Cleopatra - SNL

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
  • Cleopatra (Cecily Strong) gets a new look with the help of a groomer named Isis (Awkwafina) and her assistants Becky (Kate McKinnon) and Xerxes (Kenan Thompson).
    #SNL #SNL44 #Awkwafina #TravisScott
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Comments • 2 056

  • BonoLightier
    BonoLightier 2 days ago

    IT ME????

  • HrvatskiHig
    HrvatskiHig 2 days ago

    This is not the History Channel,where are the aliens?

  • Sangeet
    Sangeet 7 days ago

    This is like a youtube beauty tutorial

  • Cem Teak
    Cem Teak 8 days ago

    "Delete that! Delete that!"
    *drops on floor*

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith 9 days ago +1

    Any one here after the bts video?

  • friendly neighborhood spooder boy

    *major* character development

    BVG OPERΛTOR 11 days ago

    “World War II: Lost in New York” killed me.

  • 91shortcut
    91shortcut 16 days ago +1

    The sex is insane

  • Katerina Mikhailova
    Katerina Mikhailova 20 days ago +1

    Zerxes was a Persian king yeet

  • Sheri
    Sheri 22 days ago +1

    Becky is a cutie

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 28 days ago +2

    ....I wonder how people find this funny...but it must not be my humor...

    • Devan Miller
      Devan Miller 12 days ago

      Rebecca low key said this for no reason my b RU-clip toxic contagious

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca 12 days ago

      Devan Miller but if no one cares, why did you comment? If you didn't care you wouldn't have commented...

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca 12 days ago

      Devan Miller cool, but I didn't ask you so that means I really don't care.

    • Devan Miller
      Devan Miller 12 days ago

      Rebecca awhhhh no one cares

  • Karen L.
    Karen L. Month ago

    The way Kenan dropped that vase spoke to me

  • Fashionstar2029
    Fashionstar2029 Month ago

    Sound’s about right.

  • Chao Lee
    Chao Lee Month ago

    This is everyday look, “errands, brunch, execution.” 😂

  • EvilFookaire
    EvilFookaire Month ago

    Damn.... at the start she's pulling a classic movie type cleopatra with that expression. Already knew she was good but damn... she's *_GOOD_* for sure!

  • Funny Animato
    Funny Animato Month ago +1

    What did the Italian tailor angrily shout at the Greek playwright who was leaving the store in a hurry?
    Euripides! Get-a back here and pay-a!

  • cartmanrlsusall
    cartmanrlsusall Month ago

    Delete it that clay pot thing was awesome they should merch that

  • Deppresed Dino
    Deppresed Dino Month ago +10

    I have a project about Cleopatra due next week so I’m researching

  • V̟i̟n̟t̟a̟g̟e̟ t̟e̟n̟d̟e̟n̟c̟i̟e̟s̟

    Cleopatra was a black princess, but it's still a good skit

    • Andrew 802
      Andrew 802 26 days ago +1

      Also, even native Egyptians from that time period have been proven to have less sub saharan African dna than modern Egyptians. They've been found to be more closely related to natives of the Levant and Anatolia. Plus, Cleopatra herself she greek.

    • Green Greeneya
      Green Greeneya 29 days ago +1

      Lol Nope. She was white. She was Greek. Greeks ruled over Egypt during that time period.

    • syz·y·gy
      syz·y·gy Month ago +2

      HAHAHAHA. She was Greek.

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness Month ago

    I’ll Like any skit with Cecily in it

  • hollywoodxxx2
    hollywoodxxx2 Month ago +1

    Make it snappy we got "Rezies"

  • JJ Green
    JJ Green Month ago

    Queen: Delete it
    Zeus: *Drops vase*

  • Just Ianah2
    Just Ianah2 Month ago

    They misted the point to do a incest joke

  • leanne dacayo
    leanne dacayo Month ago

    Paiglin from crazy rich Asians

    LIBERTY Month ago

    Cleopatra who’s born closer to the invention of the iPhone then the pyramids. Just to let you know.

  • G Sch
    G Sch Month ago

    I’m pretty sure we watched this in social studies🤔

  • Shyam Chandra
    Shyam Chandra Month ago

    "We fight but the sex is insane" ded

  • westphillyOG
    westphillyOG Month ago

    Here we go, I LOVE SNL but everybody and they're mother knows that cleopatra was a African queen why does Hollywood insist on giving us a white cleopatra????

    • Andrew 802
      Andrew 802 26 days ago

      Also, even native Egyptians from that time period have been proven to have less sub saharan African dna than modern Egyptians. They've been found to be more closely related to natives of the Levant and Anatolia. Plus, Cleopatra herself was greek.

    • Jess Gray
      Jess Gray Month ago

      Cleopatra wasn't a real Egyptian. She was a defendant of a Greek General Ptolemy who was gifted Egypt by Alexander the great after conquering egypt. Her family adopted a lot of Egyptian culture to make the transition to a new dynasty easier.

  • Sebella Steele
    Sebella Steele Month ago

    "Becky's whole thing is she's a nightmare"

    OMG Becky same

  • monkeymuggs
    monkeymuggs Month ago

    Can I be Cecily's slave please.

  • Isabella Elgrably
    Isabella Elgrably Month ago

    .....xerxes was a persian king...

  • proud2bpagan
    proud2bpagan Month ago

    When the embalmers in Ancient Egypt mummified someone, they took the phrases "Pick your brain" and "Paying out the nose" to a whole new level!

  • roddo
    roddo 2 months ago

    This would be perfect if the MUA wasn't reading off the que cards because she's really good

  • Alien Z
    Alien Z 2 months ago

    1:36 "And now I have become Link, Destroyer of Potteries."

  • two Hugo
    two Hugo 2 months ago

    💼看美女🐶露点私㊙️视频➕微信what6585👑是突然同一有一个尴尬uu uu

  • Brabus 76
    Brabus 76 2 months ago

    The hidden tails more like it!

  • Brabus 76
    Brabus 76 2 months ago

    They shoulda put diodes on the snakes eyes!

  • ShinRyojin
    ShinRyojin 2 months ago

    I just learned that The Guy Who Just Bought a Boat is a descendant of Cesar.

  • Matt Robertson
    Matt Robertson 2 months ago

    "Wassup you dirty horuses!" hahahahaha dead

  • TheAwesomeAuliya
    TheAwesomeAuliya 2 months ago

    That was literally Caesar in De Bello Gallico omg

  • Lachelle Lewis
    Lachelle Lewis 2 months ago

    Kudos to the person who made up all those Egyptian based puns and jokes.

  • Chaos1226
    Chaos1226 2 months ago +2

    ...I want this to be a reality TV show XD

  • Nozomii
    Nozomii 2 months ago

    “OH that me omg delete that oh delete that”

    *Drops vase*

  • Chelsea French
    Chelsea French 2 months ago


  • Julia Laurens
    Julia Laurens 2 months ago

    Cleopatra: eww delete that oooh delete
    Drops it

  • Sofia Miller
    Sofia Miller 2 months ago +1

    The amount of puns in here. I’m so proud.

  • Mubashir Mahi
    Mubashir Mahi 2 months ago

    Becky is something Fred Armisen Would have played back in the days.

  • Kiley McDonnel
    Kiley McDonnel 2 months ago

    Lol the hair salon I go to is owned by an Egyptian woman named Isis😂

    IIIIIawesIIIII 2 months ago

    It's hard to listen to that dialog, but I just like seeing her face cause it looks like a cartoon and that somehow calms me down

  • Pineapple_ Queen
    Pineapple_ Queen 2 months ago

    Lol my name is Isis 😊

  • Bianca Amadi
    Bianca Amadi 2 months ago

    “Are u a cat because I worship u”

  • margaret katherine
    margaret katherine 2 months ago +1


  • Faith Rush
    Faith Rush 2 months ago

    Kate at 2:03

  • Adrian Santos
    Adrian Santos 2 months ago

    As soon as I saw Awkwafina, I knew this was gonna be a funny skit fkdjfjfjdjf

  • sophie m
    sophie m 2 months ago

    Lmao this is so funny when you know Egyptian history

  • Info
    Info 2 months ago

    Sucks .

  • Charlie Maldonado
    Charlie Maldonado 2 months ago

    I Cecily strong!!!!

  • Melissa T
    Melissa T 2 months ago

    i liked it unusual sketch

  • itz me
    itz me 3 months ago +1


  • Cassie S-P
    Cassie S-P 3 months ago +1

    Caesar doesn’t ever date cleopatra, I believe either Augustus or Octavian dates her.

    • Cassie S-P
      Cassie S-P Month ago +2

      Jess Gray ohhhh now i remembered thx for the history lesson xoxo

    • Jess Gray
      Jess Gray Month ago +1

      They slept together. She claimed her son was his. The Roman dislike of her and the idea her son might be recognized by Caesar as an heir helped fuel his assassination. Augustus hated her.marc Antony, one of Caesars friends became her lover and fathered kids

  • Amy Mitman
    Amy Mitman 3 months ago +6

    Now seeing the behind the scenes to the makeup, I appreciate this scene so much more

  • danny donaldson
    danny donaldson 3 months ago

    I can't figure out why ppl in Hollywood call girls cats or kittens or bunnies ?????

  • Cris Bugatti
    Cris Bugatti 3 months ago +1

    That girl couldn't stop looking at her Scrip Cards like not once

  • Safetydummy
    Safetydummy 3 months ago +1

    The Euripides joke was pretty good. If you blinked you'd miss it. Did Kenan mispronounce "Anubis bacchanal"? Lol He said, "Anna-bus bacchanal". No idea who Awkwafina is, or why she's named after a bottled water brand, but she was pretty funny and seemed comfortable with the cast. :).

    • Nick Brock
      Nick Brock 3 months ago

      She got famous recently because of Ocean's 8 and Crazy Rich Asians. She's also a rapper. She thought the name was funny (At one point her name was "Dass-Ani").

  • Elettra Nash
    Elettra Nash 3 months ago +4

    Ceasar is hot af (Alex Moffatt!)

  • Unicorn Guru
    Unicorn Guru 3 months ago +3

    Hello, please be kind and love yourself, have a good day! 🤗🤗🤗

  • ImmortalChaos
    ImmortalChaos 3 months ago +2

    Becky looks like Edna Mode

  • Imogen Mitchell
    Imogen Mitchell 3 months ago +1


    Yes you called me?

  • NicoleAlone:)
    NicoleAlone:) 3 months ago +1

    Damn right he spoils you he gave you egypt

  • Alkierra Davis
    Alkierra Davis 3 months ago +3

    *looks around* It me? Lmao 😂

  • Migia King
    Migia King 3 months ago +2

    Becky is a queen

  • Lissie Lamb
    Lissie Lamb 3 months ago +1

    My culture is NOT YOUR COMEDY SKETCH


  • Peridot 2F5L
    Peridot 2F5L 3 months ago +1

    Isis is actually an Egyptian goddess that was much higher than the pharaoh. She was Osiris’s wife, who put him back together after being dismantled.

  • Helen Albiston
    Helen Albiston 3 months ago

    In my opinion, these types of jokes didn't seem to match Nora's (Awkwafina's) personality. If you watch her in Crazy Rich Asians, the jokes she says sound more like her. I still love this sketch, though.

  • Ilan Spierer
    Ilan Spierer 3 months ago

    Awkwafina is great she could be a full cast member. Would Awkwafina be the first Asian to be full cast on snl? Snl can use Asian representation its not Harvard.

  • Firegen1
    Firegen1 3 months ago

    What the hell happened this episode? Every section I saw hurt to watch segment included. It can't be Awkwafina's fault. Did the writers quit?

  • Jimmy McJimFace
    Jimmy McJimFace 3 months ago +2

    This one was definitely a miss for me, but kudos on basing all your jokes from wikipedia. Truly no one is more talented

  • slaveniusss 3 love
    slaveniusss 3 love 3 months ago

    Not funny to me at all.

  • VintageBohemian21
    VintageBohemian21 3 months ago +1

    My nickname is Cleopatra lol

  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier 3 months ago


  • Romar Keep
    Romar Keep 3 months ago

    I wish they had put the teleprompter off to the side so the gal would at least look like she's looking at Cleo instead of forward. It was too distracting.

  • Paige -Low Key-
    Paige -Low Key- 3 months ago

    I watch this so many times a day it is so funnnnt

  • Tobe Lee
    Tobe Lee 4 months ago

    The Asian one is kinda awkwardly unfunny.

  • Kenton Pryor
    Kenton Pryor 4 months ago

    We fight but the sex is In Sane!

  • Simran Bajaj
    Simran Bajaj 4 months ago +1

    Is that Peik Lin?

    JULIE GALIN 4 months ago

    Igot all the jokes..although i love how they just made it part of the daily egyptian and by some of the comments here..There really are some Debbie Downers....Wonk..wonk wah

  • EYF Rozas
    EYF Rozas 4 months ago

    Akwafina is a mood

  • SpikyTuber
    SpikyTuber 4 months ago

    I'm still waiting for the funny part.

    IIIIIawesIIIII 4 months ago

    What the fuck is an Aquafina

  • Manly Bean
    Manly Bean 4 months ago

    Xerxes and becky😂😂😂

  • Non Wilson
    Non Wilson 4 months ago

    Dearest SNL awesome

  • TPTGopher
    TPTGopher 4 months ago

    In what alternate universe was this made where the History Channel actually airs history?

  • Joe Freeman
    Joe Freeman 4 months ago

    Awkwafina is so cute.

  • Sean Denny
    Sean Denny 4 months ago

    The woman stylist's name is Awkwafina? Hahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😊😂

  • Chasing A Murderer Murdered

    Annoying @@

  • Chasing A Murderer Murdered

    That Asian women sucks omg

  • Raul Torres
    Raul Torres 4 months ago

    Cecily looking thick 😍

  • Dragon _Girl
    Dragon _Girl 4 months ago


  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho 4 months ago


  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho 4 months ago

    She's a