video very much. My sister paints scenes on old suitcases. Sells them. She is quite successful. I liked that you painted a scene on the paper bag. It's wonderful. And. Easier to carry around.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Norma :) I just bought a painted old aluminum cake carrier. I could not resist it LOL

  • Kylie Coo Studio
    Kylie Coo Studio Year ago

    I enjoy Folk Art very much and loved what you did here. The fine detail on the field in front really made the whole thing pop. Great hopping with you :)

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks Kylie :) I enjoyed the hop!

  • Marie Duncan
    Marie Duncan Year ago

    Love it! The bag is a great way to display your art, then use it for a gift bag! I enjoy hearing your explanations as you paint...I always learn something. TFS

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Marie :) Teaching is in my DNA lol

  • Michael Ann F.
    Michael Ann F. Year ago

    Love your folk art, it's very pretty and colorful. Thank you Shel

  • TheMeriAtelier
    TheMeriAtelier Year ago

    Very colorful- nice

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Meri :)

  • Nikki Goldsby
    Nikki Goldsby Year ago

    So..... I think you should say so as much as you want to lol
    And your bag is adorable I love the "quilted" field ❤️

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Nikki :) I liked the field the best as well.

  • Leslie's Creative Studio

    The folk art primitive farm is great!! I just loved it!! Always, Leslie

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago +1

      Thanks so much Leslie :)

  • Pam Perkins
    Pam Perkins Year ago

    Oh gosh I would definitely hang that on my wall it's gorgeous and does have the quilt effect pretty pretty

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Pam :) Lucky it already has a handle to hang it lol

  • carol m
    carol m Year ago

    Lovely, Shel. I love your colors and composition.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Carol :)

  • Annerie Nuyts
    Annerie Nuyts Year ago

    This is just great. Thank you so much for the inspiration. It makes me happy to see all those colours and wonderfullness on this piece. This seems to be a great give away idea when you reach 7000 subscribers.... 😄

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Annerie :) Acrylic painted bags is a good idea for the give away

  • Cat Collins
    Cat Collins Year ago


  • Jen R
    Jen R Year ago

    Beautiful bag! I absolutely love this style and the colors - yummy :)

  • ArtyFarty Fairy
    ArtyFarty Fairy Year ago

    Hi. Just come from Kylie Coo's. Love your bag it's just darling (lol,not a fraze I use but this bag just is!) I really think belongs on a counter top with a big bunch of silk wild/meadow flowers showing out the top. Like a varse. TFS . Hope you are doing ok. Joanne.

  • deep in the woods

    Wow that turned out really nice! I like the like shade detailing.

  • Artbee
    Artbee Year ago

    This was fun to watch. I love how your piece turned out.

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you so much :)

  • Stephanie Sams
    Stephanie Sams Year ago

    Love it!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Stephanie :)

  • Melanie Aguirre
    Melanie Aguirre Year ago

    Really like this project. Great doodling.....

  • Carlene Jacobsen
    Carlene Jacobsen Year ago

    Wow!!! Just love this piece !

  • Rose Ryan
    Rose Ryan Year ago

    Loved the painting. It was a great idea to put it on a bag. As usual, the narrative was worth the price of admission lol...

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Rose :) If only I was getting paid LOL

  • Janet Visochi-Baum

    love folk art and i love your bag TFS

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Janet :)

  • Kaylin Francis
    Kaylin Francis Year ago


    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Kaylin :)

  • aisha soud
    aisha soud Year ago

    so beautiful dear shel C :)

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you so much Aisha :)

  • Deborah Rusignuolo

    great project came out beautiful tfs

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Deborah :)

  • gbahrens
    gbahrens Year ago

    Great Shel!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thank you Gina :)

  • AuntBecscreations

    Shel... this is beautiful!!!

    • Shel C
      Shel C  Year ago

      Thanks so much Bec :)

  • Susan Rascone
    Susan Rascone Year ago

    I love it especially the quilt. On your trip did you see any barn quilts? I have seen a few over the years, they are becoming quite popular here in southwest Ontario. Now a local company will paint a giant quilt block on plywood to be attached to the barn.