The Drowned Man - Chapter 2

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
    The story of The Drowned Man continues as the tale of misery and woe gets stranger and stranger. When alarming new testimony from key witnesses confirms the supernatural nature of this invasion... there's only one path left to get the answers we seek.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Tattier Verbose456
    Tattier Verbose456 2 hours ago


  • Enigma
    Enigma 7 hours ago

    I bought a shirt asked for a 3X got a small :(

  • PandaMedic PandaMedic
    PandaMedic PandaMedic 11 hours ago

    Are you scared of your alter egos?

  • Ryan O'Connor
    Ryan O'Connor 23 hours ago

    I swear the first chapter I thought of how funny it was.. but im about less than 13 minutes into this and the more and more I think there is something really paranormal going on.. LOL

  • Grace Ann
    Grace Ann Day ago

    Y’all better listen with headphones!! It sounds like mark and Wade were talking around me!! It’s insanely cool!

  • Tim Mahley
    Tim Mahley Day ago

    1:05 When you get challenged to a pokemon battle.

  • Bruh_It_Ferb
    Bruh_It_Ferb Day ago

    Why didn’t he just use flex tape?

  • Master Tallis
    Master Tallis Day ago

    "4 tacos? I fucking knew this thing wanted tacos i would have bought some" That made laugh so hard xD

  • Rain / Slytherin Queen

    I saw PatrckStatic in the desc and I'm excited, honestly. My small time bab in a Mark vid :0 amazing.
    Also this is so dumb and I love it.

  • Zeke Gearhart
    Zeke Gearhart Day ago

    Was this real

  • ShadowBusts34- Gaming

    Well 4 Tacos is a thing

  • jace samford
    jace samford 2 days ago

    You can't pay me to play a oujia board again

  • Mitchz95
    Mitchz95 2 days ago

    2:00 "MEOW!"

  • Dominic Surette
    Dominic Surette 2 days ago

    Can we get a link to your suit pls?

  • Jade Larocque
    Jade Larocque 2 days ago

    Mark: .....
    Also mark: there something behind you.

  • Reyna Nox
    Reyna Nox 2 days ago

    "ancient romanian"

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 days ago

    Les be honest- We all thought this was a horror series until we saw that it has the “comedy” tag

  • Winchell Jackson
    Winchell Jackson 2 days ago

    go to 8:10 you can hear a woman's voice

  • Kaitlyn Averill
    Kaitlyn Averill 2 days ago

    is this ACTUALY true

  • Oshun Butterfield-Turner


  • saam jaza
    saam jaza 3 days ago

    "You got any candles?"

  • Veerpaul Brar
    Veerpaul Brar 4 days ago

    did anybodt notice the hand at the glass door touching it how the ec do they not notice it in the video of 1423 or somewhere close to that

  • Noa Lenora Art
    Noa Lenora Art 4 days ago

    Well yeah it’s not gonna work jeesh. Im no builder but even I know you mud on drywall not fuckin wetwall

  • Logan Chiminera
    Logan Chiminera 4 days ago

    Is the greater evil debt?

  • Xavier Pezo
    Xavier Pezo 4 days ago +2

    This is the work of water sheep

  • one-way- wheelie
    one-way- wheelie 5 days ago +1

    this actualy feels like a horror movie

  • Lan
    Lan 5 days ago

    Turn subtitles on and look on 11:14

    Mr. Ass lmao

  • nolan Stechschulte
    nolan Stechschulte 5 days ago

    Mark impersonating JP!

  • Kerranda
    Kerranda 5 days ago

    Mark's JP impression 😂😂

  • Sgt. Baker
    Sgt. Baker 5 days ago

    Norman Bates at the end of Psycho: 14:53

  • Sgt. Baker
    Sgt. Baker 5 days ago

    "I fuckin' knew this thing only wanted tacos I would've bought some."

  • Moonshrewed
    Moonshrewed 5 days ago

    if you feed a ghost tacos, i don't think they'll ever go away. they don't get tacos very often.

  • Snapdragon
    Snapdragon 5 days ago

    Watched the Twitch stream that they had during when the episode. Very incitful into what went on that day when the house soiled JP.

  • monkeyfist 82
    monkeyfist 82 6 days ago

    It was Barbra from uno :○

  • xAngelWolf07x
    xAngelWolf07x 6 days ago

    Mark : "Are you a professional are not?"
    Wade : "No. I'm just a homeowner?"
    Me : DEAD

    • xAngelWolf07x
      xAngelWolf07x 6 days ago

      Mark : "What are you doing on your phone?" Very disapprovingly, "Now is not the time to text."
      Me : DOUBLE DEAD

  • Euphoria Productions
    Euphoria Productions 6 days ago +20

    “He got shat on.. pretty badly,”

    *”He’s dEAd now, isn’t he?”*

  • Bilbosere
    Bilbosere 6 days ago

    Marks voice his clothes
    D A R K I P L I E R

  • Xander Moore
    Xander Moore 6 days ago

    Science don’t explain that

  • Caleb Warner
    Caleb Warner 7 days ago

    Man, that's an incredible shirt design. Wish it was still available, I'd pick at least one up. Ah well...

  • aurora t
    aurora t 7 days ago

    *_4 tacos_*

  • ValentínJr Orta
    ValentínJr Orta 7 days ago


  • Gibrielle
    Gibrielle 7 days ago +1

    OmniShield batteries last 20 years

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 7 days ago

    I hate that board it scares me 😂😂.

  • I Liek Catzz OWO
    I Liek Catzz OWO 7 days ago

    *P O S I D E N H A S E N T E R E D T H E
    C H A T*

  • Dominic Walls
    Dominic Walls 7 days ago

    Mark, I know a group that can help Wade’s problem, call the Ghost Adventures crew.

    • Lucid
      Lucid 5 days ago

      The crew would have themselves a good laugh before attempting to help hin

  • Morgan Rae
    Morgan Rae 7 days ago

    Why are the only thoughts I have: Wade has a nice house and Mark looks out of place in a "cosy" home?

  • Writer10389
    Writer10389 8 days ago

    As a homeowner, I am rolling with laughter because this is god-tier exaggeration of the horrors of home ownership

  • Becky Blickhahn
    Becky Blickhahn 8 days ago

    Why did nobody mention Mark as the wife?

  • uh hi?
    uh hi? 9 days ago

    I love marks glasses-

  • Benny Boo
    Benny Boo 9 days ago

    11:29 that poor telephone :(

  • Ella Hunt
    Ella Hunt 9 days ago +7

    wade: no, i think it’s ouija


  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 9 days ago

    Did you cheat on your house

  • Ojika
    Ojika 9 days ago

    Stop it! Your hand off the uajžáá.

  • JJ Musicworks
    JJ Musicworks 9 days ago

    Chapter 1: (...I will watch the next episode, hoping it will be more serious.)
    Chapter 2: It was not...

  • Caelan Melanson
    Caelan Melanson 10 days ago +1

    H W O I J A A A

  • DRAKEnN342
    DRAKEnN342 10 days ago

    Mark as JP though

  • Plasma Oof
    Plasma Oof 10 days ago

    c’mon just call mario

  • Dracopyre
    Dracopyre 10 days ago

    Mark in Real Life:
    Mark on Camera:
    How can I be an asshole?

  • GameShow
    GameShow 10 days ago

    Damn! Who is your Editor they do an amazing job!!

  • redhunter212
    redhunter212 10 days ago

    I got two words for Wade FLEX SEALLLLLLLL!!!!!