Dungeons and Dragons & Monster Hunter contents coming (Nergigante Beta Multiplayer Hunt)

  • Published on Jan 24, 2018
  • Just giving everyone the heads up that there will be more contents coming up for the channel. Major Dungeons and Dragons related projects and also new video game contents.
    Monster hunter: World will be the first gaming content that I'll be covering. It's got humongous wyrms, dragons and oversized weapons. What's not to like? Watch me take down Nergigante the flagship monster in the background as I ramble on.
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  • Daniel Ramsey
    Daniel Ramsey 9 months ago

    For anyone that desires have some Monster Hunter in their D&D (or DnD). Let me point you to a curious PDF I discovered down in reddit that gives 144 of your Favorite monsters from the MH franchise from Capcom! It can be found with is and was already adjusted for D&D 5e play! It can be easily found on Google.
    And for anyone worrying about finding Miniatures of your favorite monsters, don't worry, Look for Monster Hunter Figure Builder collection. They come in volumes of six, but they are a treat to behold! And they can be found here on RU-clip on various videos, including "Blandco" Miniature reviews!

  • Knight ZazBlack
    Knight ZazBlack Year ago +1

    You should do a video on D&D Neverwinter. It is petty good D&D game, also you could compare Neverwinter and your D&D side, it will cool if you did this. It is enjoyable to watch your video, they are petty good.

  • dreddbolt
    dreddbolt Year ago +1

    A crossover integration would be perfect, if implemented well. I'm thinking battle master fighter/ beast master ranger for MHW's hunters. What does CJ and/or the community think?

  • Green Squid Man
    Green Squid Man Year ago +1

    My high school DnD club teacher has poster with images of Sergio and weapons on just basically your channel. Do u have posters? And if so WHERE CAN I BUY THEM!

  • PurplekoolAidX1X 13
    PurplekoolAidX1X 13 Year ago +1

    Do you live in australia i do. what state if your comfortable

  • Niko Covich
    Niko Covich Year ago +1

    hey you are in perth

  • Ponyoblue
    Ponyoblue Year ago +1

    Why not make a monster hunter themed dnd campaign plus monsters? @don't stop thinking

  • Elijah O'Connell
    Elijah O'Connell Year ago +1

    Could you make a class guide on the Artificer and Mystic?

  • José Ángel Medina Cornejo

    Hey CJ! Just wanted to thank you for the lessons, your class introduction videos are particularly helpful! Really love the channel and your animation style.
    Also, if I may, I would like to share some of my Spanish knowledge in return, I hope it doesn't feel condescending.The name Guillermo, given he is Mexican, is pronounced with "gui" that sounds like "gi" from "give". The doble L sounds kind of like the "Y" in "you" and the "e" like the one in the name "Helena" for example.
    Sorry for that long, unrelated comment. Once again thank you for your great work! I will keep coming back.

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking  Year ago

      Actually, I really appreciate that José. I always love to learn new things.

  • Lame Ass Gaming
    Lame Ass Gaming Year ago +1

    I hope you make a new series for races this time just like what you did for the classes

  • Thomaz Eblen
    Thomaz Eblen Year ago +1

    I really love to see content about multiclasses ideas. Combos and stuff

  • James Chandler
    James Chandler Year ago +1

    Thank you for making all these class guides. It has really helped my transition from a dnd player into a dm!

  • SamieMac
    SamieMac Year ago +1

    Too much profanity in this one. My teen and preteen kids loved the how-to D&D series, but They won't be watching this one.

  • Isa Zainal
    Isa Zainal Year ago +2

    Your channel really helps me in d&d and now I'm a confident player & dm! Also can please continue the d&d story? It's so cute! What happen to Sero & friends?

  • Ryan Tucker
    Ryan Tucker Year ago +5

    I'm glad you decided to branch out from DnD, when I first saw your channel it seemed like there was a lot more you wanted to make outside of the game.
    Just from looking at your videos and discipline on releasing new video on a good schedule, I could see this channel having a million subscribers if you decided to work on it full time, maybe even get a team together and build the channel up like Game Theory did.


  • Ryan Clarke-Byrne
    Ryan Clarke-Byrne Year ago +1

    Thanks for the great videos

  • Temuldjin
    Temuldjin Year ago +1

    Could you make a video about the feats in 5.0, like highlighting which feats are really top tier and which could be considered as "traps" for both new and old players?
    both the old ones and the new one from xanatos, stuff like that would be great :) (we have a new guy at our table, with only 1 seassion under his belt and he could propertly use something like this alot) :)

    • Linkin Loyalist
      Linkin Loyalist Year ago

      Yeah I can't find anything either, has to just be that DM.

    • Temuldjin
      Temuldjin Year ago

      I simply cant find it or anyone else talking about it.
      It was my GM who told me about it so me might just have "banned" it from our sessions unless your are a halfling.

    • Linkin Loyalist
      Linkin Loyalist Year ago

      @Temuldjin link?

    • Temuldjin
      Temuldjin Year ago

      Lucky have been changed and can now not be picked up by any class that does not start with it.

    • Linkin Loyalist
      Linkin Loyalist Year ago

      Lucky is all around good, maybe slightly worse for something like rogue/bard multiclass. Master feats and sharpshooter for specific weapons are always really good (not weapon master feat though). Magic initiate is always good fun for a melee DPS character (Get booming blade and GFB with a familiar thrown in, give yourself advantage with help action). Warcaster can be good for spell casters. Elemental Adept can be good if you are going all in on a single damage type. Some of the racials from Xanathar's looked kinda fun. I think this is it for good feats.

  • Cidthulhu
    Cidthulhu Year ago +2

    I'm a huge fan of your D&D content but I'm very excited for MH content as well. Keep it up!

  • Blurry face
    Blurry face Year ago +1

    I'll start soon.... #adventureleague

  • Emile Coetzee
    Emile Coetzee Year ago +1

    Your videos convinced me to get the Handbooks and plan out characters to get into DnD with my brother. Thank you so much for posting such great content! I can't wait to see what you post next!

  • Major
    Major Year ago +1

    Do a race of d&d series

  • Icaruspotion
    Icaruspotion Year ago +1

    You should do a d and d monster hunter hombrew rules with all the new weapons and monsters

    • Daniel Ramsey
      Daniel Ramsey 9 months ago

      Hello, did you know some folks came up with a PDF Monster Hunter: Monster Manual?!

  • SupaSmoothie :3
    SupaSmoothie :3 Year ago +1

    I'm playing with sum peeps online. We have fucked up time zones so it's really hard XD

  • Ruki
    Ruki Year ago +12

    I was a little intimidated by DnD's rules and what not, but your videos inspired me to get it another shot: it certainly doesn't seem too bad now. And the quick run-down certainly helped!
    I can't wait to see what you're thinking of making next!

  • Teppanyaki
    Teppanyaki Year ago +1

    Always looking forward to more great videos from you

  • Eldagusto
    Eldagusto Year ago +2

    The best content comes from CJ...

  • KaiserAfini
    KaiserAfini Year ago +14

    Anime, manga, video games and D&D, that sounds like an awesome lineup, looking forward to it, keep up the awesome work. Since you suggested some pretty good tabletop games in a previous video, I wanted to suggest one as well, Mage:The Awakening 2ed, the system and settings are fantastic, please take a look.

  • Baka Tako
    Baka Tako Year ago +1

    Thank you for teaching me how to play did I was wondering if you had a how to dm series

  • Inkboy !
    Inkboy ! Year ago +2

    Yo,ive been watching your videos for quite a while,my brother recently got into the hobby,And your videos helped alot!,Im also hyped for mh world,I had plans over the weekend,So i didn't have enough time to kill Nirgigante,But the full version will be awesome!

  • Alejandro Benett
    Alejandro Benett Year ago +11

    Are we going to be getting more videos on subclasses that you've made? That wrestling barbarian one you made was amazing!

  • Rock Steady Ska
    Rock Steady Ska Year ago +2

    How about looking at the "Bad Guyz" of the martial spellcaster subclass and doing the Hexblade Warlock class dude?

  • Emmett Wolff
    Emmett Wolff Year ago +1

    Do more d and d!

  • Ari
    Ari Year ago +5

    Been subbed to this channel since the beginning, which also happened to be around the time I first started learning DnD. I'm a capable player now thanks to you and about to join my second game! Thank you so much for your guides, and as a fellow Aussie, happy Australia Day!

  • MrDragonmaker
    MrDragonmaker Year ago +4

    Lolt hat rant about fish d!cks. Anyways, super hyped for MHW, I have been a great sword main for years, lol. I wonder if it's possible to have monster hunter campaign in dnd in the monster hunter universe. Might not be possible with the mechanic of dnd but there could be a way to simulate it on the board.

    • Daniel Ramsey
      Daniel Ramsey 9 months ago

      Did any of you guys know there are Monster Hunter Figure Miniatures? Look up Blandco Monster Hunter and you'll see :)

    • Inkboy !
      Inkboy ! Year ago +2

      You can always make lore up specifically tailored to your game

    • Inkboy !
      Inkboy ! Year ago +3

      I actually do that for my group,Just go on the internet,there are tons of monster hunter homebrew stuff out there!

    • Linkin Loyalist
      Linkin Loyalist Year ago +2

      I think that could be a little limited considering the lore of MH isn't it's strongest suit, however, it would definitely be a cool idea to homebrew some of these monsters and perhaps imitate their behavior/habitat as the DM. I'm playing Tomb of Annihilation at the moment, and Chult is definitely the kind of place to see some of the stuff you see running around in MH, so that could be a cool little way of shaking things up in that campaign.

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking  Year ago +3

      Sounds awesome. That'll be a cool homebrew.

  • Dragon Pulp
    Dragon Pulp Year ago +2

    Ooh two of my favorite things! (Please keep playing MH, maybe even livestream?)

    • Daniel Ramsey
      Daniel Ramsey 9 months ago

      Nice. Did you Know that someone made D&D stats for the Monsters from Monster Hunter? That and there are actually Miniatures of said monsters!

  • Linkin Loyalist
    Linkin Loyalist Year ago +2

    Ey, solid tail chopping. So is it a globalist prototype device that's letting you ignore gravity?

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking  Year ago +2

      I have made a deal with the psychic vampires to let the sentient chemtrails lift me to the stratosphere but they were unable to lift me higher because the bankers shackled them with debts.

  • Dade G.
    Dade G. Year ago +8

    We watch the content cause you make good content

  • ThatGuyFromThatPlace

    I was going to go to sleep... Buuuut

  • I can’t think of a good name.

    I saw D&D and Monster Hunter. So I watched.
    I see that you're using insect glaive in the video, is that your main weapon?

  • Philip Patron
    Philip Patron Year ago +4


  • Gunman0803
    Gunman0803 Year ago +5

    Been with you about 2-3 months now and your rogue video gave me the push to finally try to find a group I’d been playing online games for a while but never tried tabletop, I joined a pretty decent adventures league game of ToA. Thanks a bunch! Hope everything works out

  • Sir Drastic
    Sir Drastic Year ago +3

    Aaaaaa i can't wait to play again

  • Chase Minghini
    Chase Minghini Year ago +5

    Aw hell yea, my 2 favorite things