Hollow Knight: Silksong Reveal Trailer

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Explore a vast, haunted kingdom in Hollow Knight: Silksong, the sequel to the award winning action-adventure! Discover enchanting secrets and face foes in lethal, acrobatic combat as you ascend to the peak of a land ruled by silk and song.
    Hollow Knight: Silksong is the epic sequel to Hollow Knight, the epic action-adventure of bugs and heroes. As the lethal hunter Hornet, journey to all-new lands, discover new powers, battle vast hordes of bugs and beasts and uncover ancient secrets tied to your nature and your past.
    Hollow Knight: Silksong will be launching on Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch.
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  • shuriken ,
    shuriken , 39 minutes ago


  • Naru Naru
    Naru Naru 3 hours ago

    Weat where the knite

  • Griffin Conover
    Griffin Conover 3 hours ago +1

    Ok ill just give you $100 for it

  • ierbivor pervers
    ierbivor pervers 5 hours ago

    Cool asf

  • Tom D
    Tom D 8 hours ago +1


  • Dàrio Beethoven
    Dàrio Beethoven 8 hours ago

    Thanks you

  • Duru
    Duru 12 hours ago

    I'm already in love with this game and can't wait for it. But I wish the voice actress was the same person from previous.

  • bunny tears
    bunny tears Day ago


  • Gamer_ Espacial
    Gamer_ Espacial Day ago

    I want to buy it TEN TIMES! WAIT, CAN I BUY IT TWENTY?!

  • Speednut1
    Speednut1 Day ago

    I never got far in the first game, since I hated the map and save system. I hope they come up with a better save option, and fill out the map as you explore, instead of forcing you to find the map guy, so you won't get lost. It killed my enjoyment of the first game, and I really do think it was a great game. But I don't see myself trying out this one, unless they fix that.

    • Duru
      Duru 12 hours ago

      I don't think that was an issue though. It was really easy to find Cornifer in most of the maps. And it saves as you play? I found the save system just fine.

  • Nuclear &Co
    Nuclear &Co 2 days ago

    I Wish This
    (The Fight Of The Knight)

  • kazu 5656
    kazu 5656 2 days ago


    ALESSIO COSTA 2 days ago

    Wait...nothing copy for ps4???

    • Михаил Вдовин
      Михаил Вдовин Day ago

      ALESSIO COSTA, They can announce ps4 version after relies, like it was with the first game

  • Jasmine Qiang
    Jasmine Qiang 3 days ago

    Catch me throwing my entire bank account at TC when this game releases

  • Mei Yamanaka
    Mei Yamanaka 3 days ago

    Now I'm wondering.... is this pre hollow knight or after ?

  • NerdPunk Alpha
    NerdPunk Alpha 3 days ago +1

    I can't stop watching this!
    team cherry you guys are too awesome for this world

  • Wyrm bbx
    Wyrm bbx 3 days ago +1

    I came from the future to say that this game will be the best metroidvania of 2019.

  • Mario Maker
    Mario Maker 4 days ago


  • Azez *-*
    Azez *-* 4 days ago

    team cherry just like dogs we don't desreve them

  • ZEnderman 06
    ZEnderman 06 4 days ago +2

    It a stupid game you should delete it from existence and it ugly

  • Aazim Khan
    Aazim Khan 4 days ago

    Team cherry: hey we making a new dlc. Can you guys fund us
    Literally everyone: Fuck yeah!
    Team cherry: SILK SONG MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

  • Honker’s The Goose

    No silk for Xbox players?

    • Honker’s The Goose
      Honker’s The Goose 4 days ago

      felipe costa doesn’t windows own Xbox or in a relationship? If so it will come to Xbox, if not 😭

    • felipe costa
      felipe costa 4 days ago

      Just wait before the game sells well and they will port to other plataforms

  • Merry
    Merry 5 days ago

    This will be great, I hope they don't lean in on the silk theme too much though. Seeing too many fabric associated thing might ruin the immersion into a mystical bug world.

  • Rens Bos
    Rens Bos 5 days ago

    Other developers would charge the full 60 for this game

  • Turtle Mech
    Turtle Mech 5 days ago

    Does anyone have any idea if this is a sequel or a prequel to hollow knight

    • jmevp
      jmevp 5 days ago

      @MetaMarx I don't know if I trust in mossbag completely in that regard I mean it is mossbag but still.

    • MetaMarx
      MetaMarx 5 days ago +2


  • Barry Bee
    Barry Bee 6 days ago +1


  • DaLuckyCat
    DaLuckyCat 6 days ago

    So excited for the mobility options in this game

    • jmevp
      jmevp 5 days ago

      Wonder how the speed runs will look like.

  • Drawing It!
    Drawing It! 6 days ago

    1:03 Sherma!

  • Drawing It!
    Drawing It! 6 days ago

    It's been 5 months...

  • * Котик
    * Котик 6 days ago

    Это просто @#$&$$но

  • Alex918
    Alex918 6 days ago

    When is this coming out I NEED THIS!!!

    • Alex
      Alex 5 days ago

      When it's ready so stay tuned!!

  • Maalik who laughs
    Maalik who laughs 7 days ago +4

    Im ready to buy it for 40$.
    OR MORE.

  • Sean Regan
    Sean Regan 7 days ago +9

    me: no way i'm storming area 51!
    Friend: they have an early copy of Hollow Knight SilkSong
    Me: o k b o i s w h e r e w e d r o p p i n

  • Milla Velvet
    Milla Velvet 7 days ago +1

    If we own both can we run through either game as both chars?

    • MetaMarx
      MetaMarx 5 days ago +1

      That would fuck up the whole lore

  • Burger King
    Burger King 7 days ago

    I stg if cornifer isn’t in this game
    I’m still gonna buy it cuz it’s perfect but there will always be a whole in my heart mourning our map boy

  • Sam85ification
    Sam85ification 7 days ago +1

    Just bought Hollow Knight this weekend having resisted for years. Why did I wait when it was the best game I could have been playing in all that time. Modern classic

  • KamperNL
    KamperNL 8 days ago

    im sure im gonna buy this!
    can you guys make a guess on how much its gonna cost?

    • jmevp
      jmevp 5 days ago

      Well they might keep it the same as hollow knight was so 15$ it wouldn't surprise me although it wouldn't surprise me if they raised it up a bit.

    • KamperNL
      KamperNL 6 days ago

      @Io sono Rob,c che stupido nome Nocoldiz is real lol yeah

    • Io sono Rob,c che stupido nome Nocoldiz is real
  • AngpowG 001
    AngpowG 001 8 days ago

    This is a sequel to the god master DLC
    Cuz at the end of god master
    Hornet sees a new enemy
    And if she loses
    She will be in a cage
    The INTRO of Silksong
    Hornet trapped in a cage

    • Кащей
      Кащей Day ago

      In the end of the Godmaster's ending Hornet sees the Hollow Knight know got read of the infection given the protagonist killed the Radiance.

  • Jukub
    Jukub 9 days ago +1


  • yoran delcroix
    yoran delcroix 9 days ago +2

    First came Hollow knight then silksong and next is zote s mighty adventure

  • Matheus Miranda
    Matheus Miranda 9 days ago +1


  • Luna the humanoid
    Luna the humanoid 9 days ago +1


  • Maalik who laughs
    Maalik who laughs 10 days ago +1

    Take your time on the Game, i want it as LONG as possible so that when i come Home can say: I have ALOT of work to do.
    So please *Team Cherry* make it long and full of mysteries and secrets and lore.

  • Draven Ross
    Draven Ross 11 days ago +1

    High promises Team Cherry, hope they don't turn out to be tall tales. (But in all seriousness this looks super cool and I can't wait to see more gameplay)

  • Pillowboss Jay
    Pillowboss Jay 12 days ago +2

    Just love it

  • A Crusader
    A Crusader 12 days ago +2

    Can this platformer game give any more great dlc? I mean jesus, there’s so much TC has nailed perfectly

  • Ryder Sharp
    Ryder Sharp 12 days ago +1


    • Alex
      Alex 5 days ago

      When it's ready!

    JORGEPLAY 117 13 days ago +1

    will not go to xbox one or play 4?

    • JORGEPLAY 117
      JORGEPLAY 117 11 days ago +2

      @jmevp I also hope that it comes out on the other platforms I thought it was an exclusive of nintendo and pc

    • jmevp
      jmevp 11 days ago +2

      I mean hollow knight is on ps4 so I would expect this to be on x box one and ps4.

  • Carlos Andrade
    Carlos Andrade 13 days ago

    Espero que seja tao incrível quanto o primeiro

  • Raven Mc Cookies
    Raven Mc Cookies 13 days ago +2

    More Hornet sounds to meme about

  • saky anims
    saky anims 13 days ago +2

    What did our ancestors do, so that we may indulge ourselves in the nectar of their labour

  • Luke Skyrimwalker
    Luke Skyrimwalker 13 days ago +2

    Shut up and take my money! Geo, sorry

  • seroma ho
    seroma ho 13 days ago +2

    Original game: play as the Knight in a blueish world.
    Sequel: play as Hornet in a reddish world.
    Next game: play as Lace in a black and white world?

  • Purple Wolf
    Purple Wolf 13 days ago +2

    Can we get hollow knight on android?

    • Draw Man
      Draw Man 9 days ago

      Purple Wolf and also, team cherry has allready said that there done with hollow knight

    • Draw Man
      Draw Man 9 days ago

      Purple Wolf how would you even play it?

    • Purple Wolf
      Purple Wolf 10 days ago +2

      @Draw Man because we need such a unique and great game on every platform

    • Draw Man
      Draw Man 10 days ago +2


  • jared harrison
    jared harrison 14 days ago +1

    Soooooo pumped!

  • Okami no Tamashi
    Okami no Tamashi 14 days ago +1

    so will it reveal what happened to the Hollow Knight as seen in the last game?

  • Goliath Playz
    Goliath Playz 14 days ago +1

    I'm hoping there will be a scene or some mention of the knight you play as in the hollow knight

  • Alex Jolie
    Alex Jolie 14 days ago +1


  • Ty Sylicus
    Ty Sylicus 14 days ago +1

    Just finished Hollow Knight the other day and it's a hauntingly beautiful game. Sad to see Silksong not on PS4 at launch but, I'm confident we will get a version eventually. I think it's great that these games play well in the Switch.

    • jmevp
      jmevp 11 days ago +1


  • Petar K.
    Petar K. 14 days ago

    Do someone know what's the name of the boss in 1:00

    • Moliom
      Moliom 7 days ago

      It doesn't have one but lets try and come up with a name for the heck of it, anyone got ideas?

    • JJ546 The Great x2
      JJ546 The Great x2 14 days ago

      It doesn't have one yet

  • The Epic
    The Epic 14 days ago +1

    Make another hollow knight game that includes hollow knight and his sister

  • The Smartest Guy In The Room

    OMFG....... I'm buying this..... This game is amazingly beautiful 😍😍😍😍..... Team Cherry 🍒, you are freaking amazing.....👍🏿

  • Meme Able
    Meme Able 15 days ago +5

    A second game by team cherry?
    You mean: another masterpiece

  • •Careless Dreamer• Project Lyrii

    The style of the game is gorgeousss

  • Slowbro Friend
    Slowbro Friend 15 days ago

    Hornet knight now is this after the knight or before I guess before

  • Memeoh 1
    Memeoh 1 16 days ago

    Is everyone else farming the Colosseum so they can throw more geo at the screen?

  • Programmer Cat
    Programmer Cat 16 days ago +1

    Imagine buying Hollow Knight and Silksong is released the next day

  • Some useless peice of Shit who wants to be POPULAR

    I hope we get to see more of our god-like little ghost (Shade lord)

  • Salim El Mahjoubi
    Salim El Mahjoubi 17 days ago

    Shut up and take mine money

  • Swamon A
    Swamon A 18 days ago

    I’m going to try to remember the elegy of hollow nest.
    “In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverence and regret
    Though none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met
    Under palest watch you taught, we changed
    Base instincts were redeemed
    A land you gave to bugs and beasts as they had never dreamed”
    I think that is it
    Edit: Dang it! I got one word wrong!

    • jmevp
      jmevp 11 days ago

      @Swamon A oh alright.

    • Swamon A
      Swamon A 11 days ago

      jmevp it was “for” not “though”

    • Swamon A
      Swamon A 11 days ago

      jmevp that was just my phone auto correct

    • jmevp
      jmevp 11 days ago

      Isn't it "tame our savage souls" or something like that I can't remember.

  • Frawshy 2
    Frawshy 2 18 days ago

    Hornet is the new batman

  • The lone wolf
    The lone wolf 19 days ago +1

    Hornet, got a new voice actor, AHHHHHHH I LIKED HER JAPENESE SCREAMING IN THE FIRST GAME!!!!!!!!

  • Remi
    Remi 20 days ago +1

    We get to play as bug waifu... Fuck yes

  • l33tsold34
    l33tsold34 20 days ago +1

    Hey, keep up the good work idc if it takes a while... y'all are awesome

  • Giga Galaxy Gamer
    Giga Galaxy Gamer 21 day ago +2

    Three words.

    I. Need. It.

  • lol haha
    lol haha 21 day ago +1

    I swear If they don't charge at least $40 me and TC are gonna have problems...

  • Bin zu unkreativ für einen Namen

    There is one thing why I can't resist buying this game: Hornet has instant heal!!!

  • Wave
    Wave 22 days ago


  • Asdedix
    Asdedix 22 days ago +1

    Jezus Im hard

  • Kyla Animate's
    Kyla Animate's 22 days ago +1

    I just noticed hollow knight not so long ago, noW IM EXCITED FOR THIS GAME-

  • Rotten Legacy
    Rotten Legacy 22 days ago +1

    I have watched this video exactly sixty-six times since it came out four months and sixteen days ago.
    As eager as I clearly am for Silksong's release, the more logical part of me knows that the longer the wait, the better the game will likely be. We all just need to be patient...difficult though it may be.

    • jmevp
      jmevp 11 days ago

      @Rotten Legacy nice.

    • Rotten Legacy
      Rotten Legacy 11 days ago

      Yeah! I comment on his Hollow Knight videos a lot, providing spoiler-free tips and fun facts.

    • jmevp
      jmevp 11 days ago

      Yup agreed also did you comment on merg's channel or something? because I definitely remember that picture on someone's profile.

  • Rocey the cat
    Rocey the cat 22 days ago

    0:31 em i the only one who reliezd that the big guy is FRICKIN STILL SOUL JINN?
    Note: this probably isn't still soul jinn but he IS back to make revenge for all the times you punched him in the face!

  • Mystery
    Mystery 23 days ago +1


  • *Name Hiatus for a couple days*

    Mhmm, yeah... but can you save Myla yet? If not, not interested.

    This looks great, all ‘jokes’ aside.

  • Sleeper_Sam
    Sleeper_Sam 24 days ago

    I fucking love this game

  • Jake Habig
    Jake Habig 25 days ago

    @everyone liked this

  • Rodrigo Ferreira Magalhães

    I have an xbox one guys.
    Is it too much for you to port it to xbox and ps4 this time again?
    Please.... I'm in awe of this game.

    • AppleToaster
      AppleToaster 18 days ago +2

      They'll do it after the initial release, and since its unity, I don't think it should be too difficult to port

  • Foul Lily
    Foul Lily 25 days ago

    im so excited x3 as much as I hate hollow knight, i love it as well, and she was one of my favorite characters

  • no1 special
    no1 special 25 days ago

    Fucc yaaaaaa

  • hector lopez cano
    hector lopez cano 26 days ago

    omg OoO beautifull game is amazing i love you tc

  • Aztec Gamer
    Aztec Gamer 26 days ago

    jeez this looks complicated

  • Alex Gacha
    Alex Gacha 27 days ago +1

    Someone that can jump off walls, that can climb, that can swim

  • sargento slapy XD
    sargento slapy XD 27 days ago

    ¿This game is a actualization or is another game?

  • Happyduck rules
    Happyduck rules 27 days ago +1

    Where is it where is it

    Git gud

  • stacey khoo
    stacey khoo 28 days ago

    This time u can play as pro hornert(will she say 'git gud'again).

  • Sandra Auton Garci
    Sandra Auton Garci 28 days ago +1

    Please please please...give us a date already...THIS is my game of the year, no Zelda, no The last of us...just THIS, I need to listen to new amazing music like the original which gave me shivers...
    Already got collector's edition on Switch from fangamer btw...would LOVE another collector's from this one...just take all my money, all of it

  • BanzaiBro 64
    BanzaiBro 64 28 days ago

    Please add multiplayer

  • Schimiya Saturn
    Schimiya Saturn 29 days ago


  • Петр Ру
    Петр Ру 29 days ago

    Give me play ZOT!

  • FinestWaves
    FinestWaves Month ago

    Will owners of the void heart edition get this for free or will they have to buy it?

    • FinestWaves
      FinestWaves 27 days ago

      It's stupid that console players waited 1 year for the game but this one? 2 years instead since 2nd game

    • Gibby !
      Gibby ! 28 days ago

      You’ll probably have to buy it like everyone else :/ but its only gonna cost like $20