A model family

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Bart Baldwin, his wife, Jessica, and their five kids are an uncommon sight in advertisements and fashion shoots: an entire family of models. Correspondent Serena Altschul visited with the "Baldwin Circus" at a resort near Lake Tahoe, where it was - as it always is - "Take Your Child to Work Day."
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Comments • 188

  • jolieart
    jolieart 4 hours ago

    What a cute family with good genes 🧬 and great morals

  • Keecha M
    Keecha M 9 days ago +2

    Beautiful story. So happy for this family.

  • John Smitherson
    John Smitherson 11 days ago +1

    So a perfect chisel looking White family is a model American family? What is wrong with this picture? In real America family is full of diversity and not the crap you see in magazines.

  • KeepingUpWithTheWrights

    Wow. . . I watched or saw most of these ads. Freaking crazy

  • patti malik
    patti malik 12 days ago

    boring white conservative family. who cares. blah. not that great looking either

  • Kit King
    Kit King 12 days ago

    Do they have a youtube channel?

  • Jan truitt
    Jan truitt 14 days ago

    Interesting story about family!

  • Charlie Swanson
    Charlie Swanson 15 days ago +5

    Though this family is beautiful, I think it is hard to define what a model family is.

    TXMEDRGR 17 days ago +2

    A new crop of Baldwins, God help us.

  • N Mil
    N Mil 18 days ago +4

    How fun for them! That Curtis is gonna be a real heartbreaker.

  • David Welty
    David Welty 21 day ago +1

    Healthy, well adjusted kids.

  • Ehriykkah
    Ehriykkah 23 days ago +44

    I clicked on this expecting to see a really snooty family who knows their hot and is obnoxious. Boy was I wrong. What a wholesome family. The parents are so sweet and the kids are great! Well done Baldwin family!

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 24 days ago

    They seem super sweet

  • Sea Vista
    Sea Vista 28 days ago

    Soo Cool..🤗🤗😎😎

  • Vernelle Douglas
    Vernelle Douglas Month ago +9

    "The guy with all the kids"...nice reputation rather than something negative.

  • Paris Dupree
    Paris Dupree Month ago +1

    They are all very beautiful! They also seem like they are good people. Hopefully they can continue to work!

  • ilovemytribe
    ilovemytribe Month ago +1

    These kids will never have to work a job in their life...

  • bratofer21
    bratofer21 Month ago +1

    Beautiful family

  • Evelyn Marx
    Evelyn Marx Month ago

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Personally don’t find the mom model like!

    • Evelyn Marx
      Evelyn Marx Month ago

      And the dad is too

    • Evelyn Marx
      Evelyn Marx Month ago

      The kids I do omg 😮 the kids are sooo pretty

    TRUSTJESUS33 Month ago


  • Jon Honesty
    Jon Honesty Month ago

    Beautiful family

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago +1

    So amazing and heartwarming!!!

  • Holly Fisher
    Holly Fisher Month ago +1

    Aww~Such a sweet and lovely family, with an obvious love for one another, plus a great deal of wonderfully FUN adventures☺❤😎:)
    P.S. I absolutely love Tahoe, and it is the MOST beautiful place on earth🏔❄🌠...

  • Rc K
    Rc K Month ago +2

    Perfect white family...

  • gi822
    gi822 Month ago

    They have a big family with a tiny dinner table. They look smashed together

  • james bond
    james bond Month ago

    So happy they didn't adopt a black kid

  • tiLLy [FN]rox
    tiLLy [FN]rox Month ago +4

    Ha! I would be the ugly kid in the fam lol!! 🤣😂🤣😂

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling Month ago +7

    The perfect, pretty American family. Who could hate this? Good luck to them!

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Month ago +1


  • Coffee Now
    Coffee Now Month ago +13

    Good to see a piece like this, refreshing.

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C Month ago +21

    I always shake my head and feel sorry for the nitpickers. This family has love among them, togetherness and happiness. They are teaching their kids not to rely on having another job after this one so they need to get an education. Do they have to be ugly to get your respect? How petty. Kudos to the life they are giving their kids!

    • John Smitherson
      John Smitherson 11 days ago

      It's not that people nitpick. This family does not represent the diversity that is in real life. Why can't magazine have more diversities and family of different sizes and race?

  • Evergreen Van Buren
    Evergreen Van Buren Month ago +13

    Even if their catalogue careers ended this family could easily transition into RU-clip and Instagram.

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton Month ago +2

    I’ve just watched a 72 year-old hair dyed, Katy Tong deliver
    a newscast very well, but instead of appearing as an elder stateswoman, a pioneer
    of and for women in broadcast news, she allowed herself to be made up as a comic
    caricature of her former self, overly made-up with shockingly red lip covering,
    as if to make amends for this and future appearances in the practice of ‘appearance
    journalism’… was an embarrassment to her current self and those of us that may
    have to witness her travesty in future televised broadcast news appearances…

  • Kate Greaves
    Kate Greaves Month ago +2

    What a lovely, well-grounded, lovely family! ⭐ 💕

  • Challais McDonald
    Challais McDonald Month ago +6

    Their sincerity shines through ❤️

  • Donna Kay Morgese
    Donna Kay Morgese Month ago

    Such a beautiful family 🌤🌻 a family that prays together, stays together. America’s family values need to be stronger and we need education, shows, movies, and music to stand behind that .. families that stay together are better for our communities and country. We need to teach children in school how to responsible start a family.

  • Artur H
    Artur H Month ago

    Winner of the genetic rulett.

  • CJM Isaiah 9:6-7
    CJM Isaiah 9:6-7 Month ago +1

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  • Jack Escobar
    Jack Escobar Month ago +9

    Why can’t they open their eyes they look like they are squinting

    • gi822
      gi822 Month ago

      They’re just ridiculously ridiculously good looking

    • cvwm
      cvwm Month ago

      don't be racist they're asians

    • Blazer playz
      Blazer playz Month ago


  • Yaria Samavan Carlan

    That's so cool!

  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta Month ago

    👍Wow! Beautiful family! 💞

  • Latifa Jenkins
    Latifa Jenkins Month ago +1

    Dam he fine!

  • Cynthia Dickerson
    Cynthia Dickerson Month ago +14

    "Who do you miss mostly?" Children ask the darnest questions too. I work in an elementary school, and l wish you could hear some of the questions they ask me. I have jaw dropping moments just like his sister sitting next to him.

  • Cynthia Dickerson
    Cynthia Dickerson Month ago +3

    God is so good! I have nothing but smiles for this family. Super duper job mom, and dad.😊

  • thisduderockz
    thisduderockz Month ago

    not gonna lie, i'd love for bart to impregnate my wife so she can birth me model babies.

  • Kim T
    Kim T Month ago +2

    Around here, they'd be required to be in some sort of school. It's great their available for shoots.

  • Lance May
    Lance May Month ago +2

    That's nice, but it's a little arrogant too.

  • Kaleb Chavez
    Kaleb Chavez Month ago +4

    I've definitely seen the Daddy in Hanes😻

    • Kaleb Chavez
      Kaleb Chavez Month ago

      Joe Kinchicken
      Damn... You sound 🔥🔥🔥

    • Joe Kinchicken
      Joe Kinchicken Month ago +1

      @Kaleb Chavez Yeah, nobody wants rough cotton. I prefer smooth and colorful silky clothes all over my shaven body. My wife thinks it's so sexy.

    • Kaleb Chavez
      Kaleb Chavez Month ago

      Joe Kinchicken

    • Joe Kinchicken
      Joe Kinchicken Month ago +3

      Hanes sucks. I've switched to women's lingerie as a man and it fits better.

  • Elizabeth Culver Edwards

    "Peas and carrots" is also what background actors are saying in shots where they are supposed to be smiling and talking. The more you know! lol

  • alfababy
    alfababy Month ago +2

    threw up a little in my mouth

  • pam0626
    pam0626 Month ago +2

    Love Serena Altshul’s soothing voice, but wish she would speak a little faster.

  • Larry Woodruff
    Larry Woodruff Month ago +7

    Wonder if anyone in this family will ever have to work a real job, I highly doubt it.

    • Betsy Voss
      Betsy Voss 10 days ago

      Life is unpredictable. The time may come when they all have to work at something different. .

    • Holly Fisher
      Holly Fisher Month ago

      Well, the Eldest Daughter is away attending college so perhaps she will be pursuing a different career.

    • Sjoerd
      Sjoerd Month ago

      Why would they?

  • Mark Lastimoso
    Mark Lastimoso Month ago +2

    Where’s the flavor?

  • Maria Esparza
    Maria Esparza Month ago +4

    God bless them, and they are a true Catholic family. awesome!!

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +41

    So much jealous losers in the comments just because you’re a failure doesn’t mean everyone else has to be one to make you feel good

    • John Smitherson
      John Smitherson 11 days ago

      More like how magazine has portrayed the lack of diversity in real families.

    • breathe in positivity
      breathe in positivity Month ago


    • Joe Kinchicken
      Joe Kinchicken Month ago +2

      These are Christian cocksuckers trying to build up an Army for Christ. No other reason to pump out all those kids.

  • Donush
    Donush Month ago

    Sorry was not meant to be mean. I am used to using Capital Letters. My Appologies.

  • Alex R
    Alex R Month ago +4

    In a few years they'll end up working for Fox News complaining how hard it is for white people to get ahead in this country.

  • duvine
    duvine Month ago

    Not a single family picture or house live in look of memories at home ; good for investment profit business all the way, good for them!.

    • duvine
      duvine Month ago

      @Deb Parks As soon as you do the same for your depression ,ocd, triggers plus lack of life. ru-clip.com/video/2I-YOFEffOs/video.html

    • duvine
      duvine Month ago

      @Deb Parks Please seek med help for your anger, & be well.

  • Quinn Maxfield
    Quinn Maxfield Month ago +3

    Always a white family not ready 4 black 1 god only knows what could happen

    • ABC Bricks
      ABC Bricks Month ago

      Quinn Maxfield well Quinn maybe if you were attractive this could be you...but oh well

  • Allinmyworld
    Allinmyworld Month ago +10

    To the mom did she ever worry about her body changing with each pregnancy or did it just blend it with the jobs? Kind of cool if you ask me travel the world, get paid and spend time with your family.