Wrong Numbers

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • new phone who dis?
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  • syth voltage
    syth voltage 27 minutes ago

    Oh my gosh its jacksepitceye one of my favorite youtuber

  • Angelpro Sandoval


  • choper my bopper
    choper my bopper Hour ago

    HO LE LO LE HASJKDAL VANCE .3rd cant make out 2nd

  • choper my bopper
    choper my bopper Hour ago

    your going to have to come quickly timmy fell down the well vance

  • Matisen Eriksen
    Matisen Eriksen 2 hours ago

    I got my phone when I was five

  • Squishyninja09
    Squishyninja09 5 hours ago

    Now there is actually a SooubWay 4

  • namelessdude
    namelessdude 5 hours ago +1


  • chiichiish ishkuess
    chiichiish ishkuess 5 hours ago

    :) ;) ';(

  • chiichiish ishkuess
    chiichiish ishkuess 5 hours ago


  • HeroBuddy Brine
    HeroBuddy Brine 5 hours ago +1


  • Ruby McCaleb
    Ruby McCaleb 6 hours ago

    I got a phone when I was seven.

  • Jack LaFrenier
    Jack LaFrenier 6 hours ago +1

    She said: “come quickly Timmy fell down the well Lance!”

  • Jack LaFrenier
    Jack LaFrenier 6 hours ago

    I’ve had an iPhone since pre-k. Yeah I have a good life. (:

  • 100,000 subscribers without any videos challenge

    Sooubway 4.....

    Is now an actual video, James,

    So technically the new video is sooubway 5?

  • Hamebuger KK gacha
    Hamebuger KK gacha 10 hours ago +1

    I can’t believe I spent 6 years without a phone...
    Ya James

  • Gamer OGZ
    Gamer OGZ 10 hours ago +1

    After I watched this video (Like 8-9 months ago) someone that I dont know called me and thought I was her *Daughter* Im a boy... However, it was really weird (I said "Wrong Number" though).

  • Tracy Ringrose
    Tracy Ringrose 11 hours ago


  • Mr. Derpyman
    Mr. Derpyman 12 hours ago

    You... You DABBED HOW DARE YOU?!?!!

  • Minecraft Person
    Minecraft Person 12 hours ago

    Enough said.

  • vlassis politis
    vlassis politis 14 hours ago

    I survived 24 years without smartphones either standard drugdealer phones.

  • Kael Hargis-Roycroft
    Kael Hargis-Roycroft 16 hours ago

    U have sooubway 4

  • Squishy Cake XD
    Squishy Cake XD 19 hours ago

    What do u think ur gonna make in 2020 James :0

  • Wolfe Chuu
    Wolfe Chuu 19 hours ago


  • L.E.P h7
    L.E.P h7 21 hour ago

    the Jacksepticeye woman on the phone

  • Frankie nator
    Frankie nator 21 hour ago

    I have LG astro 3

  • FlameDragon_14 142817
    FlameDragon_14 142817 22 hours ago

    Ha I have my first phone when I was 6 Glad your phone at 16 I had that phone at six

  • Brooklyn Browne
    Brooklyn Browne 22 hours ago +1

    James: “I didn’t get my first phone until I was 17”
    Me: “That’s tough I first got mine at 10”

  • keks tüte
    keks tüte 22 hours ago

    I love it when jack speaks in lines for animators

  • Abi Morataya
    Abi Morataya 23 hours ago

    I love the voltron reference XD

  • IT'S Gregster
    IT'S Gregster Day ago +1

    Sub to AuzzieRus Production

  • Taki Gaming
    Taki Gaming Day ago

    5:50 jack is that you? (Yes I know jack is not his name)

  • Kylo ren Gaming
    Kylo ren Gaming Day ago

    I was 8 till I got my smartphone and I’m 8 today

  • The Crazy  Unicorn

    Why did the accent one sound like jackseptieye?

  • Dogwolfmaster
    Dogwolfmaster Day ago

    plot twist dat other guy is still saying ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Banana Boy
    Banana Boy Day ago

    At 602 it sounded like: Jimmy/Timmy fell down the well!

  • Norwegian Crazy girl

    I’m a 09 and I’m really embarrassed because of that :(

  • Lemuno !
    Lemuno ! Day ago


  • Kaiden Reactz
    Kaiden Reactz Day ago


  • sohail008007
    sohail008007 Day ago

    Subway more like motorway

  • Maher Ghally
    Maher Ghally Day ago +2

    I know what the lady said she said you have to come quickly because Jimmy fell down the well lance like if you heard that

  • Cristina Renaud
    Cristina Renaud Day ago +1

    i actualy accidentaly called a gas station instead of a soobway lol.

  • Bee & Company Games

    OH NOOOOO DUDE xD he wanted that gas

  • Bee & Company Games

    omg that was my first phone too!!

  • Bananaman Animations

    She said you’re going to have to come quickly because Timmy fell down the well Vance!

  • Demon Child
    Demon Child Day ago +1

    Your first phone and mine were the same. The difference in our stories is I didn't get my first phone until i wss 17

  • Ramus Plays!!!
    Ramus Plays!!! Day ago

    Cell phone:🦠📞
    Smart phone:🍎📞

  • Kim son Luu
    Kim son Luu Day ago

    IM gonna be honest
    I watch some RU-cliprs and an example of what they got wrong sometimes is number it is like this 200 million except the RU-clipr got it wrong they meant 200K XD

  • Sophia Gonzalez
    Sophia Gonzalez Day ago

    Future James : this is James from the future, and just know, puberty is tough, but you’ll get through it. And I want you to know,
    I love you!
    James: you have the wrong number 😑

  • Rose Lyn
    Rose Lyn Day ago +1

    Why did the lady screaming about Vance sound like Jacksepticeye?

  • The last stage
    The last stage Day ago


  • That One Random Anime Lover

    "puberty can be tough but you could get through it"
    *cries in corner*

  • Crazy adventures
    Crazy adventures Day ago +1

    Why is the phone in that baby’s empty sad room

  • Gacha Mia M&M’s

    I got my first phone in 3rd grade

  • TigerChloe 100
    TigerChloe 100 2 days ago

    Your gonna have to come quickly! Timmy fell down the well Lance!

    I am DETERMINED 2 days ago +1

    Mr. James, shes looking for Lawrence from MyStreet! (Cause he disappears in like seasons 4-6)
    👇Like if you thought that.

  • Victor Nazha
    Victor Nazha 2 days ago

    Why does baby you have blue nipples?

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 2 days ago

    1735 anybody 125

  • TagTiger
    TagTiger 2 days ago

    My mom gave me a iPhone 1 when I was 4 ;-;

  • Razia Ahmed
    Razia Ahmed 2 days ago +1

    0:59 same here my parents won't get me a phone till 17