Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Disney Villains

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Disney Villains // Subscribe:
    Who knew that villains could be so fun? The heroes get all the hype, but they don’t deserve ALL the attention. These Disney villains are more than meets the eye, so don't judge an evil book by its cover! For this list, we’re looking at fun and interesting facts about Disney’s baddest baddies. Join MsMojo as we countdown the Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Disney Villains.
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  • Víctor Vargas Ch.

    2:24 Thas is not true, Oogie Boogie might not be in the original story but he's based on the main character of Ubu Roi by French author Alfred Jarry, even their names and designs is similar!

    • Víctor Vargas Ch.
      Víctor Vargas Ch. 21 hour ago

      BTW... I just realized my picture shows the original character I was talking about! 😅

  • C.o.R
    C.o.R 2 days ago

    Taka: *gets a scar and insists on everyone calling him Scar*
    Me: My name is now Pimple

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich 2 days ago

    Remember when Disney wouldn’t make sequels and just let films be single greats.

  • פורת טיירי
    פורת טיירי 3 days ago

    The 1# fact is a scam.

  • Buddy Ryusukanku
    Buddy Ryusukanku 4 days ago

    My favorite Fun Fact most don't know about a Disney Villain?
    The Actress who played the Wicked Queen Grimhilde from Snow White (Lucille La Verne) did multiple takes to try to make her voice different from the Queen when she transformed into her Crone disguise but the recording directors felt -SOMETHING- was missing from the performance. While they discussed it Lucille left the room for a time and when she returned she asked to try the lines again, and THIS time they just "clicked". When they asked her what she did to find that missing quality she confessed that she just removed her false teeth.
    Sometimes the simplest solution was the best.

  • Lyndon McArthur
    Lyndon McArthur 5 days ago

    Same thing with the Peter Pan live action from 03, the dad plays both

  • jonescalypso
    jonescalypso 10 days ago

    No hard feelings, but I've seen several "Mojo" videos marking Madame Medusa as low on the totem pole. I understand she's not painted in the same intimidating light as the better-loved disney villians, but when you take a good look at her, I think she's an incredibly noteworthy villain. Especially considering how realistic she is - in that, someone like her could easily cause the very same damage she did in real life. No need for Undersea or Arabian magic, talking Shakespearean animals or anything like that. (I'm NOT dissing those other characters! I adore them!) But still. There's a realism and a kind of... idk, off-key uniqueness (?) to Medusa that I've really grown to respect over the years

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago +1

      Thank you! I don´t know why people keep hating on Madame Medusa. I think she's far more frightening than say, Cruella; Cruella is a classic of course, and very enjoyable to watch, but she's really only going after the puppies, and she's pretty ineffective at that. Madame Medusa is a shady pawnshop owner who manages to abduct a little girl and use her for her own obsessive ends, endangering her presumably on a daily basis, and she even shoots at her with that shotgun during the climax; she also goes ballistic during the mice chase scene shooting in EVERY direction, regardless of who's in the way. She's a complete psycho; also, she psychologically abused Penny (and Mr. Snoops, but that was really his fault) all the time. Even her gators were more frightening and competent henchmen than Cruella's. I would rank her higher, really. And of course Milt Kahl's animation on her is legendary.

  • אריאל גולני
    אריאל גולני 11 days ago



    Do a face reveal

  • The everything Kid
    The everything Kid 12 days ago

    Mr darling even looks like a chubby Captain Hook

  • The everything Kid
    The everything Kid 12 days ago

    A tale of two brothers hmmmmm sounds like a tale of two Stan’s

  • Skele 10
    Skele 10 12 days ago

    So Oogie Boogie isn't supposed to be the Boogieman?

  • Jude Samson
    Jude Samson 13 days ago

    Who wrote, "What Scar's real name is"???? "What is Scar's Real Name" is what it should have been. The first two villains were played by ignorant, sexists, homophobic pigs (Jeremy Irons and James Woods)

  • Belinda Enata
    Belinda Enata 13 days ago +1

    Things i don’t understand about Heracles(Greek name): WHY DAFUQ WAS HADES IN THE MOVIE?

    • Belinda Enata
      Belinda Enata 9 days ago

      JD yeah but they could change it a bit like that Hercules was Hera Steph son and that Hera was under a spell of a witch or something ? 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago

      They didn´t want the whole Zeus being unfaithful and Hera being murderously jealous thing going on in a Disney Movie I suppose.

    VIP SHQIPET 13 days ago +1

    ‘Name is Hades,lord of the death.Hi,how ya doin?’

    My favorite villain

  • alex huskey
    alex huskey 14 days ago

    I'm scared of the movie Peter Pan has anyone seen the show once upon a time

  • Rodni Burt
    Rodni Burt 15 days ago

    So...lion king doesnt count as having a villain have the first line?

  • [[Leo]]
    [[Leo]] 15 days ago

    Honestly I would watched tangled over and over again and not get bored

  • Ana Machavariani
    Ana Machavariani 15 days ago

    Fun fact: As you now know, James Hook and George Darling were voiced by the same actor. In 2003 action version of "Peter Pan", Jason Isaacs, also played as both of the characters. LOL coincidence

    • Ana Machavariani
      Ana Machavariani 9 days ago

      @JD omg! I didn't know that fact, but thank you for telling me!👍

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago

      Not coincidence; it has been a tradition for the same actor to play both Mr. Darling and Hook ever since Peter Pan's early days as a play.

  • Amber Thoennes
    Amber Thoennes 16 days ago

    I have read a theory that Peter Pan is actually the villain, and Hook is the hero. Peter basically kidnaps children and holds them hostage, while Hook is trying to defeat him.

  • Ebany 22
    Ebany 22 16 days ago +1

    Hmm... 2 things. 1. The evil queen might have been the prettiest if she had a different name. 2. Did she want to be the most light skinned or prettiest or both? Fair really means white.

  • Unhander
    Unhander 16 days ago

    Some dark fact about Disney.
    Our beloved "Lion King" is a rip off. Original movie was made in Japan and called "Kimba". Disney started making Lion King right after Kimba's creator died. Studio decided not to sue Disney only because they were to small and wouldn't be able to afford winning against such a gigantic company.

  • Moeawa Haney
    Moeawa Haney 18 days ago

    Why dose this women have the same intro as lesbian mojo?

  • 哀傷的劇情剪的這麼好笑--為啥能把這麽

    OK i clicked it and literally thought it was gonna be "the crocodile from peter pan is on cruellas shoulders"

  • 哀傷的劇情剪的這麼好笑--為啥能把這麽

    as long as its not like that other videos "10 disney movies that are connected" and then you click it and its goddamn "theories"

  • whichDude
    whichDude 18 days ago +1

    Fun list, but I hate the Funko Pops in the beginning.

  • Redstoneprime
    Redstoneprime 19 days ago

    "Mufasa" is actually Swahilli for "King".

  • curt wall
    curt wall 19 days ago

    Why is this ms mojo can guys not watch this wtf

  • Gacha_ Virhe
    Gacha_ Virhe 21 day ago

    Then what is the saying if it isn't mirror mirror on the wall

    • Drachenglut
      Drachenglut 19 days ago

      it is mirror mirror on the wall. I am German and in every fairy tale book is written " Spieglein, spieglein an der Wand" which translates to English on the mirror mirror on the wall.

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 22 days ago

    Its awesome that they started out with scar

  • Nebula YT
    Nebula YT 23 days ago +1

    Also Cindeella stepmom had heart shaped pupils. That i could never forget

  • TaterTot Thot
    TaterTot Thot 23 days ago

    Scar's original name was not Taka, the books are sadly not cannon to the lion King films. Disney just slapped their label on there because it was from their films, and also to make some money.

  • nothingtoseehere
    nothingtoseehere 24 days ago

    Snow White was the first animated film I ever watched, I was maybe 3 years old, and my mom later told me that the thing I was afraid of was not the Evil Queen or the old witch, but the mirror! haha She said I got nightmares from it! lol Looking back, it does look more creepy than the main villain; the way it's face warps and all...

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan 24 days ago

    Nightmare Before Christmas is my number one most favorite Tim Burton movies EVER!

  • SpacePirate
    SpacePirate 25 days ago

    4:07 My eyelids hurt now.

  • Kemasuk Tungwenuk
    Kemasuk Tungwenuk 25 days ago

    Taka means Hawk in Japanese

  • Okami no Tamashi
    Okami no Tamashi 26 days ago +2

    "It's not Mirror Mirror on the Wall, it's Magic Mirror on the Wall" Mandela effect anyone?

  • Amanda McCarthy
    Amanda McCarthy 26 days ago

    Does anyone notice that cruella DeVilles name sounds like cruel devil to anybody.

  • Isabel Franqui
    Isabel Franqui 26 days ago

    What do you mean "hans is supposed to be 23"? Can you please tell me what that mean?

  • amv wolfgirl
    amv wolfgirl 27 days ago

    I know everything about the lion king XD

  • Colin Haynes
    Colin Haynes 28 days ago +1

    Please! Cruella has absolutely nothing on Malefecent.

  • Rubber gamer
    Rubber gamer 28 days ago

    9:15 why do the hyenas walk like nazis

  • Carlos Almonacid
    Carlos Almonacid 28 days ago +2

    I read that Mufasa means King in Swahili

  • Macey Jo Ledson
    Macey Jo Ledson 28 days ago +1

    I already knew scars real name it takka

  • Payton Hackett
    Payton Hackett 29 days ago +3

    Okay but Taka also means "to want" and I think that's what the writers were going for because he wanted to be king.

  • Samanta Pineda
    Samanta Pineda 29 days ago +2

    Scars name means poop in spanish 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • DuskCynderMaya
    DuskCynderMaya Month ago +1

    Some of these are so obvious it hurts.
    Plus come on the voice and animated things; it's called credits sweetheart.
    Gaston is a r/niceguy and a narc. He deserved his fate and almost murdered someone and is a spoiled overgrown child.

  • Kieren Sullivan
    Kieren Sullivan Month ago

    Pronounced hera-cleas

  • Natalia Sclarandi
    Natalia Sclarandi Month ago

    Gotham turns to dust, just like Rasputin

    • Natalia Sclarandi
      Natalia Sclarandi 19 days ago

      @Mercedes Hollingsworth Don Bluth ripped off Disney & Disney ripped off the only unique things that certainly Don Bluth

    • Mercedes Hollingsworth
      Mercedes Hollingsworth 19 days ago

      Yes, but Anastasia isn't disney therefor mother gothel's death is still unique when it comes to Disney Villians.

  • Kendall Thompson
    Kendall Thompson Month ago

    I think people think that it's "mirror, mirror" because the story was written in German by the Bro Grimm and the saying is
    " Spieglein, Spieglein, an der Wand, wer ist die Schönste im ganzen Land?" Which it clearly states mirror twice.

  • Mercedes Hollingsworth

    To anyone still arguing about mother gothel death being unique to all other villains let me tell you something that might shock you.
    It doesn't matter how they "died" because kingdom hearts is Cannon and a very vast majority of the villians in that game are still very much alive.
    Sorry to disappoint but just had to share that interesting fact.
    The villians deaths we saw were all a lie. Now enjoy the rest of your day.

  • nobody likes me just let me die

    2:15 fun fact dis guy was in scary movie and he has the case of shits

  • Lucent Lulu
    Lucent Lulu Month ago +7

    I mean, I'd say Clayton had a more unique death than Mother Gothel. Dude got hung and in a "blink and you'll miss it moment" you see his swaying body as a shadow.

    • Ellie F
      Ellie F Month ago

      Lucent Lulu they're equally unique. They both still fell from high up. Just one died by getting their neck snapped and the other died before hitting the ground by aging rapidly.

  • John Marcel
    John Marcel Month ago

    Ursula had the unique death, stabbed in the heart by a ship & guess what, doesn't fall

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago

      She does fall- she falls to the bottom of the sea. Even in real life, when a whale or another large marine creature dies and sinks, it is known as a "fall" (whalefall, etc).

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    Also in Greek Myth the Pegasus wasn't made by clouds, it was the child of Poseidon and Medusa technically, why couldn't they just show Poseidon with his good kid the Pegasus? Was that too hard?

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago

      Because it would raise uncomfortable questions such as how can Poseidon be a horse's father without, you know.... doing funny things with a horse? :B Also, in some stories, Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa after being beheaded.

  • Elizabeththegreatest
    Elizabeththegreatest Month ago +3

    Wow, I didn't know Eleanor Audley had TB! Good for her for keeping her commitment to the job!

  • Th0ughtf0rce
    Th0ughtf0rce Month ago +3

    "Mirror, Mirror on the wall..."
    "Why do I look like Charles De Gaulle?"

  • Adrian Broussard
    Adrian Broussard Month ago +2

    Ms mojo: *Mother Gothel died a strange death*
    Me: I got the message the first time I watched Tangled 🙄🙄🙄

  • ChibiProwl
    ChibiProwl Month ago +1

    They're wrong about MY top three.
    3 Gaston
    2 Scar
    1 Maleficent

  • aquapyro1
    aquapyro1 Month ago +1

    Fun Fact: Professor Callaghan aka Yokai from Big Hero 6 is one of the very few Disney Villains who doesn't talk (barely) when doing his actions.
    Throughout the run of the film he never speaks. He lets the microbots take the spotlight (since they are controlled by thoughts). Once BH6 find out who he really is, he speaks beneath the mask which is the last 15 minutes of the film.

  • Kale
    Kale Month ago

    “Too agressive”
    Bruh. This guy just manipulated a whole town to kill a guy who didn’t really do anything just because of a girl.

  • Kaytlin Justis
    Kaytlin Justis Month ago

    Mother Gothel's death does make more sense; she's a centuries'-old woman literally living on stolen time! Gotta love those actors and actresses giving their all for the parts! ^^

  • The Black Sea
    The Black Sea Month ago

    Fun fact: fairy tales were a way to scare people when they were told originally. Disney made them cute. So it's not that they were dark, it's that Disney changed the story.

  • Skeleton Mouse
    Skeleton Mouse Month ago

    The thing about Oogie Boogie-
    They’re all original characters
    You didn’t even mention anything about him when talking about the poem

  • sternentalerswald
    sternentalerswald Month ago

    In German Medusa and Cruella de Vil (and Ursula) are voiced by the same actress (Beate Hasenau) - and she was brilliant! But that's why I allways connected those two. Besides the fact that they act similar.

  • Chocii
    Chocii Month ago

    I see a simularity in ur intro msmojo.... Not trying to be rude but it's like Get Into The Robot. Don't do that I like my channels seprate.

  • Stormwatcher
    Stormwatcher Month ago

    The fact that the same actor voiced Captain Hook and Mr. Darling brings up some interesting theories about daddy issues and thinking he is a villain. Hmmm

  • Lucas Silveira
    Lucas Silveira Month ago

    Oh, God, the narrator's voice is so annoying

  • TheDarthChic
    TheDarthChic Month ago

    I would say the Horned King's death was the most unique

  • Turtle Who loves watermelon

    Ooh I like the name taco 😂

  • Isabella Martinez
    Isabella Martinez Month ago

    I was shocked about this video!! 😱😰😻😼😽💀👻

  • Adrianne Odonnell
    Adrianne Odonnell Month ago

    The narrator looks like something the gutter rat drug in..

  • Braeden Hunt
    Braeden Hunt Month ago +1

    didn't john clayton from Tarzan fall from a great height as well as mother gothel and they even showed that he died by strangulation by vines?

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago

      He didn´t die of strangulation; falling from that height at that speed he would've died of a broken neck.

  • Pixra Queen Devil wolf

    Taka/scars mother loved him dearly but his dad really only cared for Mufasa
    (I believe this is true but I'm not sure)
    Edit: because people say scars and Mufasa's mother is dearly loving and caring and is an amazing lioness/mother

  • MC
    MC Month ago

    So what Disney is trying to tell you is sisters are evil

  • Mia Robledo
    Mia Robledo Month ago

    5:03 There he goes like a skipping stone XD

  • Tavon Charles
    Tavon Charles Month ago

    Creulla still writing them bad checks I see.... xD No wonder her and Medusa stay beefing in Disney Rachett lol

  • Mohamed Elzaeny
    Mohamed Elzaeny Month ago

    You don't now any thing it's mear mear on the wall

  • Nala Kega
    Nala Kega Month ago +1

    I always thought cruel devil and madusa were related cuz they look so much a like

  • frenchabortion
    frenchabortion Month ago

    Ursula from The Little Mermaid is based on the drag queen Divine.

  • inudigifan201
    inudigifan201 Month ago +1

    Am I the only person in the world more scared of Lady Tremaine than Maleficent? I find M more fun but Lady T scares the heebie jeebies out of me.
    Maybe I just have a fear of step mothers....

    • Samantha
      Samantha Month ago +1

      Maybe you find her scarier because M was more of a supernatural being, but LT was supposed to be a real person, and just evil, so it makes her more relatable and believable?

  • Beatrix Poley
    Beatrix Poley Month ago

    The inserts of the movie lines are impeccable.


    So does that mean 101/rescures are set in the same universe!

  • Chrpa Tony
    Chrpa Tony Month ago

    I thought it was mirror mirroring the wall

  • Rumpelstiltskin Feedback

    Oh so that’s why I always thought that Tremaine and Maleficent looked so similar....

  • Differentbutrational 2696

    She’s like the woman version of mojo

  • May Lee
    May Lee Month ago

    Omg nothing about fuckin Ursula?
    Its a crime...

  • Himz Hotline
    Himz Hotline Month ago

    Eleanor Audley is the perfect voice for great villains such as Maleficent and Lady Tremaine. It's such a shame that Disney didn't try to find a similar voice their future performances. Her voice is so natural and elegant and refined. Their voice actors are so bad now. Some even sound so fake.
    Same goes for Ursula. It's disgusting that Disney changed her character to practically nothing. She became a minor villain from the superbadass queen that she was. Disney should have tried to find somebody like Pat Carroll to voice her character. With all the new cool technologies her character shud hav bin cooler. But it's a total waste. Ursula shud hav stayed as a drag character. Thr biggie she was. With such a pushy freakingly creepy voice. With that giant imposing figure... I am so disappointed from Disney at keeping close to its roots. It's new characters r so cool but shame on them to modify those classic characters! 😓😯😭

  • Himz Hotline
    Himz Hotline Month ago

    Actually, hey, wud make total sense for the very first lines of a live action movie to be spoken by the very first Disney Supervillain ever kuz, hey, if she wasn't there Snow White wud probably not be the hero she is. In fact, any princess wud not have been the hero they are now if it were not for their badass evil counterparts😉

  • Lunar Wolf
    Lunar Wolf Month ago

    I feel bad for the fact that Han’s horse has such a evil owner when he is such a cute and nice horse

  • sotocorderoa18
    sotocorderoa18 Month ago +1

    4:18 just like the 2003 live action movie that Wendy's dad was also Captain hook jaja cool but in this case was the voice acting xD

  • Lucas Coleman
    Lucas Coleman Month ago

    Cruella De Vil🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ciaran Gold
    Ciaran Gold Month ago

    Fun fact: a lot of villains have green eyes

  • Jesse Montalvo
    Jesse Montalvo Month ago

    Gee I thought scar was his real name

  • Nick Carlson
    Nick Carlson Month ago

    James Woods supports Trump. Enough said.

  • Matt da witch
    Matt da witch Month ago

    Hans was five years older than Anna, this surprises me. I would've thought he was only 20.

  • Reuben F
    Reuben F Month ago +249

    Ms mojo :What does lion king, beauty and the beast and Aladdin have in common.
    Me: they have live action movies

    • Roffa 5311
      Roffa 5311 13 days ago

      i see fire. Some guy that makes RU-clip videos said that the Lion King isn’t a live action cause everything is cgi so i thought that make sense

    • i see fire.
      i see fire. 14 days ago

      @Roffa 5311 a live action movie means anything that has live actors or produces characters in an acurate and live way.

    • Busy_Tech Dad
      Busy_Tech Dad 14 days ago

      O o f

    • Roffa 5311
      Roffa 5311 14 days ago

      Reuben F Lion King is technically not a live action movie.

    • Kawaii_ Chan
      Kawaii_ Chan 16 days ago


  • Emily Vaughn
    Emily Vaughn Month ago

    We’d all prefer Gaston over an Aunt and Sisters anyways :^)

  • Evie
    Evie Month ago

    I didn't know about the animated Peter Pan but in the live action adaption from 2003 the same actor plays Hook & Mr Darling. Love that they kept that tradition going!

    • JD
      JD 10 days ago +1

      The 2003 movie was really good; I think it remains my favorite Peter Pan telling.

  • RedRoseSeptember22
    RedRoseSeptember22 Month ago

    I love Madame Medusa in the Rescuers lol...