Sophie Turner Was Very Awkward Meeting Justin Bieber

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • James asks Sophie Turner about the musician she loved before she fell in love with her now-fiance Joe Jonas and learns that Sophie long had a thing for Justin Bieber that culminated in a very awkward first meeting between the two that Joe won't let her live down.
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  • Yamen Nazer
    Yamen Nazer 2 days ago +2

    OMG Sophie you are the most gorgeous lady in the world💜❤️

  • NestorRock
    NestorRock 2 days ago


  • Andrei Avram
    Andrei Avram 6 days ago +1

    This Corden guy, always cringey...

  • John van Berrgem
    John van Berrgem 7 days ago

    Who cares.

  • Rayhan BP
    Rayhan BP 8 days ago +1

    the guy with black longsleeve t shirt is Jon Bernthal?

  • Salim Abbas
    Salim Abbas 9 days ago

    Sophie u no how much I love you u can't expect u r my heart beet

  • Shades On
    Shades On 9 days ago

    Apart from being rich, she has 0 talent as an actress

  • Chun Wong
    Chun Wong 10 days ago


  • Uso's brutalino
    Uso's brutalino 10 days ago +1

    This lady got excited by a little beaver

  • Ami Vkr19
    Ami Vkr19 11 days ago

    High on weeds

  • oh yeah yeah this hoe arnt loyal

    The moment when carbi's spirit entered her body

  • Harvey S
    Harvey S 12 days ago

    Why james don't want to involve his right leg in conversation?

  • Hala AlHanshali
    Hala AlHanshali 14 days ago

    Her accent is fake AF

  • Saurabh Tewari
    Saurabh Tewari 15 days ago

    She is a bad story maker for sure

  • Tall Fish
    Tall Fish 27 days ago

    Joe Jonas wants to know ur location

  • adria adria
    adria adria Month ago


  • B1oodyKiller37
    B1oodyKiller37 Month ago

    Justin is not that big of a deal

  • Caitlyn Pondel
    Caitlyn Pondel Month ago

    She’s literally so relatable with how she acts😂

  • Sagar Sagar
    Sagar Sagar Month ago

    2.22 was funny lust 😂😂

  • Christie L
    Christie L Month ago

    She does great in all of her interviews, naturally charming and funny

  • Sumeya S
    Sumeya S Month ago

    Queen in the north😅💕

  • イサxaker01
    イサxaker01 Month ago

    Jb is a shit, his time s gone

  • Memesaremylifeline
    Memesaremylifeline Month ago +1

    I'm a simple man. I see thumbnail, I click.

  • yigit
    yigit Month ago

    her legs kill me everytime

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. Month ago

    humans and their complexes are so weird...

  • gengarrules777
    gengarrules777 2 months ago

    James Cordon makes me want to vomit

  • Aryan Upadhayay
    Aryan Upadhayay 2 months ago

    The girl whom I hated the most in got and love in real 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kamaldeep walia
    kamaldeep walia 2 months ago

    she doesnt seem to be into joe, i dont think their marriage is gonna run for long time

  • Su Jeet
    Su Jeet 2 months ago

    Only such girls can love jb.. no wonder

  • arrghgarry
    arrghgarry 2 months ago

    got to love this girl

  • parkviewmo
    parkviewmo 2 months ago

    I hope Sophie Turner does some screw-ball comedies--she beautiful, just a little bit awkward, and very, very funny!

  • Parz1fal
    Parz1fal 3 months ago


  • Luis Florez
    Luis Florez 3 months ago

    i am not american but i went there twice. my american friends told me that when you get some "head" massage you are getting something amazingly sexual. what kind of house is this.? holy fuck!! address please.

  • Muhammad Haseeb subhani

    I thought Justin Bieber was going to come

  • paul varus
    paul varus 3 months ago

    Idk how people can call make up spammers gorgeous, that's not natural beauty .

  • Mr.Chow
    Mr.Chow 3 months ago

    If i meet that fucktard i would peel of my eyes so i can never see again

  • wick
    wick 3 months ago

    She's a lottery for any guy !

  • Johnny Nunya
    Johnny Nunya 3 months ago

    She's too immature atm for marriage, how much of a child do you have to be to marry someone you idolized as a kid. Sure everyone likes their idols but you don't marry ones you had from when you were a kid. They will be divorced in a year or two i bet.

  • Alex Yoloswagger
    Alex Yoloswagger 3 months ago

    What does that gesture she made mean? I know that it's supposed to be kinda sexual in nature but what does it mean exactly

  • I'm DemOn
    I'm DemOn 3 months ago

    Ehmm.....*cough* Head Messag--

  • Strong Arm
    Strong Arm 3 months ago

    Sansa always had strange taste for men

  • Alexander V.
    Alexander V. 3 months ago

    lol schmidt

  • sam rari
    sam rari 3 months ago

    2:02 thank me later.. when she finally feels the madingo

  • RetardskillMe
    RetardskillMe 3 months ago

    lol Bieber? Poor taste.

  • Syed Muhammad Jodat Askari Zaidi


  • Nguyễn Trang
    Nguyễn Trang 3 months ago +2

    Her and Joe’s coolness... perfect match

  • denise ganwe
    denise ganwe 3 months ago

    simple and funnyyyy😂😂😂

  • Berat Badan Dietitian
    Berat Badan Dietitian 3 months ago +1

    Wish everyone a good day.

  • RyanPm40
    RyanPm40 3 months ago

    I'm fucking dying at all of Max Greenfield's reactions from 2:22 - on lmfao.

  • Jeakin 88
    Jeakin 88 3 months ago +61

    She’s hilarious! 🤣
    Joe: “Here she is!”
    Sophie: HiayaAAa... ✌🏻🤪

    NKWTI 3 months ago

    Sophie Turner's personality and chillness is just as familiar as every cool chick that could hang with the dudes and get in trouble with you in class in high school.

  • Sarah Rutter
    Sarah Rutter 3 months ago

    What has Sophie been in?

  • oussa draw
    oussa draw 3 months ago

    that's young Justin now he looks ugly and boring

  • Yojan Goyal
    Yojan Goyal 3 months ago

    I love you Sophieee ❤️❤️❤️

  • Devanshu Kumar Dev
    Devanshu Kumar Dev 3 months ago +2

    I think james is somehow related to Varys

  • Gaurav Das
    Gaurav Das 3 months ago

    Shame. Shame. Shame 🔔
    Shame. Shame. Shame 🔔

  • ha ro
    ha ro 3 months ago +1

    James Cordon van really kill a funny story

  • Jazmin Baisa
    Jazmin Baisa 3 months ago

    Sophie is so funny

  • thanos 357
    thanos 357 3 months ago +3

    "Hi uhhaaaaa."😁 I'm weak this and the Easter bunny shit she pulled had me dying for 10 minutes

  • sebastian alegria
    sebastian alegria 3 months ago

    Sophie's one of the prettiest actresses in the world, if i were director, i'd cast her for one of my films, i think any director wants her as main actress, don't you think?