Do Not Read: Getting High: How to Really Do It

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Jimmy shares some books you probably should avoid reading this year, including a book about a natural way to get high written by a man with a long history of injuries.
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    Do Not Read: Getting High: How to Really Do It
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 125

  • Deanne P
    Deanne P 15 days ago +1

    “Flounders Keepers”
    “Without a Trout”
    “Ship Me a New One”
    “The Holy Sail”
    “Now You Sea Me”
    “Sink-less in Seattle”
    “Shake Yo Bass”

  • Random Joe
    Random Joe 25 days ago

    These books were not at my local library. 😩

  • Amber Rees
    Amber Rees 25 days ago

    "Eggs Suck" lol

  • plainpawesome
    plainpawesome 25 days ago +1

    It's like babysitting... You don't literally SIT 😂 on a baby!

  • John Simmons
    John Simmons 25 days ago +1

    "cod-father" did he have that qued up?

    • MarshallPo
      MarshallPo 23 days ago +1

      Probably, but Tarik can also freestyle rap for 10 minutes so I wouldn't be surprised if he thought of that.

  • Mary Allgier
    Mary Allgier 25 days ago

    I was born with paper skin and glass bones...

  • Brandon Schupp
    Brandon Schupp 25 days ago

    Fallon is drunk.

  • liona squires
    liona squires 26 days ago


  • liona squires
    liona squires 26 days ago


  • Cortney Whitsel
    Cortney Whitsel 26 days ago +2

    Stink of summer was one of my boats 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Valencia
    Alex Valencia 26 days ago +1

    Well you see. I read my whole entire French book on the energy weed stuff. It made me feel like a French master piece of perfect croissants 🥐

  • Elaine Ferry
    Elaine Ferry 27 days ago

    How to get really high, keep hurting yourself and get drugs?

  • Harshvardhan Krishnamoorthy

    Hahaha! That was awesome! Kudos to whoever came up with the idea!

  • Brian W
    Brian W 27 days ago

    The Higgins boat! Duh Steve 😂lol it’s a ww2 boat

  • My Dogs Best Fren
    My Dogs Best Fren 27 days ago +2

    Dan Clark was even roasted on the Jimmy Fallon show and thru it all keeps fighting the good fight

  • TrinityRourke
    TrinityRourke 27 days ago

    do people really think thats funny? "i thought you meant testicles" so youd name your balls "very small balls"?... bro you know those were courtesy laughs, cmon

  • Christian Anguiano
    Christian Anguiano 27 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel looks like he should’ve stopped doing talk shows when Jay Leno did, garbage topics and truthfully make something original for once. They have the smell of Apple to me, tonight shows just arent SNL it is like Vine bro

  • KDF Kdf
    KDF Kdf 27 days ago

    2:14 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tragic Temper
    Tragic Temper 27 days ago

    Strippers guide to canoe building?

  • Corinne Kimball
    Corinne Kimball 27 days ago

    My granddad had a boat called The Cod Father! Lol

  • TheNews1990
    TheNews1990 27 days ago

    01:16 third edition?! LOL! They made 3 of these things. Mine: #Carpface

  • Maxime Prometheas
    Maxime Prometheas 27 days ago +1

    Boaty McBoatface!

  • Dailey Smith
    Dailey Smith 28 days ago +3

    Getting High: How to REALLY do it. Break every bone in your body and get put on enough pain killers before a time we knew how dangerous they were, and get away with calling that "the all natural way" of getting high... lmao dude was so drugged up it probably isn't even funny!

  • thirtythreeflavors
    thirtythreeflavors 28 days ago

    Somebody is on the juice tonight. #drunkfallon

  • Travis
    Travis 28 days ago

    Everyone is fucked up.

  • itybtihtky
    itybtihtky 29 days ago +4

    Saw a boat the other day named "butt stuff" 😂

  • Meagan Booth
    Meagan Booth 29 days ago +4

    Yea Jimmy looks all messed up? Slurring his speech....looks high or drunk 🤔

  • mrs_sullii
    mrs_sullii 29 days ago

    Jimmy, I hope you are ok. You dont look well in this video 😔

  • liquid79
    liquid79 29 days ago +2

    "Dan broke his neck twice and fractured two vertebrae in his back.." then the audience started laughing? WTF? WHY was that funny?

    • liquid79
      liquid79 28 days ago

      @Ashish Kumar as a paraplegic I don't find it funny one bit.

    • Ashish Kumar
      Ashish Kumar 28 days ago


    • melissa saint
      melissa saint 29 days ago +1

      Because its an insane way to write your author's mini bio, particularly when the book is about getting sober-high. Its definitely not the same as laughing at someone's medical records in the ICU.

  • Grant Crawford
    Grant Crawford Month ago

    im watching at 420 what are the odds

  • Sussan Martinez
    Sussan Martinez Month ago

    Dang Jimmy... Looking Tired..

  • Ben's Google
    Ben's Google Month ago

    Tree Leanin’ LOL

  • it's britney bitch
    it's britney bitch Month ago +1

    are Jimmy's eyes getting smaller or is his face getting bigger

  • LordAaronus
    LordAaronus Month ago +1

    in another universe Dan Clark would be a world famous action star and everyone would be "who's Jackie Chan"

  • Room 223
    Room 223 Month ago

    When will you explain to your fans why you were on the flight logs to JEFFREY EPSTEIN'S PEDO ISLAND Chrissy Teigen?

  • Room 223
    Room 223 Month ago

    When will you explain to your fans why you were on the flight logs to JEFFREY EPSTEIN'S PEDO ISLAND Chrissy Teigen?

    • melissa saint
      melissa saint 29 days ago

      1. I cant find any reference to that on Google.
      2. I think for now we have enough to focus on with Epstein himself.

  • Devan Harrington
    Devan Harrington Month ago

    He's not high, just brain damaged!

  • Regular Invader
    Regular Invader Month ago

    "Stump Sittin" does look like misleading story.

  • Jennifer Mosley
    Jennifer Mosley Month ago

    I knew of a sailboat named: Ilene and Bob. Those were the owners names lol

  • Jennifer Mosley
    Jennifer Mosley Month ago

    Grampa's boat name: Mother Tucker!

  • Angela NIchols
    Angela NIchols Month ago

    Is Jimmy an alcoholic? He is looking rough.

  • José Pacas
    José Pacas Month ago

    Jimmy looks weird... his eyes...

  • Mug
    Mug Month ago +1

    The CODFATHER.....!!! Tariq you're the bomb

  • Cwmbran1984
    Cwmbran1984 Month ago

    Going ‘Plaices’ 🤣🤣

  • Fred Hoffman
    Fred Hoffman Month ago

    i would name my boat .."i like sea men" ..cause how brave they were on the high seas

  • Whitley Beaver
    Whitley Beaver Month ago +11

    "stink of summer was one of my boats" lol he's so good at rounding everything together

  • Brandon Davidson
    Brandon Davidson Month ago +8

    "How We Make Ducks Pay" was already featured a long time ago in a Tumblr post and I am sorely disappointed that it's not at all about how to make ducks across the world atone for their crimes against humanity.

  • Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner

    The boat-naming book is in its 3RD EDITION, which is the funniest part of it. lol. obviously lot of people do need this book!

  • Lena Z
    Lena Z Month ago

    Dear Jimmy, you have a fan of right in the middle of Europe..

  • B Ningthouja
    B Ningthouja Month ago +1

    That title really was catchy though with 7 sentences.

  • Kuri M
    Kuri M Month ago +2

    "The Cod Father" best boat name ever!!! XD

  • Aba Dab Oblongata
    Aba Dab Oblongata Month ago

    Speaking of getting high, does Jimmy look like...? #yesimactuallyasking

  • Sergio McCallum
    Sergio McCallum Month ago

    The power may go off soon.

  • thegreatmonster
    thegreatmonster Month ago +2

    Swimmer's ear, LOL!

  • Dawn Lundell
    Dawn Lundell Month ago +36

    My uncles boat is called “The Screamin’ Seamen’”

  • jrbship
    jrbship Month ago

    Ship Happens is already taken. Not by a boat, but as slang at Shippensburg University! Raiders represent


    hahaha my boss calls himself the COD Father..lmao

  • Moldy Hunter
    Moldy Hunter Month ago +1

    When I want to fill up my exam paper" Dan has broken............

  • The Derp Knight
    The Derp Knight Month ago

    Boaty McBoatface

  • brightbite
    brightbite Month ago +6

    Boat name: Higgins Is A Hoot!

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago +6

    BIGGGG Missed opportunity for last one Jimmy should have shown Donald Trump Jr sitting on the stump for book cover LOL .. the one time that photo would have made sense ONE TIME you blew it.

  • Jihn Chu
    Jihn Chu Month ago

    You're not funny. That's why you can't get 20000 likes.

  • Eben Wagner
    Eben Wagner Month ago

    jimmy seems to be competing with conan in the hair department

  • Nabron Drummer
    Nabron Drummer Month ago


  • Sharon Shin
    Sharon Shin Month ago


  • Vladimir Bogdantsev
    Vladimir Bogdantsev Month ago +7

    I live and die for Questlove's laughter!

  • Maverick McKee
    Maverick McKee Month ago +1

    Did every book come from the dark vault known as the Wonder Book Warehouse?

  • Fix News
    Fix News Month ago +2

    America is getting harder and harder to understand. On both sides.

  • Nathan Mueller
    Nathan Mueller Month ago +1

    My brothers boat is: It’s a boat time

  • Janil Maroon
    Janil Maroon Month ago

    The ocean whisperer

  • Guillaume B
    Guillaume B Month ago +2

    Higgins just made my day! 🤣

  • Jiaxi LUO
    Jiaxi LUO Month ago

    Does the price to get a haircut in NYC go up or something?

  • regguy69
    regguy69 Month ago +4

    His next book gonna be titled: " I was doing it wrong"

  • tony montana
    tony montana Month ago +1

    Higgins my kind of perv

  • gigi stoner
    gigi stoner Month ago +1

    Ugh, when I heard "Stump Sittin'" all I could picture was Trump Jr.'s bad photo of him sitting on a stump in his "lumberjack" attire.